Farmville 2- 2013 New Hack


CityVille is the largest game on Facebook by monthly active users, according to AppData. In CityVille, our players build the city of their dreams. Players can build homes, businesses, famous landmarks and public buildings to grow their city. In addition, players can socialize within cities with their family and friends by asking them to help by working in community buildings, such as police departments, or by building franchises, such as toy stores. CityVille surpassed 61 million MAUs within the first 50 days after launch. CityVille was our first game launched in multiple languages (English, French, German, Italian and Spanish). In June 2011, we launched CityVille Hometown, a mobile application available on Apple iOS platforms. CityVille Hometown enables players to build small towns and villages and connect with their Facebook friends.

CityVille allows players to become the owner of a virtual city and to oversee its development into a large metropolis. The city can grow with various tasks to be performed. The amount of energy available increases as the player gains in experience levels, up to a maximum of 30 or 38 with the dam addition and up to 47 with the addition of the wind farm. The energy points are replenished automatically at a constant rate of one energy every five minutes.

The player can also visit their neighbor’s city and perform up to five different jobs every 12 hours. This gives the player reputation points. The points provide the player with a goods bonus and one or two heart requests with each reputation level-up. Points increase the amount of energy, experience level and coins bonuses available on a daily basis. Players can send other players gifts and help them in some of their goals. The main task of the game is to complete goals, which can be seen on the top left corner of the screen and earn City Coins. Players can also buy goods, sell goods (supplying goods to other players’ cities if their business branches are in their cities), and produce their own goods by farming and shipping. CityVille initially had 80 experience levels, which was increased to 90 experience levels and again to 200 experience levels.


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38 thoughts on “Farmville 2- 2013 New Hack

  1. Jeffery Carlson

    Specifically building 14, around Cisco Way/Zanker/River Oaks Pkwy. I see the North Park community buildings and Avalon/Elan at River Oaks. Mixed reviews though. Any recommendations? Worth the price to save on the commute?
    Oops. this is probably in the wrong category. I’m talking about renting. As in I want to rent. Oh well.

  2. Krazy Bob

    My group is going to use miniature houses and buildings (made of cardboard) in an illustration board to be “put light bulbs” on –how can I do it? What connection should we use and any recommendations?

  3. mavis24

    I am a sims fan, i love this game. But i’ve always wondered if they would ever make it so we can follow sims inside of community buildings and follow sim children to school…Will this ever happen or am i thinking waaayyy outside the box?

  4. Brian

    Rather than on economic cost?

    Nowadays, there isn’t such a focus on putting up a wonderfully-designed building up for a store since its too cost-prohibitive.

    But in medieval and colonial societies, they could have just made regular buildings that weren’t so aesthetically pleasing. Why did they do so? They left us with beautiful buildings :)

  5. United

    I remember that in the original Sims Unleashed, you could click on a community lot and build a cafe or gathering place, or even a garden/park. Are you still able to do this? And can you delete a community building you don’t want there? And…What happens when your neighborhood is full…are you supposed to just delete people to make more room?

  6. ConfusionnaJob

    I like cityville alot , just want to know how many levels i need to finish.
    one of my neighbors is in level 78

  7. floydian8717

    i have building grants but when i click on them in my inventory nothing happens. It says they are for finishing community buildings, which i figured means filling the positions in a community building.
    Soooooooo how do you do it?!?!?!

  8. Spider Pc

    How do you start a new government program? Like a building program also to create jobs; planting trees and building community buildings, like libraries, or community gardens and stuff.
    by “your answers all” i mean first 4… (sorry)
    your answers all suck, maybe because the options all suck…

    how about we just hava revolution? that sounds much easier.

  9. D3ZZY

    I am about to leave the seeventh grade. I make all A’s and have nothing to do this summer. I would like to do a really nice community service project. Any ideas?

  10. mendhak

    When I was younger my hometown was predominantly white and it was very nice, low crime rates, you could leave your homes and cars unlocked, etc. Then towards the end of middle school some of those cheap, subsidized apartment buildings were built. Blacks and Puerto Ricans began pouring in and it hasn’t been safe since.

  11. EzioAuditore1459

    Say I get my GED in the state of New Jersey and go to a community college for two years. Will I be able to apply to a regular college, say a university, after I graduate from the community college, or will I not be able to because I got my GED.

  12. Jesse

    Friends that should come up on the screen as friends does not come up and appear on screen so I can ask their help to hire as help to complete my community buildings. How can I get help with Cityville. Does anyone know an e-mail address for Cityville?

  13. norrin_shadowwolf

    For example, improving a sense of community, reducing crime. Buildings that meet the needs of individuals and society.

  14. Gabriel Kenney

    How is Animal Welfare affecting our community? Think of how you have seen this problem or issue. How do you know it is a problem in your community? Be as specific as you can.

