Dark Legends Hack V3.5

Dark Legends Hack V3.5 Download

Dark Legends is a horror themed mobile MMO and the third installment in the “Legends” series by Spacetime Studios. It is available on mobile devices, both iOS and Android, aswell as on desktops as a browser based game. The game’s story focuses mainly on wampire characters, either male or female. The gameplay style is almost the same found in previous games with the use of a joystick for movement, powers (abillities) and one dedicated button for attacking enemies. One the most notable changes in the game is the use of Energy.Energy is mainly used for entering and completing missions and as it deplenishes one must wait for it to fully refill for a specific amount of time.

Dark Legends Hack V3.5 includes:
– Unlimited HP adder
– Gold adder
– Speed
– OneHit

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16 thoughts on “Dark Legends Hack V3.5

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    I’m especially interested in Black Adder the Third. Haven’t seen it in at least 10 years.

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