Dragon City Hack Tool

Dragon City Hack 2013

Dragon City Hack Tool Trainer

Dragon City Hack for Facebook. It generates Gold, Food and Gems in just a click. Download the Dragon City Cheat Hack Tool and be the best Dragon City player ever.

Dragon City is a new exciting game where you can breed cool dragons and combat with friends in a world of magical islands. You can also combat against your friends with you team of dragons! What makes this game easier to play is it’s lack of ‚energy’ points that need to be refilled with time, like on most Facebook games. Another nice feature is the gems. While you can buy them, the game makes it very easy to get more for through a variety of methods such as leveling up, completing certain quests, Dragon Combat including PVP inCombat Word, and inTournaments.

Dragon City Hack 2013

Dragon City Hack Tool Features

– Dragon City Gold Hack

– Dragon City Food Hack

– Dragon City Gems Hack

– Dragon City Legendary Dragon Generator

– Dragon City Energy Generator

– Dragon City Secret Cheats

– Invite All Friends to Get More Neighbours

– Auto Facebook Connect (No Need Facebook Password )

Download Dragon City Hack Tool

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How to use Dragon City Hack Tool:

1. Login with your Facebook account.

2. Start the Dragon City Cheat Engine Hack Tool.

3. Edit the values.

4. Click on Start Hack.

5. Visit Dragon City Facebook game app.

The program is very user friendly. Very easy to use. You do not have to worry about anything, the program does everything for you. There is no possibility of getting banned since been applied the latest security methods. This program adds coins and cash, the more I could not be bothered, because if you have the cash then you have all the other options are not needed.

Dragon City Hack Tool is the hottest cool tool for today’s fast rising facebook game called Dragon City. Since the game’s concept is to build and improve your city, you will be needing resources such as; dragon city gold, food and gems. At times, you will find yourself wanting to level up fast as this will bring advantage on your gaming experience once achieved early on the game. With all of this factors, the Dragon City Cheat Tool was coded to solve the dilemma of running out of resources.

Dragon City Cheat Proof:

 Dragon City Cheat Proof

144 thoughts on “Dragon City Hack Tool

  1. steve

    i am playing dragon city on facebook and i really need more jems but for free coz i dont have money to send and myy parents wont pay for any??

  2. mmminja

    really want it
    also i dont want to participate in any surveys
    if a rar file iwould also like the passwrd to be mentioned
    it would be better to have a .exe file
    also the version should be new

  3. nyyankees1123

    Does the cheat engine money hack really give you all those coins on wizard101, or does it just display it? Because i tried it, and it said that i still couldn’t afford it.

  4. Rishabh Bajpai

    Now i am playing Facebook game which name is Dragon City. But i saw someone hacked Gems, Gold, And food. I knew They used Hack. It name is Dragon City Hack Tool.. And i downloaded it, but it need password for Run in my PC.. WHO KNOW THAT PASSWORD COULD YOU TELL ME PLEASE..
    (Dragon City Hack Tool 2013)

  5. The Dark Knight

    no survey please, i need a tool to cheat on dragon city facebook game , i see my bf with tons of gems and food but he dont want to tell how he hacked it, please help

  6. fattiemanny

    i want any type of hack tool which works with either win XP or win 7
    i searched out but all were with surveys
    can anyone help me out please
    if the file has a password then please paste it here or send it to my account : rockstar_noor007@yahoo.com


    how can i activate dragon city hack tool 5.8v i m starting survey to get activation key but it does not complete.

  8. Mak Sultan

    Imagine how powerful you can become with the unlimited amount of gems, this Dragon City Hack will help you at each and every step of the game, whenever you run low of gems, gold or food just use the hack tool to get it in any amount you want, buy all the building for your dragons, upgrade them to their maximum level and challenge your friends to keep up with you in level

    This cheat will do everything you ever dream of and moreover we have coded it in such a way that it is impossible to detect unless you generate very very high amount of items in your account. Every aspect of safety is addressed and solved and we are providing free updates almost every week with make it extremely hard to detect, so you can use this cheat tool without worrying about any problems.

