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Arcane Legends Hack Tool

Arcane Legends Hack is a very nice program. Arcane Legends The game itself is an interesting adventure executed perfectly. As everyone knows the game is not completely. Therefore group created a small program that adds extra features. Arcane Legends Hack can add to the game: “Gold” and “Platinum“. This allows us to be in the game everything. All add-ons, such as greater exp, greater strength, and more. Arcane cheats Legends is a tool available for only on the Group recommends “Arcane Legends Hack” and the game itself which is very exciting. Proof of film is shown below. Arcane Legends Hack you will also find the following pages. Thank you.!

What can Arcane Legends Hack Tool ?

– adds Gold

– adds Platinum

* Free Download

* Support

* Updates

* Safe

How to use Arcane Legends Hack Tool?

1. Download Arcane Legends Hack Tool from our site.*

2. Run the application and you will see the main interface.

3. Type your Username and choose device you use.

4. Enter an amount of Gold,Platinum that you want to add.

5. Optionally use Extra Options: Update and Active Extras.

6. If you do everything ok, you will have all added sources in Arcane Legends game!

Something about Arcane Legends.

In Arcane Legends, players will have access to more and more class-specific skills as they progress. A rage meter is deployed in battles, enabling players to launch special attacks when it’s full. Those who join in a faction can also combine skills with other members to unlock skill combos that could cause massive or lethal damages.

You can team up with your friends or challenge any player out there. It is your choice to end battles quickly by unleashing quick attacks or to wait for the rage meter to be full so as to launch the powerful special attacks.

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46 thoughts on “Arcane Legends Hack

  1. Kevin

    Hi….i need this f…..g program because i don’t want to spend real money for a free game….if anyone have this program can send me in email please?very need this program thanks a lot

  2. davemc74656

    Yo I got a cool computer for Christmas and a Headset so my plan is to start a gaming channel on YouTube but I happen to be broke but I can’t start a gaming channel with no games so anyone got any ideas of good free to play games that are not pay to win and I already know of league of Legends. TY in advance

  3. Armas

    Me and my friend have been looking for fun MMORPGs, and the only one we found that appeared interesting (Aion) was 14GB and had installation issues. Can anyone recommend anything fun for us to play, preferably a team play game? We’re either looking for a free to play game or a one time payment, no monthly payments.

  4. Jon P

    I have Arcane Legends and was wondering if there is a hack for it with no surveys or false download links please find the download link and give it to me but do not give it to me unless you have already verified that it works thanks and don’t say play the game fairly and dont cheat cause i dont care.

  5. sean

    I play Perfect World and Forsaken World.
    Preferably similar to those graphics, not cheesy or chibi-esque ones.
    Good quests too- I usually don’t fight or talk with other players, I’m focused on the game aspect of it.
    Interesting storylines are obviously a plus.

    Has to be free that I can get online. :)
    Thanks ahead of time!
    Nothing directed towards like, little kids (i.e wizards101 seems to childish to me.) I’m a 15 year old girl, but please nothing /overly/ gory or anything.. :)

  6. louisewoods1984

    So, i always took interest in mmorpg but i don’t know where to start. Most of what i start i get bored easily, the one i kept up for long was Runescape years ago. Please help, any good mmorpg out there and free to play


  7. Hotshot t

    I have looked all over the Internet trying to find a video game that suits my needs. Here are some of the guidelines:
    This needs to be a PC game
    Preferably online but can be downloaded if needed
    The game needs to be absolutely free, unless you can still do a lot if you are not a member
    It should be rated about 8+ to 10+
    I do not like any shooting games
    I don’t like games like mine craft
    Wizard 101 was fun but you needed to pay to do too much, so I stopped playing. I you can find a game like wizard 101 but costs less money, that would be great. I don’t like club penguin, and animal jam was fun but I stopped enjoying it. There should be an object to the game, but I need to be able to be social and chat on it. You need to have lots of options to do stuff on it.
    Thanks for answering,

  8. Balla

    I want some (FREE) games to play on my laptop. What are some games like Minecraft? What are some games like Grand Theft Auto that are free and as good ?

  9. Sophia C

    I tried to download multiple hacks and cheats for arcane legends but they all require surveys… I always try to finish them but they never seem to end…. anyway, IS THERE A HACK OR CHEAT FOR ARCANE LEGENDS THAT DOESN”T REQUIRE SERVEYS??????????

  10. fattiemanny

    So hi i like free realms and wizard 101 but those are not free cuz you need money to pass something (levels or areas) so plz show me a game similar to these games or different but not too much .

  11. homerliveshere

    I have a cap of 250 MB on my mobile phone so I downloaded an app that shows my internet usage so I don’t exceed the 250MB of data. However, Arcane Legends isn’t using any of the data up on the app even though it is an online game so I am little bit confused I was just wondering if anyone could shed some light on the situation. The app picks up general browsing on Google, Facebook etc.
    And I am using packet data no Wi-Fi

  12. Ryan Dunn

    I’m planning to study the language, and reading books seems to be a fine thing to begin with. So can you recommend me a few good German books, interesting, beautiful and famous ones, if possible?
    And some sites where I can find them, too.
    And any other hints would be welcome, if there are some features unique to German language.
    Thank you.

