Amazon Gift Card Generator 2013

   Amazon Gift Card Generator 2013

-Latest versio nof Amazon gift card generator – v2.7

Amazon Gift Card Generator




1) Download the Amazon Gift Card Generator from one of the links above.

2)Select the cash amount that you would like to add on your account, on reedeming Gift Cards category, the amounts are between 10$ – 200$ .

3) Click “GENERATE” button to generate your code.

4) “Copy” the code that was generated, and redeem the code on your Amazon account.

-Amazon’s gift cards enable users like you to be able to reedem them for different money amounts, usually this codes are won or buyed on amazon. You can either send Amazon’s gift cards to your loved friends or redeem them for something you wanted to buy. The great thing about those gift cards is that they don’t expire, that means that you can save your amazon gift cards for years without having worry that you will loss them.

-Amazon has started being the world’s e-retaliler, amazon gift card codes had became one of the most used form of gifts that are purchased on the internet. With those cards you can purchaes hundreds of items, including video games, clothing , toys, electronics and others. Generate now your Amazon Gift Cards Codes from here.

-We will try to keep this generator updated as often as we can, don’t hesitate try it now , until it’s not to late, becaues amazon is working constantly against gift cards rubbing, but it is impossible for them to verify every code generated by their algortythm that was used for a certain reason by a certain person, our tools implements codes into their algorythm and make them looking real.

-Enjoy your Amazon Gift Card Generator !

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108 thoughts on “Amazon Gift Card Generator 2013

  1. Blake

    If there is a wireless router between my computer and the cable modem, does that hide my IP address from hackers and people trying to find my IP address, such as the RIAA?

  2. Matthew

    33kv>6kv>400v in this industrial plant – all consumers (motors-heaters-…) have 4MVA totaly-
    i want to calculate short circuit current,
    i need an algorythm or program.

  3. Johnky J

    I have thousands of scanned pictures to upload to a website. The maximum size of the pictures is 10 mb. How do I convert my jpg files from pixels to mb?

  4. Muzahid

    if it is encrypted at such a high encryption rate does this increase the file size to be uploaded/downloaded? To what extent?

  5. happyha31

    math function for matching cartoon hight to real world size of the critter.
    This one is for fun. But I do not want critters to end up with negative heights.
    So cartoon mice are not as tiny as real world mice, right? And on up. Hedgehogs can be held in hand, Sonic is much bigger.
    There must be a compression algorythm. Ok, IRL, there is not, it is just the cartoonist feel for what is right.
    But can you come up with a math transform that would work?
    See what you can do.

  6. mavis24

    I’ve been auctioning an online game account and somebody has offered me £100 pounds on paypal for the account. It’s sounds quite fishy and way to good to be true. Is it possible that somebody could hack their money back, hack the paypal account altogether?

  7. kamikami

    I once read somewhere that you should upload your photos at 12am to get into Explore. But I live in Malaysia, so should I upload my photo at 12am in my country or what?

  8. borabora5524

    I have a webpage that I am currently trying to boost so that it shows within the first ten results on a search. How can I make that possible?

  9. Willie

    I used to know 3 or 4 algorythms to solve the rubiks cube with this method and now can only find the other “layer” method . does anyone have this info as I have another cube

  10. zigg3ns

    I know this looks crazy but indeed it is needed on our vast Voip network environment. What about to create a box with a protocol and place it on our primary and backup circuit and connect it inbound so it can receive and monitor the Voip traffic and if some packets are not getting on it, with and algorythm can take it and forward instantly so we can have a minimum packet loose?? Will sound great. Let me hear your crazy toughts!!!

  11. dubmecrazy3

    In one episode of family guy, Stewie and Brian end up outside the universe. Then they get back and Stewie says he created the universe. But he was born in the universe, so how could he have created it? Stewie says it is because of something called a temporal causality loop- The universe created him so he could create the universe so the universe could create him.

    Could this be used to explain which came first, the chicken or the egg? Like the egg came first so the chicken could make the egg so it could make the chicken, or the chicken came first so it could create the egg so it could create the chicken so it could create the egg?

    Could it, or is this just stupid science?