    Link >>> http://www.mirnex.com/dragon-city-cheat-hack-tool

  9. PIE BOY

    so a long time ago, i made an exe file that has important information on it. i can’t say what its called, and i forget what info is on it. i remember the password required though. so i tried it, and this message came up,

    ! C:UsersJarek DanielsDesktopdc32_hackarchivedotcom.rar: CRC failed in the encrypted file Dragon City Hack Tool v3.2.exe. Corrupt file or wrong password.
    ! Cannot execute “C:UsersJAREKD~1AppDataLocalTempRar$EXb0.504(cannot be named for protection).exe”
    ! C:UsersJarek DanielsDesktopdc32_hackarchivedotcom.rar: CRC failed in the encrypted file Dragon City Hack Tool v3.2.exe. Corrupt file or wrong password.
    ! Cannot execute “C:UsersJAREKD~1AppDataLocalTempRar$EXb0.504\(not named for protection)”

    so now i can’t open the file. this happens with all files that require passwords actually, except on the internet. so how do i fix this. please help, the information on that file is important.
    no, i already know the right password, its just not working. i already said i have the right password, so please read the description if you wan’t to use almost every bit of your brains ability

  10. mendhak

    For the past 2 days I’ve been looking every where for a hack for a game I play on Facebook ” Dragon City” I’ve tried to download 40+ and none of them work.. they either need a password, or they want me to complete a dumbasss survey…so please can you find me a real one, because I can’t 😀

  11. Smashing Pumpkins

    Here’s games i own or have owned (it’s pretty long)
    -Mass Effect 2 and 3
    Saints Row: The Third
    Portal 2
    Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2
    Deus Ex: Human Revolution
    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 1,2, and 3 (bored of it)
    Infamous 1, 2, and Festival of Blood
    Metal Gear Solid 4
    Resident Evil 5 (hate it)
    Batman Arkham Asylum and City
    L.A. Noire
    Grand Theft Auto 4
    Tekken 5
    Assassin’s Creed 1, 2, Brotherhood, and Revelations
    Dead Space 2
    Red Dead Redemption
    Skyrim (overated)
    Uncharted 2 and 3
    Lost Planet 2
    Prince Of Persia 08 and Forgotten Sands
    Ratchet And Clank Tools of Destruction (hated it)
    Bioshock 2
    No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise
    Crysis 2
    Enslaved: Oddysey To the West
    DC Universe Online
    Battlefield Bad Company 2 (didn’t like it that much)
    Mirror’s Edge

    That’s about all i can think of. I don’t like game play like Final Fantasy’s (those games have great story though) I’m welcomed to anime esque games, FPS’s as long as it’s actually something unique (not cod), Hack and Slashers, Third Person’s, any kind of game i’ll play really. It’s summer and i’m bored as crap

  12. liza

    I can’t get a password cracker for the Dragon City hacking tool because the sites I have been on ask for a survey or to download something. When I do, they made me wait a minute and I STILL didn’t get the program! Why!?

  13. altair

    I am playing this facebook game called dragon city. In this game you need to pay for gems. But I don’t have money, and I heard that there is some dragon city gems hack. I downloaded few of those, but non of it works? Can you please help me and tell me where to find working dragon city hack? Thank you

  14. Travoiz

    I searched the internet many times but i didn’t find any working hack tool and those which are working are survey and/or password protected.I want a working hack tool.If anyone of you guys have a working tool then please upload it on the mediafire and gave me the link of it.Please gave me the link fast
    Thank you.
    Thank you guys for you answers.Actually i didn’t hack but i find the person who hacks and which hack does he used to disable that hack.I am very happy that there are many honest people that play the game wisely without using those stupid hacks.Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for the corporation

  15. Jonathan

    PLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASE i need the code to use it i downloaded it but i need to do a survey and in my country its not available i heard they change the code every day can sum one help me give me the code for one of these days
    http://goo.gl/LC2TU this is where
    http://www.mediafire.com/?wau0ersc1ss8kn5 sorry its this one
    in my country there are no surveys so i need help please dont send links please do this for me

  16. steve

    Hello Dragon City players and welcome to Dragon City Cheat Hack Tool page where you will be able do download a free working Dragon City trainer that generates unlimited gold, food, gems and some other cheats…

