FarmVille 2 Hack

FarmVille 2 Hack Download

Welcome to the official Cheats & Tips Fan Page about your amazing FarmVille 2 Zynga Facebook Game. This is new FB games generation in beautiful world 3D. Build your own the highest farm full of crops and animals. You need money to be better than your friends. You want be great farmer ? If yes please stay with us and learn how to get farm bucks and coins, Read more below.FarmVille 2 Hack

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FarmVille 2 Hack

Cheats FarmVille 2 Options

  • Farm Bucks & Coins Cheat
  • Double exp and new land expansion
  • Unlimited feed and fertilizer
  • Refill water in to full
  • Auto plant crops bot

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87 thoughts on “FarmVille 2 Hack

  1. Mak Sultan

    I have a farmville 2 thing and I am trying to figure out how to get cheats. I want to get Farm bucks, coins, and stuff like that. I cant find the actual cheats for stuff like that. Also the cheat for prizing animals. The ones I found i had no idea how to use. I had to download some Farmville Hack 2 thing, does anyone know where I can get that for free? without having to sign up for anything or taking any surveys.

    So to clear things up. i want to find actual working cheats for Farmville 2. Like one for prizing animals (spanish turkeys), getting coins, and farm bucks.
    Also i need to know how to use the cheats. Do i need to download anything? I do not want to have to pay, sign up. or take surveys for anything.

  2. Nathan B

    Hello, I may sound very lazy but does any one no how to coin hack farmville so that i can get lots of coins, please no-one give me a link to those servey ones, or ones that you have to pay. I don’t mind if it is how to do it on cheat engine but please can no-one put a stupid answer like “I duno” or “I don’t care i have 2 points now”
    Thanks for your time

  3. slipknot0129

    How do i download the hack on my “MAC BOOK PRO”!!! for some reason people cant understand why i cant just download one for pc but anyway back to the original question. how can i download on with: NO SURVEY, NO PASSWORD “unless you know the password”,NO ADDITIONAL THINGS NEEDED ” like oh sigh up for this or free that JUST NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! . Its sickening how many different sites want that stuff. but if anyone can help that would be great!!!
    No facebook is the one trying to get my money i dont want to waist money on stupid things such as farm bucks

  4. Salam

    I started farmville today on facebook. i looked for speed hacks and i found some, but they were for PC. I tried them on my dads laptop, but the program became unresponsive when i hit windows list. so here are my questions:

    1. do i need vista for the hack?
    2. is there a hack for pc?

    PLEASE answer, it’s so slow and boring

  5. superdork

    So, I’ve been getting this more and more on facebook, and I’m wondering how this scam works.

    -So, some person I’m friends with (not really close to them, an acquaintance) on facebook sends me a message on facebook chat. *defense is immediately up*

    -they say something like “Woah! is this you in this vid?” or “LOL have you seen this pic of you?” *even more suspicious* because 1. I don’t post anything online that could come back to haunt me, and 2. no one talks like this, especially because no one capitalizes “lol” anymore.

    -this is followed by a suspicious link, either to some site with a REALLY suspicious name, or a url that seems to be facebook, possibly an app whose url is made to give no hints, but still lure in unsuspecting people.

    -the person almost immediately goes offline.

    I’m curious, is this a scam that takes over people’s accounts and sends this message to people, or does the person (for whatever reason) choose to do this?

  6. The Inc

    Then send a friend request to my id “mukul kumar” state the place as ‘panipat’
    my pic is like a windmill on a greeny grassy land with clouds
    aad me as friend and then neighbour i need u
    so please send me friend requests
    wait now my profile pic says ‘photo has gone for dry-cleaning’ i m serious

  7. opurt

    I am currently starting a small zoo, and I need a couple more animals. They should be small, and then I would expand…But what animals should I start out with?

  8. mmminja

    how are ppl on farmville cheating i see ppl talking bout it on there but i dont see how u can all you do is plant and harvest crops.

  9. Nick

    My now ex-girlfriend had facebook on my computer and she was messaging some guy on how she is currently going out with multiple guys, all at the same time. I didn’t travel to this page this was left on my computer.

