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Are you a poll fan? Love playing pool simulation games on Facebook social network? Then 8 Ball Pool Hack v2.30 will definitely please you! This program can get you unlimited Pool Coins in a matter of minutes and most of all, for free !

8 Ball Pool is more than a pool simulation game. This game offers you the chance to shoot eight ball pool against live players. Cool! So go and win massive tournaments, earn Pool Coins and use them to purchase awesome cues or table designs. So if you want Coins you have three big options. You can ‘enjoy’ the slow coin earning process, purchase any amount of Coins from the game developers with real money or simply use 8 Ball Pool Hack v2.30 and get unlimited amounts in a matter of minutes!


Awesome! As we said above, 8 Ball Pool Hack can generate any amounts ofPool Coins for your account in no time! All you need to do in order to fully enjoy this Facebook tool is get the archive from one of the links provided below, unzip and run 8 Ball Pool Hack v2.30.exe.

Important! Make sure you are logged into your Facebook account when you use this hack tool . There’s no need to enter your username manualy.

Now we can proceed. Once you’ve opened the software, select the desired amounts of Coins and other cheat options from the menu, then click on the middle blue Hack button. Be patient for about 3-4 minutes then feel to check your in-game ballance. Wow! 8 Ball Pool Hack works!

Is 8 Ball Pool Hack safe to use?

Indeed! 8 Ball Pool Hack Tool contains unique protection features that will keep both you and your account safe during the process. Plus, with the use of the unique Auto-Update feature the cheat engine will get updated with the latest working cheat codes for Pool Coins everytime you will run the program . That means no matter if the game developers release additional game patches in the future, 8 Ball Pool Hack will have the same high rate of success! Great!

Don’t waste more time and act now! Download 8 Ball Pool Hack Tool!


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21 thoughts on “8 Ball Pool Hack

  1. thinkthought

    How I confirmed the existence of cheating in this game? When someone logs in this game a second window is displayed with ads about the game. Behold, on June 18, 2008 I came across the following advertisement:

    Stop Cheating

    What is the purpose of a program displays a warning anti-cheat (ACS – Anti-Cheating System)? This only served to confirm suspicions that there were players using cheats. On this day many players did not appear, a fact that has become a laughing stock. The real cowards are gone for a few days.

    As with several other games and programs, this game has also been varied cheats that add great “advantages” to the player. The most used is the pool aimer that allows visualization of the trajectory of the ball. The challenge of the game (main objective) that was to pocket balls was no longer an obstacle. There are also cases of self-score and block hoping to win the game with the withdrawal of the opponent.

    Examples of pool aimer in action:

    When I started playing the cheating cases were very rare. I was the only one to warn about the use of cheats in this game. Only in 2011 came the release of cheating on the internet. Many of those who lament the decline of the game contributed to the creation of this decline. What I have noticed is that the cheaters themselves began to be bothered by the uncontrolled dissemination of cheating. After all, not long ago, few were anointed by the “power” to enter a match with 99.99% chance to pot a ball. Currently there are cheating more effective not to mention the self-score that generates a tremendous jealousy among the cheaters who have spent months to accumulate points while others obtained on days 2, 3, 4 times the same number of points.


    1 – Adopt the strategy: “If you can not beat them, join them”. In this case you will be part of a group that does not bother to stand out playing well, after all everyone is leveled by cheating (pool aimer). What will differentiate the amount of points is obtained by self-score and the number of nicknames over 12.000 points, so called “legends”. So they associate the amount of points to a supposed superiority in the game. In fact, the pool is not a game like chess. In a pool game a novice can beat a more experienced player or a cheater, although the chances are small. For example, with a good opening an honest player can give a cheater a perfect 8 ball break.

    Areas with high concentration of cheating are:

    – Sit & Go : where the loss of points with a defeat is less depending on final placement. A place frequented by those who use cheats to accumulate the desired virtual dots;
    – Matches in 3 or 5 frames: if a game the chances of an honest player to win a cheater are small, 3 or 5 games the chances are virtually nil;
    – Snooker: the level of difficulty is higher and if the other player knows in advance the ball’s trajectory the chances of someone honest winning are also virtually nil.

    Many also circumvent the allowed limit of 5 accounts. It is noticed that some players legends create new accounts in order to enjoy the essence of the game with beginners. Despite new nicknames they do not quit cheating. Therein lies the difficulty of learning to lose. A very common problem that explains why all games have modifications that facilitate or ensure victory (hacks, cheats).

    2 – You also have another option: admit that online games can often become obsessions that characterize a heroinware.

    Finally, there is a positive side to this story. The large number of cheaters made me quit the game and I could get more time with my family life and my professional development. The fun and leisure are not synonymous of the waste of time.

    With this message I hope to be helping those who enjoy pool games.

  2. Jerosh Nagulachandran

    i have a jailbroken device and i heard there is a hack but it always asks me to donate do surveys or do some other crap and i cant get the hack even after doing it, though i did not donate but did a survey which was annoying, is there any other way to hack i really want that .deb file for 8 ball pool please help :(

  3. mike s

    New version of “8 Ball Pool” iOS game is available on iTunes and I have downloaded it. Is there any hack available for the new version 2.0? I tried searching on Google, but there are only older version hacks. Please help me.

