10 thoughts on “Dungeon Rampage Hack Tool v.2.09

  1. Yoshi

    right, so my ex boyfriend, who dumped me seven months ago is being a total dick to me, harassing me, insulting me in my photos and just being a general tool. so i have decided to do something to his facebook. but i need something creative to do with it, not just regular run of the mill stuff. be it subtly changing things over a period of time or going on a mass rampage i know his password and stuff so i just need stuff to do to his account and please don’t go on to me about being mature i have tried, i’ve confronted him about it several times but he just continues to be immature. i want my revenge for once! thaanks! :)

  2. Lasagna delivery guy

    i keep getting no helpful answers to this…so i keep asking it!

    im 33 years old live in england…..years ago through reckless activity i injured my little finger upon my left hand in an accident i cant remember….i blanked out with rage i think and went on a rampage…..i have serious personality disorders and rage problems….but ive worked on them hard and got a better handle on my disorders now.

    anyhow, my little finger through my injury has ended up looking slightly deformed and crooked…..surgeons told me years ago there was nothing they could do to repair it…not even by surgery…….so i live with it i guess……..but that little finger is weaker than the other finger on my right hand…..and i cant grip as strongly with that hand.

    i just wanted to know that i was not on my own and have any others suffered any type of injury to their hands that you have to live with?….but you are still able to use your hands for gripping things etc?

    i was a very physical boy…and now a man…when i was a kid i loved playing with hammers….fighting with sticks……hacking hedgerows and roses and plants with combat knives…….and as a man now my interests have continued with a fanaticism in the english medieval era and weaponry and swords etc.

    so a very unique person iam with unique interests and hobbies. i dont take mickey mouse seriously or anybody that calls themself ‘dr mouse’.

  3. Andrew S

    Before answering, consider this if roles were reversed, what if this was a man from Afghanistan, who went on a murdering rampage, murdering your neighbours and their children.

    Should he be tried in your country, or in his own?

  4. toast

    I mean, is it OK to go on a maniacal rampage through the store tearing everything down? Let’s say nobody got hurt, unless you count the huge inflatable Santa and the manager of the store, who “swallowed” a Christmas ornament when he got in the way. This is purely hypothetical, by the way.

  5. Balla

    I took some advice and added some cards to my deck. Monsters: Gearfried THe Swordsmaster Elemental Hero Neos Gaia The Fierce Knight Lesser Fiend Man Eater Bug Apprentice Magician Magician Of Faith Rampaging Rynos Exiled Force Sangan Penguin Soldier Warrior Dai Grepher The Six Samurai-Kamon The Six SAmurai-Yaichi Dark Bladex2 Gearfried The Iron Knightx2 Marauding Captainx2 Elemental Hero Wildheartx2

    Magic/Spells: Heavy Storm Wicked-Breaking Flamberge – Baou Fusion Sword Murasame Bladex2 Legendary Ebon Steed Mystical Space Typhoon Lightning Vortex Swords of Revealing Light Release Restraint Axe of Despair Reinforcements of the Army Pot of Avarice The Warrior Returning Alive

    Traps: Magic Jammer Trap Jammeer Swift Samurai Storm Blast Held By a Tribute Call of the Haunted Eliminating the League Magic Cylinder From 1 to 10. 1 Being the worst 10 being the best.

  6. kewlflame14

    nowadays, metal music is clumped with things like dungeons and dragons, anime, comic books, etc…….i dont think it was like this during the 80s and stuff. why is this?

  7. xLittle21Yaox

    Yeah im looking for a great new game for some cool mobs killing rampage. I used to play maplestory and Dofus online i played lotsa games. Likes: Fighting Action Online Free Dislikes: Shooting army games and runescape < Oh yeah my computer is gay and slow so if u kno a game that my computer can handle pls tell me so.

