Cafeland Hack

Cafeland Hack

Do you want to build your personal restaurant or café and decorate it with amazing decors? If yes, then you can do all this and more in the wonderful online game known as Cafeland.

In Cafeland, players need to construct a café and decorate it with animated and rechargeable items, cook mouth-watering food, and serve them to the customers. All this will require plenty of resources and to earn them quickly, you can use hacks and cheats. The most suitable for Cafeland is our Cafeland Hack 2013 as it is a 100% working program and is built up with various features.


  • Our Cafeland Hack 2013 can be used around the world as it is error.
  • You can now complete several quests easily with our quest feature.
  • Cafeland coins are the primary currency that is required for buying decorative items. If you want to earn this currency quickly then use our and cheat codes.
  • You can now generate innumerable amount of resources by using our resource feature.
  • Cafeland Cash is the special currency that is available only for premium members. However, once you start using our Cafeland Hack you too can earn Cafeland cash by using our currency feature.
  • You can now reach new levels almost 8 times faster than your pals by using our levelfeature.
  • Restore the spoilt food by using our restore mode.
  • Increase your experience points by using our experience feature.
  • To achieve success in the game, the happiness level of your customers should be high. If you want to increase this level swiftly then you can use our happiness feature.
  • Always keep your bonus meters high with our bonus mode.
  • The anti-ban system will keep you saved from being disqualified in the game.
  • If you are tired of updating the game personally then use our auto-update feature that will keep the game updated without any human intervention.
  • Even if you use an old operating system, you can still use our Cafeland Cheats 2013 without any problems.
  • A novice can too use our Cafeland Cheat codes effortlessly.

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11 thoughts on “Cafeland Hack

  1. evangldbrg

    Would love to know how many of my fellow Bible believing brothers and sisters Facebook… but most importantly, do you play CafeLand or Journey of Moses? ;0)
    *Laughs* I don’t know if I should be insulted that no one wants to be my neighbor OR embarrassed that I am the only one who plays the silly game! ;0) Ah well… ;0)

  2. have faith

    i’m planning to buy Nokia lumia 720…..
    I like playing farmville2, cafeland, etc games on fb, so can I play them on my nokia phone??

  3. Krazy Bob

    Ever since i paid for coins on cafeland (Facebook) my game keeps saying lost connection to server. I’ve emptied cache and tried on a different browser but same problem :-( wondered if anyone has solved the issue before?

  4. baldy eire

    I filled all of the walls with different pics and awards, updated the paint and floor tiles, I also upgraded my tables and chairs and I added some floor décor and it still says “Increase Decoration Quality” What am I missing?

  5. Erin

    I’m 15 and I’m a girl. I’m addicted to Facebook and Twitter. This concerns me and my mom. How do I stop from addicted to Facebook and Twitter?

  6. Gundown64

    i’m planning to buy Nokia lumia 720…..
    I like playing farmville2, cafeland, etc games on fb, so can I play them on my nokia phone??

  7. whites are not the only racists

    I currently play CafeLand and Mall World right now and both are really fun, but I need something else to play. Most of the time my stoves are occupied on CafeLand and there’s no reason to go on it every single hour, and Mall World takes a little time to gain money. Most of the games that seem fun are offline such as My Tribe, Hotel City and Country Story. Any game will do, just as long as it’s fun. I like games that consist of farming, managing a shop or a city of any sorts (not Cityville). Thanks so much!

  8. kamikami

    i’m planning to buy Nokia lumia 720…..
    I like playing farmville2, cafeland, etc games on fb, so can I play them on my nokia phone??

  9. Thomas A

    my mom goes to work im 14 not aloud to leave the house im bored of tv i dont like reading im not aloud to go over to a friends and i dont wanna clean… PLZ HELP MY BOREDOMNESS 😀

    and yea i do sports…
    also im a teen not alittle kid.. i dont like cookig ether
    thanks guys soo much ! 😀

  10. unbleevable39

    similar to cafeland, marketland just any cooking cafe chef games really :)

    thanks i’m bored lol it kills time


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