4Story Multi Hack

4Story Multi Hack


4Story Multi Hack

Some of the 4story multihack cheats features is available to check in upper screenshot. There are alot more on other tabs.

4 Story Gold Hack NEW!

4 Story EXP Hack NEW!

Level Hack NEW!

4Story Name Color:

0 White
1 Gray
2 Blue
3 Yellow
5 Red

How to use 4story FaKe hacks:

Move item in your invertory
Sell any item


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11 thoughts on “4Story Multi Hack

  1. sarah w

    I’d like some suggestions to any good online games out there to try out. My friend and I are getting bored of playing Flyff.

    Thanks, I will choose a best answer =)


    I really like some mmorpg’s but they just error me and I don’t know why. What mmorpg games like Allods online or 4story do you know?? Please help me with some, I really have nothing else to do 😀 !!

    And excepting Runescape, which is crap, And final fantasy, which is also crap, and WoW, which of I got bored.

  3. Christopher J

    this is really weird and idk how i noticed but i was looking through mmo games i found the game 4story then i went on the website and the background has the same warrior mage medival people or whatever as gates of andaron what the heck is up with that?!?!? is it like the same game but just a new website with a different name??

  4. Sophia C

    I want it with:
    as good graphics as 4Story
    Quick Download
    and as good


    PS. i know i repeated ‘good’ twice but thats what i want :)

  5. floydian8717

    4story isn’t working, like when I download it it doesn’t let me play (says something about the gameguard error) so should I play Gate of Andaron?

  6. thexbox360player

    I am planning to go to Manila on the 20th of this month and I’m looking for a good and kind architect to negotiate with my plan.
    What is the best website to look for an architect and a builder.

  7. Yoshi

    umm im thinking of playing free mmorpg and ive searched 2 game which was 4story and perfect world … which one is better to play ?
    and few more questions
    1. Is there decent free mmorpg game with no Cash item ?
    2. if there isnt between 4story and perfectworld, which one is the balanced server with the cash item? example ( some server “NEEDS” cash to survive in the end)

    thanks ~

  8. vanvark83

    I’m into all these fantasy or roleplay games, I’ve played online games such as WoW and WolfQuest etc and I enjoy them all. But I am really interested in 4Story, it seems like my type of game. And I am sure it’s safe, but can anyone secure this for me, and tell me a bit about their experiences of the game. Thank you ^_^

  9. Heath

    Runes of magic or 4story?
    @boss troll i already have gotten laid and im not a big gamer i play casually.

    @everyone else can i get mounts in Runes and are the only character humans? or human looking i want one thats like a dwarf or a trolly or something different then a human

  10. Elijah luv

    Since I installed 4story EG (Eternia Games) I have got the same problem every day.At first I normally launch the game where a window pops-up and I press the connect button. [Here goes the problem] Then my screen turns black and after 2 seconds it drops me back to desktop while 4story is minimized and cannot be used…Sometimes it also pops-up a message saying that I am using Hacking software something that is not happening !
    Can anyone tell me how to fix this lame problem please?
    Thanks in advance


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