Club Penguin Membership PIN Code Generator 2013



Club Penguin Membership PIN Code Generator 2013:

Club Penguin is a massively multiplayer online game (MMO) involving a virtual world containing a range ofonline games and activities, created by New Horizon Interactive. Players use cartoon penguin-avatars and play in awinter-set virtual world.
While memberships are available, revenue is predominantly raised through paid memberships which allow players to access a range of additional features, such as the ability to purchase virtual clothing, furniture, and in-game pets called “puffles” for their penguins through the use of in-game currency.
However, paid memberships cost a LOT of money which is usually not affordable by everyone, therefore we have created this PIN code generator which you could use to generate a code which you can later use to get a paid membership on your account for.

Download Club Penguin Membership PIN Code Generator 2013:

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105 thoughts on “Club Penguin Membership PIN Code Generator 2013

  1. PIE BOY

    I’m ok at drawing cartoon characters, but whenever I try to put them in an interesting position like their knee bent out, or leaning forward… I can’t do it… I just don’t GET perspective, making one leg smaller than the other one… stuff like that. Are there any good books or websites on positioning cartoon characters or any tips that anyone knows of?

  2. PillowMan1234

    I need some ideas for a political cartoon based on the uprising in Yemen last year. I tried looking at other political cartoons, but it didn’t help much. Help?

  3. Mr SoLo DoLo

    There was a cartoon on television which had a trio of superheroes. One was short and fat and wore a purple and blue costume and I think he had a “C” on his chest. He also turned parts of his body into springs. One of the other heroes wore black and had a red “M” on his chest. The last guy wore yellow and I think he had red hair. I think the letter on his chest was “F”. If you can give me the name of this cartoon.

  4. Mathew

    My daughter is working on a project about drawing cartoon characters. She’s trying to gather information on statistics and record keeping, money and time, measurements and geometry. So far, she has the measurements, geometry and some of the money part figured out. But we need a little help on the time, statistics and recording keeping part. We’ve performed various searches, but haven’t been very successful. Your help would be greatly appreciated!
    Thanks so much for your input! :) When I read my details I could see where some of you are coming from. To give a little more detail, my daughter is 9, and she will be drawing several of her favorite cartoon characters for the first time (and I will be timing her on it). I think it’s a great idea for her to contact a local cartoonist for an interview, but unfortunately time won’t permit it. She’s definitely doing the bulk of her project on her own, but when it came down to some of her research, the answers to some of her questions were a little over her head. Therefore, I felt the need to step in. I’ve been looking for some good kid-friendly websites that I can direct her to, but the ones that I’ve found so far, didn’t provide a whole lot of the information on her topic. We will likely take a trip to our local library this afternoon to see if she can find some of her answers there. Thank you again for your input, most of you guys have been very helpful!

  5. xiM Clutch

    For my world geography class we need a political cartoon involving overpopulation in the world and how it is affecting the economy and the world’s future. Any suggestions would be great.

  6. Ramblin Spirit

    What fun cartoon skateboarding game on gamecube were you have to get hurt to win points?You can be stuff like a pink cat and you use your points to buy things like lipstick (it has different items for different characters) to make them improve their skateboardig.You have to get hurt like in the old wacky cartoons to get points like geting hit by a weight or piano.It came out a few years back.I really miss this game but I can’t remember its name.

  7. Jeracoo L

    I need to know the meaning behind this cartoon which appeared in the Washington Post on July 18, 1969. Also, how does it appeal to logos and pathos. I am unsure of it’s meaning. I get the feeling that it’s saying that the moon landing was a hoax or that we should pay more attention to war, poverty, and racism. Anyway your input would be most appreciated.

  8. kiltakblog

    What i mean is that is there a website or even program where you can make simple cartoon style images. And it should include something like “clip art” from microsoft where you can choose preset image/shapes and edit and mix them up to make an image. I need this because i am making a game in Flash and i dont like making images in flash.


    What songs are played during the cartoon, at the opening of the Grateful Dead movie? The only one I recognize is US Blues.

  10. Bryan J

    What web site can I view cartoon shows without have to download something? Shows such as Cars and full [wtvcartoonname2] etc. Every time I view a chapter it bothers me that I must download huge videos or some other things. Can there be any web site where I can view them and never have to download something?