  4. Lia-lu-li

    I play Top eleven , Dragon city and 8 ball pool …Have someone gotten a hacks files for these or only the method how to hacks these…thnx

  5. Erfan

    Why i hate runescape: I’m going to make this really simple: “Hey you! if you levelup
    and spend half of your life getting your char to level 100, we will make sure you look
    good and kick all the low levels ass!”. The quests are fedex based and freaking boring.

    Why counterstrike sucks: Well, if you ignore the fact that 12 year olds scream through
    the mic like a chimpanzee on fire, and being called a N00b every 4 minutes, it’s a good
    game; Also those stupid hackers create a paranoier that makes you automatically think
    someone hacks when they are not.

    Why i hate battlefield: MILITARY STRIKE !!!! Commanders just hide somewhere and play chess
    with their squads while we get bombed to death and fucking suffer… If i wanted to get
    told what to do, then i would get more hours at work. Also the vechile WHOREING is annoying!
    this game can kiss my ass.

    Neverwinter nights: dex con +2 cape of nobility gives +9 to AC with saving throws and
    increases throws against fortitude….. NO Not everyone understand D&D And i couldent be
    botherd learning it FAIL.

    Why yahoo pool is annoying: Wow nice i got a 8 ball run! OMFGWTF GLITCH!!!?? OMFG HE WON!??
    *Bashes head on table*.

    why Gran theft auto san andreas SUCKs: Hey if you take that guy out you get this, and if
    ”bust them foolz i will let ya me gang bro” < NOOOO I hate that gangster bullcrap,vice city
    was good because everyone can relate to the mafia, it felt natural. But i'm not into rap!
    Or basketball, or Racisim…


    The only good games are the Muds, text-type games, where its all non profit and you actually
    can get into the game, and people are NORMAL and there is a whole channel just to help
    newbies… It's true, the best things are life are free. DONT BE A SUCKER.

  6. Arminator

    in playing 8 ball pool. if a player calls his shot on the 8 ball and does not call a combination and the 8 ball hits of the other players ball before it goes in the called pocket does it count as a legal shot or does he have to call the 8 ball of the opponents ball.

  7. isk8at818

    -Not require a mouse to do quick actions for Laptop users like me.
    -Not one of the Popular games like Runescape(boring), Maplestory(Sounds boring, Huge file download, probably boring if F2P player), World of Warcraft(Not free)
    -Not one of those extremely boring Page games where you click these boring actions then it just goes to another page with more words to read.
    -Not have 90% of the community hack.
    -Not have paper graphics (Adventure Quest Worlds, Adventure Quest, Dragon Fable)
    -Not a huge file download.
    -Not have incredibly long waits for something to complete (Tribal Wars, Evony)
    -Not a mini-multiplayer game (pool/8-ball)

    If such a game existed but had membership ability and was F2P friendly (Have fun even when you don’t pay) then I would assure anyone I would be a member to keep the game running because there needs to be more games like this.

  8. crzyinluv

    I have installed the 8 Ball Pool v2.0 from the iTunes store. I was just wondering if there are any cheat codes for this game?

  9. Bryan J

    I am asking this question because i have lost 50 k points several times in that game.They just use this trick and win without any efforts.please help.
    Not only me these hackers are not leaving a single player.

  10. NC Baller

    I love 8 ball pool. do you have any tips for playing it, and any special or fancy terms to use?

    plz explain in detail.

  11. Johnky J

    So far I only have one friend on miniclip, Rob, and he is automatically added onto your friend list when you join up. I have seen several ways to add friends in multiplayer games (like my favourite, 8 ball pool multiplayer) but I do not know how to add them onto my player page as friends. It is very confusing! Anybody know how?

  12. toysruslover

    I am trying to use cheat engine 6.3 to hack the coins in 8 ball pool.I have done it succesfully and it dislplays my pool coins on the game after i collect the 25 coins.i seen on youtube.
    i try to buy stuff but it does not let me and it does not let me play higher money games
    please tell me what i am doing wrong…
    any questions in the answers i will add extra detail
    Thanks your answer was brilll but please can you give me a tutorial guide or a link to how to do this
    fatastic answer thanks
    if you can get me a tutuorial ,yours is the best answer

  13. Ryan Dunn

    I have a pug mix. I’ve heard that pugs overheat easily and i live in florida so it’s hot most of the time. Is there any way to exercise him besides walking?

  14. borabora5524

    if you know that there is a game 8 ball pool multiplayer it got line hacks
    type value
    A2 A0 A2 A0 62 05 A1 48
    change to
    A0 A2 A0 A2 62 05 A2 48

    but now it is updated and all the codes are changed now i want to find the codes codes are in array of bytes
    now i want to find the value for it and want to know to what should i change to

  15. Phillip123

    Hi, im wondering if there is some program that allows to write straight lines on screen in all angles..
    I want to try something like that to hack in 8 Ball Pool Multiplayer on miniclip.. i already tried MB Ruler, but it’s hard to set it in good angle for that little time..
    here’s screenshot of that program, so you can better understand what am i looking for


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