Disney City Girl Hack Tool

Disney City Girl Hack Tool

Disney City Girl Hack Tool

Today we really want to show all of you our Disney City Girl Hack Tool! We know that you love this game so we have made special and useful application for you! :) Disney City Girl Hack Tool enables you to add an unlimited amount of Gold, Coins and Metro Passes in Disney City Girl game! It does it automatically through your Facebook account. You will never get banned because of using our Disney City Girl Hack Tool! We make all our programs 100% undetectabled and contained Anti Ban Utilities! :) Disney City Girl Hack Tool is very easy to use – get it for free right now!
Disney City Girl Hack Tool Details

- Cost: 0$
– Works on: Mac / Windows 98 / Me / 2000 / 2003 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8 and also all other Windows
– Auto Connects with Facebook and Hacks Disney City Girl Game
– Supports ALL browsers
– Auto Update: YES
– Anti Ban Feature: YES
– Undetectable: YES
Disney City Girl Hack Tool Functions

- Adds Gold
– Adds Coins
– Adds Metro Passes
How to use Disney City Girl Hack Tool?

1. Download Disney City Girl Hack Tool from our site.*
2. Run the application and you will see the main interface.
3. Connect with your Facebook.
4. Add an amount of Gold,Coins and Metro Passes that you want to add.
5. Optionally click Check Proxy button.
6. Press Start Hack button and wait for a while.
7. 3…2…1…and…Ready! Congratulations on hacking your game! :)

* If you want to get the Disney City Girl Hack Tool you have to click on the download button placed below. Once you download the Disney City Girl Hack Tool you are allowed to use all functions it contains. If you are on Windows 7 or Windows 8, then you have to run Disney City Girl Hack Tool as an administrator. The additional help is contained in the PDF file which is included in RAR file.

How do you like our Disney City Girl Hack Tool? Place a comment here or on our fanpage. (do not forget to like it! :) ) If you have some questions about this app – please write to me and I will help you as soon as it is possible.

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54 thoughts on “Disney City Girl Hack Tool

  1. Sergeant Pickle

    Im usually on a late shift at work, from 21:30 till 06:00 the next morning. In between hours when its not that busy id really like to check status’ on Face book, Yet the site is restricted. Is there anyway i can unblock it??? Some of the settings in the internet options on tools menu has been grayed out, meaning i can’t change it.. Is there any other way i can do it?

  2. Salam

    I am working on a server. How can I check what proxy server is running on this server ? I checked services.msc, but could not find. thanks

  3. nmlpc

    my work uses a intranet with some access to the web but its not good enough, we can use google and stuff but cant go to anything with the word mail in it, and cant use regular proxy sites because they blocked I.P. addys that they know of…. so I can access like dotmail.com and stuff like that they dont have… any ideas?

  4. Kobe

    All it does is just endlessly attempt to connect. I never get an error saying “cannot connect at this time.” I’ve looked at other threads that say to check proxy/LAN settings. Far as I can tell, everything is set up correctly. Can someone help?

  5. Matt

    This is happening on my laptop and for an unknown reason as well since I didn’t change any internet settings anywhere it just seems this problem came out of no where. This happens with all my browsers for some reason, i’ve even checked my proxy and firewall and there are no problems there either. Someone please help me!!!!!

  6. DuckieM10

    Hello, I am not doing anything illegal. I might be breaking contest rules. Well I enter contests and sweepstakes often.It’s my hobby:D! I feel I don’t win because of my northern location. I checked the winners list from a particular contest and I noticed the majority of winners were from Ohio and surrounding mid-west states. I want the game-keepers computer or servers or what have you; believe I am in the mid-west or at least the East Coast. How do I do this?

  7. sam N

    Like really block, keep them from geting into they’re account, I also want to learn how to unblock myself, when I open it it says “unable to connect to the SOCKS proxy server. Check your proxy server settings on the Connection tab in Messenger Options. Press Retry to attempt to connect directly. 0x810031a

    This guy is good! I need a hack, not just software stuff!

  8. Myles

    I had firefox awhile ago then I had a problem with my computer and had to restore it to an eariler date and reinstall firefox. I now cannot get it to connect. It said check proxy or settings…??? I never messed with my proxies or firewall before. Any advice in what to set these to?

  9. ScRSC

    there are many proxy sites on the web, but not much can function fully e.g sending messages, play videos, etc.. i would like to know a good one with full functionality.

  10. arronwrath

    I downloaded a program and it’s saying to check my proxy connection settings so it’ll work but i’m not exactly sure how to do that

  11. happyha31

    So my friend and I have decided we are going to Disney World before hitting college, we have never been to Disney. We have already decided to stay at Disney’s Contemporary but do not know the difference between the contemporary building and the bay lake tower building. Is there a difference? We want to have the best and most memorable trip and was wondering which one you think we should stay at?

    Thank You.