    Link : http://www.mirnex.com/dragon-city-cheat-hack-tool


    Imagine how powerful you can become with the unlimited amount of gems, this Dragon City Hack will help you at each and every step of the game, whenever you run low of gems, gold or food just use the hack tool to get it in any amount you want, buy all the building for your dragons, upgrade them to their maximum level and challenge your friends to keep up with you in level

    Unlimited Gold

    Unlimited Food

    Unlimited Gems

    Unlimited Energy

    Timer Hack

    Xp Hack

  17. Only Business

    pls post the procedure of how to increase the fps ( frame rate per second ) of any game using cheat engine!

  18. Courtney

    It’s going to be the nickname of city called Ryushi (which hopefully translates to Dragon City) which is a lot like the French Quarter of New Orleans.
    PLEASE stop using these crappy online translators.

  19. llb443

    I have cheat engine 5.5 and I am playing a game where I want to change the value of something. That something I want to change the value of is not based on numbers, but pictures (like dogs and fruit and stuff). I don’t know the value of these. How can I find out what they are and change them?

  20. Smashing Pumpkins

    Where is a place on the internet that I can download cheat engine from and not get a virus on my computer?

  21. colingrillo

    Im looking for a website where i can download a good cheat engine. can u give me a list of websites where i can download a cheat engine?

  22. Sophia C

    I’ve tried everything but I cannot find anything that can get me free neopoints. Could anyone help me get A LOT of neopoints without using a cheat engine or paying???

  23. nick s

    i am playing ninja saga but i can’t find any cards to claim codes for it so someone who has a cheat engine to make up codes for it can you please put the code on here?

  24. Jack Bauer

    I have tried to use a trainer i made with cheat engine on vista, not working, then i tried on xp, works fine. anybody can help?

  25. RichT

    im working on mining down for some gold and diamond ores in Minecraft, but i need lots of ladders so i can continue to go up and down. But i dont have cheat engine to do it.

  26. colingrillo

    Can someone give me a dragon city hack tool 2014 download for free (If I need to I will pay) but I would love it if someone could upload one to MediaFire for me! Pleas reply thanks!

  27. Yoshi

    How I can get unlimited gem,and more things like this in dragon city game?? My friend is using some kind of hack to get all these things totally free. Please help me out.

  28. Milk84

    Can someone give me a dragon city hack tool v5.7 download for free (If I need to I will pay) but I would love it if someone could upload one to MediaFire for me! Pleas reply thanks!

  29. whites are not the only racists

    Can someone give me a dragon city hack tool download for free (If I need to I will pay) but I would love it if someone could upload one to MediaFire for me! Pleas reply thanks!

  30. Phillip123

    The file is called ” Dragon City Hack Tool 2012 “.
    You can download it online,But to get the password,you must do a survey.
    I tried all the surveys several times. Though i completed the requirements,it didnt work.
    This is all i can give.It is the download location for password.(It was given in notepad on rar file)
    Please find the password and tell me.

  31. Alex

    I want to become a free memberbut Cheat Engine is too hard to use. And none of the CP trainers work anymore. So if you could help me plese do. :)

  32. Jason M

    I need it for some simple racing and shooting games on a site that i am a member of but everytime i lower the speed it says error your computer is to slow, but its because the speed is being detected on cheat engine. How do i make cheat engine undetectable or how do i make it stop doing this.

  33. Scott W

    I play a game called urbaniacs and it does not use flash so much. I want to know if I can alter its stats with cheat engine 5.5 even though it does not use flash.

  34. nasty1

    Some people that play Rune-Dayz, (its a really cool private server) they use cheat engine to get unlimited HP, does anyone know how to do that? Can you tell me if you do?

  35. Franklin Bluth

    Now I noticed that some websites say that using the cheat engine for Farmville will banned your Facebook. Is this true? Because if I just wanted to know if using the cheat engine on Facebook is bad.


    I just want to get some Farmville cash (NOT THE COINS) but every cheat engine I find that can help with the cash flow problem is not Mac compatible! I’ve been at this for two days! Please, can someone help!