  11. Lachlan

    instead of working for Disney, nickelodeon, or cartoon network, i plan to create my cartoons and start a channel for them. i would work for Disney, and all the other companies i listed, but they all suck now (they are no longer as good as it used to be). so once again, i want to start my own channel of cartoons that i created, along with others (who want to bring back REAL CARTOONS!)
    i’m not talking about YOUTUBE channel, i mean a channel like nickelodeon on television.

  12. altair

    Hi, I’m a senior at high school, and I am looking at colleges and majors. I would like to work at a cartoon station, like nick, cartoon network, boomerang, etc, but I don’t know what I would do. I really would like to work with computers as I have no artistic talent.

  13. Lia-lu-li

    We are required to create a cartoon, preferably satire, that involves the Scopes Trial. The cartoon can be either for or against evolution. The cartoons also have to have specific details from the Scopes Trial.

  14. Scott W

    I am planning to eventually make a website with galleries of pictures I like to draw. I heard that many people prefer cartoon like pictures more than realistic pictures. This website, however, will be related to stories I’ve written. Would you prefer cartoons or realism?

  15. Gabriel Kenney

    I would like to create a cartoon character for a powerpoint presentation I have to give.
    Is it possible to do this? If so is it possible to make it speak?
    I am a computer novice.

  16. Hannah

    I’m running an english speaking lesson for young learners based around cartoons. Does anyone know the most well known cartoon characters for the children in Thailand? The age group is around 7 – 10 years old.

  17. kiltakblog

    I would love to have a cartoon drawing or a sketch of my old Great Dane. She’s such a sweet girl and while I have tons of pictures of her, I think her goofy personality would come across better as a drawing. Where would I find someone who could do this? Thanks!

  18. floydian8717

    I can’t stand what Cartoon Network has turned into. I used to watch Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, The Road Runner and Coyote, etc, all the time and they were great. Now they have all these Japanese/Asian shows and Anime shows. No offense, but they really suck.

    Why must all the good shows go off air?! Who else agrees with me?

  19. Motordom

    I remember watching it on cartoon network or something. But totally forgot the name! D:

    All i remembered was that there were many planets, and these planets have these sort of propulsion system that make these planets move around at will (quickly too). IT was like, big space fights between races I believe.
    It was a cartoon series, and it was literally massive jet engine attached to the planet.

  20. Bryant B

    I have adobe illustrator and photoshop. A friend of mine took entire photo of me and transformed it into a cartoon. I know this is a feature or tool in the illustrator program, but I don’t know which one. If anyone knows please inform me or maybe you could help me to do it.

  21. Dr Dorian

    There was a cartoon that had a song playing in the background with a trumpet and other brass and it had the cartoons talking but by pretending the voice was a trumpet and some other brass instrument. I’m sure there is a youtube video on it but I have no idea how to find it. I really liked the song from it too. Any help would be appreciative!

  22. Xbox360king

    I really forgot the title of this cartoon coz I was just a very young when I first saw this, but the cartoon is about 5 robots with artificial intelligence. All 5 can merge into a single gigantic robot. The “big” robot transforms into the torso of the gigantic robot, 2 female robots are the left and right arms, a “skinny” robot transforms into a leg and a “dwarfish-fatty” robot with a big appetite transforms into the other leg. When they combine, the gigantic robot is piloted by a teenage lad and a very young girl.

  23. Oilers

    I have an idea for a cartoon featuring some of the best players of the NBA such as Dwayne Wade, Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’neal and many more competing with one another to see who are the best of the best! Also, I have an idea for a cartoon which features just Dwayne Wade, Lebron James and Carmelo Anthony teaching kids the fine art of basketball as well as hanging out and competing with one another!

  24. United

    Is there any place I can go where I can identify it by the storyline? The cartoon is about a hobo type of character that runs into a crowd of kids who give him a bath at the end.

    I think it might be a Harman/Ising cartoon, but not sure. Thanks!

  25. mal_functiongeo

    The cartoon aired on Saturday mornings in the 80’s. It was a cartoon short and the knight was clumsy and always trying to save someone that didn’t need to be saved.

  26. johnkaiser 22

    I need to make pictures of cartoon examples of things like:
    Synthesis: water + chicken = chicken soup
    I need help on ideas for synthesis, decomposition, single and double replacement.

  27. _marky_mark_

    I want to add a cartoon running sound affect to a cartoon clip I produced, but I don’t know what the original Foley guys did to make it. It’s that sort of plasticky, thumping sound you hear when characters run or walk fast. It’s a common cartoon sound: The early Simpsons used it and it was heard a lot in the Hanna-Barbera cartoons of the early ’60s to present. Does anyone know how I can duplicate that sound?