  12. Marshal

    I was recently infected with a computer virus. I got rid of it to find that my IE would not work, only FF. I checked the proxy settings to find that the settings had been changed to use a proxy server at IP port 5555. Could this be the source of the virus? If so I would so much enjoy contacting the proper authorities.

  13. Derek

    it keeps saying there was a problem with logging in to it.. it says i need to check Internet Explorer’s connection setting, LAN setting.. it also says i need to check Proxy server and click advanced tab and Verify Secure server and Port.

    your help is greatly appreciated..

  14. John

    I am trying to update IObit Malware Fighter.But a window keeps popping up and saying,Please check your internet connection and proxy settings.Reason:Cannot connect to network.What does this mean and what can I do? I do not know much about computers.How do I specify proxy information?I don’t know anything about proxy settings,where to locate it,etc,etc.

  15. Seth

    proxy server that enables users to anonymously connect to the internet and browse websites on behalf of the computer serving as the proxy. ++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++

  16. Kobe

    I want to know how to check what other people (like my sisters friend) do when using my wifi, how could I check this? (also, I use my laptop as a router, and my wifi is not pass. Protected, because we live in the country, so not much point)

  17. Gundown64

    I need to check something on there and its very important, if you know any, please post them as an answer, thankyou.

  18. Jason M

    I have been using mozilla firefox for about a year. I shut out of the internet one day and almost emmidiatly reopened it. When the window popped up, i had an error window saying (in these words exactly): The proxy server is refusing connections Firefox is configured to use a proxy server that is refusing connections Check the proxy setting to make sure they are correct

    What is a proxy? How do i change the settings/fix it? Thanks

  19. johnkaiser 22

    I am planning a trip to disney world, but i want to know how long is a good length to tour almost or all of the disney resort.=? Also what are good places that stay that aren’t too expensive, but still have good quality accomidations? I accept all sorts of answers. Thx.

  20. Miguel M

    My family and I will be going to Disney World in Orlando on Dec. 19. I’ve heard conflicting reports on how busy it is during this time of year, so I am wondering if anyone could tell me for sure?

  21. Harry

    I have a cricut machine. I have been looking at the Disney Friends cartridge. I know that you have to layer the pieces to get the look that you see on the box, etc. How easy is it to do this? Is it worth the investment? Thanks!

  22. JimT

    My family is going to Disney World during Thanksgiving week, and we made a few dining reservations throughout the week. I know that Disney is really crowded around Thanksgiving and the parks can fill to capacity. So what would happen if we had a reservation, but the park that it’s in fills up?

  23. xLittle21Yaox

    Lived with three other roommates and just got our deposit check back. However it’s made out to all four of us. I have and account at Bank of America and they said all four had to be present and sign the check, that’s not anywhere near possible for any of us. Is this just Bank of America or everywhere?

  24. andresumoza

    setttings, then i need to enter proxy address and port,then finally check the “bypass proxy server for local address’, i have forgotten the address and port is there a simple way of finding out? other than asking the admin guy?

  25. Michael K

    i checked the proxy settings, LAN sittings, cleaned it out with malwarebytes, TDSS killer, CCleaner. i also checked the HOST file, the host file didnt let me save so i copied it modified it and delted the original one. my computer is a little better slightly slow, but still redirects me. help!!!

  26. D3ZZY

    I am thinking about planning a trip to Disney World. What is the best age to take kids at the earliest to remember and still think characters are real? Should I have my children’s first Disney experience a theme park or a cruise line?

  27. addmeonxbox360myuserisfallior

    I’m so confused, I know a proxy acts as a barrier towards the Internet and I also know it can get into private servers. But why would you need either a forward or reverse one, and what does each one do? Thanks xxx

  28. Scott W

    If I find the right proxy how do imput in into the computer so I can play the game? This game can only be played in the Philippines and I live in the U.S so I need to change the proxy but I dont know where to find a working one and also dont know how to change it.

  29. Jeremy Xargor is my gamertag

    I dont know if something is blocking yahoo messenger, but all I know is that it does not connect and it tells me to check my proxy settings

  30. PIE BOY

    Almost every show on disney channel have somewhat snobby characters and show kids that they are worth something. However, are they “inspiring” the kids too much?

  31. dealy

    I want to go to Disney World in March and I want to get the most bang for the buck. I want my two kids to have a lot of fun, but I don’t have thousands to spend on a trip.

    My total budget is around $600 including travel – I hope that doesn’t sound unreasonable.

    Any suggestions?

  32. alberto s

    iv tried to download last.fm onto my computer but its saying couldnt connect you to the internet, check your proxy settings. im not even using a proxy, iv unblocked it using the firewall but it still wont connect to the internet. does anybody know anything that could make it work ?

  33. Sophia C

    I log onto webmail at work, messenger will start then disconnect. No error messages to indicate issue. Checked proxy settings. Allowed in all spots through Internet Options NO RESOLUTION.

    Ideas anyone?