  12. Joey 01

    …By smaller I mean in terms of memory.

    What’s the difference. Both images have the same resolution. I would have thought there would be no difference as you’re starting with a JPG and ending with a JPG. Thanks in adance.

  13. Malcolm Hudson

    I am planning to purchase some videos to learn Actionscript 3 so I am wondering if learning from watching videos is an effective way to learn programming? Thanks

  14. joevsyou

    Hi, I just want to know how to make a download button go to pay pal to be purchased and than goes to the files? can anybody please help? if you can help ill give you my software for free! and email me at but answer it here, I’ll be using and until I get enough money to buy a .com domain! Please help!

  15. Clayton Cottrell

    Forget Photoshop (I have it). I’m looking for something that can run algorythms, calculate and re-draw approximately what a photograph should look like at a higher resolution.. Do you know of such a thing? Thanks.

  16. Thomas Lopez

    How are the computations supposed to be on quantum computers? What is the difference between bits and quantum-bits in the matter of information it can hold?

    How will algorythms take advantage of electrons being in multiple states simultaneously to work faster? Also how can we use it, when while observing we only see one of the possible states?

  17. Sir fliesalot

    ok, 10 days are left for my exam. i have to prepare, but i don’t know how! i need to pass 3 to succeed these are: 1) history (i like it and i need to revise) 2) biology (i am bad in it and i don’t know anything (without exaggeration!!) 3) math (i’m extremely bad at it and know nothingx2!!!)
    how should i revise (algorythm, system) in all these subjects! I’m totally lost! i have less than 10 days to get prepared for it and i’m completely lost! i have lots to learn and the level of my knowledge is like 0!!
    i’m in panic and I wanna pass these exams! PLEASE HELP ME!

  18. Alina Elliott

    nokia has recently has launched mobile with 41 megapixels, they call it as a pureview 808.
    A breakthrough in photography
    your thoughts in this?

  19. Gage

    I’m talking about a cube that has never been solved and it has suffered so many rotations. Is it possible to solve the cube whithout the well-known algorythms?

  20. Arminator

    When ever I log on to facebook, on the right side of screen appears several people I may want to “friend.” Many times the same person I don’t know will appear? Why is that? Common interest algorythm?
    Are they looking at your page? Or just coincidence?

  21. Jamal

    I’d like to get some tips on free vector graphics programmes. Vector programmes is a type of programme that uses algorythms to produce an infinite resolution graphics even how much you some in. A bitmap graphic is the same as in paint. It uses pixels to produce low a low graphic.

    Any tips on vectors?
    Already have incscape, but need something like flash cs5 or something similar to paint brushes.

  22. sethburger

    The tivo that can only record one show at a time. How many hours of shows/episodes total can Tivo hold without deleting anything?

  23. timq3dimensionscom

    Hi, I need help with getting my YouTube video on the first page of results for the keyword “haiti”. I’m not talking about the first page of google or any search engine, I simply mean YouTube’s search results. What advice do you have for me so that I may receive placement on YouTube’s first page of search results for the keyterm “haiti”? Thank you very much for everything.

  24. John

    I have a 8 gigabyte SD card and the resolution is HD about 8+ megapixel
    If I take no videos, how many photos can it hold?

  25. Peter

    I scanned some old pictures this weekend at my grandparents’ house. Now that I got home, I realized that the resolution was less than ideal, about 200. Is that too low to make 4×6-inch prints?

  26. apleaforbrandon

    For instance internet routing algorythms, directions on where a packet is going. Comunication between routers themselves. Everything that is used for the transport of information, but isn’t the information itself.

  27. Dana G

    I need an answer please…Parity is hard to memorize..This is for 4×4 Rubik’s Cube if anyone is wondering. Just got my East Sheen 4×4 yesterday and memorized everything, BUT the parity algorithms, please help.

  28. Noe R

    I ordered a case from amazon on tuesday from a company there called powertag. How long does it take for them to deliver to US, CA ?

