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About Facebook Credits Generator

Many users are aware of this, it is like a virtual currency which is used by the Facebook for purchasing games and products. Using Facebook credits, users can purchase any app like tetris battle, farmville, Zynga Apps , e-cards for your friends and love ones and so on. Some common ways of purchasing credits are – using PayPal or Credit Card.
But what if users dont have sufficient money to buy those Facebook credits. For all those users we have developed a tool which can generate codes for. This tool is working worldwide and absolutely of cost. This doesn’t include or any other suspicious activity, it usually generates random codes from database. As we all know facebook has become so popular nowadays. It has over 80 billion user all over the world. Facebook provides a social environment to all its user so that they can communicate with each other. Many users also enjoy gaming on facebook. Some of common games being played over facebook are CityVille, CivWorld, Empires and Allies, FrontierVille etc.

Features :

Updated 15 January 2013 . Fixed some bugs!
Generates Unique Codes Every Time
No matter , where you are from . Everyone can use these codes.
This is a freeware and open source program.
100 % spyware and easy to use.

Instructions for Facebook Credits Generator

1. Download the File:

2. Unzip it and run the exe application.

3. Select how many credits do you want to add.

4. Click Add button. The credits will be automatically added in your account.

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25 thoughts on “Facebook Credits Generator

  1. altair

    Hi guys!
    I recently found that facebook games are really nice. But it’s a lot easier and funnier to play with premium. So is there any way to get free facebook credits? Any generator or cheat?

  2. nothin_nyce1

    i hate those f**king surveys i have download this software up to 10 times but some time they said fill surveys to download n sometime after download they said fill password n then again surveys ?????????? some one pls help me i want to download this software

  3. ScRSC

    Im playing this game on facebook but its really hard to be on the top without any ingame cash or premium items, i really really like this game and i want to be on the top, but im just a regular kid and i dont have enough money to buy those expensive items in the market T_T how i wish there is a facebook credits generator or hack that is working. I would really be thankful for your answers.


    Like the title says, is there any Facebook credits generator or cheat or hack where i can use it.. im playing a facebook game and i really wanna buy the item on the game shop but i dont have enough points to buy it so im wondering if theres a facebook credits generator / hack / cheat out there..

    please notify me if there is any..

    by the way tnx to anyone who will help

  5. maskills24

    Without any survey or not a torrent at all, which works completely.
    You can even give me site of Facebook Credits Generator also, but with same conditions.

  6. Jon P

    I’ve used up all my credits, I ran out of offers on appdog and facebook, I can never get the password for those generators, and my shopkick account got deleted. Are there any other ways to get free facebook credits? I can’t wait for my energy to recharge!

  7. Balla

    I saw on YouTube last because someone had a Facebook
    Credits generator has even worked. And now of course I would like to have as a part ..

    Who cool if someone could give me a page where you can these
    Facebook Credits Generator Download

    Thanks in expected

  8. forahobby

    Hi guys!~
    I recently found that facebook games are really nice. But it’s a lot easier and funnier to play with premium. So is there any way to get free facebook credits? Any generator or cheat?

  9. John G

    Does anyone in this world has a facebook credit generator because I saw it on youtube and it worked for others and it’s free to download but all I found working has a surveys.

    Could someone send me a working facebook credit generator.
    Please send me the application not the download link .
    send here jern21@yahoo.com

  10. stingerms

    I play a game called superheroes alliance.I really need some fb credits to buy this thing as I have no money and it would be easy to get some free…I don’t mind downloading a generator, but surveys are a big no no as they never work and are time consuming…,o passwords either…thanks for your time!

  11. ConfusionnaJob

    Hey, guys, I need fb credits but I don’t want to pay for it, I also don’t like to use the generators or any hack. I wanna get some easily and legally. Does anyone know where?

  12. Praveen

    Where can i download Facebook Credits Generator?
    I’ve been looking to download Facebook Credits Generator, but couldn’t find good website or working files.
    Can Anyone suggest the best one? Thanks (John)

  13. Con Orpe

    I need some for a game but I can’t buy it so if you know a code generator or somethng can you make a code then give it to me?

  14. henryshensbcglobalnet

    I’m tired of having to complete surveys, download false generators, and the expensive sh.t credits you have to buy. How an I get free facebook credits without those things? Any answer that says ”Just buy them” will be reported.

  15. Marshal

    Free Facebook Credits Generator for UK ? Does anyone know a generator that adds 50 or 100 legit coins on British Facebook Accounts ?


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