Dragon Mania Hack&Cheats Tool


Read this post and get the latest Dragon Mania and cheat tool that will give you unlimited gems and coins! Get the Most Potent dragons with the help of our program.

Nurture and train tactful but aggressive dragons. Create new-fangled dragon races and complete your crew. Learn your dragons to fight against your friends or team up to defeat the enemy hordes and become the biggest breeder of dragons!
Our’s Features:

  • Add Unlimited Gems (Infinite Gems)
  • Add unlimited coins
  • Generate unlimited food
  • Just run the, connect the device and Enable cheat tool)
  • Works for Windows and Mac.


3333222222  Dragon Mania Hack&Cheats Tool
Hack instructions:

1.Download the file
2.Start the program
3.Select Device (Android/iOS)
4.Select the desired mods then click the “Patch Game” button
5.Done ! Enjoy the game !

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49 thoughts on “Dragon Mania Hack&Cheats Tool

  1. sakyue1993

    Otherwise known as the 6 infinity gems.
    You have infinite control of the universe, and infinite power.
    For example, you could have everything in the world you want now, and go to every time period past and future, and have everything there also. You could love anyone who ever lived or will live, or you could create the human race over as you see fit…etc, etc..

    One could see this exercise as a path to knowing your self, and self-actualization.
    That’s right, you would need the infinity gems to beat me up, and probably an army on top of that. lol.

  2. Mark M

    I’m thinking of buying a new console. We love RPG games (Zelda is a favorite) so whatever we get, having good RPGs is a must. Thanks!

  3. easton j

    Why should we not assume that just as the seed is the cause for the sprout, Brahman is the cause for the creation?

  4. henryshensbcglobalnet

    Why is Hindu avatar, Krishna often depicted playing the flute pointing towards the right side?

  5. NC Baller

    A phychic told a friend of mine that she had come from the planet Zircon in her past life. I have never heard of such a planet.

  6. United

    I keep doing that…well, because I am..but does it do damage to you psychologically saying negative things to yourself like that?

  7. XplicitzZ

    And, on shimmermist cave did you have a hard time passing that part.

    And, what’s the point of marrige in skyrim? If you can’t have sex or children

  8. Harriet W

    Please excuse the grammar and poncuation
    I would like to know if the writing is goo not how it is written


    Jet black hair like silk, an infinite of stares in her eyes. How she has been saddened I may never know but the most beautiful of flowers have roots in rocks, never to make a wrong turn to a off future she looks to the happiness that the ones she loves brings her if I had but one chance I would of done it all again no matter the heartache or how lost I was when I wasn’t in her good thoughts. So if love can be found at first sight I have fallen before I laid eyes on her, but not only for her outer side but the free,caring, and all around wonder of this earth she is. This is what shines though and lets the inner become outer. Not a day goes by that she doesn’t stay in my mind like a song of a loved one that has passed forever I when know that she was the one for me even if I would never be the person that she would ever want to even know. I can’t think of a better when I hear her speak the unmatched tone that soft, happy, and unique voice of a angle. If she was never to know me I would of been gone long ago saving me from myself this is her unknowing gift to me but as I see her I feel my self slip away with a love of witch I’ve never known if a simple fool like me can see how she will change the world than I hate the true fools who can’t think clearly enough to know that she will go far and be remembered. Why I move from place to place is not a clue to me but I didn’t think to have found a shinning gem in the the ashes and wreckage of this sad and broken place. There are flaws with all but I can’t help but to love her for the mistakes that she would ever make no matter how wrong or bad I still love her or dead I feel to see her is like the sun over the horizon lighting ever part of the land after a cold dark night. the time slows when she walks like entering a true nirvana as she gives a glance to me. to wright all I have to say to her would take the

  9. stealspartansbcglobalnet

    Okay, so I was playing Skyrim and I went into a cave full of vampires. I killed them all and left with no problem. Soon after, however, my screen would flash purple or red and say things like “you are weakened by the sunlight” and “your vampiren blood boils in the sun”. Clearly, I had become a vampire, no doubt due to my visit to their cave. I told my friend this, and he said that only happens if you get the DLC. I haven’t gotten any DLC, so how could this happen? I got the game just recently, so it may be that the DLC was included and just didn’t know it, but I’m not sure.

    Also, if you know how I could cure myself, please tell me because I really don’t want to be a vampire. Thanks for your help!