  13. Wooooody

    i have a win7 amd athlon tf – 20 1.6 GHz
    3 GB of ram
    approx total memory 1403
    1366 x 768 (32 bit) (60Hz)
    i want a game like rift or world of warcraft but wow cost more than i can afford and rift laggs on pvp and more than 5 chars in a 20 meter radius i know it sucks but i need to find a game that is f2p mmorpg like wow or rift that can be put on my pc with out a lag i mean i get in to a fight on rift and get owned because i’m lagging right when i’m getting the better of someone and the more people that come to help the more they get me killed so i need a game like the if u can help plz i need it i’m tired of playing games like that also arcane legends and games like that are ok just not what i’m looking for i can’t trade or buy another pc i don’t want to and i know there is answer for this i just need a second opinion on this and i think that if i get it out there that it’s going to be the top form of all time plz as many awsner as u can give me remember this place is not just for me it’s for anyone looking for this answer too

  14. Hayden

    I`am still wondering up until now if magic and any of that spell stuff really did existed during the middle ages.

    The same type of legend also existed here in japan about Occults who worship different animals such as tigers,snakes,monkeys,birds as gods and acquired some unique arcane capabilities.

    Sorry for this bothersome question, I`d rather research it by myself but I`am too busy at work to invest time at studying, I was thinking on getting the community`s opinions on this.

    As much as possible, please give meaningful answers and not just something to raise your points and reach a level, this is NOT an online game and I sincerely ask if you would answer in an appropriate manner.

    Thank you so much everyone for all the informations you can give me and do not even attempt to post a link because I would probably not check it out.

    Again, Thank you everyone!
    I`am studying Economics and Welfare and Law by the way, dont ask why, I`am just curious about this question^^

  15. slipknot0129

    I’m making a guild in Arcane Legends. I had one called “MMOs before Hoes” but people seemed to think it was lame so now I’m going for something more serious. Help?

    1) Which is best between….
    Chaotic Killers
    Living Legends
    The Eternal Elites

    And 2) Any suggestions? But also pick one of the three if you could :)

    Thanks you guys! :)
    @paul No reason to be a d-bag about this… Just because someone plays video games doesn’t mean they don’t tend to other aspects of their life…

  16. Matt

    I’m making a guild in Arcane Legends. I had one called “MMOs before Hoes” but people seemed to think it was lame so now I’m going for something more serious. Help?

    1) Which is best between….
    Chaotic Killers
    Living Legends
    The Eternal Elites

    And 2) Any suggestions? But also pick one of the three if you could :)

    Thanks you guys! :)

  17. simply complicated

    I have zenonia and inotia downloaded but in both the main characters are male. I really can’t get into character and have fun if they are male. I’m not sure why, just never have been able to. Is there a decent RPG on the Google play store where I can be a female?

  18. Rishabh Bajpai

    Considering Pocket Legends, Star Legends, Dark Legends and their newest title Arcane Legends, which Spacetime Studios MMORPG is the most critically acclaimed and/or most played?

    Also, I am curious if there are any other good RPGs for the Android operating system?

  19. Nathan B

    I loved the book stardust, i thought it had a great magic aspect, as well as sword of truth however i didn’t read that series i watched the show, is there any other epic great magical words out there?
    Hahaa, i have read game of thrones, its one of my favorites, but fantasy aspect? its more drama and war, then fantasy, there isn’t that much that changes it, the wall, dragons, white walkers and the fact its in a differnt world
    No one suggest wheel of time, this is awsome, who all who read this and love fantasy next stop wheel of time, one of my favorites as well. I’m a little skeptical againts eragon heard bad things about it.

  20. sean

    I have all the ideas and things. I even have a plot. I just don’t know how to connect it all or what the problems or climax should be. I’ve been thinking for a few days now and nothings coming to my head. Its a little hard to explain but I’ll do my best. Its a werewolf book but I’ve tried to make it quite unique. Sorry for the long writing but please take a minute to just read a bit of it? The more you know I’m thinking the more you can help me. :)

    . You see, they aren’t like normal werewolves. They are wolves that turn into humans and they can do it at will. They learn how to turn into humans from about 7. Humans are legends and myths and are greatly feared, said to be horrible, horrible creatures. They are ruled by an immortal sorcerer named Flow (i didn’t realise his name was wolf backwards when I made him. xP) and his government who made them all so he could control them all . He made them billions of years ago and he enchanted wolfs this way because the animal he could turn into was a wolf. If a human gets bitten by one of these, they are likely to die but sometimes they turn into werewolves, but different. They only turn into werewolves when they get angry and then they crave blood and kill anything in sight- sort of a hyper-rage. Theres a character named Will who is being hunted down by Flow and the rest of the government (called the Arcane Order) for killing two of them (in self defense). I want one werewolf to maybe meet Will and learn that humans aren’t that bad but then theres all this drama with Flow and the werewolves and etc…
    I have planned most of it. (characters, concept, etc) I just need a way to start it, some problems that they encounter and a climax. Not even that, maybe just some boosters or examples or something.