    1. Is it legal for me to copy the chat and use it in a letter to inform the other boyfriends what’s going on?
    2. If i were to be using firefox and use the save and quit button, and reopen it at a later date to find access to a more current message log; would it be legal for me to copy this chat and use it in my letter?

    This isn’t hacking. But I have no clue if this is invasion of privacy or not. Facebook was the first thing I saw when it booted from standby.

  10. Michael

    I tried to google this process but as usual, I got a tonne of crap, nothing useful.
    So how do you hack farmville 2 using cheat engine 6.1?

  11. shahedC

    So my friend and I are having a farmville competition (yeah pretty lame ha). We are practically tied, both level 29s and around the same XP, but i noticed she has 2 gumdrop trees. They are 20 farmcash each, but she insists she is not using real money to play this game. I asked her about and she said she cant tell me her secret. I have no idea who would be sending those to her either and i know she isn’t like doing some complex hacking.

    Is there a way to get gumdrop trees/farmcash without paying or having someone send it to you?

  12. mavis24

    I love animals more then anything. I am even working on a career that has to do with animals. I would love to get a tattoo that has to do with being a huge animal lover..but im not sure what yet.. Anyone have ideas? Thanks.
    and this isnt my first tattoo or anything. i have a half sleeve, my feet, stomach piece, one behind each ear, my wrists, one on my shoulder, back of my neck and the inside of my lip.

  13. apleaforbrandon

    Also when is Apple going to let you use Adobe flash player because there no point in getting Ipad to search the internet if you can’t play games that need flash player

  14. Miguel M

    she discovered facebook last christmas and she has been addicted to farmville since she had created her account. she works 2nd shift and when she gets home she plays farmville until early in the morning then complains to me that she didn’t get enough sleep because of “my tv” which isn’t even on at night. She spends money on farmville like she should to keep our house in tact. Her doctor said she needs to get healthier and excercise and she is using this time to be on farmville! I’ve been thinking about hacking her facebook and deleting her account in whole, but I dont know if I should or not! This probably sounds like a cliche… but she is going to die if she doesn’t stop playing farmville. take example for today. She woke up at 9 A.M. Here it is 8:30 PM and she is STILL ON FARMVILLE. She treats me and my brother like crap, she doesn’t take care of herself, she doesn’t get enough sleep. What should I do? I tried to talk to other family members but they all play it as well and don’t see a problem!!!!!!!!

  15. Derek

    I can’t find the chrome.exe> what step am i missing?
    Do you know of a website that shows you from the first them to the last time how to hack farmville 2?

  16. RichT

    Hello my name is Cfeavel12 and i am having bad computer problems i have no clue on what im dealing with or how to fix it so i really hope someone out there will so here i go trying to explain what problems im having…

    1st) something i think is kind of obvious, when i try to play a Flash game like FarmVille or PetVille or well you get the point when i try to open a game it says your flash play is out dated or what ever click here to upgrade to current version, so i do that then when i do it says it Error: Failed to register.

    2nd) When i try to open a Desktop icon it says ( This application has failed to start because WINMM.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem). so i click ok then it starts to open and as long as i click the ok button it will keep opening but i dont want to keep clicking the button and im sure the error is probly not good. also when i try to click some other icons it also pops up and says ( This application has failed to start because imm32.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem) but the application does not even pop up after this error occurs.

    3) alright right not that is all the errors and stuff i can find and also i am kind of a nerd and i play a MMORPG called Rappelz i will not let me open that on here eaither it comes up and all that but it freezes and i would really love to have my computer back so if you know what the issue is please contact me by


    this is a bad emergancy and i want this gone fast and i want my computer back so Please help ASAP. ill be standing by for Emails so i will try and respond fast with my HTC Hero thanks alot bye.

  17. Matthew David

    are there any good farmville hacks that work? and not work until you refresh it and it all goes back to normal?. i already know the cheat engine 5.5 on and it sucks cause when refreshed it all goes back to normal.

