Dragon Bound Hack

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DragonBound Hack

DragonBound Hack Tool that lets you get unlimited cash, gold, aim bot, and more in just one click.Download the DragonBound Cheats, Hack Tool, Aim Botand be the best DragonBound player ever.

What is DragonBound ?

DragonBound is a Facebook game that offers turn-based action, room to room battles, and multiplayer online gamethat is very similar to GunBound and Worms game. The game is powered by HTML5 and was made by the makers of DragonBotPro, a GunBound aimbot program. Like GunBound, DragonBoundcan be played with or against your friends and features unlocking hidden characters, new modes, and challenges. The game can be played in an online realtime gaming environment and can be accessed from your browser anywhere for. Start playing it now and shop for items to make you stronger. If you enjoyed playing GunBound before, you will love DragonBound.

DragonBound Hack Tool and Cheats Features:

  •   DragonBound Unlimited Cash Hack
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  •   DragonBound Aim Bot Hack (Using Aim Bot, you’ll be guaranteed to hit 100% of your enemy if with hard angles and obstacles.)
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Play DragonBound with this DragonBound Hack and Cheats Tool, and for sure you will top the ranking faster; have the best items and equipment in the game; and considered to be the best DragonBound player in no time. UseDragonBound Aim bot to perfectly hit your enemies and ultimately defeat them. Get unlimited cash, gold, aim bot and more in DragonBound using this working DragonBound Hack tool.


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10 thoughts on “Dragon Bound Hack

  1. Adam

    Gift Card x3
    Messenger of Peace
    legacy of yata-garasu
    cannon soldier mk-2
    fire trooper x2
    brain control
    poison mummy x3
    volcanic scattershotx2
    no entry x2
    just desserts x2
    threatening roar
    level limit area b
    magic cylinder
    scrap iron scarecrow
    solarflare dragon x2
    bad reaction to S.x2
    des koala
    raging flame spritex2
    tremendous fire x2
    meteor of destruction
    swords of revealing light
    monster reborn
    scape goat
    des lacoodax2
    stealth bird
    princess of tsurugi
    upstart goblin
    soul taker

    Side Deck:
    Raging flame Sprite
    dark room of nightmare
    minor goblin official
    witch doctor of sparta
    ominous fortunetelling
    ojama trio
    enchanted javelin x3
    light imprisoning mirrorx3
    thunder of ruler
    solar flare dragon
    I’m poor so i cant afford really expensive cards and cant buy any other cards for 2 months.
    If i have any rare cards here i just happened upon them by luck

  2. Sergio

    All through out the book I’ve noticed many similarities to Skyrim. Many. Too many.

    1, King Hrothgar/High Hrotgrar
    2. Dragons are powerul beings
    3. We use powerful “magic” through words(ancient language, and it’s name simply being referred to as “the word”)
    4. a group of defectors in Inheritance series is the forsworn, and there is a rowdy bandit group of the same name in skyrim.
    5. in inheritance, the black hand was galbatorix’s spying unit, and the silver hand is a group of secretish(i mean.. why else is their base in a cave..?)
    6. And lastly, in Inheritance, the race before the elves to use magic was the Grey Folk, and it was them who sought to bind the power to words through a language to make it easy to control. Does this sound anything like the Grey Beards who are masters of shouts and take you on as their apprentice?
    a group of secretish werewolf slayers

  3. kass9191

    I read a lot of manga (not kidding) and watched a few animes, here are some of my faves:
    Code of which ver. i like
    (M)=Manga (A)=Anime (A/M)=Anime and Manga

    (M)Zodiac P.I.
    (A)Kamichama Karin
    (A/M)Shugo Chara
    (A)Black Cat
    (A)Kirarin Revolution
    (A)Code Geass
    (M)Strawberry Holiday
    (M)Lian ai Makeup
    (M)Money Ace X
    (M)Sugar Family
    (M)Saint Dragon Girl Miracle
    (M)Darling Only You!
    (M)Mekakushi no Kuni
    (M)Kaichou wa Maid-sama
    (M)Penguin Revolution
    the rest are manga i have 3 lists full of them =.= too lazy to put 😀

    oh yeah, i have a little bonus question and i asked this question like 3 times here, but didn’t get the right answer, you dun have to answer, but if you do you get 10 points :3 if not you get 8 >...<
    Hint: I think it was a oneshot and it was really cute, cuz i dun read manga that isn't cute :3


  4. Paul M

    i’m so close to being done with a whole bunch of work that i need to get done. I just need help with some of these questions. If you can help me out with one or all of these i would greatly appreciate it!