  29. Samuro

    I know all the steps and algorythms but it seems practically impossible for me to finish the Rubik’s cube…I’ve watched all the youtube videos and everything, but I can’t get past the “green cross”

  30. krow147

    My friend told me that there are some coupon codes at Amazon and can be used to save a lot of money, but I don’t know what exact place to get them? Any idea?

  31. whitesoxfan2347

    I watched a Movie in which words like “Standard model of particle Physics” and “The String Theory” are used, I wanted to know them.

    I searched Wikipedia, but the language is so complex and scientific that I couldn’t understand a word?

    So write in simple language, but in an understanding form.


    Thank you.

  32. ouch

    So I ordered something from Amazon, but now I want to return it. I saw that the return policies have it so that the item(s) must have all original packaging. But does that count the Amazon BOX? I have all the packaging for the actual item ordered, but I threw away the box that contained them. Could I use a different box?

    For the record I ordered a gaming mouse and mouse mat.

  33. Beavis

    The basic model of Quantum Computer is being completed in 10 years from now which would make all the secret data transfer system meaningless in Internet. This is not a topic of dream world. some basic algorythm and architecture’s text books are already published as well as the fact that 7 bits of calculation of 15 = 3 x 5 is achieved in IBM lab. You also can download QT computer simulation software from
    My concerning is, what will happen when Muslim terrorists get this technology before U.S. gov has completed the development project in these 10 years?
    Even the secret data transfering system could be easily solved in less 1 hour and they could easily get all the top secrets about all the defense system on Pentagon data base.

  34. Scott W

    i need to know. please. i’m doing a project and my parnter didnt do their half of the work so now i have to do the other half and i need help answering these questions. pleasee help.
    also how is code and encryption related to today. what connections can be made?

  35. johnkaiser 22

    I need a program with which I can clarify a DVD resolution (480p) video file. The video is low quality and slightly out of focus. Up-scaling is unnecessary; I just want to bring some sharpness to the video. Any suggestions? (A link would be helpful, if possible.)

  36. mr flibble

    In the shipping prices table on Amazon, there is ‘Per Shipment’ and ‘Per Item’, so how does the first one work?

  37. RxP DarkBox

    Radio waves are free right (literally)? How can free floating signals have security? Even hard lines can’t be protected to the point of being titled “secure”. Right?

  38. slipknot0129

    Can anyone tell me if the machine can be beaten?

    Must I use the basic strategy and how effective is the basic strategy against the csm.

    Is there a way of figuring out what type of algorythm is being used.

    Is there a mathematical formula that can be used?

    I’ve tried manually shuffling a 2 decks of cards trying reproduce the cms but I cannot get a definitive answer.

