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A to use game from Back Flip Studios, Dragonvale is similar to the Sim game where you are responsible for creating a successful Dragon zoo. Players can attract visitors to their park and thereby earn revenue by setting up dragons with the basic guideline being: Bigger the dragon, better it is. They can even enjoy crossbreeding the dragons and evolve entirely new species of their own.

Dragonvale is a must to play game for every game freak. Players who wish to acquire the game currency at a faster rate actually buy the in-game currency by spending their real world money. However, not everyone is willing to spend their hard-earned pennies for building castles in the virtual world and this is where hacks and cheats come to a player’s rescue. There is a large collection of Dragonvale hacks and cheats available online but a majority of them lead to blocking of the user identity. Hence, it is extremely crucial to research well before opting for a cheat code.

Understanding the seriousness of this frustrating situation, we have come up with highly reliable and authentic Dragonvale for the Dragonvale lovers. Result of excessive hard work and continued research over the months, our Dragonvale Tool has a lot of amazing features. Unlike most of the other and cheat codes available in the online gaming market, our Dragonvale Tool codes are 100% crash proof and provide complete support throughout the course of the game.

Some of the amazing features of our Dragonvale Tool are enlisted below:

Dragonvale Tool is crash proof and protects the user profile from getting banned throughout the course of the game with its specially designed inbuilt anti-ban feature.

Compatible with almost all the operating systems like Mac and Linux and the leading browser set-ups, our Dragonvale is versatile in nature.

Our Dragonvale Hack Tool come with the inbuilt auto-update feature, doing away with the worries of manually updating the cheat codes.

Gems are the game currency that can be earned by winning in contests. Once you our you can earn limitless amount of Gems quickly.

Dragonvale Gold is extremely important for building up a highly successful zoo setup. With our you get instant access to infinite amount of Gold currency.

Our Dragonvale cheats are extremely user-friendly and have been designed keeping the users in mind. So, even a novice can it without any difficulties.

If you are unable to shoot properly then do not worry. Use the Aimbot feature of our and start aiming correctly at the dragons.

You can now crack even the toughest levels of the game with our level feature.

Our is a globally working program and so it can be used worldwide.

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95 thoughts on “Dragonvale Hack Tool

  1. kiltakblog

    I’ve been searching for a way to do it without Jailbreak or Surveys for a week, but no such luck. Someone please help! :)
    Thanks Locke for your wonderful answer!
    Me and the 98% of people who play the game hacked, right?
    And no, I’m not playing on Facebook, don’t have Facebook.
    Thank you ever so kindly for your concern. Have a great day :)

  2. RuMKilleR

    I have an iPod touch 4th gen, 32 gb and I have tried tO jailbreak it multiple times times using redsnow. Even my friends tried it to no luck. So I am now looking at online hacks or dragonvale and every free one I got to asks fr a survey. I try to complete it but can’t get past some parts without starting a whole new one :( so jailbreak and hacks help would be appreciated

  3. Jeremy Xargor is my gamertag

    Hi! If somebody has the dragon vale hack tool, could you please get me the following:
    500,000,000 coins
    5,000,000 treas
    50,000 gems
    Whoever answers this first, and does the hack for me first, will be the best answer automatically.
    My Game center ID is Hshade200.
    I am level 17, almost 18, and all my dragons, except for my earth dragon. i need food because i am breeding many more dragons. i need gems to get the epic breeding island and dragonsai tree and speed thing up. I need cash because I…well, need to buy stuff.

  4. sean

    Hi! If somebody has the dragon vale hack tool, could you please get me the following:
    500,000,000 coins
    5,000,000 treas
    50,000 gems
    Whoever answers this first, and does the hack for me first, will be the best answer automatically.
    My Game center ID is Hshade200.
    I am level 17, almost 18, and all my dragons, except for my earth dragon are level 10. i need food because i am breeding many more dragons. i need gems to get the epic breeding island and dragonsai tree and speed thing up. I need cash because I…well, need to buy stuff.

  5. Matthew David

    hi, i need to know how to breed a…
    moon dragon
    sun dragon
    and a rainbow dragon
    although the one i want breed most is the rainbow dragon. thank you for any help.