  8. Matthew S

    As anyone can tell who has watched the News, gone shopping, or given your paycheck a long, hard stare, you must have realized we are going through a recession which will make the holidays slightly depressing. Which was why I was faced with a conundrum when I thought about what I should put on my Christmas list. I have a choice between two consoles, each having a purpose that I would really like to utilize. The first is a new PC that is gaming compatible. I really need a new laptop seeing as my current one is over five years old this Christmas and will no longer allow me to play any Sims or PC games. So of course I almost went on a rampage when my computer crashed three days after installing The Sims Three. For now my computer is only good for writing, and even that purpose is slowly withering away. I can no longer access Google or Bing for any websites that I could publish on or any blue prints of a certain appliance that I need. So along with my intense want to finally experience the Sims as it was meant to be, controlling a creatures movements in a matter of seconds, disregarding if there half way across town. You may think that this would make me put this on my list and forget about any other systems, but your dead wrong. After the Wii nintendo came out, I have been missing that feeling of pride whenever I save the princess or get pass the dungeon. The Wii only focuses on the psychical part of video gaming, and in my world those two words should not be in the same sentence unless describing the players character in the game, or telling how said gamer does not get enough psychical activity, no offense to any gamers that might find this offensive, as I’m sure some of you aren’t like the stereo-typical gamer of yesterday. Well, back to the topic at hand, I wish to own a X-Box 360, that in my opinion would spark back my interest in gaming that was killed after receiving my Rock Band Set during Christmas of 2008. The X-box 360 allows the player to connect with friends around the world, or even across the street, allows you to play with anyone the owns the same game as you such as Left 4 Dead, that makes a point in it’s game play to work with others. Other uses that I find fascinating is the option to by video games solely from your 360, walking not included along with storage, not counting memory for 360 of course. You can see why I am having a difficult time choosing between these two, seeing as laptops are starting to become more mandatory in schools, and if I get a new one this year, by the time I graduate from high school, I will be equipped with a newer version as soon as the one provided during Christmas 2009 dies. Yet on the other hand, I want to experience gaming on a whole other level, and getting tired of the Wii. Then there is the second issue at hand, my birthday which follows closely after Christmas. thirty-four days to be exact. So I have four options, option A: go with the PC, option B: go with the X-box 360, and option C: ask for laptop for Christmas, and ask for X-Box 360 for my birthday, and option D: ask for an X-Box 360 for Christmas and a PC for my birthday.

    Please give me your input on what option I should go with and why you think so. If you think I should go with either D or C, tell me why you think I would be able to get one more likely in December then in January. Thank you for any help you may provide. I’m not a spoiled child, I’m thinking in more techinical terms. If I have a laptop, my school word involving computer wise class will be efficent and quality work, while if I have a X-Box 360 that has quite a lot of gaming oppurtunities than I would stay off the streets where I could come in contact with violence or drugs.

  9. Gundown64

    Alright. So I recently started playing Skyrim (Xbox 360, not PC) and quite honestly, I need help. I feel like I’m progressing quite slowly, despite trying my best. Honestly, I’m rather n00bish to it. I’ve watched my friends play and such, but I only just started a while back. If you could lend me some tips and/or answer my questions, I’d greatly appreciate it.

    First, here’s some background so you can get a good idea of where I’m at. I’m Khajiit, and I’m focusing on destruction magic (perk wise), archery (Fenindel(? the wood elf) is my companion, and I use him to gain experience for free essentially), and 2 handed combat (fall-back weapon, I think its a steel greatsword). I think my sneak level is quite high as well. I’m somewhere in the level 11-14 range. As far as the main quest line goes, my next “goal” is to sneak into an embassy and find some evidence (or something, I forget). I’m not progressing as of now because of my low level. (I can’t check these currently, I’m in college, and the only chances I get to play are when I go home for the weekend.)

    1. How can I make more money? I’m doing side quests right now, and I’m about to join the dark brotherhood to try and get assassination rewards. I have an amulet that boost my “speech” ability when selling things, but I’m getting far from full price currently. I’m trying really freaking hard to save up and buy a house. Which leads to:

    2. Where is the best house? I have the ability to buy a house in Whiterun, but my friend had a significantly larger house somewhere else. I think it was in Riften perhaps? It had a lower level with dumies you could put your armor on. I know they get more expensive per area, is it best to just start with Whiterun so I have somewhere to unload my items?

    3. How can I raise my Smithing ability quickly? I reeeeaaaally want the dragon armor (light, I’m thinking) but I believe that my smithing ability is dismally low. What can I do to make it better?

    4. I don’t understand the “play-styles.” Are there actually benefits to choosing a “style?” (I know this page: http://elderscrolls.wikia.com/wiki/Forum:Skyrim:Playstyles but is it a real “thing?”) As far a style goes, I’m trying to be an overall “good” person within Skyrim. Helping people, not going on rampages, and such- but also kind of operating on a shadier note, like assassination and the like, but nothing too serious I suppose. I’ll probably join the Imperials, the Stormcloaks seem like racist jerks. (Because I’m playing as a Khajiit, haha)

    5. Marriage? I have the Amulet of Mara. I’d like to get married to someone who will benefit me. (Shallow, no?) (I know this list, btw: Are there certain benefits to certain npcs? Also, no Khajiit? Thats rather stupid.

    6. Followers? (plural?) I know the Delphine and Esbern trick, I haven’t done that yet though. Also, I’ve heard you can get dogs, but I haven’t read anything on that. Is that a good idea? If so, how do I get one?

    Also, dear person, if you have any general tips, I’m more than likely to read them.

    Thank you for reading that wall of text, and if applicable, your help! misprint: “… general tips, I’m more than HAPPY to read them.”


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