  39. Sonny

    Here are some thoughts to consider when you answer: The internet has become a vast system driven by feedback. Each of us is like an organic cell interconnected to billions of other cells in cyberspace. In fact, Yahoo Answers itself is an example of a complex feedback system, and we’ve seen the Yahoo Answers team playing on this idea with their “brain” in Times Square. But is this enough to allow the internet as a whole to become an intelligent, higher-level organism? And how would we know if it did? Presumably neurons do not know they are the cells of a brain. How could we tell if we became the cells of a higher-level intelligence? And a bonus question for extra credit: If cyberspace does evolve into a thinking organism, how might this impact human societies in the future?
    Luna: I agree that the internet does not have feelings like we do, but we need to consider this: How do we know that the internet does not have feelings? All we have are our own intuitions. The problem is that we currently have no credible theory of mind that would tell us what type of material a mind needs to composed of, nor what level of complexity is needed. How do we know that only organic neurons can be the basis of a mind? We don’t! Without a credible theory of mind, all we can do is speculate. But such speculation is important. We need to think about this stuff, and consider possibilities because like it or not, industry estimates indicate that the internet is already as complex as a human brain (in terms of overall connectivity and calculations per second). Within 20 years you desktop computer will have the complexity of a human brain. (Type “Moore’s law” into your search engine.)
    Aemilia753: I don’t expect the internet to evolve in a standard Darwinian sense of evolution. I’m using the word in the broader sense of growth of complexity over time – like one might talk of the evolution of the automobile over the past 80 years. Currently most computers are merely programmed devices, but neural network technology is already taking hold. Neural nets can already learn to read handwriting and respond to human speech. Since neural nets LEARN rather than merely following a program, their behavior has more potential to be unpredictable and genuinely creative. (Do a search on “neural networks” if you want to read more about this.)
    Grudge: Your point is well-taken, but consider this: An individual neuron in your brain is not very intelligent either – it just responds to electrochemical pulses by either suppressing them or passing them on – kinda like betting or passing in a game of poker. Thus the mere fact that the average internet user can barely spell anything bigger than a four-letter word does not mean that the system as a whole will share this shortcoming. All the average internet user has to do is decide to either pass along messages, or send them to the trash. Nothing much more complex is required for the elements of a self-organizing system.
    Catbheard: Your individual brain cells are not self-maintained either. Their individual lives depend on the overall regulatory activities of the organism as a whole, just as individual human lives depend on various form of support from agriculture and assorted other social patterns. Also, there are no “instructions to drive the Internet.” Your behavior when accessing the internet is not driven by a program. It is driven by your own nature as an individual given the various conditions of your environment. Your activity may seem relatively random when viewed in isolation, but in reality your activity is not in isolation. At any given time you are either consciously or unconsciously behaving according to “rules” of some sort, but these rules are not something programmed. It is the COLLECTIVE behavior of everyone that gives the internet the potential to behave like an organic system.
    Sorry for the spam posted by “smiling4ever222.” I wish I could delete it, but Yahoo does not give me that option. He has pasted this same crap on other questions. Hopefully if enough people click on the “report abuse” button, Yahoo will get rid of this junk. (By the way, I’m NOT offended by people who find problems with Darwinian evolution. There ARE serious unresolved issues in the theory. But smiling’s response is woefully uneducated to the point of being just plain stupid – not to mention being downright rude since it has virtually nothing to do with my question.)
    A tao: You make several very good points. I’ve puzzled about the source of stimuli myself. One could suppose that the internet is like a sleeping mind – a self-generating reverie of experiences, but even a dreaming brain seems to need external stimuli to get the ball rolling. For example, it seems unlikely that I could dream of a car if I have never seen a car, and have never learned the concept of a car. And as you point out, we need to consider the social nature of our concepts, which includes questions concerning the role of language in our experience. I might have visual imagery that is in some sense “of a car”, but could this imagery mean anything to me unless I have the language-based concepts associated with cars and their role in life. Thanks for your answer. This is exactly the sort of discussion I was hoping to prompt with my question.

  40. Chester

    I am doing a project for my Capstone class where i need to create a network and have it secur, so i need the name of that device, i used to know it but i cant remember. i know it uses an random algorythm and it changes the code but i cant remember what it is called.

  41. jdfan

    i don’t mean clicking on the “view history” tab on the internet tool bar. i have heard that everything on your comp is never permanently deleted unless you use the reboot disks or similar products. how do i dig through my comp to find information i looked at or deleted long ago?

  42. Keaton

    How exactly do they work? And why do they detect LH as well as HCG?
    I get that but, on the stick that gets put in it, there are two lines. Does the electronic bit read the two lines and compare the darkness to determine it as positive or negative? So is it possible for that line to be light and yield a neg result, then get darker and yield a pos result?

  43. andresumoza

    So I bought something on Amazon a little while back, and stupidly I threw away everything except for what I bought. I later realized that the item was missing something important. I want to return it now, but is that possible without the original box and such?

  44. dubmecrazy3

    Does anyone know how long an item ordered online on Amazon takes to get to Australia?

    I know they say on the website 8 to 32 business days – but that’s not a very accurate guess! that’s about 1-4 weeks!

    I’m ordering a video game if that’s relevant.

    Has anyone had any experience with this?

  45. Peter

    So, In programming I’m making a program which creates triangles and can tell you the side lengths, and the angles.

    So, the system properly tells you the lengths of the sides, but is there an algorythm that tells you the angle on a triangle just by knowing the lengths? And is there a way I could do it with triangles that aren’t right?

    For example, if I had a triangle:
    side a= 3 inches
    side b= 4 inches
    side c= 6 inches

    How would I find the angles?