  28. ConfusionnaJob

    Homecoming week is next week, and one of the days is ‘Cartoon Day’. We need to find a good, older cartoon or animated show that the five or six of us could dress up for, and its okay if there are duplicates. Suggestions??

  29. sean

    I wanted to start crocheting cartoon characters and selling them and the patterns of what I make online. I have seen TONS of other crafters sell things with cartoon characters like Dora, Bugs Bunny, Elmo…
    Is it legal? I would love to do this but I don’t want to get sued or anything. I keep hearing different things from people, so if anyone can help me I’d appreciate it. Thanks.

  30. Hayden

    I’ve got to find a cartoon to answer this question. I’ve never thought about this before. Can anyone give me any ideas?

  31. zigg3ns

    I want to make a cartoon that will slash wwe ‘s ratings even more than they already are. I am an artist and I want my share of the prime time any suggestions as of what I could do for an anime cartoon to get more show time than the wwe?

  32. Gabriel Kenney

    What or how do you analyze a newspaper cartoon and an article?? Two separate things. One cartoon and one article.
    What is expected? How do you analyze one? (article/cartoon).
    Please help, best answer gets ten points!

  33. ibjammin44

    I can’t remember the name of this Russian animated cartoon. It’s about a little boy and his best friend–I think his name is Morris–who flies around. I think the flying friend has a helicopter on his hat or his clothing. I really liked this cartoon when I saw it and I want to find it again. Thanks for any help!

  34. Rishabh Bajpai

    I think it might have been The Lost Boys, but I can’t find any cartoon movie with that title. It was a group of boys from a school, and they ended up rescued in the end.

  35. Rassling Fundamentals

    I have to do an assignment of the satellite nations under soviet control.

    Directions: please create a political cartoon on one of the following “main ideas” and you can elaborate from there. All cartoons need a title that you’ve created to demonstrate that you understand what is what is happening in Eastern Europe in this time period, they need countries labeled and identified, and you can add anything else you feel will help convey the theme of a satellite nation under Soviet control. The time period is 1950-1975.

    Any suggestions? Please help!

  36. Moore, Ron

    That cartoon show is similar to Family Guy or American Dad, in that it is intended for a more adult audience.

  37. Joe T

    I didn’t grow up with cable television throughout the whole 90s. I remember tuning into Fox Kids, Kids WB, UPN, and other non-cable channels for my afternoon fix of cartoons and kids programming. For years I’ve noticed that there aren’t any of these programs anymore, and in a boring night, it came to my concern lol. I was just wondering what were the reasons for these huge networks to pull off weekday cartoon blocks?

  38. Kevin

    What cartoon character is short chubby has his front hair curled back sort of like the clark kent curl and slight gap in his front teeth? This might be a shot in the dark

  39. opurt

    I really miss the cartoons from the 90s when I was growing up. What makes the shows on Nickolodeon & Cartoon Network different from those today? What was your favorite show and made it special?

  40. Rassling Fundamentals

    You see everybody, I like Cartoon Network and the older cartoons such as Dexter’s Lab, Cow & Chicken, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Ed, Edd, n Eddy, Johnny Bravo and more. But somehow things are change, Cartoon Network has bring the new president of this network, Stuart Snyder. He’s the worst President of Cartoon Network! He orders to put on Live Action Shows such as Incredible Crew, Hole in the Wall, and so on. People are not so fun to watch Live action Shows, even Canadian Shows like Total Drama Island, Grojband, Almost Naked Animals (that’s just plain gross and unfunny), and Scaredy Squirrel. After the Stuart got Fired from Cartoon Network, a lot of people has to think some ideas to makes some cartoon of their own, They will create some new shows like Regular Show, Adventure Time, and Uncle Grandpa. But the art style almost looks the same. I mean looks at each of their faces are strange, their mouths look the same, and their arms looks like Spaghetti Noodles, like Regular Show, it disgusting to watch. Two Shows have joints, And that’s Uncle Grandpa and Adventure Time. I miss the older Cartoons so much. I miss the Hanna Barbera Cartoons.
    What do you guys think about Cartoon Network right now? They cancelled good shows such as Young Justice, Green Lantern, Robotomy, Megas XLR, even the original Teen Titans. Becuase they don’t have enough money to continue every good shows. That’s unfair!
    Who’s want to watch anime?