  18. Disrae

    I have experience with this thing. The second time i downloaded it, i tried to use it but this was the problem: Every time i put the value then click “next scan”, nothing comes up in the list to the left. What should i do?plz help me i am so desperate. And don’t put any crappy answers, that wont help at all. BEST ANSWER GET 10 POINTS GUARANTEE!

  19. Cpt Excelsior



  20. Marshal

    Wanting to use it for farmville 2 xP just curious because I have to log in with facebook to use their link exchange and I don’t want to be hacked…

  21. Scorch Delta-62

    So I logged into my facebook account and I saw 2 posts from a name I didn’t know (weird spelling) and it said relax this isn’t a hack, have fun and good gaming. Something like that. Then there was a second post with just a bunch of jumbled up letters. The weird thing is it said the posts were from farmville, but I went to their page and they weren’t on there. I marked them as spam and changed my password. Anyone know what this was?
    This wasn’t on my profile wall, it was in the news feed

  22. balinderk2000

    I have been continuously trying to download numerous different tools for this, they keep asking for surveys so i complete the surveys then i stil get nothing. I have tried treat engine and it wont hack through it either. Does anyone know anything about these? or how i can get one with out a stupid survey! its making my very frustrated, i follow all the steps and there are even comments below saying thanks and what not….im just aggravated. HELP!!!

  23. JimT

    I love this facebook game. Is there available farmville 2 cheats. that is free farmville2 hacks.
    I really need it i want to level fast and over take my friends farm yards.
    farmville 2 cheats
    farmville 2 astuces
    farmville 2 tricher
    farmville2 trainer

  24. Blake

    Alright i have been playing farmville for like 2 or 3 weeks now and i need some tips and tricks on it im am not talking about hacks and stuff like that i mean some tips and tricks stuff like that so here are the things i need some tips on
    -Getting more coins
    -more animals
    Stuff like that.

    And here are my questions that i have

    1.How do you get more Farmville cash With out paying for it?

    Please help me
    Thank you!!!

  25. Joey 01

    found problem was account had been terminated – everything gone. not very computer literate i did know to check ip log ins to see who had accessed email. luckily I decided to do some searching ..found computer had been hacked 6 days prior. was somewhat surprised as I don’t do much web surfing – do play farmville and yo-ville. 2 hours on phone and $49 later supposedly computer is “safe”. QUESTION: since it does not crash computer like a virus and being unable to access my email was only clue I had a problem …. what do I look for or is there a way to monitor computer to know if I have been hack ked. thanks

  26. everydayGuitarist

    i’m not a hacker and since i saw comments of people in the page who said they had done it i thought it was safe i did this 2 days ago and when a go to facebook and have a while logged in appear a message that says “AV has detected suspicious movement on your computer” and they start checking my PC but i close all the window before they finish, but i did not hacked farmville because there were 3 steps and i think i clicked on “start hacking farmville”, is this trouble and what if i let them finish checking my pc?

  27. Joe M

    Okay . this is long but i REALLY hope somebody can help me . Okay it all started in December . When our school was on winer break . . .. .. . Theres this girl . Lindsay. We are always on and off and on and off . Friends and then we arent and it always is back and forth. her parents never really liked me . But anyways . I went out with this boy Michael Jantz he asked me out and i said yes we went out for like less than a month . The reason is because I hacked Lindsays facebook . I didnt tell you but lindsay was michaels Ex girlfriend when i was going out with him . So i got on lindsays facebook and talked to michaels mom and i changed her status to MICHAEL I WANT YOU BACK!!! and changed her farmville around and talked to some of her online friends i did this for like a week and so one night i was on and michael said he wanted to break up with me because he found out i got on allysons facebook and he doesnt like that . so yeah we dont go out anymore . i admitted to him that i hacked her . the whole break up conversation was him being a jerk so i copy and pasted the conversation into a facebook message and sent it to everyone . Well in school i told everyone NO I DID NOT HACK ALLYSONS FACEBOOK because obvcourse its illegal and i wouldve got introuble and lost some friends . well i forgot that in the break up conversation i admitted that i hacked allysons facebook . Nobody noticed thankfully and everyone got over the facebook thing it was all over even though Lindsays parents still hated me and she did also