  10. sarah w

    My question is this: Is there any type of mod that would let me play offline, any hack to have infinite gems online, anything to modify upgrade prices or times, any private server at all, a bot of some kind, or any way to make it impossible for people to raid me? With how popular of a game it is, I find it very hard to believe that there is absolutely 100% NO legitimately working hacks/mods/something for Clash of Clans. Or maybe is there even a hacked version that runs on a PC with a personally owned server or with an offline mode? Basically I want to know any way at all to change the way the game works or is played. I don’t care what it is. I’d be fine with an offline mode. I would prefer a gem hack, a bot, or a private server, but anything will do really. Thanks in advance for any help or information. Yes I know supposedly the servers “can’t be hacked” and I don’t need to hear any “play the game like everyone else”. I don’t believe there is not a single working hack, just that they’re not easy to find or not released to huge public audiences. And if I cared about playing it ‘fairly’ then obviously I wouldn’t be here asking this question, would I?

  11. Le Pwner

    Enlightened by the recollection of that Gāyatrī, embodying the three Vedas, Brahmā became acquainted with the expanse of the ocean of truth. Then he worshiped Śrī Kṛṣṇa, the essence of all Vedas, with this hymn.

  12. Gamer959

    Im looking for some of the best games from the past years that really amazed you. Im talking games like Skyrim, Fallout, Far Cry, Assassins Creed, Bioshock. Those hidden gems that seem to be forgotten. PLEASE if you have any thoughts dont hesitate.

  13. turg143

    Which are the best cities to take vacations in mexico? And what places do you recommend to visit?
    Good answers, thanks, but i have read too much about beaches. Please giveme more options.

  14. Orbit

    I’ve recently completed resident evil 5, and now i want to complete it again but on a harder difficulty, but i want to upgrade all my weapons to the max so i can unlock the ones like Hydra and also open infinite ammo, so does anyone know a quick way to earn alot of money or upgrade weapons really easy and fast? All answers appreciated.

  15. slipknot0129

    I love Jon Stewart he just takes the piss out of all the news networks. Do u think the 24/7 news programs have any credibility or are they just trying to fill there shows with garbage and repeats of news stories

  16. stingerms

    I’ve got a Mage on skyrim that is somewhat lacking in coin. I was wondering if anyone knew a fairly cheap method of boosting enchanting to 100? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  17. Jason M

    This hasn’t happened before. Just recently I lost everything that I stored away (this was just on a new character). After a second start of a character, I lost all of my soul gems and potions, but my weapons, armor, and alchemy items were intact. I put them in the crates all around Balmora. I did this before on an old character and everything was fine.

    Is this some odd glitch or is it supposed to happen (since this IS Elder Scrolls anyway)?

  18. supernerd567

    I’m looking for new authors to read! I’ve turned to the classics but I need something modern! Some authors I enjoy are George Perec, Tolstoy, F Scott Fitzgerald, Dostoeyvsky, Hesse, murakami, Milan kundera, Ernest Hemming, Italo Calvini and Mark Helprin. I need a new book!! Most books that I have read by contemporary authors leave me wanting…does anyone know of some gems?

    Name or book titles PlZ and Ty

  19. TommyKay

    I mean, ive been llaying like 24 hours game time and yet m only level 15 , my skills aren’t hat high either, maybe the main ones around 30.

    Im new tnelder scrolls so is this just a game with no end but it takes a very very long time to rech the highest abilities? It seems alot of people are already level 50+ , whats the best way to leve up? Level up skills? Quests? Combat?

  20. Yoshi

    Exactly as the long question title says, what games should I note to get? Multiplatforms are fine, but I’m mainly asking for PS3 exclusives. Thank you.

  21. PoohBearPenguin

    when sheva falls and you have to mash the X button for sheva to climb up but we can never get her up. what should we do?

  22. alberto s

    Here are some of the marvel’s cosmic characters i have known. 1. Phoenix 2. Quasar 3. Thanos 4. Silver Surfer.

  23. Nick

    I can never stay focus on a game to be able to work on remembering the story. For example I just started this past week playing Pokemon Black 2 and then after about 5 hours of that I started to play Sims 3 (which thankfully doesn’t have a story, but with how it’s set up, the game is perfect for me with a short attention span), and then after playing Sims 3 for a few hours I started to play Crysis 3 (as I recently bought a 670 FTW graphics card and wanted to test it out and it works Great with the game), and now today I’m playing Grand Theft Auto 4 and playing some Bioshock Infinite. How the heck does one stay focus on a game for long enough to finish it or at least get close to finishing it?

  24. Mike

    im working on my english final and i need to examine Michael T. Young’s “from the silver mines” for rhetoric and rhetorical construction (schemes and tropes) and also do a historical/biographical and moral/philosophical analyses. do you know of any websites that have information to help me out? Thank you guys!