    9. Which is the best paraphrase for this passage from Beowulf ?
    —Then the sword / Melted, blood-soaked, dripping down / Like water, disappearing like ice when the world’s / Eternal Lord loosens invisible / Fetters and unwinds icicles and frost . . .
    A. God made the bloody sword turn to dripping icicles and frost.
    B. Beowulf loosened his grip on the bloody sword and it disappeared into the water.
    C. Beowulf’s bloody sword became liquid the way ice and frost do when God warms and melts them.
    D. God made the sword melt and freed Beowulf from the magic fetters that bound him.

    10. Which phrase best paraphrases the underlined words in this quotation from Beowulf?
    . . . they could hack at Grendel / From every side, trying to open / A path for his evil soul, but their points / Could not hurt him.
    A. To kill himB. To drive him out of the hall
    C. To speak to him in a séance D. To help him escape

    11. Which of these words best fits the image of the dragon presented in this quotation from Beowulf?
    “. . . The dragon / Coiled and uncoiled, its heart urging it / Into battle . . .”
    A. Writhing
    B. Purging
    C. Massive
    D. Loathsome

    12. When Hrothgar’s warriors fight Grendel, “No one / waited for reparation from his plundering claws” (lines 72–73). In this context, the word reparation means:
    A. writhing movements
    B. mercy
    C. compensation for an injustice
    D. loathsome torture

    13. From which statement can we infer that Sundiata is an epic hero?
    A. Sundiata has a slow and difficult childhood
    B. He is a strong and skilled hunter
    C. Sundiata promises to return to his homeland and exact revenge
    D. He cares more for the people of Mali, than he does for himself

    33. An ad manipulating how you feel about someone or something, or giving main ideas that don’t support the conclusion, is using?
    For example — let’s say there was an advertisement for a shampoo. “If you don’t use our hair products, your hair will thin, you’ll lose your hair, and nobody will want to be your friend.”
    A. name-calling
    B. glittering generality
    C. testimonial
    D. fear
    E. faulty reasoning

    34. Words and ideas with positive connotations are used to suggest that the positive qualities should be associated with the product and the user.
    For Example — a textile manufacturer want people to wear their product to stay cool during the summer and shows people wearing fashions made from their cloth at a sunny seaside setting where there is a cool breeze.
    A. snob appeal B. bandwagon
    C. transfer D. patriotism
    E. testimonial

    35. A famous personality is used to endorse the product.
    For example — a famous hockey player recommends a particular brand of skates.
    A. snob appeal B. bandwagon
    C. transfer D. patriotism
    E. testimonial

    36. The suggestion that the use of the product makes the customer part of an elite group with a luxurious and glamorous lifestyle.
    For example — a coffee manufacturer shows people dressed in formal gowns and tuxedos drinking their brand of coffee at an art gallery.
    A. snob appeal B. bandwagon
    C. transfer D. patriotism
    E. testimonial

    37. The suggestion that purchasing this product shows your love of your country. For example — a company brags about its product being made in the U.S.A. and employing American workers.
    A. snob appeal B. bandwagon
    C. transfer D. patriotism
    E. testimonial

    38. Which statement characterizes the narrator’s sense of determination?
    A. Over and over, aloud to himself, he read his own handwriting.
    B. Anyone who has read a great deal likely has a broad word base.
    C. His penmanship is so poor, he can’t even write in a straight line.
    D. Talking with visitors—usually Ella and Reginald—was very important to him.

    39. Which statement illustrates irony?
    A. An author, who was in prison, says he had never been more free in his life.
    B. An author’s self-education creates a vivid mental picture in the reader’s mind.
    C. The description of the author’s self-education has been heightened for emphasis.
    D. The author says that the dictionary is a complete source of knowledge.

    40. Which sentence summarizes the excerpt below?
    “I spent two days riffling uncertainly through the dictionary’s pages. I’d
    never realized so many words existed! I didn’t know which words I needed to learn. Finally, just to start some kind of action, I began copying.”
    A. Malcolm X knew that reading and copying the dictionary would change his life.
    B. Malcolm X thought that the best place to begin was in the middle.
    C. Malcolm X was confident that he could eventually learn to read.
    D. Malcolm X did not know where to begin his learning.

