17 thoughts on “Facebook Account Hacker 2013

  1. unbleevable39

    I was either hacked or my email was spoofed. I would imagine hacked because emails were sent to my contacts but the problem is there is no evidence of the emails being sent in the sent folder. I have received emails from mail daemon that said some were rejected. I have changed by password to a and it is now 15+ digits with caps,lowercase special characters and numbers. My computer was off at the time so I may have a key logger but last time I scanned and checked running programs in task manager, their was nothing suspicious., Few questions.

    1. If I was hacked was it personal, or because of a virus 2. Does it sound like I was spoofed or hacked? 3. If spoofed, what can I do to prevent it again 4. If hacked, why didn’t they change the password before I did?

  2. josh12rox

    I believe an old email account has been compromised and I’d like to delete it but can’t access it as I can’t remember the password. The password helper is linked to another account that has now closed so I can’t get help with it. Any ideas how to close the account?

  3. isk8at818

    My account has been hacked and upon receipt of this warning from one of my clients/contacts I sent to a few contacts on my list but later tried to send to the full contact list or part thereof and continually Yahoo refuses me the right to warn my contacts. This is a disservice and thus a potential threat to my good name and my contacts as they may be thinking I am the one communicating with them

  4. Courtney

    I have not sent anything weird, just a few images to a friend. I logged out and after an hour or so, tried to send an email and this happens.

    I need my account back.
    How do I resolve this.

    I changed my password, just in case.

  5. PoohBearPenguin

    My account was hacked around the 4/5 of April 2013 to my knowledge and the person started sending emails indicating that I request funding and/or trying to defraud people requesting them to give him some money. Upon being notified by one of my contacts/clients of this issue I reported it to Yahoo who tried to recover my emails including the folders and contacts but never informed me of any investigation they have undertaken and who the culprit may have been.

  6. Malcolm Hudson

    I received an email that has 2 attachments. When I forward the email, whether to Outlook or Gmail, whether using Firefox or IE, the email arrives without the attachments.

  7. borabora5524

    I am trying to write an email from tommorrow but yahoo it is not working .I am totally unable to compose an email from my yahoo account and it looks different too I have no idea why it is not working other wise everything is fine,now I have opened a new account with gmail because I can’t survive without it. I am unable to type a single word in the email box. Pls replyhow can get it back.

  8. hank baseballs

    In the announcement of the new mail DESIGN is misspelled Faster email Cleaner, easier-to-use desgin Also available on all major mobile devices: iOS, Android and Windows 8 Another stupid Yahoo mistake And to make life more interesting – the DO NOT REPLY e-mail sent to tell me this was being removed from the Suggestions Board included a link that does not work.

  9. Sriram R

    I changed my password, logged off my computer and logged back on. I signed in with my new password and I still can’t reply to emails.

  10. krow147

    I have not been able to access my yahoo mail for 5 days I’m locked out and it says password is wrong I have tried everything please help . I go to change password , then that takes me to locked and I keep going around. Cannot contact anybody .

  11. Ray D

    I had this problem once before. I am familiar with the process but when I attempt to attach a file it seems as if the system freezes and nothing is happening.

  12. llb443

    My Friend got an email with my name as the sender from an email address that is not mine. How do I deal with this? I do not have a common name so it concerns me.

  13. Erfan

    tried the usual way through the help centre but there is no possibility to even send a form/email, it keeps saying sorry no more support available for this topic. My account was spammed twice recently and I know this is a wide spread problem well reported in the news. And now I can’t even get hold of yahoo.What a joke! Ayone with the same issue?

  14. ConfusionnaJob

    I’ve changed my password now. I lost all my sent emails and found them in the trash, since then all my emails have been going to my trash. Someone recommended I change the filter from trash to inbox and thats working ok for the moment, but all my contacts have disappeared.

  15. lildevilgurl152004

    my yahoo address is sending out mail with a link and I am not the one sending it. I need to close the account now.


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