Atlantica Online Cheats

Atlantica Online Cheats

We have the first ever Atlantica Online hacks released earlier today. Check out the screenshots below, you can see the Atlantica Online cheat in action allowing you to fly all over the map and chase the enemy down for the kill. The Atlantica Online fly also allows you to no clip through walls, the ground, terrain, etc. Want the best Atlantica Online Hack with the most features never seen anywhere else? The Atlantica Online fly allows you to access any part of the map, you can land, stop, hover or keep flying.

Atlantica Online Hack Description:

• Move items to bank
• Open boxes automatically
• Sell items automatically
• Teleport to boxes

• Coded by HUMM3R and Killa
• Lua logic
• Native protection
• Minimal FPS loss

  • TriggerBot :
    • TriggerBot (Off, On)
    • TriggerStyle (Instanthit)
  • Protection :
    • Threat Warning (Off, On)
  • KeyBinder :
    • KeyBinds (OnPress, OnRelease)
    • HotKey Support
  • Profile System :
    • Profiles can be saved/loaded
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) :
    • Configuration Window with tab menus

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29 thoughts on “Atlantica Online Cheats

  1. Xedo

    i’ve completed all the worlds so far, Traverse Town, Wonderland, Deep Jungle, Olympus, Agrabah, Monstro,and Atlantica. i keep reading that halloween town and neverland are the next ones, but they aren’t on the map, and i cannot access them. i’ve beaten the bosses in all the previous ones and sealed the keyholes….i have beaten the pegasus cup, the phil cup and i have three pages for 100 acre woods, i’ve gone back to every world that i completed too see if i missed something and i cannot seem to be able to move on. sora is at level 36 i think. (mostly covering my bases with all the info, since i don’t know how to move on.) does anybody know what i could of done or could do to get halloween town and neverland?

  2. mendhak

    The fiance and I are looking into a few places on eastern Long Island to have our wedding. Before we start to call around we wanted to get a general idea of how much per person some places are. If our budget is say $150 per person we rather not waste our time with places over $200 per person.

    Has anyone recently negotiated with the Atlantica, Westhampton?

    I was looking for an approximate price per plate on a Saturday night in June.

    Thank you very much!

  3. Taylor2k

    I really don’t feel like playing through Atlantica so I just wanted to know if it is an optional world in KH2 and if i dnt play it will it affect anything in the game?

  4. gail C

    Like the Phil Cup or the Hades cup? Do I HAVE to beat them to move on in the game? Because I’ve beat the Phil Cup but not the Pegasus Cup and I can’t get to Atlantica.

  5. Picean

    So i have the power magnet, but i don’t know who to talk to to go back to the prince . It’s in Atlantica in Kingdom Hearts 2 . Help ?!

  6. Kobe

    In atlantica in Kingdom Hearts 1 there is a chest next to Ariel’s grotto. If and when i get it out. Do i have to go down in that hole to get to the sunken ship? If not how do i get there if the dolpin is not there to take you i need help please help.

  7. The Inc

    I’ve getten through Wonderland, Traverse Town, Monstro, Atlantica, and the Deep Jungle in Kingdom Hearts. I’ve also beaten the giant three headed dog thing in Olympus Coliseum, but I can’t figure out what to do after beating Leon and Yuffie.

  8. Michael K

    I like Atlantica Online but it does not have as many players as I would like. If anyone knows of a fun and very popular MMORPG please help.

  9. Lasagna delivery guy

    When i open Atlantica on my desktop, my computer responds with “game version failed”. How do i fix this? Ive downloaded the full game and i was able to play it before but for some reason this has just started to happen. HELP

  10. sakyue1993

    So I’ve unlocked every keyhole in all the available worlds except for one in hollow bastion. Olympia is still covered though. I’ve already completed Winnie the pooh level as well. I just finished with atlantica and then nothing! I’ve revisited almost ever world and nothing. PLEASE HELP ME!

  11. llb443

    what do i do in kingdom hearts in atlantica when i already beat ursula and sebastien tells me im done writing the score if only u would practice something like that

  12. Balla

    any help would be appreciated. thankyou.

    i can’t find neverland and have tried to by going to halloween town from antlantica or halloweent town to atlatica but i just keep going between them 2 worlds. I did encounter the ship before completing atlantica but didn’t land and now can’t fnd the ship at all. Does Halloween town HAVE TO BE COMPLETED?

  13. nathan

    Ok so i finally got to Atlantica and i ran through the stuff pretty fast.The thing i cant pass is Ursula i keep trying and trying and i always die on her spin attack.King Triton told me to use magic on her cauldron but nothing happens when i do it.I don’t know if i have to use a certain spell or if there’s a pattern. HELP!!

  14. jordenkotor

    my computer sucks and can’t handle almost all games without having the graphics turned all the way down and still isnt perfect performance..I have a tight budget so I was wondering what the best least expensive gaming computer out there would be that can run the new mmorpg’s (requiem, atlantica, WoW, FFXI ect.) on high graphics and preform with out the major lag

  15. Le Pwner

    I’m stuck fighting The Cerberus Cup which I can’t pass without Master Form, I also can’t go to Atlantica and speak to Sebastian as I need drive 5/Master Form! Helpppp.
    Please explain how to obtain Master Form simply haha.

  16. Chester

    I want a fun MMORPG that is very social and lets you have a house and customize it with furniture. I want the fighting to also be very enjoyable and preferably graphics like Atlantica. Please Help! And NO RUNESCAPE.

  17. Mistry

    i tried to atlantica. but is wont show. and i tried to do second life but its just to laggy. i tried to download WoW private server. but i dont have enough disc space. i tried city of heroes and villains but thats still too laggy. so whats a good free mmorpg that i could play without having to pay? other than the ones i just listed? that i could use for vista?

  18. Arminator

    What I mean is that if there’s a game (preferrably a free MMORPG) that has places based on the cities and places in the world. I think I read somewhere that Atlantica had something like that. Also, I guess I would categorize Sword of the New World as something like it too.

  19. louisewoods1984

    I’ve heard about 9dragons but it looks really chinese gay.Wizards 101 has horrible graphics!Fiesta is really boring and has nothing interesting.Then I checked out Atlantica it has awsome graphics,good gameplay,they give something new every 3 days,and it has adventure and really cool and awsome items!So do you agree with me that Atlantica is the best game ever ~.^?

  20. Mark

    im playing kindgom hearts for the first time and im in Atlantica and i just defeated Ursula for the first time but now i dont know where to go? do i go back to tritions palace?

  21. zaclo

    I really want to play Atlantica Online, but since its a 3D game, my laptop isn’t qualified to the graphics requirement. Any ideas where in Metro Manila?

  22. Joe M

    I have already been to Hallow Bastion and defeated Riku/Ansem…but I really want to go to Atlantica and the gummi ship wont allow me to visit that world. What do I do?
    Kingdom Hearts 1. Ive completed every world except Atlantica. The gummi ship will not allow me to get there by just selecting it. How do I get to it?

  23. Dark_LovexXx

    Getting on the Costa Atlantica, just bought a new suit and it needs a couple minor alterations. Will I be able to get them done on the boat? Tux rental place maybe? If I can how do prices compare with land prices?

  24. Gabriel Kenney

    We are getting married in Atlantica Oasis limassol Cyprus next july and i was wondering if anyone has got married or been to a wedding there?? Are there any hidden extras that i should be aware of!! And if there are any websites that actually show a wedding there not just a description on it??? Many thanks


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