  6. Krazy Bob

    Can someone please help me with this, it wont install on my laptop so can someone do it for me? Me gamecenter name is priorlakefootball

  7. Scott Bull

    Hi if someone could add me in game center BE4STYXTROOP3R thats my name if u could use the cydia to hack dragonvale to get me max out coins gems food (I need gems more tho) so plz add me as a friend I wouldn’t mind if u can give me the max gems chest say 3 a day or whenever ur not busy but how u buy this for me is u go on my islands by visiting after u add me click on my gem treats or coins and it will come up with the buying menu thanks hope to see some gems soon :)

  8. homerliveshere

    If I have something like a Frostfire, which is a combo of fire and cold, can that particular dragon benefit from a cold/fire boost? The boost will take away 20% but also add 20%? I guess it doesn’t make sense that they’ll be effected, right? So it’s safe to put them on islands with boosts without a reduction in coins, but they’re still not going to benefit from boost, right?

    Can anyone confirm this?

  9. Sergeant Pickle

    I downloaded a hacking tool called “Dragonvale Hacker v 1.2” and i entered my Game Center username…

    I read that they could get my password just from having my Game Center username, is that true? Well if it is, it doesn’t matter because i changed my password… Or does it still matter?

    Please help me :'(

  10. Pacman

    Hey guys, I was wondering if there was anybody out there that had the dragonvale hack tool or just a ton of extra gems and wouldn’t mind helping me out. I’ve been trying to figure it out for hours and nothing. Anyway, I’d really appreciate any help and thanks in advance.

  11. homerliveshere

    Is there some way I can get free gems on DragonVale on my Iphone 4s, I dont have a jailbreak and I’m not stupid enough to give my password out to anyone or download any of the rubbish server scams, I was thinking a way to use Ifunbox or another apple device file editing tool to mess around with the config files or something alike, I just really need some, Is there any legit way to do it without a jailbreak ?!?
    Austin what forums ?

  12. xLittle21Yaox

    Because when I bred them on my first try, it says to wait 48 hits, which I know it is not a crystal or quake, can anyone tell me what dragon it is
    48 hrs, not hits
    48 hrs, not hits

  13. JackReynolds

    I don’t want to download one because every single download link has a survey, so could anyone that has it use it for me?
    My username is either *Sundrop* or *sundrop*, cant remember.
    Please give me max gems, money and treats!
    I will be ETERNALLY grateful!
    You would make my EVERY DAY!!!! PLEASE SOMEONE DO THIS!!!
    Dont send me links please, they all have FRICKING surveys!!!!!
    Please, if you have downloaded this cheat tool, use it for me! It only takes like 20 seconds of your time!
    Answer this questoon if you did!

  14. Goe122

    I have an iphone 3gs. Bought it used about a week ago. I’ve gotten addicted to the game Dragonvale. When I tried to open it just now, I’m getting a message saying “”. I’ve tried syncing my phone, making sure the time and date were correct, I got rid of my world clocks and made sure that my phone was in the right time zones… I’ve been trying to figure this out for a half hour. How do I fix this =/
    Ooops it’s saying “Your device clock is incorrect, which causes problems accessing our server. Please adjust your clock and try again”.

    I’ve turned my phone on and off several times. Nothing =/

  15. Vultre9

    I don’t have a computer that I am able to download the program with, so I am asking if someone could possibly out of the kindness of their heart do things to my account for me. Mainly add gems to the feeble 2 that I have.

  16. Brody S

    I’m at wits end here. I have ten minutes left in Colorado before the emerald dragon is gone and have two 17 hour wait times in my NBC and my EBI I wasted all of my preciously saved 60 gems trying to get this and now I cant do anything but I guess not get the emerald dragon. If someone has a jailbroken iPod with the cydia thing could you please friend me and visit me ASAP and drop off like three chests of gems. I would greatly appreciate it thankful and please help me out ASAP thanks! My game center ID is drewd15

  17. The Inc

    I have them in gamecenter added but they don’t show up in dragonvale and I can’t gift them how to I fix this?

  18. Sir fliesalot

    i downloaded a dragonvale hack tool but its in a .rar file…i downloaded winrar but im not sure hoe to use it…can someone please help me? thank you

  19. Gage

    I read somewhere about some dragonvale hack tool which can get me unlimited gems. Where can i download or get this tool?

  20. PoohBearPenguin

    Hey guys i was just wondering if anyone had any tips or hacks or cheats or whatever for dragonvale. anything and everything would be very helpful….Selirth

  21. Ev dog

    One that you just enter # of gems, food or money then your username? Like this:
    It asks for a survey to complete but I dont want to send my info to these. So if you did then could you please use it on me? Username *sundrop* or *Sundrop* (I cant remember if its capitalized).
    I dont care about treats just please give me max gems and money!!!!!
    Ive been playing dragonvale for a long time and getting gems from freinds just isnt enough to get those limited edition dragons so i really need a lot of gems.

  22. andresumoza

    How to breed a Panlong Dragon in Dragonvale? I don’t have an Epic Breeding Cave so any ideas on which dragons to breed?