  37. Ray D

    Ok I googled it and couldn’t find it. Any cheats in truth would be good, but a cheat engine or some way to cheat would be wonderful. Please no comments about the wrongness of cheating. Thanks :)

  38. Thomas Lopez

    I play Maple Story, and i can play without cheats, but cheats are very fun! I have Cheat Engine, and I have no clue on how to use it! How do I make it so i can use Cheat Engine with Maple Story, so I can have cheats like: Unlimited health, Unlimited mana, do alot of damage, blah blah blah. List everything I will need, and where to get it, and you get the cake!

  39. PoohBearPenguin

    i use cheat engine and enter the value i want and hotel city registers it but then a screen pops up going oops and then my number is changed back. Can anyone help?

  40. floydian8717

    In Feeding Frenzy 2, how do you edit values using Cheat Engine 5.6 to make eating fish give you more growth?

    I need some help guys and gals any info? Do you have to go to Memory view or something like that?

  41. fattiemanny

    Where is the best place to download cheat engine for farm town and farmville? If i download it, is there anyway my computer can have viruses or make it slow? So is it basically safe for my computer?

  42. stephen m

    I am trying to get more inventory space, my potions keep piling up in my inventory, and also in my stash. I’m wondering how to get more inventory space with cheat engine, step by step.

  43. clntvrrt

    Is there any way to get tons of cash in webkinz world without taking hours to earn it? How do you get tons money in Webkinz World with Cheat Engine cause I tried many times and could never get it to work.

    What are the steps for this??

    If you know the answer please tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. evil chevy

    how step by step how do you use cheat engine on runescape to make fake money? or items like rune plate body(g)

  45. LN13

    I was wondering if i could get banned for using cheat engine to get points in Black ops 2 zombies playing solo. Can I?

  46. Coffee t

    Lik say is i want to change the amount of ammo i Have on The Last Stand without using cheat engine? Like If it says 60/100, i can change it to 999/999. Thanks guys and please give me a program that will do this.

  47. Paul M

    i dont know why but i cant see it there. i downloaded a winRar file of cheat engine but i cant find anything there to use.

  48. sarah w

    I’ve downloaded Cheat Engine 5.4. I want to use it on games on the internet and I know that the information is stored in different ways (like float, 8byte, 4byte, binary, double) in different games. I want to know how do you determine the way it is stored. Please help.

  49. forahobby

    I have Restaurant City on Facebook and I want to get a lot of experience on this game because it takes flippin forever to get the experience for the next level. Everyone keep telling me to use the cheat engine 5.5 butttt the only thing with that is I cant work it right. I know one trick and that’s to pick up trash save and refresh then do it again. now I don’t know what else to do because that takes even longer.

    can anyone help?

  50. JDOGG1122

    I have cheat engine 6.1, but almost every game i try to hack doesn’t work. And iv’e been using Cheat Engine for quite a while now. What games have worked for you recently? Thanks :)

  51. SteveO

    I watched a video on youtube on how to speed up torrents and it says to download cheat engine. I downloaded it and it really worked! But is it illegal? Will something bad(like having to pay a lot more for internet) happen?
    @J WTF you’re right. I just checked the speed. I always knew that torrent speed would be fast if my internet speed is fast but when this thing showed 300 kB/s I thought it really worked.

  52. llb443

    I have cheat engine 5.5 and on a game (online) I want to get more cash (in the game called urbo’s). But I don’t know how to use cheat engine on urbaniacs. Any help?

  53. airdogspace2

    I’m trying to get more skill points on my myplayer account but I can’t see cheat engine when I’m running 2k13 how do u make it so I can see both?

  54. Samuro

    I’m trying to use Cheat Engine 5.5 to change the values of my money and my experience in Farmville. It works, meaning the values ‘Appear’ changed but really are not. I can take advantage of that level and money as long as I don’t refresh the page. When I refresh, my coins, my experience, and anything I bought with the cheated coins is reverted back to normal. Is there anyway to keep the values the same no matter how many times I refresh.