    Okay . Well i had to tell you that story for you to understand the rest so now in march i was bored and i got on hers again and i just talked to some people i didnt do anything else but chat with some of her online friends and i was saying bad stuff . well her parents figured out she was hacked again and obvcourse since her parents hated me and saw that i admitted i hacked it in december they were pretty certain it was me this time also . So you know Lindsay went to school and told everyone i hacked her and i got lots of people going up to me asking me if i did . and i lied again …. i know i shouldnt of hacked it in the first place but anyways so she was telling everyone and i was mad so i told one of her friends ( my friend also ) ughh i wanna punch lindsay in the face ( Jokingly i wasnt acually going to ) and then Cheyenne asked me why and i said because Lindsay is telling everyone i hacked her facebook . So i had to go to the princapal for that and you know i told him i didnt mean to say it and it was over …. he also mentioned that Lindsay told him i hacked her facebook i told him i didnt and after that day he never called me down to the office again but allysons best friend ( Audrey ) Is also CERTAIN i hacked allysons facebook . So she printed the break up conversation between me and michael ( the one where i admitted i hacked Lindsays facebook ) And she gave it to the principal . Im REALLY scared now so ive stayed home from school for 2 days i dont know what im goona say! because i already told him i didnt do it .

    i know i shouldnt of lied so saying that isnt goona help me
    and i considered telling the truth im just not sure
    you can tell me to tell the truth but that isnt really helping either
    if you wanna tell me to tell the truth
    please put something else in there like the pros and cons of telling the truth and something i can do to lie.
    i know this is long
    and please if you dont have messaging enabled on here give me your email ill need it if i have questions thanks (: I REALLY NEED HHELP WITH THIS (:
    By the way im 12 and in 6th grade
    P.S i considered saying someone hacked mine and they were the ones that admitted i hacked hers but idk …..

  28. Yoshi

    I know Animal Control organizations do dead animal removal and disposal, and depending on whom a Cruelty Investigator is working for, they may come across dead animals. How often does this generally happen, and what are the procedures for removing these dead animals?

  29. Denali

    Please Help!!

    1. What are some cheats to get free coins in Farmville?
    2. What are some cheats to get free cash in Farmville?
    3. What are some cheats/hacks/ways to get XP/Level Up in Farmville?
    4. What are some cheats/hacks/ways to earn more ribbons?

    You can either tell me the link to a website or just directly tell me through here!? :)

    Thanks Veryy Much!!! :))

  30. The Beatles

    i can’t open coz fb is banned in china.

    sorry i can’t create new fb account coz it’s banned in china.

    any other suggestions?

  31. lildevilgurl152004

    How in the heck are people making camo, flashing, color changing, two tone and sheep with stars in farmville? Is it a hack? I know you can get those lambs from your neighbors but none of mine give them away. How can I make my own? You cannot buy them right?

  32. easton j

    wanna start breeding but have no permanent stallions to do it with. anyone know the hacks to get it?

    p.s. im talking about farmville.

  33. Agent 47

    What is the purpose of using genetically modified animals for animal testing?
    Genetically modified or not, don’t the all endure the same pain?
    Please provide an answer and explain!

    This is for my English class, which Im attending a debate for whether or not I support the idea of animal testing or not.

    If you do not have an answer, do not post.

  34. sethburger

    I have been to all the other animal’s houses but have only had 4 animals come visit my house. Why are no others coming to see what I have for sale?

  35. XplicitzZ

    Ok so someone in my family added me I have no clue who they are but they added me and they play farmville, She is at level 31! I need hacks/cheats or something to get up to the level she is at i don’t wanna ask her because I don’t even know her! HELP ME!
    Thanks jeff.

  36. Chris R

    Ok I’m a little sick of farmville cheat websites that don’t work I’m not looking for a hack, to get me coins just some cheat or walkthroughs. I want one that hasn’t been fixed, so please help me I really need farmville cheats.
    I don’t want any links to websites that you have to download just straight tips and cheats, or just tell me.