  23. zaclo

    I know that Motte and Bailey castles were built to hold out against the Saxons, but at this point in history, who was the threat?
    Would the king allow rival lords to fight each other or did he turn a blind eye?

  24. Jeffery Carlson

    I need to know how castles and cathedrals were made in the middle ages between 150 A.D to 1500 A.D. Please HELP i have a report due tomorrow.

  25. Maggie

    I know Hedingham and Windsor just need some more examples.

    Also how are Hedingham and Windsor castles different from each other?

  26. ouch

    I looked for some without surveys and I was unsuccessful, then I decided to take one of the surveys but STILL the download button was locked… is there any way which I can download it? because obviously even the surveys are just not working
    any website that’ll guarantee it downloading? and please give a site which still works :l

    Thanks 😀

  27. mavis24

    Im doing a project in humanities. We choose ?s to answer about a topic of our choice. I chose castles. We have to ask questions we DONT know the answer to.

    So im asking:
    how did the medieval castle from the twelfth century in europe, get incorporated into disney’s work?

  28. PIE BOY

    I was recently assigned a 500 word detailed essay on Medieval Castles, and I know little to nothing on them. It’s due on 12/20/10, so I don’t have much time. Can you recommend a reliable, easy to follow site with lots of information? I need to know about castle measurements, rooms, tenants, food, servants, games played, and feasts. Please, I really need help.

  29. Andres C

    The title says it all but i would like at least 4 ways they are similar. I am doing a project on castles but cannot find anything on the internet connected to this.

  30. timq3dimensionscom

    So assume we were playing regular chess, but we only add a small variation: no castling; how would you open the game?
    Opening the center means exposing your king, closing the center my give the king trouble as strong pieces of your opponent can give you a lot of trouble!
    Without castling I would open on the flanks, and develop my rooks, early on the game (b4 or g4)

    By the way, could you please indicate a notable game in which one player castles and the other does not yet ends up winning the game!

  31. Praveen

    So I just got the board game Castles of Burgundy for my birthday, and I already have settlers of Catan.
    They look very similar, just with a different set up. Is it still worth keeping it or should I return it and get a different game? BTW I love the game settlers of Catan, but I dont want anything too similar because then it gets boring. Thanks!

  32. sean

    The California and Hong Kong castles are short but really long horizontally, but the one at Paris, which claims to be an exact replica of the castle from the movie, is really tall and on a beautiful landscape. Why are they different?

  33. ScRSC

    I enjoyed “The Spiral Staircase” (written in 1907) and love castles but can’t seem to find any mystery novels set in mansions or castles as they’re not really listed that way. Anyone know of any? Or know of an author who writes this type? I like earlier authors but would consider modern day authors as well. Thanks so much!

  34. nick s

    In Britain we have loads of old castles, many from the 15 century onwards, of which many are still in use today (mostly as tourist attractions nowadays though our Queen still lives in some of them), my question is as they had no machinery in the 15 century how long would it take to build a castle (complete with dungeons, walls and towers, moat and all the rest), and how much would it cost in today’s money allowing for inflation.

  35. colingrillo

    im doing a history assignment and need to make a concentric castle.i dont have any clue on what the features are.i need to know as many features as possible.i was thinking that they might have been shops inside the grounds of the castles? for knights who need to upgrade there weapons or food stalls.
    mine has to be between 500-1500 AD.

  36. joevsyou

    I know almost every country in Europe has castles. Did the Polish resistance use the castles in their country as hideouts or places to hide during battles.

  37. Rkmc

    There’s nothing romantic about castles; not for me, at least! Some see castles as romantic. I see castles as creepy.
    And they conjure up images of blood and beheading.
    What do people find romantic about castles? I don’t see anything romantic about it. They’re harsh, cold, and dark. Nothing but richly adorned prisons.

  38. Picean

    For a history project i need to find lots of informatipon on how castles were made. If anyone knows of any great websited that would be good as well but mainly, i need to no how many people it would take to build a medieval castle in medieval times,

  39. Ramblin Spirit

    I am looking for castles of the middle ages from Italy, I need a diagram with labels, how can I find exactly what I’m looking for? it’s for my son to build a model for school

  40. MexicanDude

    It’s for an activity for little kids, after they learn about castles. Could they use graham crackers or gingerbread to construct mini, easy to make castles? What should they attach the walls with(such as icing) etc?

    Please help!!

  41. Derek

    I love hearing or looking at ancient castles and palaces. In textbooks, news articles, internet, etc. I mean I can imagine myself when it was in great shape, all elegant, with balls, wealth, beautiful dresses. All those people once dined there and now it’s empty. It’s just so interesting. How do you feel about it? Do you find it normal, boring, fascinating, etc?