  41. Thomas Lopez

    My little brother was asking me about this old tv show (cartoon) that he thinks was on Cartoon Network, but he isn’t sure. He said it was about cartoon animals that get stranded on an island. He said they like live in treehouses on the island.

  42. floydian8717

    What was the old cartoon where a guy has a date with a girl and tries to impress her with a recipe, but the wind is blowing the pages of the cookbook and he ends up making some messed up stew with moose parts in it?

  43. josh12rox

    There is absolutely, no school to learn animating and cartoon drawing in where I live, but I want to learn those because, I am very, very interested in learning those. It’s like a passion, but unfortunately time is passing without having to learn anything, so if you know any way, I could help my self, please inform me. and how long will it take me to be able to draw those cartoon character you can see in newspapers? It is difficult, does it take months, years.. for a simple drawing of people / animals…


  44. Thomas Lopez

    I have to draw a well-known cartoon character as a famous person. For the famous person, I was going to use Conan O’Brien (because I wanted to draw his hair), but I’m not sure what cartoon character I should use.

    I was thinking of using Wile E Coyote, or Bugs Bunny, but I’m not sure.

  45. SteveO

    I got a 1 month club penguin membership, and I wanted to know if you could still keep the sled racing toboggan, because I love how it looks, but I don’t want to lose it after my membership ends for a month. So, can you keep the sledding race toboggan after your membership ends, or not?

  46. Gamer959

    Club penguin has come out with a lot of cool new stuff you can unlock online, i want to get some stuff to unlock, where do i get some stuff?

    Fortune teller?

  47. Jeanelle the Retard

    I first viewed the cartoon on the internet and it was dated October 14, 2013. Can you give information as to where it was first published?

  48. Praveen

    Im 13 and yes, I still play on Club Penguin. But what do you think the age range is for club penguin and am I too old for it all?

  49. turg143

    Club penguin just came out with a new mission. And I am stuck on one part. How do you build the camera? But could I get a step by step? I need to refresh my memory.

  50. Xedo

    I have played Club Penguin for awhile now and I really want to get a membership. Apparenly, you get more coins, games, and stuff if you have one. The only thing is, I don’t have the money or time to get a membership. Could someone help me?

  51. Scott Bull

    I have been seeing penguins climbing the walls of the dojo and going on the roof of the nightclub on club penguin. I would like to do this if it is possible ? Is there a cheat available or are they doing some kind of hacking trick?

  52. Random

    I have a membership on club penguin.Everytime I buy something and then I log off it doesn’t save it.For example,I bought a brand new igloo (the snowglobe) then I played some games and logged off. The next time I logged back on it was gone.So I waisted all those coins for nothing.:( Please tell if and how you can save the changes you made to your accout.Please don’t be rude about it.

  53. Jeff

    I really want a club penguin membership but can’t afford one. I am trying to find a way to get a free one. If you know how please tell me. Thanks

  54. Le Pwner

    Theres a Club Penguin Trainer, that gives you beta hat ( or any other rare item you want ) and it is public. Everyone can see the items you got with the trainer. So what is the trainer called?

  55. tjpimpin

    Matt Woodward has a club penguin site that has cheats and he is having a contest and he is giving out passwords on club penguin. He always goes on server frostbite and his penguin is called “I am Jayhawk”. Please help me guys!!

  56. Jerosh Nagulachandran

    They both really love club penguin! (they are twins)
    plz i promised them!
    No selfish answers please like oh no go buy your own cos that is mean!

  57. ibjammin44

    I want to know how many days are left on my club penguin membership but I don’t know how to check. Anyone know?

  58. Lachlan

    When will the next club penguin mission come out. I have completed all of them and doing them over is a little boring. And do you know what it will be. Or any extra information?

  59. Random

    I know that nobody in club penguin history has ever done it but i believe it can be done. I also heard you can tip it by jackhammering it but that’s not true. If anyone can tell me how to do it that would be awesome!

  60. Tyler H

    Im wearing good clothes and im one year in club penguin but i cant find a girlfriend! One day,a girl walked to me and did the heart icon many times but that was annoying! Please help me!
    Im a member.

  61. x_blind_x_gamer_x

    does anybody have club penguin? I cant buy anything at the moment as I am not a member, how do i become one please?

  62. Ryan Z

    Does anyone know how to make coins fast on club penguin, the fastest coin making games etc. and any tips or tricks would be helpful too!