  55. DuckieM10

    i tried using the basic way of hacking something w/ cheat engine but it didnt work so i multiplied everything by 8 then by 4 and still didnt work … if anyone knows how to hack dead frontier the online mmorpg please help

  56. Paul M

    I’ve been playing Dragon City for 6 months, and just found out it is also playable on facebook. Not looking for games that just plays both ways, but also that shares the account. Meaning if I do something in the tablet, my upgrades, etc..also shows up in facebook, and viceversa.

  57. wwwavid360gamercom

    I’d like to know how to perform all the skillcapes emotes on Runescape through the use of Cheat Engine.

  58. Christopher J

    I have heard that my friends use cheat codes in GTA and many online games. What is cheat engine basically and how do I download it?
    P.S. Can anyone also tell me which is the latest version of CE?

  59. Matthew

    I share a laptop with the rest of the family, and my Dad’s the only admin (except the default admin account). I used to use cheat engine on our old laptop, but now it is restricted. How can I run it, or is there a Good alternative program?

  60. josh12rox

    I got bored and downloaded Cheat Engine 6.3. I figured I’d edit the code of a few old games I stopped playing. Except, I have no idea what I’m doing. I went through the first few tutorials but still have no idea I’m doing. I can find the value but I cannot seem to change it. When I do nothing happens and it reverts back to what it originally was. Do I have to do something more complex than just change the value?


  61. llb443

    I’m looking for games without energy bars, so I can play for hours, that are fun, easy, and again no energy limitations. Something with a similar playthrough as a game like dragon city, though it doesn’t have to be about dragons. Or maybe like bubble pop without having to pay per game.
    NO ENERGY CAPS. Farmville sucks as$

  62. Jeff

    DragonCity is my Favourite Game in Facebook , So Please can anyone suggest me any Site , Which provides FREE 100% working Dragon City Hack For Getting Unlimited Gold,Gems,Food etc..

  63. Michael K

    theres this game on Facebook and you can create babies in them. I want a lightning dragon but i don’t know what combination is needed. does anyone know?

  64. Agent 47

    I tried breeding two of my legendary dragons together and I haven’t gotten a pure dragon yet. I’m breeding a wind dragon with a legendary dragon and got normal dragons instead. I’m level 30 so I know I can get a pure dragon. I just don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Wind dragon is a legendary dragon right? If so then why can’t I get a pure dragon? Please help.

  65. The Dark Knight

    I have been wanting to know when dragon city will be available to android tablets. I have wondered when it’s out.

  66. thexbox360player

    ok so im writing a book and its well its a fantasy book and well i need names for a Dwarf city a elf city a goblin city and a dragon city can any1 help me?

  67. Kaden

    I play a game on facebook called dragon city and was wondering how to get a gummy dragon. What do u need to breed to get it? What level? Please only answer if your 100% sure…….I don’t got time to waster

  68. Dr Dorian

    I am very curious that how various people get unreleased dragons in dragon city (Like Archangel,Deep Red……etc.).I also want to know how to do that.I am asking because of curiosity only and i have no intentions for hacking.In fact i don’t even like Hackers.So,please if anyone trusts my words they can tell me the trick,if not then its ok………………..i understand.
    Thank you in advance(either you tell me or not)

  69. mal_functiongeo

    I want a game where I can vs a friend, not while were next to eachother, some sort of online game where we can compete or battle. I thought Dragon City could do that, but sadly not, but its a very fun games. Any ideas please :) and also FREE games

  70. louisewoods1984

    When I already have dragons in a habitat how do I sell them? How do I sell the dragons that r in that habitat?
    It’s on the iPad app, I’ve tutted clicking on the dragon but the only option I get is move

  71. encyclopath

    Best stealth games with city based and civinian building environment ?

    I want a list of stealth games which envirnments mainly based in city , building like offices , all types of clubs , milltary office and streets.

    That is , it may look like Hitman series or Death to spies.

  72. mal_functiongeo

    My fire dragon and electric dragon are in the mating thing and they have been in there since last year and the bar that tells you if they’re almost done or whatever is still white and won’t “progress” if you will. Yeah I know i could speed it up with gems but it doesn’t have that option for me. It really sucks man.

