1100 AD Hacks – Diamonds Generator v2.0


1100ad diamonds generator v2.0 Hack/Cheat . With this cool generator you can generate a massive diamonds instantly.

Use 1100 AD Diamonds Hack to buy:

  • Resources
  • Newbie, Silver and Gold Subscriptions
  • Active hide cityHero, Trebuchets and more

It’s very simple and you should only enter your username and amount of diamonds to add. You should have netframework4.


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18 thoughts on “1100 AD Hacks – Diamonds Generator v2.0

  1. Sahil

    So i only have the sims 2 double deluxe.

    I know these cheats:
    aging on/off
    move objects on/off

    and i have this hack:

    i’m wondering what other cool hacks n cheats there are available for the sims 2, and what they do?

  2. Jerosh Nagulachandran

    I know you can get cool and free apps from cydia and backgrounds for the home screen. But what else?

  3. Jonathan

    I don’t understand how people do it, my friend does it but he won’t tell me how. He says if I ever need someone hacked I should just tell him and he’ll do it but I want to know how. I don’t want to hack someone at all because it is illegal but I want to know how they do it so I can better protect myself.
    No, my friend illegitimate knows how to do it, I’ve seen him do it before.

  4. slipknot0129

    As a female fan of horror I’m tired of every horror film having the same things! Dumb kids and half naked women being hacked to death. It’s boring.

  5. Andrew S

    I’ve just starting building some sites on wordpress and I’m wondering if there are any cool plugins for dating site creation. Is there something which gives me an admin interface on the backend?

  6. Random

    I have seen some cool hacking projects by hackers on the net.Most of them are either software engineers or electrical engineers.What are the opportunities for me.Provided I want to pursue hacking as a hobby.
    What is the essential knowledge for becoming a hacker(both types of hacking software and hardware)?

  7. kevindiking67verizonnet

    I found this cool thing to make out of a nes controller, making it an mp3 player.
    Are there any other cool things I can do like that, maybe something that looks cool and is cool?

  8. Caltel T

    I have been watching vidoes of Macbooks on youtube and there are pretty cool hacks people are playing with their Mac’s. There was one for Alterting you when somebody touches your MacBook, and it was pretty simple to install. There was another hack with lets your smack the side of the Macbook, and it automatically changes windows, even switching different operating systems.

    Can anybody help me, do this on my MacBook?

  9. Michael

    I am planning to get a rom for emerald (it’s legal because i own emerald) and hack it to make an EPIC pokemon game but i wanted some insperation.

  10. hank baseballs

    I have a Sony Ericsson but and i am wanting some really cool things to download for it, but i can`t find anything, any suggestions?
    P.S i downloaded Super Bluetooth.

  11. Michael C

    For example dark sector is a ps3 game that someone hacked it and we can play it on pc. where can I learn these cool hacks?

  12. Jason

    I can’t believe the majority of voters picked Osama/Binladen 08, do you? I think the nerds fixed things so the Cool guy and the pretty woman would lose, and the 2 nerds would win.
    Some may disagree with me but you won’t see them posting any evidence to prove I’m wrong.

  13. MexicanDude

    How do you get all those nice hair cuts and nice clothes on sims 3 without having to buy them??!! Is there is a hack code?

  14. Franklin Bluth

    My question is not about the ability to think about the validity of a given argument, it is rather about how I can get there is something to think about more often in everyday life.

    Any cool hacks you have heard/came up with?


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