  63. nmlpc

    I got the Club Penguin video game and entered the code. When I open the book the unlock symbol is next to each item, but I can not get them to my account.

  64. Kobe

    I have the club penguin guide book and I unlocked the items on club penguin. I have a blue book. What do I do with the book?

  65. Michael

    i didn’t do anything but i suddenly got banned of my member penguin on club penguin for 3 days. Now im really bored and want a website like club penguin that will keep me busy. Any ideas?

  66. Alun J

    I dont understand how do i send the money to Club Penguin.So i can be sure that the money will arrive at destination?

  67. lcollier93sbcglobalnet

    My little brother brought me a package of Club Penguin Card jitsu cards and I want to sell them. The only problem is I have no idea what they would be worth. Please help!

  68. XplicitzZ

    I emailed club penguin today monday, June 21, 2010 4 hours ago. Do you think they are closed on monday’s? I really want them to email me, but they haven’t yet. Any ideas why?

  69. Orbit

    10 points to the best non-hacking money cheat on club penguin. I’d like something fast that gets me a fair amount of money. Could I also see some other cheats as-well.

  70. jdubdoubleu7704

    im not a member but a have a club penguin toy and entered the code online. and unlocked stuff,but how can you become famous on Club Penguin without being a member?

  71. Matt

    Hello, i want to become a member for free. I joined club penguin in 2009 and now i want to become member. Please help me.

  72. The Villain

    I have tried to play the new game on club penguin and the cards wont show up and I need to know how to get them to show. I have waited so long to become a ninja ever since I found out they were on there and I have seen so many people on there with white and yellow belts. Please tell me how to get the cards to show up.

  73. Joey 01

    Ok, this is creeping me out. I picked up the headphones and the latest pin in Club Penguin, changed some stuff in my penguin, put some other clothes, and things and then I logged out. Afterwards I went to a different server, and saw that all the changes I made were gone and the look of my penguin went back as it was before I changed it, and I didnt see the things I picked up in my inventory. Why did this happen?


  74. Sergio

    How do you get the cauldron to bubble on club penguin? I tried putting a campfire under it but it didnt work. Does anyone know?


    I want to add a club penguin banner to my site, where i can click it and it will take me to club penguin. How do i do that?

  76. The Dark Knight

    My brother and sister got into my club penguin member account. I had 1000 coins then my sister bought a puffle and left it with 897 coins then my brother came and bought a suit. Now i dont have enough coins to buy anything. How do i do it?

  77. Adam

    I want to unlock two tresure books. I looked on youtube but club penguin wouldnt let me do the cheat becuase they wouldnt let me use the same code twice.

    Thanks in advance!!

  78. The Dark Knight

    Ok, I really want to become a member on club penguin for free, is there some new cp trainer or something? I’m desperate! And don’t answer if you’re gonna say somethin’ like ‘You can’t, but you can pay’, and also don’t answer if you’re gonna ask me to earn points and receive free prizes like club penguin membership, ok?

  79. Flash Funk

    Club penguin has recently stopped working! My children can not access club penguin or any information about it with out it going to this strange website with a picture of joker! I have tried to call them but I can not find a number because of this strange website. Please help.

  80. Rishabh Bajpai

    I got the blue book on Club Penguin from unlocking the book Rockhopper and the Stowaway. How do you get the treasure hunt catalog?

  81. evil chevy

    I have a rare club penguin golden viking plush. There’s no coin code, but it has almost never been touched before. By the way, there are only 1,000. I want to sell it, but I have no idea how much to sell it for!

  82. Taylor G

    I can’t believe my brothers membership expired for Club Penguin.’
    And someone else kept the clothes. What do i do?

  83. Sergeant Pickle

    I want to get free membership on club penguin. Is there a way without downloading or buying anything?
    Maybe just a code or something? Thanks!
    (Also without getting banned)

  84. Roar me R

    How do you make a private server for runescape or club penguin so that you can play without being in the internet?

  85. Jamal

    I love to play on club penguin!! I’m a member but the theme right now is not my favorite solo I wanted a toy code Becks I saw a really cool outfit and I wanted to get it. Plzz can someone give me a code

  86. Derek

    I am looking to unlock some items on club penguin. I know that they come on a coin that you get when you purchase a club penguin toy and we have several of those but we are looking for more. If you have any codes at all, please let me know. Thank you in advance.


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