  42. Arminator

    I know the cathedrals took more than one generation to build. But they did not have power tools.

    Imagine this scenario. Someone bought land in Europe with either planning permission for a castle or the permission to rebuild a castle that was long gone and do it their own way.

    So lets forget the legal aspects. Say it did not have to meet building regulations for whatever reason.

    The castle must be built by one person only and he has 40 years to work on it. He has access to all power tools and machinery, providing it needs just one person to operate it. So no massive cranes. Would have to use hoists and jacks to move the stone.

    Lets imagine this person is already relatively good in DIY and has the internet to support him when not sure.

    The materials are delivered to the drawbridge gate and left there. So he does not have to worry about logistics.

    Also he has a generator and enough fuel for electricity, there is a forest for firewood nearby and there is a river flowing there for clean water.

    The stone is sourced locally, to keep costs down, so nothing fancy. Much like castles of old were built. The wood is also sourced locally again to keep costs down.

    In these circumstances how much of a castle could one man build single handed and how much would the materials cost.
    In terms of effort. Lets say he works on it full time. Dawn to dusk and sometimes longer. Not just sitting in a watchtower smoking pot.
    Hmm. OK this will seem bad, but just looked at Loveland Castle. That is not a castle. It’s slightly bigger than the house I live in now.

    When I was thinking of Castle I meant Castle. Obviously not a Citadel like Krak des Chevaliers. But perhaps something like Montsegur Castle
    I’m guessing Loveland Castle may have been considered a Posh Inn by the gentry back in the day, but doubt it would have even qualified as a fort let alone a castle.

  43. Samuro

    Are there any famous castles that have been destroyed? I’m thinking from anywhere in the 1400s-1800s, but particularly the Tudor era… I’m sorry if this sounds dumb. If you don’t have an answer perhaps you could direct me to a place where I could start looking for an answer (I don’t mean google, maybe a website that lists famous castles if that exists…)?

    Thanks for the help.

  44. Caltel T

    I wanted to know what are some of the most amazing castles and if there are any castles like in the Castlevania games that are built high in the mountains and have amazing spires and when it snows huge icicles form on them and have gargoyles and weird stories. Thanks!

  45. shahedC

    for a history outline i cannot find much information on the military importance of medieval castles. If someone can please help me out by listing a few examples, maybe a website also. Thanks


  46. Gage

    I am very interested in castles all of a sudden and for a school project I chose castles. I don’t really need any information about them ( I can do that myself) but it would really help if you could tell me what the 5 biggest catsles of the world are. Thanks

  47. Salam

    My boyfriend and I really want to make a trip to a scary/haunted castle. But we want to tour one of the castles you can stay the night in. Do they really do such a thing? We live in Ontario, Canada but are willing to travel as far as necessary for an amazing scary castle!

  48. Brody S

    I love the fact that there are so many castles with so much history in them. I love the ones that have been taken care of til today. my country,USA, has no such beautiful old buildings for to look at. That is one thing we don’t have here. Your country is so old and full of history. We should know more about Europe since that is where all americans began from, it is our history too. thanks for answering my question. please tell me a little history if you can.

  49. lildevilgurl152004

    Hi! I was wondering how many and which castles and lands or whatever are indeed de facto property of Her Majesty the Queen. I know that some are government-owned like the Windsor Castle if I’m not mistaken. So, which castles/lands really belong to the Royal Family, if any?

    Thanks in advance
    I am also including the lands that should the monarchy fall will belong to them and the Parliament would loose the money earned by them.

  50. ericmreitz

    I am building a castle but am having diffi ulties finding pictures of castles and an idea on how about doing it. I have a picture of what I want in my head but am unsure of how to make it real.

  51. The Villain

    Im doing a project in humanities. We choose ?s to answer about a topic of our choice. I chose castles. We have to ask questions we DONT know the answer to.

    So im asking:
    how did the medieval castle from the twelfth century in europe, get incorporated into disney’s work?

  52. JackReynolds

    I usually draw animals and fantasy creatures. Sometimes I draw people too.

    I really want to learn how to draw buildings. Mostly, castles and other unique buildings. What are the basics for drawing a castle? What is importnat to remember when drawing a castle? Are there any tutorials for drawing castles?

    Any other hints on drawing buildings would be helpful.

  53. The Villain

    Hi there everyone! I’m doing a history project based on castles at school for history, and I am really stuck. Could anyone shine some light here but I would only like a bit of guidance, not the whole answer as I wish to think for myself. Please could you suggest any websites or tips please! If possible, could you make it a bit understandable as I’m only in YR.7 at school.