  37. Jeremy Xargor is my gamertag

    I love animals and have cried seeing pictures of dead animals. why does it happen?
    what about wildlife?
    Hey I really know the feeling it happend to me once.

  38. fattiemanny

    I have a science project due and in one part I need to specify 5 plants and 10 animals found in Orlando’s forests. I’ve searched it up, but all I’m getting is news about dead animals and also Animal Kingdom. So can anyone give me 5 plants and 10 animals found in Orlando’s forests?
    Ten points to the first person to give me a good 5 plants, 10 animals in Orlando’s forests.

  39. nothin_nyce1

    I’ve been playing Farmville 2 since it started and everything was going just fine. But 1 month ago I found a hack of Farm Cash by the Cheat Engine and I hacked a little and nothing bad happened it went just fine but 2 weeks ago something strange has happened, I opened 1 land expansion since I knew the hack and it was all good but 2 weeks ago I added 1 more expansion after that with about two days whenever I feed chickens the game doesn’t count it in the missions needed and when I feed dairies it doesn’t count them in the dairy yogurt creamer, why is this happening ??

  40. Tyler H

    I also believe its also vice versa. That, We get along better with animals than with people. (Cats and dogs. Or maybe all animals in general. Those are the animals I am talking about.) Example, my cat fights with my dog alot, and other cats but hes never faught with me. But why is this? Its interesting.

  41. maskills24

    Is it only endangered animals in zoos, or popular animals, or animals that are considered more domestic or friendly or what!? Heck, is there even a criteria at all?

  42. Melanie

    I’m a vegetarian, and I’m against the creutly of animals. Lately I’ve been wondering, though, what happens to the animals we save? I hear people say that animals were meant to be eaten. And I can’t find a reason why else to keep them on Earth, except to have a happy free life, which we ALL deserve to have – humans AND animals.

    What do you think? Can someone inform me?

  43. Mark

    I understand that many animals are not expected to live long because of predators etc…, but what animals would live the longest if allowed to live their life to the point of a natural death?

  44. clntvrrt

    theres this guy that has been like stalking me online & it’s starting 2 get old he’s a hacker idk what 2 do and he knows alot of my information like where i live, he says he can hack through aim. he asked me 2 play this game with him so i downloaded it, i only downloaded it because it was a real game that alot of ppl play but when i opened it my comp went crazy so i shut it down right away..when i checked my files alot of them were missing should i call the police or something?
    the game was teeworlds which im finding out now is a game made by aim

    also he is a notorious hacker he has hacked over 50+ myspace accounts i think that’s what he wanted from me

  45. Dana G

    Referring to kinds of animals that can mate, not the individual species. In other words sheep, cows, dogs etc. How many different types of animals are there in total?

  46. Cliffy N

    I want to know what animals an animal trainer can train like dolphins or eagles. Don’t list ordinary pets like dogs or hamsters, just exotic animals.

  47. kamikami

    I know equine animals are specialized on horses, that is what I didn’t know. I just found that out. I want to work with exotic animals but leanr for horses. Too because I love horses and I’m planning to have some. So I’m wondering if I can study for both? And if I do what will the classes differ from exotic animals? And how much longer will I take to become a vet? Anyone who has done this before?

  48. Maggie

    Okay why is it that we can kill animals and eat them, however when an animal kills a human or another animal we kill them? Just because we have a more complex way of doing things is supposed justify this?

  49. Xedo

    Animals and plant form ecological system dependent on each other. How would the animal world would have been if there were no plants?

  50. Marlon P

    Is not the animal’s fault. The zoo move the animals from their enviroment and if the animal try to escape and hurt people then the only solution is kill the poor animal?

  51. Mathew

    Is it correct that he brought 7 pairs of clean animals and 1 pair of unclean animals? If not, how many of each animal did he bring aboard? What is the difference between a clean animal and an unclean animal?