  46. mendhak

    This is my first time dealing with amazon. Do I get a notification that an item has been purchased from my wishlist? If so, how soon after the purchase is made?

  47. John

    Amazon is quickly taking over the retail market – all retail. I noticed they are impacting Walmart’s sales and if that’s the case, what’s next? How does a small business sell products at a profit when folks are just surfing to Amazon and buying the same product cheaper? Any tips that you’ve used would be great help!

  48. lcollier93sbcglobalnet

    Hi friends, I have a question related to Amazon affiliate program, What is the best choice to make a website to promote Amazon products,
    One website to promote just one product?
    Niche website in which we can promote many products in one niche?
    Which is the good option. Niche website or just one website for one product?

  49. Balla

    I bought a tablet from Amazon and supposedly the UPS guy delivered it to the wrong house. I contacted Amazon about this and they said give them 24 hours to investigate it. How do they find it? Because even when I called UPS they couldn’t direct me to the courier to find out which house it was left at. I know I can get a replacement but my house is hard to find as it’s down a long driveway and with no house number so replacement will be lost too. So yeah, again, how do they find the package?

  50. The Villain

    If, Amazon list unauthorized publishers and outdated ISBN aren’t they basically promoting illegal activity? If the publisher is Print to Order and sells books would not the Third Party be on their own? Also, Where is the money going? Who then is Amazon obligated to? Their Authors or the Third Party?

  51. Thomas A

    I want to start selling on amazon, what are the requirements to be a seller?
    what is the payment process like? whats good about selling on amazon?

    Im an old ebay seller, Frankly im fed up with them.

    Also what type of fees are associated with selling on amazon?


  52. Orbit

    Someone just bought me a $50 Amazon gift card to be delivered through my email. They bought it an hour ago and it still hasn’t been delivered to my email. How long does it take to receive an Amazon gift card through e-mail?

  53. Matt

    I am going to build a dugout canoe and canoe down the Amazon river from Lima, Peru to the Atlantic Ocean. Need to figure out what kind of wood to use first. Thanks for any advice.

  54. Rishabh Bajpai

    If I sell something on Amazon, how do I ship it? Since the buyer pays the shipping, how do I actually send the package through the post office without paying for it?

  55. Alex

    I am thinking about selling my textbooks online through Amazon. I’ve signed up for the account and everything, but I am just worried I’ll be confused when it comes time to shipping my item to the buyer. What shipping materials do I need to buy? How much does it cost to mail a book? What if the buyer tells Amazon that they didn’t receive the book after I sent it? Can anyone tell me the whole process step by step from the point that someone buys the book online?

  56. Agent 47

    I got kicked out of Amazon?
    I was kicked out of amazon for having returned several items because I wasn’t able to mail them and according to Amazon that’s bad. Anyway, I registered again, this time with my credit card but my fiance’s bank account and they still denied the seller application. I registered with a different account before? Why can’t I do it now? How can I get back to selling? Will I be able to do it with his info only?

  57. PIE BOY

    So I listed my laptop on Amazon a while back and finally someone responded. I was expecting an email from Amazon, but the email came from the buyer through amazon. I have never once sold an item on Amazon, so I dont know what to expect. Anyway, someone emailed me saying they are interested and wanted to purchase the item for their granddaughter in Ghana, and everytime someone inquires about an item through craigslist and says the same thing, i never respond. Basically, if you have sold an item through amazon, 1. is this trustable? and 2. if not, (which im guessing so) how do I tell what is?

  58. Myles

    I want to sell a book on amazon but i do not live in any country within the euro-zone, UK or USA.
    Please help or at least tell me how to contact amazon.

  59. simply complicated

    It looks there are no amazon promotional codes in the page that I usually checked ( special offer in grocery ). How can I find them right now?

  60. Vultre9

    Ok i have around 10$ in amazon gift cards redeemed already from a free site. When i go to place my order, the message that always comes up is that my funds are insufficient and that i have not entered a credit card number. Do i absolutely need to give a credit card number or will the gift card suffice? (the item i am buying is a very low price and with shipping included the total is around 6$.) Why is my order not being processed, and how can i fix this?