    Kind Regards!

  54. TommyKay

    what is the list of dominance’s of castles in shogi? I believe that certain castles are used to counter other castles making it more better against that certain castles, does anyone know?

  55. arronwrath

    I know castles had a moat, draw bridge, inner wall, outer wall, rounded towers, arrow slits,a porcullis, and many other more defenses, but why were they useful? I need to have some answers by today. thanks!

  56. jag43216

    I live in the thousand Islands region of Upstate NY and live near Boldt Castle built by George Boldt for his bride.. I am curious to how many additional “Castles” are in the US. I have been to Scotty’s Castle in Death Valley… Are there more???

  57. altair

    i’m doing a science project on it so i really need help!
    can you tell me how have the castles changed over the time because of the weathering & erosion or any thing that will tell me why did it changed because of the weather or climate ?

  58. addmeonxbox360myuserisfallior

    I would like to visit castles in Switzerland and would like to get advise on where to good ones are to be found? Thanks.

  59. Death Knight

    What types of castles were used in Europe in the 13th and 15th centuries and why? What were the advantages/disadvantages?

  60. Andres C

    I really love old castles and stuff, especially ones by lakes and forests!! If the place you tell me about is in South East England then that would be great because that it where I live so it would be cheaper for me to travel. If you have any info on how much of the place you can see and for what cost, please let me know.

  61. addmeonxbox360myuserisfallior

    I really need a gemstone dragon in dragonvale but I don’t know how to breed one and I can’t buy it what two dragons do you use to get a ruby dragon?

  62. floydian8717

    Anybody know how to breed the Blue Moon Dragon in DragonVale easily? I need a working guide on how to breed a Blue Moon Dragon in DragonVale.

  63. thinkthought

    I have a Samsung galaxy S2, i’ve built my own little dragonvale and stuff and I would like to know if i can transfer my islands to my iPod Touch? It will be greatly appreciated for someone to let me know, thanks!

  64. Elijah luv

    I have tried like a million times and nothing has worked, is there a way that has always worked for you, I have tried all of the Panlong, Sakura and Bloom Dragon combinations listed on the DragonVale website and none of them seem to work, I even tried breed random dragons together. I am also trying to get a Forge and Sandstorm Dragon. PLEASE HELP!

  65. superdork

    I really want a blue fire dragon and a reindeer dragon on DragonVale, but I don’t know how to breed them. Please tell me if you know how to breed one of them. Be sure to tell me what level the dragons you breed have to be.

  66. shahedC

    So I just bred a Quake dragon and a Fire dragon in Dragonvale, and it takes 3 hours to incubate and hatch. I cant hatch it yet because I have another egg that takes 10 hours to hatch. I have searched for a dragon that fits this description and I can’t find any. Help?

  67. Elijah luv

    How do you get a rainbow dragon in dragonvale? And also I need friends and gems so if you guys don’t mind maybe you can help me with that too thanks

  68. Jason M

    How do you get a rainbow dragon in dragonvale? And also I need friends and gems so if you guys don’t mind maybe you can help me with that too thanks

  69. toast

    How to breed a Frostfire Dragon in Dragonvale? It was hard enough to breed a Bluefire Dragon, so what about the Frostfire Dragon? Any recommended breeding combinations?

  70. Muzahid

    A friend of mine has home work he wants to know how castles have changed over the years and developed into stone and that stuff. I need to have the info by tonight tho. PLEASE HELP!!!!

  71. Jeremy Xargor is my gamertag

    Does anyone know how to breed a Hail Dragon in DragonVale? I need a breeding guide to breed it.

  72. PillowMan1234

    Anyone know how to breed a Blue Moon Dragon in DragonVale? I need a working breeding guide for the new Blue Moon Dragon in DragonVale.

  73. Lia-lu-li

    I need to know how to breed the Diamond Dragon on Dragonvale because I just missed the Aquamarine dragon and I don’t want to miss this one. Please help!

  74. Con Orpe

    I would like to know how to breed the Topaz dragon in Dragonvale. Multiple answers please,cso if the 1st one doesnt work, i can try the other ones (:

  75. Scott W

    I heard that I dont have to spend all this money just for gems. How do you breed these dragons on dragonvale? And does anyone have 500 gems or at least an extra air dragon 2 give? My gamecenter is T-Mo777

  76. Oilers

    In Dragonvale, there is a Blue Fire Dragon, but the breeding guide says that Fire and Cold dragons are needed for this. Fire and Cold are opposites, therefore can’t breed. Any ideas on getting this one other than buying it?? That’s in advance!


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