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Angry Birds Friends Hack Download

Angry Birds Friends it is really popular among the Angry Birds series  fans. Therefore, the players are in a continuous search of a working and reliable hack. That’s why we created a 100% working Angry Birds Friends. This tool will help you advance through game and defeat the pigs and get higher scores much faster and efficient. Take advantage of it and greatly improve your gaming experience. All you have to do is to download it and run it. We guarantee that you will have a blast using Angry Birds Friends Hack Tool.
Angry Birds Friends Hack Tool User-Interface is developed by our professional design team. It is really easy to use and user-friendly.
 Angry Birds Friends Hack Tool features the following options:
  • Bird Coins Adder – edit and insert the amount of Bird Coins you need to buy stuff.
  • Mighty Eagle Adder – add more Mighty Eagles to your current amount.
  • Sling Scope Adder – grants you with the opportunity of adding how many Sling Scopes you wish.
  • Birdquake Adder – offers you an unlimited amount of Birdquakes.
  • Super Seeds Adder – add more Super Seeds to your current stock.
  • King Sling Adder – add more King Slings to your current amount.
  • Power-up Pack –contains an equal amount of Sling Scopes, King Slings, Super Seeds and Birdquakes.
  • Unlock All levels – makes all the levels accesible.
  • Unlock All Avatars – makes all the avatars available.
  • Auto Gift Bot – send and get gifts automatically from your friends even if they are really sending them or not.
  • Proxy Support – this option assures you that you won’t get restricted or punished for using hacks.
Angry Birds Friends Hack Tool Details:
  • Operating System: Mac OS X & Windows XP/Vista /7 /8, Android, iOS.
  • Anti-Ban Protection : Yes.
  • Undetectable Script : Yes.
How to use Angry Birds Friends Hack Tool:
  1. Download Angry Birds Friends Hack Tool from one of the mirrors provided below.
  2. Extract the archive.
  3. Read the info.txt file from the archive folder.
  4. Open the hack program.
  5. Login in your through the hack tool.
  6. Enable the options you desire by checking them and entering the desired value.
  7. That’s it! Enjoy using our Angry Birds Friends Hack Tool. 
  8. Share this article with your friends so anyone will find out about it.

About Angry Birds Friends

Angry Birds Friends is the sixth puzzle game in the Angry Birds series that was developed and published by Rovio Entertainment. Released in May 2, 2013, this sequel is available for Android, iOS and Facebook users. Each level requires logic, skill and power to use the unique abilities of each bird and four awesome power-ups in order to destroy the pigs’ defense. Unlike the previous versions, this one is syncronizing with Facebook’s weekly friends tournaments and other birds scores’. The first 3 winners earn free power-ups every week. Also, there are four Power-Up Practice levels where infinite power-ups can be used. As a final note, Angry Birds Friends offers challenging physics-based game play, intense score-based competition and ultimate replayability.

Download Angry Birds Friends Hack

14 thoughts on “Angry Birds Friends Hack

  1. Bryant B

    i have the brand new ipod 4th gen, 32 gig, with the latest update (4.2.1) and i just went and disabled auto-updating so if i jailbreak it it wont disapear whenever i connect it to my comp and it updates. but my friend jail broke her ipod (i think, i pod 3rd gen) and when she did it deleted all of her apps and music. so will that happen when i jailbreak mine? and if so, will i have to pay for the apps again (only paid ones i have are angry birds, pocket god, and fruit samurai. and if none of this will happen, whats the best jailbreaking stuff for my ipod? so my ipod syncing every time i connected it wasnt a waste of time???? so when i jailbreak it, itll re-download all the music/apps i have on my ipod, even though its jailbroken?

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  3. uberfailz

    Check out this picture first

    Can you guess the animanga title of all the characters or items in the image above ? There are more than 50 animanga titles

    Obligatou Gozaimasu @Akira : hehehe But at least you’re still better than me Wow another one. Great job @phosphorescent Nb : If any of you who want to answer this question found a source that tells the answers from my question (if any), i really appreciate it if you don’t copy it here. @Meh : Just relax, i’ll tell you when i choose BA ^^

  4. Dr Dorian

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  5. Dr Dorian

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  6. kiltakblog

    I want to download angry birds so I can play on my laptop but my dad said not to download a game from an unsafe website. Do you know a good website to download that. If you know a place to download family feud from to please let me know :)

  7. Noe R

    My young kids are constantly using my phone for games (mainly angry birds). It’s killing my battery! Is there a (non-phone) ipod, dsi, or walkman device, that I can get them for Christmas, that will play those games?

  8. LN13

    Hi, i really want to get the score for the angry birds theme song. I can’t seem to find it, just vidoes. If you know a website where i can get it, please reply to this?

  9. Michael

    I just got a lg800 and now I want to put angry birds on it but I am have problems finding a place to download it can any of you out there help me out?

  10. Jeracoo L

    A lot of things with the game don’t make sense. For one, according to many scientists and wildlife experts birds can’t live in space. Also the game shouldn’t have any sound because there is no sound in space. The physics are also unrealistic according to scientists who have looked into the issue.

    Basically do you think that the unrealistic scenario presented by Angry Birds Space ultimately detracts from the game itself?

  11. RuMKilleR

    How can I get the angry birds mighty eagle, what source do i type in to download or is there any easy way to get it for free btw i have ipad and cydia.


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