CSR Racing Hack Tool v1.6

Hello, today I will present you my latest, the CSR Racing Hack Tool v1.6.
We all know that this kind of hacks are very hard to found. That’s why I’ve thought: if I know so many IT stuffs, why not creating one myself. So next I’ve started to check the game’s weaknesses. It really looks good, but is a bad programmed one, so I’ve found many flows which allowed me to do this:

CSR Racing Hack Tool v1.6

FAQ – CSR Racing Hack Tool v1.6

So, how to use it?

  • Type your username under User ID;
  • tick Cash or Gold;
  • Type down the amount you need (it can be maximum 999,999 cash or gold);
  • Press Start;
  • Wait for the green bar to load until it shows 100%.

To show you that it really works, here’s the proof:

So what are you waiting for? Download this by clicking on the button below and start buying your favorite cars. Beat all your opponents and show to everybody that YOU ARE THE BEST!

Download the CSR Racing Hack Tool v1.6 from here:


Click This Button To Start Download From Primary Server

how-t-odownloadClick This Button To See How To Downloadbutton-download

Click This Button To Start Download From Server 1

It will work on any device which runs iOS. If you have any problems, just write a comment and we will sort the problems out :D!

34 thoughts on “CSR Racing Hack Tool v1.6

  1. altair

    Where can i download some good Csr racing hack tool? I need to get
    a lot of cash and gold . Please don’t post links here if the tool
    require Jailbreak. If you know some good site where i can get Csr racing hacks
    and cheats post url in your answer.

  2. Cupcakerum

    Does anybody know some good hack or cheat for the Csr racing ?
    I need a lot of cash and gold . If you know the place where i can
    download this kind of Csr racing hack tools post link here.

  3. _marky_mark_

    How can I get a hacking tool without completing any survey ?
    Even if I complete survey, the download doesn’t start.

  4. Phillip123

    I need some cheat or tool to get a lot cash and gold in the Csr racing.
    Where can i find this kind of tools? Please give me only the links for
    tools which doesn’t require Jailbreak.

  5. ademuth93

    When I started turning into a teenager, I noticed too many Mexicans in my neighbrhood and I had an automatic dislike for them. It made me not want to live there anymore, or like the country anymore for that matter.

    I’m curious. Why does Nature give you a natural dislike for other races? Why do people feel most frustrated and uneasy in a multiracial environment, but feel most normal and happy around their own kind?

    I want to know the truth.

  6. soccermaster1

    I am going to the apple store tomorrow and they might replace my phone. This worries me since ive been playing csr racing for the past week and am far into the game. Is there any way to move my current saved data on csr racing to a new iphone?

  7. Dana G

    In CSR Racing, I Stupidly set my Date & Time on my Iphone ahead by a year to get Gold and Gas like most people. My Gas was full when the time was set ahead but I went back to the real time it wouldn’t refill my gas and said I had to wait 9999 etc minutes until my gas would refill. I need to get my gas back to normal time because I don’t want to waste a year before I can play again. I’ve tried unistalling and reinstalling the app on my Iphone and the gas is still messed up. PLEASE HELP!!!

  8. Praveen

    Just beat the tier 2 on csr racing. I am struggling to decide which car to buy, even after comparing all of their stats i still cant decide. Please say which i should by and why?

  9. Con Orpe

    I have a White Ipod touch 4g 16gb with around $50 of apps, movies, and in app purchases comes with a case and charging chord no headphones
    Here are some apps

    Minecraft pocket edition:$6.99
    Csr racing:$9.99
    Real racing 3:$19.99
    Sports car challenge:$Free


    A White pair of studio beats by dr.dre

  10. sarah w

    I have the Pagani Zonda R

    But was just Wondering how will a full stage 5 “Pagani Zonda R” do against a full stage 5 “Audi R8 lms ultra” (not the CSR edition) ?

  11. toast

    I’ve been playing csr racing lately and I want to collect all boss cars I already have papa’s and yoshiro’s cars. I want alieda’s car and I don’t know which car to use to surely get it. I was thinking in Corvette c6.

  12. airdogspace2

    what are your favourite progression/ upgradable game (like Simpsons tapped out or csr racing) but where you don’t have to pay for in-app purchases to get anywhere or have to wait days to progress?

  13. Franklin Bluth

    I love this game but I’m the kind that like to cheat because I think that’s more fun! So I heard about how I could hack and I’m ok with downloading something but before I do so I always have to do some survey giving out my phone number and address! I don’t wanna do that! Is there a way to hack without jailbreaking my iPhone or doing a dumb survey?

  14. DuckieM10

    Hey guys do anyone know a trusty website for CSR Racing with absolutely no surveys and 100% working atleast even if there are surveys they should be able to download after it because I have tried many hacks but they don’t start even after i finish the survey
    I like the game but i cannot afford the costly upgrades plz help….

  15. brincks26

    I have an iPhone 4 and was just wondering what is the best game, any recommendations on what I should download…
    I don’t want to pay loads either, free games would be even better, thanks.

  16. Mackenzie P

    I am driving a Ford Focus RS right now and the Restriction tells me that I need to meet a certain weight and power. Help Please!

  17. nasty1

    hy everybody I would like to now if someone noes a cheat for csr racing but for the version 1.0.8 because I new a cheat for the 1.0.7 but I upgraded and it doesn’t work anymore

  18. Johnky J

    I want a car that has 300bhp+ for a csr and want it to be standard and which can be improved and customized later. I want one the is fast and good at going round corners and can be very attractive could you give me some names and possible pictures ?

  19. ouch

    i need gold and cash please help me out
    my iphone jail-broken and iap free hack doesn’t work
    is there any solutions ?

  20. Jermaine J

    Not the best, but the most famous!
    On the post race show, on speed, the women commentator ask Dale Jr. if he knew that he sells 70% of all Nascar merchandise sold and that all the other drivers sell only 30% collectivly.
    Those are some pretty bold figures!
    I’m not a Dale Jr. fan, but I’m impressed by those numbers.
    It shows that he may have the largest fan base ever!

  21. Zack Faria

    Alright, I finished the first two tiers and I want to buy a Tier 3 car, but they are soo hard to choose. There is a Camaro ZL1, BMW M6 Coupe, and a Mustange Boss 302. Looking at their power, weight, grip, and gearbox they are so hard to choose. Which car should I get? Here are their stats.

    BMW M6 Coupe:
    Power – 559
    Weight – 4079
    Grip – 7450
    Gearbox – 420

    Camaro ZL1:
    Power – 550
    Weight – 4200
    Grip – 7248
    Gearbox – 475

    Mustang Boss 302
    Power – 444
    Weight – 3306
    Grip – 6267
    Gearbox – 430

    Which one would you get? Please explain the reasoning.


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