  15. Rishabh Bajpai

    I came up with:
    Museums, Libraries, Tech centers, Activity Centers, maybe playgrounds and Gymnasiums.
    What am I leaving out?

  16. Travoiz

    So i have been really trying to figure out how to put up a community lot on the sims 3. I put the biggest lot that i have in the world. Then when i get the community lot the lot icon disappears. Does anyone know how to put a community lot up?

  17. mr flibble

    I have to do a Triple Venn Diagram for one of my classes, but I dont really know what the differences are. What do you find in a Rural Community, that you dont see in an Urban Community? What do they drive? What do people live in over there? (Apartments, condos, houses, etc.) Helppp pleaseeeee?

  18. superdork

    Unfortunately I have 8 hours of community service tomorrow, and then another 8 later in the week. I’m just curious about what I’m in for. 8 hours is longer then I go to school for, and I’m just wondering if I should be expecting horrible gruesome work or not. All this for a measly cigarette.

  19. sick_mick_101

    I accidentally deleted Capitol building when i placed it in my town and tried to build it..i have a GOAL to reach, needing Capitol building to finish it…It was in my inventory when i got it and now when this happened, i couldn’t find it anywhere. Not in inventory, community buildings or anywhere else..
    If u know how to retrieve it, it will be a huge help for me!! :) sry if i had misspellings

  20. NC Baller

    I’ve figured out how to make community lots but I can’t figure out how to make it a restaurant! Please tell me it’s possible because it was in the sims 2 wasn’t it? And sims 3 is supposed to be improved! If it isnt possible I will be extremely disappointed. Community lots are my favorite!

  21. Sonny

    I was recently flashed by a red light camera at an intersection as I was making a rolling right hand turn on a red. I was fined 375 dollars and opted for community service. I’m not sure if Tucson courts have particular types of community service, I dont want to do thirty hours of unapproved community service.

  22. Eric

    We are a small (husband and wife) consulting company specializing in data mining, development of custom reports, ERP implementation and configuration, and development of custom, web-enabled applications for business process management in the San Francisco Bay Area ( Keywords for our type of business are very expensive. What is the best way to promote our business to the local community online?

  23. rndmaktn

    I have a world cultures brochure due tomorrow on Anceint Sumer and it has to have public buildings. I already have Ziggurat. HELP!

  24. Joe M

    How many people are aware that they did not build church buildings preaching self righteousness and prosperity by exploiting their brothers and sisters?

  25. brincks26

    Does anyone know how to create multiple links with different Hash keys of zoning permit in cityville?
    I am trying searching on net about this and also downloaded some gamesettings of Zynga..
    But not getting the write way to get it..
    Does anyone know about this?

  26. simply complicated

    I am looking for an apartment in Pittsburgh, pa but it seems every site except Craigslist (scamville) lists apartments that are part of a community or a high rise. I would like to rent an apartment in a house or a duplex. Does anyone get what I’m trying to say?

  27. Dr Dorian

    I would like to know because I play that game a lot and I would like to know if I can get more cash. I don’t know many people who play the game cityville to give me more or fill in positions at community buildings but I would like to know if they come in naturally or do I have to buy more.

  28. Mark M

    in the same building that was here 50 years ago. They refuse to remodel or update.
    They will not move our department to one of the new buildings either.

    The entire place smells like mold or dampness.
    The basement leaks and the entire building is infested with bugs. The roof is falling, leaks and overhangs are deteriorating.

    Another building on campus has asbestos, still this University refuses to fix or demolish these buildings.

    Can this be reported to OSHA?

  29. Mathew

    Many people (myself included) know that becoming a professional actor/actress is extremely rigorous. Some think that being involved with this industry is very risky from a monetary view.

    What are other ways that people can be involved with the professional art community (especially major ones such as Broadway) without being an actor/ tech/makeup artist, etc. or just being a spectator?

  30. Lachlan

    I want to play cityville on facebook on my ipod touch but i need flash player but i cant download it because apple says that they dont allow flash player to be installed on it. Please help me.!

  31. altair

    Specifically building 14, around Cisco Way/Zanker/River Oaks Pkwy. I see the North Park community buildings and Avalon/Elan at River Oaks. Mixed reviews though. Any recommendations? Worth the price to save on the commute?
    Oops. this is probably in the wrong category. I’m talking about renting. As in I want to rent. Oh well.

  32. EzioAuditore1459

    Ok well i have an ATI raedeon 200 series graphics thing and everything in my game works ok, but the community buildings are just blank inside i can’t see anything not even my sim when it’s in them..what could be going on? Please i need help

  33. Kevin

    I am about to leave the seeventh grade. I make all A’s and have nothing to do this summer. I would like to do a really nice community service project. Any ideas?

  34. Sonny

    I just got the game yesterday and
    1) the ultra speed doesn’t go ultra…AT ALL
    2) it’s super slow
    3) i can’t look inside community buildings?

    I’m wondering if anyone else is having problems


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