  73. Hannah

    I am level 19 on the game Dragon City on fb. I have: terra dragon, flame dragon, sea dragon, gummy dragon, electric dragon, moose dragon, snowflake dragon, tropical dragon, lantern fish dragon, ice dragon, ice cube dragon, storm dragon, chameleon dragon, alpine dragon, hot metal dragon, star dragon, dandelion dragon, soccer dragon, coral dragon, firebird dragon, cloud dragon, volcano dragon, laser dragon, waterfall dragon, viking dragon, spicy dragon, blizzard dragon, and cool fire dragon. I have one of each. I need to know which ones I can mix to get different dragons. I cannot handle legendary dragons yet because I have to be level 38 to be able to handle a legendary habitat.

  74. easton j

    I have tried it in both the orders. I have tried with both of the dragons as Lv.10. But I just keep getting the Laser Dragon. Please Help.

  75. Peter

    I’m level 16 on Dragon city and Level 10 on Social Empires, but i cant get the dragon because it says i’m not level 10, can someone help me please?

  76. EzioAuditore1459

    I am stuck in dragon city, i don’t know how to open the gates to dragon city or what to do.

    I’ve searched googled a lot of times, and i can’t seem to find the right answer. PLEASE HELP!! :) :)
    its xbox 360 and i just tried what you said and its not opening

  77. sarah w

    I got these all this way

    To breed a crystal dragon you breed a gummy+coolfire until the breeding time is 48h

    For a mirror, legendary and wind dragon you breed coolfire+soccer until u get each one

    for a pure dragon you breed a legendary+wind until breeding time is 48h

    For a poo dragon u breed either legendary+mud or pure+water(or mud) breeding time 15h

  78. Eric

    Me and a friend are stuck on the golem boss in Dragon City. We think you have to destroy the hand, or climb to the top… we can’t do that because he has a fire breath that keeps knocking us back to the bottom again. Does anybody have a walkthrough? Or does anybody know how to beat this boss? 😀

  79. Cliffy N

    There’s hack tools but that’s not what I’m look-in for Is there any cheats or glitches for unlimited gems in dragon city for android devices

  80. Gamer959

    In dragon age awakening I talked with Voldrik and after I supplied him with 80 sovereigns, after some quests he told me that I have to find some granite deposits. I think I am supposed to find them in wending wood, but although I see it written on my map, there is no marker pointing there. What do I have to do to get there? Or when?

  81. maskills24

    i stuck on the golem in dragon city. i hurt his hand then i go to the top to attack the eye thingy but he gets up and regans his health?? how do i beat him?

  82. homerliveshere

    I have 2 Hybrid rare dragons on Dragon City
    * Armadillo Dragon
    * Coolfire Dragon

    I Bred them together and i didn’t get the dragon i wanted i got Medieval first and Metal Dragon second time i tryed, have i made any mistakes or is the breeding Legandary Dragons not an accurate result??

  83. mendhak

    I’m bored actually,
    Please give me the best 25 games in facebook
    Do not include Social Wars,Stick Run,Dragon City and all other games I have tried.
    To know the games I already tried
    Add Me
    Russel Tawaran

  84. Sriram R

    Im on level 3 in dragon city. My notifications on my ANDROID PHONE ( thought it had to do with with the phone type) saying they miss me and their hungry. BTW they are breeding (also thought it had to do with the situation)
    So any way, how do you feed them?

  85. Random

    Hi so I have an Ipod (4th gen) and I got the game Dragon City on it as an app and I play it on Facebook. Whenever I go on the app it says that they detected an error and it just closes it! I’ve tried deleting it and re-installing it but it doesn’t work. It’s so sad I love the game.

    If there’s any suggestions please tell! :)

  86. sarah w

    This happened this morning. I remember that I was watching a video on youtube, then I was playing Dragon City and downloaded a few hacks and a survey remover. All of the sudden, it powered off by itself. I’m luckily typing this because I’m currently on “Safe Mode”. And for those of you who tell me to turn off all of Window’s features off, it didn’t do jack (Yes I restarted too). Please someone who truly knows what to do please tell me what to do Step-By-Step. Oh one more thing just in case, ALL of my browser except Opera have been hijacked by conduit. Although I think it was the hacks that caused this. Even though it always alerts me when I download a file. Also, I THINK I have Trojan.
    One little thing. It only gets light when it asks me if I wanted to put in in safe mode, and when it says “welcome”. Other than that, all i see is the mouse.