  61. Eric

    I want to sell a couple books and I figured why not embrace technology and try amazon or ebay. However I have no idea how to do this, how do you get the money once someone buys your item? Are there certain qualifications for the items you’re selling? Do I get to decide how to price the books? Do I have to pay for shipping?

    If you have used one of these sites to sell anything could you please let me know about you’re experiences? Thank you for your answers!

  62. Rishabh Bajpai

    I own a web site, the domain name is irreverent, and last week it became filtered by Google organic ranking. How can I check what is the exact reason? I know what the reasons could be so please DO NOT list the reasons why it could be. I need to know how to check which one of the reasons it is. Thank you!

  63. zigg3ns

    I am planning to visit Brazil and hopefully see the Amazon. I am looking at travelling to Peru from there to go on the Inca trail. How long will it take to go via the Amazon..Am I better to fly into La Paz in Bolivia and make my way across the border there?

  64. Goe122

    My sister wants to buy an Amazon gift card on Amazon, but she doesn’t have a bank account or credit card or anything. Will they let her make an account on Amazon and use a gift card to purchase something or does she need a bank account attached to her Amazon account? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

  65. The Dark Knight

    I ordered some school books on amazon but it Was not from the amazon company. It said it could take 4-14 days to deliver and it took about 4 days to ship. I was wondering how much longer how would take to arrive.

  66. _marky_mark_

    So I am 14 and I got two Amazon gift cards for my birthday. I put them on my account to buy something, but then I realized that my dad has a Prime account on his Amazon, so instead of waiting 3-5 days and spending $10.00, I could get it to my house in 2 days for free. But I already put the gift cards on my account. Is there a way I could transfer the gift cards over to my dads account?

  67. simply complicated

    Bought something on amazon late monday night and now its saturday and i still haven’t gotten it. How much longer should it take?

  68. Kevin

    I’ve been noticing that you can download pc games off amazon. How does this work? Do you download a product key for steam or does amazon have its own multiplayer servers?

  69. Samuro

    I was just wondering, b/c I’m thinking about adopting a retired breeder amazon parrot. The adoption center owner said he isn’t a pet b/c he used to be a breeder amazon, he also said he isn’t friendly with men b/c he gets jealous of men when women are handling him. So… I was wondering if this habit is easily broken or why it even happens? ~Thanx~!

  70. Rkmc

    I’ve bought two zippos off amazon uk at different times and neither had the orange sticker. Why? They came in the right box had all the markings and shit so either they are real of the most accurate fakes there are. Also they were new.

  71. Krazy Bob

    Hi guys

    We are a small startup company thinking about setting up and amazon webstore and want to sell on amazon marketplace. We are however totally confused about the pricing and what would be charged to us. For example:

    We have a product for the grocery category that we wish to sell at around £6.50 with around £2.70 postage if we ship the item ourselves. We are hoping someone might be able to break down exactly what amazon would charge us for each item we sold, and an overall total.

    Basically we can’t work out if it is profitable for us to sell on amazon.

    Someone please help! We are so very confused!

  72. Ssshhhh Im becoming aroused

    I have a amazon visa credit card, which is through chase. Is that considered a major credit card? My boyfriend was trying to rent a car from my state but I wanted to know if I could possibly use that card?

  73. Jeracoo L

    I want to buy a camera on Amazon, a digital one that has a really far lens and ones that professional photographers use. The thing is, I don’t know what all the abbreviations are for, and I don’t know why some cost more if they have 3GB or whatever bytes they have. Can someone please explain this to me and help me buy a good professional camera on Amazon, probably under $300?

  74. Jonathan

    So, I bought a videogame from amazon on Monday.Its Friday now and I still haven’t received it, should I be expecting it soon?

  75. PIE BOY

    How can I get the free shipping with amazon coupons? I saw some items with super saving shipping, but not all of them have such kind of service. Is there any coupon to offer free shipping?

  76. Scott W

    Amazon sells some of the products through registered third party sellers. These third parties must be having their warehouses. I would like to know what percentage of Amazon’s total sales is shipped directly through amazon’s warehouse versus warehouse of third party sellers.