  5. Beavis

    I’m sure that the deck’s true worth won’t be too visible through the card list (it never is), but I assure you I’m no hack. I’ve been berrated for my use of mixed decks, but it’s my thing and it works very well for me (I’m an ace duelist in my hometown, much to my everlasting delight). So, without further adeu, here’s the deck list (please be nice):

    P.S. The critical (actually, I mean most frequently USED) cards are labeled as HOT

    Negación (1.0):

    Total Cards: 44 cards

    Monsters (22):

    Obelisk The Tormentor HOT
    The Supremacy Sun HOT!!!
    Beast King Barbaros HOT
    Meklord Emperor Wisel
    Great Maju Garzett
    Cyber Dragon
    Relinquished x2 HOT
    Gora Turtle HOT
    Penguin Soldier
    Luster Dragon x2
    Battle Fader
    Neo-Spacian Air Hummingbird HOT
    Chainsaw Insect HOT
    Reflect Bounder
    Morphing Jar #2 HOT
    Wall of Illusion
    Old Vindictive Magician
    Homunculus The Alchemic Being
    Double Coston

    Spells (13):

    Black Illusion Ritual x2 HOT
    Heart of Clear Water HOT
    Mausoleum of The Emperor x2 HOT
    Savage Colosseum
    Lightning Vortex HOT
    Different Dimension Capsule
    Mystical Space Typhoon x2
    Monster Reborn
    Hammer Shot
    Soul Exchange HOT

    Traps (9):

    Gravity Bind
    Torrential Tribute
    Seven Tools of The Bandit HOT
    Magic Jammer  HOT
    Divine Wrath HOT
    Magic Cylinder x2 HOT
    Pyro Clock of Destiny HOT
    Damage Condenser

    Thanks for the time, guys 😉

  6. Jason

    the race I picked was Breton and I wanted to tryout both mage and warrior. I am mainly as of now one handed with magic in my left and. I sometimes use my 1 or 2 two-handed weapons. I have been using heavy armor but I will get dragon scale armor when I kill some more dragons.I am level 11 right now so I kinda want to know what perks to pick and weather I should pick magika or health I have 140 health right now and 140 or 150 magika.

    P.S I use a lot of enchanted armor for mage

  7. Sergeant Pickle

    I don’t like overly cheesy romance stories. I enjoyed the Twilight series. I like novels that feature a witty main character, something funny but not cheesy-hilarious.

  8. Derek

    well im a freshman and every quarter my teachers tell us that we have to read books and do presentations on but they have to appropriate i already read a book buts its all about sex and such and so i thought about coming here to ask about good books to read,they must be fiction though?

  9. Arminator

    Gold4rs hacked me ! Help?
    My runescape account got hacked by Gold4fun.com , Yes I am aware that purchasing gold and so forth online is against jagex rules , I already recieved a perm mute / ban for “real world trading” , back to topic, i purchased an account off their website , and it has been fine for the past two weeks , I Purchased a firecape , santa hat and dragon claws “bundle” , in which they require your password for 3hrs, so they can complete your order and get your firecape for you, they aren’t supposed to change your password in any way what so ever, I awoke to my password bieng changed , and a 4 and a half hour dispute on them giving me back my password , they eventually gave me the password , which they had changed to “haha34” , I had set recovery questions and changed the password multiple times “at least 4” before all this, while they had access to my account , they changed my email registered to the account , my recovery questions , and my password.

    I was unaware that they had had changed all of that aswel, as my recovery questions were still being processed by Jagex’s stupid 14 day wait period.

    To cut the long story short , I was staking and have over 500m worth of gold and items on this account , while i was staking I disconnected , and then logged out , I try to log back in , but unfortunatly I find my account locked.

    I know what your thinking , how does that prove they hacked your account?
    I have been too their website and asked them politely for my account back
    and they just play stupid and don’t know what I’m talking about , One employee that works their named “Frelar” promised they would return the account to me , they just need a little time first (to hack my bank pin)

    I’ve spoken to over 10 different employees , and they all give me the same auto-generated answer , “give us time and we recover account and give back”

    One employee named “nancy” , when confronted about them taking my account , happily blocks my ip adress , this doesn’t bother me , I have over 15k proxies i can use , but thats not the point , I realise that buying gold is wrong and I shouldn’t do It , But hacking is illegal , it’s fineable , and jailable to the highest degree , I’m looking toward going tothe police and/or seeking legal representation to help me deal with the situation , but i’m still wondering if i should go down to the bank and cancel the charge and say I never recieved the item.

    please don’t give me rubbish answers such as “teach you to buy gold or dont buy gold”

    I want an oppinion from someone that has enough knowledge to provide me with the right informaion and point me in the right direction , thanks


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