  87. Jeremy Xargor is my gamertag

    so here’s the deal

    me and my man have been together since end of June. all through the summer he text me like crazy. I got good morning texts and I called him on my brakes. He use to leave messages on my Facebook and i would do the same.
    since beginning of October he jus suddenly stopped…like no calls, only Dragon City shit on Facebook, and no texts. Iv talked to him several times about it. Even sent him texts like you still alive…have i bored you already…ectra sometimes he replies denying it…sometimes i hear nothing………..Im just wondering if it was too soon to give him my heart…cuz i really love him but it hurts me when i go a week or even two days with no communication. I don’t know what else to do..and i jus feel alone..like he got what he wanted and now hes done..
    please help me i love him..i literally couldn’t live with out him.. but i don’t want to hurt anymore.
    and i don’t want to lose him

  88. lildevilgurl152004

    On Facebook, I play Dragon City. No matter which dragon I put first I always get a volcano dragon. Is there any way I can get a flaming rock dragon without having to spend gems or a lot of money?
    I’ve tried Earth+Fire and Fire+Earth.

  89. superdork

    What sort of dragon would you get if you bred an alpine dragon with a firebird dragon? And if you bred that hybrid with a nenufar dragon? No links or YouTube tutorials please, just tell me.

  90. BRUTE

    How do you breed a Legendary and Pure dragon without spending gems? Or do you have to breed two legendary to get a Pure and two pure to get a Legendary? Are those the only ways to get a Pure and Legendary dragon? Do you have to pay gems if you don’t have either and want one of each?

  91. Alina Elliott

    Okay, I play loads of games here are a few:

    *Social Empires (Facebook)
    *Social Wars (Facebook)
    *Dragon City (Facebook) [Sometimes]
    *DarkOrbit Online Game (Great Britain 1)
    *Habbo Hotel [Not Often Now]
    *Gears of War

    Search them for the game if you want to play them lol But the thing is, people tell me I am so addicted it is like I am the game. (If you know what I mean).

    Is it true or a mith that I can get so addicted I can leave my dogs dying just like in Japan they let their baby die?

  92. Spider Pc

    I am a ninja and their us a dragon terrorize my city. I have never fought a dragon before or even a ice creature before. What stratzie should I use? What weapons?

  93. Random

    How do you breed the Legendary and Pure dragons? You must breed two pure for a Legend and two Legend for a pure, right? What if you have neither? Can you still breed the dragons without paying, or do you have to buy a pure or legendary with gems?

  94. Erfan

    My girlfriend and I have a semi-long distance relationship (we see each other a couple times a week, but when we’re not together, its just via phone or skype chat). Her and I both use facbeook, and we had discussed the idea of being able to play games together on the days we don’t visit in person. However, I am not totally sure which games would best suit us. It doesn’t matter to me what we play to be honest; her tastes are mostly pet games (OviPets , Dragon City). Any suggestions would be much appreciated! =)

  95. kevindiking67verizonnet

    There this game on Facebook called, Dragon City. There are two dragons that i have been trying to get. Cool Fire Dragon, and Pirate Dragon. I been trying to find the right combination for 2 weeks now, but i just can’t get it. If you play Dragon City on Facebook can you please give me the name of the dragons I need to breed to get Cool Fire and Pirate. Thank you.

  96. Malcolm Hudson

    I went to dragon city located at spadina ave Toronto,Ontario and bought a set for only 5$ .When i went back the store was gone. I’m so mad.Does anyone no which stores sell it or something like konad plate ?
    How much did you get it for ?

  97. Samuro

    I was downloading this dragon city hack until this stupid survey came up and then I was like how the heck am I going to get past this stupid survey please any suggestions?