  25. Kobe

    Ok so i have seen 3 dreams that made me wonder what whas the meaning of them.I usually understand but there is a specific that i don’t understand at all.I’ll post all of them :
    Number 1:This is the one i don’t understand at all.
    I see an amazing Church.The building is really big and the sky is grey,then i suddenly see a black room with gears that rotate without stopping.The gears are golden.The make A LOT of noise when they rotate.Then when i wake up i’m scared to death,my heart is pumping so fast that i thought i was gonna die or something.I’m talking about incredible fear which i cannot understand cause what’s so scary about gears anyways?Please post an idea about this one,what means since i have sen it 5-6 times in my life and it’s exactly the same eveytime.

    Number 2:In this one i’m out of my house and i start running at 4 and i’m happy about it ( LOL ).I was always fascinated about wolves and especially tigers but i couldn’t understand if i was an animal or not.I coudn’t see a specific part of my body it’s like it was real.Then i see pack of wolves with blood all over the road.All the wolves are dead with legs and limbs and heads spread everywhere(i know it’s disgusting ). The wolves that were alive were only 2 from let’s say a pack of 8-10 wolves.From these 2 the one is very hurt and cannot stand at his feet right he tries though.The other one is hurt too but he is the one les hurt.He bleeds from his neck only and both of those wolves are growling and pointing there teeth at me.I take a step forward and the the wolf who is less hurt does to(take a step forward).Then i keep looking him at the eyes as he keeps looking me.My brother and my mother pop out from nowhere and my mother is telling me that it is time to go.And i start running at 4 again but i left my mother and brother back.The wolves didn’t do a single thing to them.I started running till was seeing the village that i live.Then the dream ended.

    Number 3:I’m at school laughing with some guys and girls i haven’t seen before and i say goodbye to them since i was leaving to go home.(Note:At my dreams i’m very playful i don’t know why and i’m a guy 😀 ).I start jumping really high and then i stop .I start walking normally and i see a tall lean built man with brown long somewhat hair who comes behind me and when he walks he keeps watching the ground.I let him pass so i can see him ( i let him go forward and i follow him ).Then i try to talk to him and he says confidently : “Never trust anyone” then he takes out a knife and tries to attack me we fight and i dissarm him and i hit him at the chest and hi falls at the ground.I had the feeling that he was dead.Then i woke up.Also i have been trying to search about spirit guides and if i had one.And i have had many thoughts and i kept asking my self to show my spirit guide.Was this guy my spirit guide.I know that it sounds dumb i mean i killed my spirit guide?So i don’t thing he was my spirit guide though i’m just telling you about it.

    So these are the dreams please give me ideas to understand them.And thank you. :)

  26. Keaton

    I’m 18 years old and i’m on the brink of sucide. I’ve suffered from depression/anxiety for 7 years and I just can’t take it anymore. I used to self harm and my body is riddled with scars. Who could love someone who has deep gashes all over? Or even be friends with them? Speaking friends, mine are non existent. I have no one. The last text I got from someone that wasn’t my family was 2 moths ago. 2 fucking months. No one cares about me. I don’t even feel anything anymore. Nothing. I used to be sad all the time now I’m just an emotionless shell. No sadness, no happiness, no nothing. I just stay in bed all day because I feel nothing. My future has never looked so bleak. I’m currently in school to become a hair stylist but I stutter. How the fuck am I supposed to be a hair stylist when I stutter? Il so afraid to open my fucking mouth because I know I won’t even be able to say the word. I have no self confidence. Every time I look in the mirror I just want to shatter it and then pick a shard and slit my wrists and never wake up again. I have no one and I have nothing. Everyday I wake up I wish that someone would finally just end it. It’s only a matter of time before I do it my self. And don’t say bull shit like sucide is a sin. People don’t commit sucide to kill themselves. They do it because they want to stop hurting.

  27. Smashing Pumpkins

    I really wanna get ptas because I beat the game and want the infinite rocket launcher. Can you please help? No cheats though, if there are any.

  28. Hayden

    I am pregnant with my first child who is due in November. My husband is a Sagitarious, and I am Gemini. Most of the internet sites at my office are blocked, so I was wondering if anyone here could tell me what the parent child compatibility is on our signs.


  29. ScRSC

    Personally I think I’m doing good but I always like to have someone else’s opinion. I’m going to brake it down and tell you what kind of weapons I use, type of armor, stats, what all I’ve done, and how far I’ve gotten into the main story line.

