Facebook Hacker

Facebook Hacker

If you need a 100% working facebook account hacker, then you are in the right place, just follow these steps:

– Download, unzip and run our Facebook Hacker program
– Wait a few seconds to the specified account
– Get the password and you’re done


To run Facebook Hacker you must have installed microsoft .NET framework 3.0 or higher, if you receive this error when start Facebook Hacker  and install latest microsoft .NET framework from here.

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9 thoughts on “Facebook Hacker

  1. Matt

    Say I hacked a kids Facebook and played a somewhat mean prank. If his family reports it
    to the police what are the chances they take it seriously and actually find me?

  2. toysruslover

    I know someone that is going to hack someones account, and i want to notify facebook before it actually happens. Who should i notify, i dont want to get this person in trouble, nor do i want the person to know they will be possbily hacked. Who should i notify or contact?

  3. Xedo

    I actually know who my Facebook hacker is. I’ll be contacting Facebook, however this will be a lengthy process, I’m sure. I will be prosecuting the hacker for this, along with several other violent crimes against me. But for at least the preliminary hearings, I would like to have something, somewhat concrete to show the courts. I have learned quite a bit lately about hacking, different types, the type of information that can be accessed, etc. I have actually become very savvy when it comes to this. I have been able to identify my hacker in 3 different forms already. However, the hack I am trying to trace now is giving me some difficulty. Although I have become savvy, I’m sure that I am still by far rather ignorant when it comes to this. The most recent hack is a Facebook message interceptor, the access might be via Facebook or my gmail account associated with my Facebook account. It seems as though the hacker can act as the person that I was originally messaging. I would imagine there must be some identifying information within the page/source/element codes, I just can’t seem to locate it. Help please.

  4. Benihana

    I told Facebook that I wanted to delete my profile permanently, but it told me I have to wait for two weeks before it will actually delete my profile.

    Why does it do that?

  5. _marky_mark_

    Suppose I have my profile set very private, you can’t even find me if you search my name there. The only way for someone not in my friend’s list to see my profile is either by the direct link or by seeing me in a comment or friend’s list of one of my friends.

    How sure can I be that no one (outside my friend’s list) can see anything other than my profile pic and gender?

    and what is the likelihood of hackers?

  6. forahobby

    I kept getting spam with websites send to me via facebook chat and I clicked on of them, and now Facebook is sending the websites to my friends through my account without my permission. How do I make it stop?

  7. Courtney

    Someone hacked my Facebook and left some innapropriate messages to some of my friends like “wats ur bra size” and wanting to get into people pants. We believe they are from my school. We want to know who they are? Can the police help? What will they say/do? Cant the trae their Ip address? If not, how far does the person need to go until the finally do something? help please!

  8. Jeanelle the Retard

    My brother keeps hacking my facebook and getting my password somehow and eveytime i change it he keeps hacking it and messing with my proifile. I think h might have downloaded something or gone onto a website to do it but i’m not sure. Hoe can i stop him from getting my password?


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