  98. lucasg615

    I have 56 dragons all ranging from 9-25. I have 4 legend dragons 3 of them are 25 and 1 of them is 20. Should i sell all my dragons except my legends and just use all the money on food and raise my legends to level 30? since they aren’t that far form it would it be a smart decision?

  99. xiM Clutch

    I’ve been playing Dragon City for a couple of days now and I’ve gotten more complicated things that needs friends to work with. It is an I help you and you help me kind of thing. Add me at Rykahn in Game Center.

  100. toast

    How can I? Download Dragon City Tool V5.8, 5.9, 6.0, 6.1, 6.2, 6.3, 6.4, 6.5, 6.6, 6.7 Free?

    I have heard that many tools are there of the mentioned versions through which I can hack the coins, gems and dragons, I saw a website where it was available but I was in hurry that time, I want to download that software. How can I?
    Thank you mansoor. You are helping always. 😀 U seems to be a big gamer to me!

  101. wwwavid360gamercom

    I want to know how to make awesome dragons in dragon city and find out how to make them I have a
    Plant dragon
    Fire dragon
    Water dragon
    Earth dragon
    Blizzard dragon
    Cloud dragon
    Vulcano dragon
    Mud dragon
    Waterfall dragon
    Firebird dragon
    Electric dragon
    Tropical Dragon
    What can I make with those

  102. rndmaktn

    OK, so Schools almost over and I am craving an awesome book. Not Twilight, Harry Potter, those dragon books, or city of bones series, or nicholas sparks books. Ive read them already. I need a thick book like Twilight or Harry potter and genre is romance and/or adventure like City of glass or nicholas sparks books. Please help me.

  103. Peter

    BQ: Do you play any games on Facebook? I play Dragon City

    My answer to Q #1: I am planning on going a week. We’ll see how long that lasts lol
    Yay Idol Minos….I wish I could do that but then everybody would unfriend me :( I want to come back, I just don’t want to be so ******* addicted anymore.
    OMG I totally suck!!! Everyone is leaving facebook; I should follow suit I think


    I have an iphone and I was playing dragon city on it and when I tried to go into it, it just kept taking me out of it, so I deleted it then re-installed it to refresh it and now I’m back to the start but my account that I had on my phone is the same as my facebook one and thats still their so how do I get my facebook version back on my phone? I want to put my facebook version back on my phone cause thats my actual game status on my facebook, I just need to put it back onto my phone, please help me

  105. jdfan

    How do I download it an run it I have tried doing surveys an get all kinds of stuff but nothing I try works so can someone give me a link to download it with no surveys an no passwords just download an use it plz

  106. Hotshot t

    I am planning to start a small retail business, and the rent in Dubai is .. well if you can answer my question you know how it is. I know International City has a bad reputation for being ghetto and stinky, but would you go to a shop in International City?

  107. Jose B

    I have Dragon Age on the PC, played it 3 times already. Its Great, I bought the ultimate eidtion on Ps3 recently. Wouldnt mind trying to get platinum on that. Do I need to finish it 3 times again ?

    I think I might need to complete a playhrough for each race, human, dwarf, elf

  108. Zack Faria

    Here’s mine:

    1. Braveheart
    2. Heat
    3. Desperado
    4. Enter the Dragon
    5. Sin City

    1. The Jerk
    2. Caddyshack
    3. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
    4. Stir Crazy
    5. Liar Liar

    what’s yours?

  109. Hayden

    I play 2 games on Facebook that is shadow fight and dragon city.
    Now i need to know is there any offline,downloadable game similar to shadow fight or dragon city.
    If yes give me download link for the game (need to be in English language),better if torrent.
    Thats all thank you.

  110. Jon P

    I would think it would need some type of government to regulate when it is time to rock!

    DRAGON 2012
    “Great fortune for U.S.”

  111. supernerd567

    I have found a site which offers dragon city hack.I mean I am totally confused.How can dragon city hack really work.Is it true or fake.This is the site.


    I tried downloading this dragon city hack but it is protected with some survey which I failed to complete many times,

    Can someone tell me whether this is fake or real ?

  112. Mark M

    i have juat got to the dragon city but i cant find out how to stop that burning house what do you do? i have it on wii
    thx cecilia that would be a great help ^_^


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