  34. fattiemanny

    Where I am now, a lot of sites, especially from America, are blocked. I can’t access or download anything from Mediafire, Newgrounds, etc.

    I can always use a proxy server to access these sites, but they can’t let me download anything. I need to get something from Mediafire, but I can’t download it.

    If anyone knows of any proxy server that allows downloads, please post it here. Thanks in advance!

  35. Thomas A

    Where can I find a download for the Dsiney City Girl hack tool without surveys or other stuff you have to download. I have found one but then it asked for password and can’t find that online.

  36. Big Banger

    The proxy server is refusing connections Firefox is configured to use a proxy server that is refusing connections. * Check the proxy settings to make sure that they are correct. * Contact your network administrator to make sure the proxy server is working.

  37. Mistry

    I don’t know if anyone is familiar with Yahoo Messenger, anyway I’m not able to connect to Yahoo Messenger because it says I do not have internet connection or I have a firewall that won’t allow me to connect or to check my proxy settings. Well even when I disable my firewall it doesn’t connect. My internet provider told me that they do not work with proxy settings so I know it isn’t that. I don’t have a router because I use only one computer. I have installed and unistalled the program at least 10 times. I have run numerous virus scans. Last but not least I have contacted my computer service providers which say that it isn’t a technical problem on their part and I have contacted yahoo help and I followed their instructions and my outcome still hasn’t changed. I really do hope someone can help me I have been struggeling with this for 3 months now and I am extremely frustrated. Thank You soooo much. Thank you for all your help guys. I have tried different versions of messenger and all messenger services are telling me that they cannot connect due to my internet connection. Here’s something odd…. I can load these programs in Safe Mode and they connect and work, however I cant use my sound and the font and size is too big to actually read everything on the page…. Anymore help or insight on my problem I would appreciate thank you soooo much. Thanks everyone got my problem solved after all this time. Turns out I was using too many antivirus programs and they conflicted making it impossible to sign in to any messenger. Thanks for the help though… You all have a nice Christmas…

  38. happyha31

    I cant find any information on proxy wars. I’m planning on doing a 10 minute speech on this but the research part is really killing me. Can anyone tell me where I can go to get information on proxy wars? Don’t say Google because it’s clear they are filtering those results. Clearly you don’t know what proxy wars are, but thanks anyways.

  39. Courtney

    I have just bought a used MacBook and every time I go into any game website it redirects me saying content filtering. I checked the proxy settings and I rebooted the network settings and it still keeps happening. How to I get rid of it.

  40. unbleevable39

    I’m not just talking about the open tools in internet explorer and land settings, i never use web proxies that you install or whatever you do. I never use proxies period. But a few sites have detected that i use proxies, i’m not sure how i’m using proxies.

    I do have a router that i use. But i don’t knowingly use a proxy. I need to know how to disable every single form of proxy from my desktop pc, where its http, forward or anything, please tell me how to do this? 10 points for detailed answer.

  41. Chris R

    I tried that, no go. Does someone know of a proxy server to type in lan settings. Also the port number. I use vista home premium. Thank you, Chris

  42. TommyKay

    I just started using NetZero DSL and when I try to open Firefox it says: Quote: The proxy server is refusing connections

    Firefox is configured to use a proxy server that is refusing connections.

    * Check the proxy settings to make sure that they are correct.

    * Contact your network administrator to make sure the proxy server is working. Unquote.

    But when I use Internet Explorer it works fine.

    How can I use Firefox?

  43. Scott Bull

    I know how to install a proxy server in the menu in Internet Explorer: Extra, Internetoptions, Connections, etc. etc. But at a certain moment i have to fill in the IP address and the number of the port of the proxy server but i don’t know where to find it. Sorry if this is a stupid question.

  44. forahobby

    The proxy server is refusing connections
    Firefox is configured to use a proxy server that is refusing connections.
    * Check the proxy settings to make sure that they are correct.
    * Contact your network administrator to make sure the proxy server is

  45. Blake

    I use mozilla firefox and it says The proxy server is refusing connections Firefox is configured to use a proxy server that is refusing connections Check the proxy setting to make sure they are correct

    How do i fix this?

  46. Sonny

    I downloaded the free version of “Free Youtube to iPod converter″ from DVDvideosoft. I copy the URL from the youtube site and when i click on the paste button a window pops up and says: “The program did not managed to access Youtube! Check your firewall, proxy, or internet connection settings.” Then it asks if I want to find a solution. I’ve tried all of those ways but I don’t think that they are the problem.HELP! PLEASE!

  47. Elijah luv

    The message that appears says that my network connection is not working, my computer isn’t part of a network. It also says to check my proxy settings.. what would they have to be for the links to play?

  48. ScRSC

    The opinion of most fans who have seen “The Princess and the Frog” is that it’s the best film since the “Disney Renaissance”… and it’s traditionally animated, just like those famous animated Disney films. Has anyone heard news on how Disney feels about this, and if they’re planning on continuing the traditional animation/musical movie style revival?


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