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Dragons Of Atlantis Hack



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41 thoughts on “Dragons Of Atlantis Hack

  1. Lia-lu-li

    i am going to Atlantis soon and my family is thinking about purchasing the Casual Meal Plan

    if you get this plan do you have to get it every single day of your stay?
    or can you get it for say 4 days. Maybe monday, wednesday, friday, and saturday? does it matter if the days are in order?

  2. addmeonxbox360myuserisfallior

    Where can i find dragons of atlantis cheats to get more Rubies Food Stone Metals Gold etc ??

  3. Ray D

    Ok so ive been playing this game called Dragons of Atlantis and his is supposedly a cheat. it was one of the few i could download without doing one of those stupid surveys where you put your phone number in. i dont feel safe doing that so im wondering if anyone has and if so. what is the password?

  4. Milk84

    Anyone with any information about vacationing at the Atlantis Hotel at the Bahamas please respond. Best answer will get five stars/rates.

  5. Yoshi

    Hi guys,
    ive been looking for a DoA rubie hack download that works, and which doesnt need a completed survey etc etc.
    I want a direct download that wil gddt me what i want.

    Do you know of any working hacks?

  6. Stevalicious

    I am looking for a specific episode of Stargate Atlantis. I can’t remember what season or episode it is, but at the end John Shepherd has an action packed fight against himself. Does anyone know?

  7. Heath

    I am going on a cruise in december and i wanted to know how far the dock for the carnival cruise ships is from the atlantis resort. Is it possible to walk to the resort from the dock?

  8. Flash Funk

    I need Dragons of Atlantis Heirs of the Dragon hack tool.
    I need it for my iPhone5
    My device is not jailbroken so it would be amazing if anyone was able to help

  9. Jeffery Carlson

    Also, staying at Sandyport beach resort. How close to downtown Nassu, Atlantis, and other attractions. Will we be able to use bus to get around or taxi’s. Any info and/or suggestions appreciated.

  10. lildevilgurl152004

    How far is the dock for carnival cruise ships from atlantis?
    I am going on a cruise in two weeks, June 3, and i wanted to know how far the dock for the carnival cruise ships is from the atlantis resort. I checked the shore excursion through carnival and it cost like $55 per person. I am thinking it is little too much. I was thinking to take a taxi to Atlantis and buy one day pass ticket to the Dig. Does anyong have any helpful information?

  11. Coffee t

    I’m planning our family vacation for next year and that is where we would like to go. The best price I’ve been able to find on a room is $2,694 for a week. When you buy a room what does that include Access to? How much is dining at the casual restaurants? I’ve heard of a Comfort Inn across the street that supposedly you can get Access to Atlantis by staying there. Is that legit?

  12. skillz

    It is known that most shallow-water reefs are formed generally between 30-degree N and 30-degree S of the equator. Also, west of the Straits of Gibraltar is in close proximity to this range. So do you suppose that the only evidence left of Atlantis is an atoll?

  13. Beavis

    Right now I am planning a trip to the Bahamas. This Atlantis resort sounds really cool but I don’t want to just stay on the resort the whole vacation. Is there anything fun you can do or visit in Nassau? If not, is the Atlantis resort big enough were you won’t get tired of staying and there won’t be a need to leave it?

  14. encyclopath

    Im going to Atlantis in the Bahamas and im under 18, are the rules at the night club enforced along with the drinking age?
    I would preferably like someone that has been to atlantis!

  15. _marky_mark_

    i am planning a trip to the atlantis bahamas resort. but i am unsure of what hotel to stay at. so what are the differences and does anyone have personal experience to kinda help me? any information is very much appreciated! (money is not a problem) thanks in advance! :)
    ok sorry i was unclear. I will be visiting Paradise Island Bahamas. It is a resort with i think 6(or so) hotels. I am wondering which one is better. Sorry about confusion :)

  16. Sergeant Pickle

    I’m just curious as to what was on the island that this massive resort, Atlantis Paradise Island, was built on top of?. It had to have been something before ownership bought all of the land and took over the area.

  17. Andres C

    I’m looking for a Stargate Atlantis poster. The one I have in mind is just of the city floating on the water, no people or other junk. Does anyone know if that exists and if so, where I could find it?

    I’ve already done a good deal of looking so just suggesting websites that might have it isn’t terribly helpful to me. I’m looking for a site that definitely has it or a direct url.

    Thanks again!

  18. MexicanDude

    My husband and I are planning our first anniversary ! We’ve been looking online and found that we are very interested in Atlantis. We want to have an idea of where to stay, what we can do, and how much will be spent. If you have been to Atlantis please share your experience with us !

    Thank you so much !
    -The Newlyweds !

