One thought on “Army Attack Hack V2.0

  1. whites are not the only racists

    in 1979 the USA embassy was occupied by iranians and the personel were hostages for about 444 days (one of the only things that all americans know about iran!!!), in another event about 3 month ago the USA army attacked iran consul in Arbil and took 5 of them.
    I know that you would say that americans were innocents and iranians are terrorist. but just look at it fair, it is because your media says so, for iranians it is reverse. I mean that in USA embassy they found many evidents that showed the presence of american in terrorist attacks of the first days of revolution.
    I know that you will not believe me, but for a second think about it, what is it is true?
    only one iranian was released which was not among those “kidnapped” in Arbil.
    About treatment of americans to iranians (for you that have forgotten Abu Ghoraib), about 2 years ago, 2 of our journalists were kidnapped by americans, when they came back they spoke about american tortues ( and they just spok about few of them ). One of them had become deaf from one of his ears and some of his bones had been broken.
    I am sure that you have not heard and will not hear from these kind of things from your media!
    1. I do EXACTLY concern human right, but I say that human is human, there should be no difference between the rights of iranians and americans and russians. but take a look at media in 2 weeks they showed everyday the picture and family of British soldiers, but did you see any sign from iranians kidnapped in Arbil? I mean it is not fair at all, human is human.
    2. I don’t think that americans are bad, I just have asked you to think just for a moment another way (not the way that media says).


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