  21. veemodz

    After getting stuck in a room with little more than my phone, a charger, and an outlet (long story) I started playing arcane legends and after about 6 hours my phone started feeling pretty hot. I turned it off, but it got me wondering if there’s an app that can tell me when my phones getting too hot or just display the temp. It’s an android phone btw

  22. Lucas H

    I’ve read the Inheritance Cycle by Paolini, The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy( or epic Novel, your choice), I’ve read the silmarillion by Tolkien as well, and the Book of Lost Tales part 1 and 2 by the Tolkiens. I’ve also read the Night Angel Trilogy. These are my favorite fantasy books that I have read so far. I don’t know what to read next. Please help!!!

  23. Joe M

    please help me, i want to learn how to Pk.
    first what stats do you recommend me having?
    what armour?
    stats: 99 range
    99 def
    99mage(dont have lunars)(ancients-yes)
    91 attack
    83 str
    50 herb
    70 prayer(havent done piety)(dont have curses either)
    68 summoning

  24. Jenna

    I like a healthy blend of player skill and tactics. Tactics should always beat skill, but an idiot with good reflexes should always be able to contribute in the more head on fights.

    I am a bit ADHD so I prefer shorter 10-20 minute games, where you can get right into the action. I hate too much micro management over an extended length of time as I tend to start falling behind more out of laziness than anything.

    I like arcane-punk. I like games that have both magic and technology, especially if they aren’t completely separate (as in you can use both).

    I always play a magical rogue. I am a fan of daggers, illusions, and grenades.

    I enjoy building bases and destroying buildings. When playing an RTS I like being mobile, able to pop up camps all over the place, and hit from different sides.
    Also, I don’t have real money to pay, so which ever is the least reliant on a cash shop is probably best.
    Oh yea, and customization is also really important. I like being different from other players, even if that means I sacrifice some practicality (I should be able to make up for it purely by being a better player).

  25. Con Orpe

    I’m looking for a new series to read that isn’t:
    Harry Potter
    The Hunger Games
    Game of Thrones(I want to read it but it has so many holds)
    Percy Jackson
    Or Twilight

    I dont usually like vampires!

    So what is the best series you have read? Maybe you can suggest me one? ^_^

  26. forahobby

    I am writing a book about a mage named Renn, learning from the Archmage Tonos, and Tonos asked Renn to choose between the Dark arts and the Arcane arts. can someone please help me think of a good title for this book? PLEASE?!
    Renn was only a simple mage. He didn’t know what to think when his teacher, the famous Archmage Tonos, was talking about when he said he had to choose between the Arcane or Dark Arts. He didn’t know what to do, and he couldn’t turn to anyone for help. He only knew that he had to make the right decision. But is there such thing as right or wrong anymore? this is just a….that thing you read on the back of paperback books, and i havent written anything else. please help me! PLEASE!

  27. Gabriel Kenney

    I’m trying to find a good MMORPG for me and my girlfriend to play. we really prefer it to be browser based but if the game is good then download might be okay… please help. must be free
    Other than world of warcraft and league of legends please

  28. Terrence

    I want to know some really cool Mods for Oblivion? like Kvatch and stuff Better Cities, and also could you put a site link to get it that is easy? please!

  29. Erfan

    Is there like some sort of innate arcane power in your soul? And how do you awaken it? I’ve tried many times but just can’t do it. I hear legends of the old mages from ancient times and what is their secret to their power? How did they do it? Are there some kind of enchanted scrolls that grant a mage his power? Or is one destined to be a mage, and can’t control if he is or not?

  30. Goe122

    I mean the proper definition of epic: a grand scale narrative, the stuff lagends are made of. Not the stupid internet slang that just means cool.

    I would preferred it if it was something about a noble, or general, who has to navigate royal court. That deals with war. . . lots and lots of war.

    So something like A Song of Fire and Ice (or Dune, if you don’t know what that is, but Dune is sci-fi).

  31. Kaden

    I personally really loved the Percy Jackson series, and I do very much enjoy the game of thrones series. I do not really enjoy books that take place in the modern era, I do love books that take place in the past. I would love to hear your suggestions or personal favorites ! :)


  32. DuckieM10

    I have to do my homework on Henry 5th and think why he was a powerful king of England. It has to be in by tomorrow and i’m completely thrown on what to write. Please help!

  33. Praveen

    Hello. I’m trying to find games that I can play from my android phone to friends on computers. So far I only know of Arcane Legends. Could anybody please help? If it’s through browser or application, it doesn’t matter. I just want to be able to play with friends on the go. In other words, cross-platforming gameplay between computer and phones. Thanks so much!


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