  52. baldy eire

    1. What would happen if an animals sperm got into a woman?

    2. What would happen if a mans sperm got into an animal?

  53. Wooooody

    Plants and animals both can gain genetic material by transduction.
    Plants and animals both can go through sexual reproduction.
    Plants and animals both go through conjugation when they reproduce.
    Plants and animals both produce eggs in ovaries and sperm in testes.

  54. Denali

    I’m doing a speech on animal cruelty and I need information on “rehabilitation of the animals” after they undergo animal cruelty.

  55. henryshensbcglobalnet

    Not just dogs and cats, but exotic animals, are you allowed to own any other kinds of animals besides the basic ones? Im not going to by any im just curious.

  56. Sahil

    Why didn’t animals evolve like plants to breath in CO2? How did it work out that plants and animals became dependent on eachother?

  57. addmeonxbox360myuserisfallior

    I mean do people stay at the vets all night to look after animals? Do they take some of the more serious case animals home with them? Or are the animals left alone all night?

  58. Sriram R

    Major difference between animals of the rain forest and animals of the grasslands? Also why does this difference exist?

  59. Willie

    Working with animals has always been a lifelong dream of mine but I have M.E and am unsure ill be able to do it as a career so I was wondering does anyone know of other jobs to do with animals like research not on animals but animals themselves, anything would help thanks.

  60. Terrence

    I know that nocturnal animals come out at night but why can’t any old animal do that? I would love to know the specifics of it, ie…….There eye sight, there hearing there physical feature and so on. Thanks

  61. krow147

    What is the occupation called like you see on Animal Precinct where they work with the animals that have been abused and try to bring them around to where they are friendly and can be adopted? I don’t have cable anymore so I can’t watch it to find out and checking out both the ASPCA & show site on Animal Planet didn’t tell me anything.

  62. Johnky J

    Why are male animals much prettier than female animals, but when it comes to humans, it’s the other way around?

    By the way, I’m not interested in sarcastic answers like “humans are another type of animal.”. You know what the question means, so please focus on the question.

  63. Cole

    What animals have been endangered or made illegal to hunt for sport, and where?

    I need more places, animals not so much

    so where in the world did they make their state, country, town illegal to hunt animals for sport.

  64. Jeremy Xargor is my gamertag

    What makes cats, dogs, horses and animals like those so easily domesticated while animals like chimpanzees, tigers, raccoons are not household safe? You hear of freak accidents with tigers, apes, and such when people try to domesticate them. What is the difference between these animals?
    Great answers, since dogs, cats, and other animals are able to suppress those natural instincts to attack and hunt does that essentially make them more evolved than animals who cannot do the same? Obviously not physically, but mentally evolved from animals who still live by their instincts.

  65. kiltakblog

    The city Animal shelter only has cats and dogs. The ratio of cats to dogs at an animal shelter is 6:4. What percentage of the animals at the shelter are cats?

    Explain how you figured out the answer to the question above.

    Thank you.

  66. Roar me R

    Please help me! I am not looking for hacks for ads for buying a guide. I just want writtin answers that I don’t have to pay for. Thank you so much to whoever answers my question!

  67. Sriram R

    I have recently started having problems getting on the internet where I can sometimes get on some websites be it very slowly or not at all which is more often than not the case. I have restarted my router, restarted my laptop, plugged it in with the ethernet cable and anything I could think of. I can get on it perfectly fine on my phone connected to the same router and the same with everyone else so I imagine it’s something to do with my laptop. I installed cheat engine 6.3 a few days ago to hack farmville 2 and I had no problems then while I was using it apart from that is made the player crash quite a few times and then not until the day after did I get these problems.

    Do you think uninstalling Google chrome and then use another laptop to copy it back onto my laptop might be of any use?? Any help would be much appreciated.

    Thank you :)

  68. supernerd567

    I’m trying to remember as many animals released incorrectly by animal rights activists have released, and as a result have done more harm than good. I already have wild boar, otters, mink and owls. What are some more high-profile ones? Ones where the animals have either endangered native species, or simply died because they didn’t know how to fend for themselves?


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