  19. Marshal

    We’re going to the Atlantis this summer and tossing up the pros and cons of staying at the Atlantis itself or staying nearby at their timeshare — The Harborside or at the Sheraton or the Comfort Suites.

    My question is, how far of a walk is it from the Harborside? Is the Comfortsuites a lot closer or just a little closer.

    Are the room sizes at the harborside worth the walk or are we crazy?

    We mainly want to be near the aquaventure while we’re there and I can’t see if there is a way from the harborside to the acquaventure side of the resort or if there’s water between.

    Thanks for any info!!!

  20. Andrew S

    Alright I’m doing a project on Atlantis with a group. One is doing the history, one is doing the pros of it existing and I’m doing the cons, or the argument for disproving it. I know its kind of difficult to prove something doesn’t exist. But I need to come up with something. Any ideas would help.
    @Wolf Tell me about it. But its still an assignment, And i still have to do it.

  21. crzyinluv

    artemis fowl and the atlantis complex is the latest artemis fowl book in the sereis. it came out a couple days ago and i wanted 2 know if any super fan like me read it and is willing to share any holly-artemis cute moments or anything like that,theat was in it. THANKS!!!!
    ive already went there and havent really seen the full book summary like details

  22. johnkaiser 22

    Where’s the proof Atlantis was an actual city that existed before? How do we know it’s called “Atlantis”? The only information i know on this subject is that there’s a supposed lost city called Atlantis. Can anyone provide me some background information on this? I’m very interested and would love to know more.

  23. Dana G

    I have been hearing a lot about Atlantis on the history channel lately, I just want to know is there any real evidence to prove that it was even a real place?

  24. Jairo

    I refer to Plato’s Atlantis and his ancient Athens (non historical Athens).

    Please answer in terms of the fundemental principles.

    And preferably in a way that an intelligent 15 year old can understand in 15 minutes.

  25. simply complicated

    Atlantis was an ancient Greek civilization that supposedly sank beneath the ocean, possibly due to a large volcanic explosion that destroyed most of the island and caused a tsunami. Where did people get the idea that it’s a functioning city in the sea inhabited by warrior fish-people? How does that make any sense?

  26. Oilers

    The Phoenicians were descended from the mysterious “Sea Peoples”. Don’t you think from the way Plato described the waterways and harbours of Atlantis, that it sounds VERY similar to the concentric ring construction of the harbour at the Phoenician city of Carthage?

    Was Carthage built from memories of the Atlantean docks and waterways? Or did Carthage inspire Plato?

  27. sean

    They are both in Paradise island in the Bahamas and me and my friend are staying in the Riu hotel and im staying at Atlantis. We want to meet up but i need to know how far away it is from each other.

  28. The Dark Knight

    I have been snorkeling many times and was interested in doing so when I stay at The Atlantis Resort this weekend. Do you have to take the guided snorkel or the catamaran excurision? Is the equipment available to use just at the beach?

  29. stingerms

    The 1947 voyage of the ship Atlantis expected to find very thick layers of
    sediment on the seafloor. What id the scientists aboard the Atlantis find?

  30. Rishi

    Atlantis was a world that was supposedly here a long time ago. The people that lived there were very spiritual and had their own special abilities. Life there was very mellow and easy going. It really revolved around everyone’s psychic abilities. They found some stones (like a street pavement) in the ocean near Bimini, Bahamas that people believe belonged to their island. Any thoughts?

  31. Alex

    I am going to Atlantis in Nassau, Bahamas. A week before I go I will be turning 18. I heard their drinking and gambling age is 18. Will I be able to drink and gamble, or do they still go by american laws??

  32. kewlflame14

    Most of us know plato’s story about Atlantis and that he presents this story as a fact for for his time . But if that’s true would it mean that Athens was a city that existed for more than 9.000 years and if that’s true , greek history holds a much older past than we know today ? And if that is so , could this story be a proof that ancient Athenians resisted and saved all the so-called “known world” of those ages ?

  33. whites are not the only racists

    I am leaving tomorrow morning for the Atlantis Bahamas and only realized tonight that my camera is broken! Is there any store there that might sell digital cameras?

  34. Armas

    If we found Atlantis and it fit every last description given by Plato how would the world be effected and how would history change.

  35. kerrin marz

    We are planning a family vacation and the Bahamas is #1 on our list of places. If we go to the Bahamas we are definitely staying at Atlantis. How much as an estimate would it cost for 2 adults and 2 children. For plane tickets, hotel fees (main building of Atlantis), and meals? Thanks! This is only an estimate! But actually prices would be great too.. We would be visiting from June 15th-21 or 22!

  36. Kaden

    I am going to Atlantis in the Bahamas with my girlfriend and am planning to propose to her while we are there. I was planning to do it on the beach at night after dinner, but am not sure what beach would be best for something like that. Also, any alternative ideas for the time and place would be great to hear.


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