Battlefield 2 Hacks


Battlefield 2 Hacks

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Aimbot Features:
Aimbot – Turns the aimbot on and off
Aim Modifier – Adjust the speed of aiming for the vector aimbot
Aim FOV – The FOV to aim at, adjustable up to 360 degrees
Aim Mode – Aim by distance, FOV or use the hacks Smart Aiming
Aim Type – Choose if you want to use the original Vector aimbot or the advanced Bone aimbot
Aim Bone – Choose which bone you wish to aim at
Auto Next Target – Choose if you want the to move onto another enemy after you have killed your current one
Inverted Mouse – Necessary if you are using an inverted mouse configuration

Calculate Trajectory – A State-Of-The-Art feature that uses advanced physics calculations in order to determine the exact location that a projectile will strike. This makes it possible to use the aimbot with the grenade launcher and many other heavy projectile weapons.

No Spread – This advanced feature will shake your gun in a pattern exactly opposite to the bullet spread making ALL of your bullets fly in a straight line.
Prediction – This feature automatically leads targets and accounts for bullet speed, lag, and many other factors.
Visibility Checks – Choose whether you want to aim at targets through walls or only when they are visible.
Vectors – The includes its own vector editor for use with the vector aimbot and includes many good aiming vectors

Hack Esp Features: – These features are built into the hacks code and are seperate from Game ESP
Nametags – Show players names through walls so you can identify them easily
Font Name – Choose which font you want the esp to use
Font Size – Choose the size of the font
Font Fade – Choose how much the font fades as enemies are farther away
Crosshair Tags – Choose if you want crosshairs to appear on players for optimum aiming
Tag Distance – Choose how far you want tags to show
Sphere Type – An incredibly advanced feature that will draw Blast Radius spheres around any dangerous object including Grenades, Claymors, and Artillery

Game Esp Features: – These features differ from the esp features in that they are built into the game but simply activated by the Battlefield 2 hacks.

Nametags – Shows name tags for all players all the time
Tag Distance – Choose how far you wish to see nametags
Kit Tags – Shows which class a player is
Distance Tags – Shows how far away a player is
Health Tags – Shows how much health a player has
Minimap – Shows all players on the minimap

D3D Features:
Chams Colors – You can choose your own colors for vehicles, players that are hidden and visible, and much more
Player Chams – Choose if you want enemies, your team, all players, or nobody to have chams. Chams allow you to easily identify players through walls.
Vehicle Chams – Choose if you want vehicles to have chams
Crosshair – Enables a custom crosshair for better aiming
View Distance – Disables all fog and increases the view distance so that you can see as much of the map as you want
Asus Wallhack
See Through Ground – Removes the ground
Wireframe – Turns everything into wireframe models
Zoom – Zooms in on any weapon

Removal Features:
No Sky – Removes the sky
No Fog – Removes all fog
No Tv Static – Removes the static on the TV Missle Screen in the Helicopter
No Nightvision Static – Removes static from night vision
Sniper Overlay – Removes the scope overlay on sniper weapons
No Tank Overlay – Enhances Visibility while in tanks

Winamp Control Features:
Volume Up
Voume Down

Misc Features:
Menu X – Adjust the menu position
Menu Y – Adjust the menu position
Quake Sounds – The will automatically play sounds when you are on kill streaks. You will hear “Monnsterrrr killlll” if you are really good.
Anti-SS – Automatically turns off all of the hacks features during Punkbuster Screenshots
Spoof Hardware – Spoofs your hardware id so that you cannot be hardware banned
Chat Spam – Spams the chat with pre-programmer messages
Date/Time – Shows the current date and time on screen
Save – Save your current configuration
Load – Load a saved configuration

That’s it, have fun hacking.

Battlefield 2 Hacks!

4 thoughts on “Battlefield 2 Hacks

  1. Squall Leonhart

    I keep getting kicked out of battlefield 2 by punkbuster ‘inadequate O/S privileges??? I dont even hack or anything. I use Windows vista. Help please!
    I keep getting kicked out when i join a server then they kick me out again. Need more answers people please!

  2. Zanto

    I am trying to find a simple and free / cheap programme that will allow me to put text onto a photo. I don’t want the advanced features and cost of Photoshop, just something basic. Does anyone have the solution?

  3. Only Business

    When i load games in battlefield 2142 bad pictures come up. They are inappropriate. Some of them are clans and stuff. Does battlefield 2 have the same thing?

  4. heavenly sword

    I can tell a lot if hacking is going on because I’m being killed. I don’t die unless it’s by pure accident. I am that damn good. No joke. Seems like tons and tons of players don’t really know how to play…the seem to hide like chumps and use snipe kit all day….

    If you just throw grenades and lay claymore you are crap! Man up and go head up!


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