    I’m a two handed weapon type of guy and I prefer great swords since you can swing them the fastest. I’m using and Orcish Greatsword (Exquisite) right now it does 55 points in damage with a weight of 18 and a value of 442. I enchanted it so it burns my opponent for 10 points and the opponents on fire take extra damage. I also like to use a bow when im sneaking. I use the Nightingale Bow that does 22 points in damage has a weight of 13 and a value of 1409. It’s also enchanted and it freezes the target for 20 points and shocks the target for 10 points.

    I like to use heavy armor just my preference. I’m wearing Orcish Armor (Exquisite) Armor is 140 Weight is 35 and Value is 1553. I enchanted it so Alteration spells cost 1% less and Magicka regenerates 10% faster. Orcish Boots (Exquisite) Armor is 56 Weight is 7 and Value is 410 it’s enchanted so two-handed weapon attacks do 4% more damage. Orcish Gauntlets (Exquisite) Armor 56 Weight 7 Value 410. It has the same enchantment as the Orcish Boots. Orcish Helmet (Exquisite) Armor is 70 Weight is 8 and Value is 806. I enchanted it so my Magicka is increased by 6 points.

    My skills: Smithing is 72 and I’m going up the right side the heavy armor side, Heavy Armor is 65 and I’m going up the left side so I can get the perk where my armor weighs nothing, Block is 16, Two handed is 84 Barbarian is 5/5 still need to upgrade deep wounds which is 1/3 and all I have left is Warmaster, One handed is 23, Archery is 41 and I started going up the left side so I could get the zoom, light armor is 28, Sneak is 46, LockPicking is 43, Pick Pocket is 25, Speech is 37, Alchemy is 20, Illusion is 17, Conjuration is 16, Destruction is 19, Restoration is 39, Alteration is 16, and Enchanting is 42.

    Alright so what all I’ve done. I’m level 29. I am the leader of the Dark Brotherhood and the Thieves Guild. I’ve overthrown the Imperials with the stormcloaks. I’ve bought a house in Whiterun and bought all the stuff for it. I recently bought the DLC pack to Own land and build a house so i’m doing miscelanious’ to save up $5000 to buy the land.

    I’ve gotten pretty far in the main storyline I completed the Horn of Jurgan Windcaller (I think that’s what it is?) I’ve learned all the shouts from the greybeards I’ve read that wall that says my destiny ive learned dragonrend. I was going to fight Alduin but I guess I didn’t enchant my sword with a high enough soul gem so I’m going to make a new one and use a great soul gem or grand soul gem and enchant it.

    Well that’s all of my stuff in skyrim tell me how u think I’m doing and what u suggest I do.

  30. Armas

    I just want the basic codes.
    You know?
    Like infinite life and have all levels complete. Codes like that. I do not wnat walk throughs, hints, game glitches or anything like that. Just some of the basics.

    If anyone can help me I am at the part where the Anchors on Besaid have a new coach and I am trying to prove myself, I just can not get enough points before I run out of ammo. If anyone has any cheats or codes for that i would be ever so greatful.

  31. callofduty5123412

    Say a black hole engulfs a planet or asteroid, what happens to the matter ??
    We know energy & matter can neither be created nor destroyed ! So…..Where does all the mass of that planet go ?

    Also, what happens at the point of Singularity ? Define & then explain !!
    Wow..?? Really ?? Nobody able to answer this gem ?

  32. Scott Bull

    I am currently living in Japan, have been for a while now. Been to Tokyo, Yokohama, but I’m about to get a little bit of time off (a month) and I want to have some fun fun. I’ve heard infinite stories about Bangkok and it’s craziness but I’ve also been hearing Jakarta is a relatively unknown gem for partying for Americans. Anybody got any Stories or Opinions about either one? Thanks.

  33. Myles

    Humans are limited by their sensations, intellect, etc. We will never know certain core aspects of reality (Kant’s noumena, Spinoza’s infinite intellect, etc). But we need to believe we can.


    i have ifunbox, and hex editer, and the app, but how do i find where to change it to how ever many gems i want? i cannot find it?

  35. Mc L

    i need a water stone to evolve my panpour and i have found every stone except a water stone
    how and where do i get it?
    please help me

  36. Shay H

    Now, I’m planning on making a sandstorm team following official vgc rules, and I was wondering, what kinds of setups would be reccomended? and any specific pokemon choice ideas?

  37. brincks26

    i have to write a paper on this question and i dont know anything about it. i cant find anything on his view of the one and what led up to it.


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