  77. SteveO

    I have to do an assignment about why the Amazon rainforest is a difficult terrain. I have stated the obvious traits, like thick forestry but it doesn’t seem to be enough.

  78. nothin_nyce1

    I found that Amazon doesn’t offer many coupon codes as usual, instead, there are many click-able coupons. I wonder where and how can I find the traditional amazon promotional claim codes?

  79. Alina Elliott

    When I use the amazon affiliate program to link people to products I link them to the UK site. If I were to link someone from the USA to the UK site, will they be redirect to the USA version of the product? If so, will I still get my commission?

  80. baldy eire

    I recently ordered a desktop and monitor from amazon using my checking account and the transaction has yet to appear on my online banking account. I ordered them March 23rd, and the monitor has already shipped, but the transaction hasn’t shown up on my account summary. Has anyone used they’re checking account on Amazon, and if so, how long should it take for the transaction to appear on your bank account? Thanks.

  81. Anny

    Ok… So I just applied for an Amazon Rewards Card and I have a few questions about the card. I used to work for many years, but stopped working for about 7 years. Ok, will I still get approved? Right now I only have a debit card, and a sears credit card. Will I get contacted and approved very quickly if I qualifiy?

  82. mavis24

    I have ordered a range of books from Amazon. But they all have £2.80 delivery charge how to merge this into one delivery charge? By that I mean pay only one delivery charge for the loads of books. I tried one click but that still charged me £20.00. Thanks.

  83. Victoria T

    Hi, I need to return something to Amazon but I don’t have a printer to print the label out, so how do I return it?
    Does anybody know the number for the Amazon customer service?
    Oh yeah I forgot I’m in the United Kingdom so any numbers will have to be from here. Won’t they?

  84. Erfan

    Some books on Amazon have rave reviews. I know that authors and their associates have been know to write fake reviews to make their books look good.

    How can I get real, independent evaluations of books on Amazon?

  85. Pacman

    My mother’s book, listed on Amazon, has been reviewed by several newspapers and magazines. Only a short sentence from the Columbia Journalism Review is listed. How does she get Amazon to list more editorial comments, for example, from the Kansas City Star? Please note: An “editorial review” from a published source is different from a “customer review.” Yahoo answers to a similar question confused a customer review, which is relatively easy to post, with the more difficult task of how to get Amazon to post comments from published sources. THANKS!

  86. lets roll

    I have never sold on amazon and want to sell something there

    I don’t want to start like a business selling though just a couple of items that I want to sell and then I’ll be done

    Will my items still sell if people see I don’t have much of a history as a seller? What is I sell something expensive like a game console, with no previous selling history?

    And what do I have to do to sell my stuff on amazon?

  87. Sonny

    I’ve been having trouble using a gift card on Amazon. When I tried to enter my gift card info and press continue on the second step of the process, it says that I need to enter my credit card number. The only dotted options are for credit cards and money orders, so the default option on that page is always selected as a credit card, even though theres a blank window to enter your gift card number. I know the card has 25 dollars and is more than the book I’m buying costs. If someone could help me I would really appreciate it.

  88. Elijah luv

    I understand that not giving people free things can help them get up on their feet, but why can’t they acknowledge the left’s notion that the cards are stacked for the rich. it can be argued that de-regulation during the bush years caused the 2009 collapse. And that the lobbying and algorythms used in the stock market can tear apart the middle class.

  89. jdfan

    On my birthday I’m planning on purchasing an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite and buying a prepaid Visa gift card and adding it to the amazon account instead of having to add my mother’s credit on there. But how would it work when the card expires and I have to add another? I know how to edit the credit info so I know how to change it already, but does it automatically put that change on the kindle or would I have to hook it up to my laptop or what?

    Thanks in advance.

  90. Myles

    Yesterday I sold my old textbook to Amazon’s website and they gave me a shipping label and said to have it shipped to them by August 9th. I was wondering when do I get my money and how do I get my money from them?

  91. jordenkotor

    How do I access Kindle chat on the Amazon website to speak to the tech help? My tablet which I just bought has begun freezing up and stopped responding. I need help.


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