Garbage Garage Hack Tool

The car game Garbage Garage lets you develop your junkyard step by step and become a true car-aficionado in the process. No matter how beat up the vehicles that are dropped off at your workshop: you’ll manage to salvage useful spare parts from even the most battered ones of the lot, which you’ll then sell to make money. Later on, you even may build new cars, as one of the game’s many special features allows you to construct your own personal vehicles from the parts you manage to salvage from the wrecked cars you dismantle.

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17 thoughts on “Garbage Garage Hack Tool

  1. baldy eire

    Romney had a custom car elevator installed in one of his mansions. I’ve heard that the elevator as a “dream for auto aficionados who like to maintain a hands-on relationship with their machines.” It is the same one installed in the homes of actor Harrison Ford and singer Britney Spears.

    And how many workers did Romney have to fire at Bain Capital to pay for this extravagance?

  2. jdubdoubleu7704


    I know just about nothing about car speakers/amps/sub-woofers but I’m thinking about doing a reasonably priced over-haul with my car. I want something really crisp yet really bass-y. To all you speaker aficionados, what would you buy? What’s good for my make/model? What combination of speakers / sub-woofers would you install?

  3. Duke

    My niece wants to play her real-life one, but i can’t find any of the cars for it. She likes to play little computer games so i thought i could find a flash game i remembered playing a few years ago with those games, if anybody knows the name of that game, or a link that would be great but i could google for it myself if i knew what those little racing car games were actually called.

  4. timq3dimensionscom

    Im just wondering. A list would be great if possible. Thank you.
    BTW to Carlos, Halo is not on the Playstation 2. Nice try, tho.

  5. The Inc

    Is there actually a cheat code to unlock a Mitsubishi Eclipse 99′ without the Reward Cards? If there is, then what is it?

  6. Andres C

    Would prefer the iPod interface be in the glove box, XM Radio is a MUST…are there any car stereo experts/aficionados here?

  7. Joey 01

    I really want to buy a car pretty soon. I have narrowed my chocies to a couple of cars. The year’s of cars range from 01-04

    1)Mustang Svt Cobra (supercharged)
    2)Mustang Mach 1
    3)Mustang Saleen
    4)Pontiac GTO
    5)Acura rsx type-s

    please help out with any info on these cars maybe problems or first hand experience will help. Want to know if these cars are good cars.

  8. Mark

    Hi. I have a 91 honda accord. I have to drive 52 miles everyday (to and from school). I am trying to figure out how often I need to get gas so if any car aficionados know, could you tell me how many miles I get per gallon and how many gallons a 91 honda accord holds. As of now, I fill up my car every three days putting about 10-14 dollars in.
    ITS A 94 Honda Accord. Sorry.

  9. Michael C

    I was smoking a cigarette a few minutes ago and was thinking. I enjoy menthol’s but prefer not to smoke them often because they screw with my throat after a few. I am assuming it has something to do with the menthol. So what would people think if they could smoke a cigarette that could provide that similar cooling feeling but without the adage of the menthol?

    Now apparently menthol “triggers the cold-sensitive nerves in the skin without actually providing a drop in temperature.”(Wiki). So if a menthol-less cooling cigarette were to be created it would most likely actually cause your skin to become cold because you don’t want to make a cigarette that has chemicals to cause that cool sensation. However if there are some chemicals that would not add more damage to your body then use chemicals by all means.

    One of my ideas was potentially creating a crutch sized blue ice pack that was like a doughnut with a big hole in the middle. Obviously the pack would need to be kept cool some how.
    I was also thinking of how electronic cigarettes are made. Maybe you could create a crutch piece that would fit around a cigarette. The temperature in the middle hole would be kept cold.

    If I get some feedback pertaining to the value of such idea I really would love to start designing.
    Now also if someone really likes this idea feel free to use it and such. I just personally do not believe in the copyright idea and all that jazz. America is a country where ideas are meant to be shared and made better.


    P.S. Yahoo should make another category for smoking. There is anough interest for that catagory alone. Cigar aficionados, daily pack plowers, the non stop coughers, etc.

  10. Elijah luv

    My husband and I are looking to purchase a car. Ours died this week and we quite urgently need one as soon as possible (though we’re careful not to let the dealers know how desperate we are :-p).

    The thing is, we don’t know what to get. Right now we’re hesitating between these:
    1. The Toyota Prius – probably a used one from 2010 (so many different trims too, so confusing which one to get)
    2. The 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid
    3. The 2010 Lexus HS 250h Premium

    The Prius wins, hands down, when it comes to mileage. It seems rather small though, and all those recalls concern me, and then there seem to be complaints about visibility and comfort, plus it seems rather small though it has a sizeable trunk. Also, the prizes the dealers charge seem to vary, but seem rather exorbitant sometimes for just the base model. It would be at least 20 000 here in Cali for a 2010 vehicle with a navigation system in it (as far as I can tell). My husband is smitten with the mileage though.

    The Ford fusion does second best when it comes to mileage. But it is larger and more comfortable, though it has a smaller trunk. It also looks nicer (though that probably shouldn’t matter). I’ve been told it is ridiculously overpriced, even though to me it seems to be a good deal. None of these cars have a lot of miles on them, this one would have about 40 000 miles, navigation system, rear view and front view camera and plenty of other cool little options, and comes for slight less than 21 000. This vehicle is certified.

    The Lexus does good on mileage too. It is certainly roomy and comfortable, the car is pretty much full option with all the nicer little things like rear view camera, navigation system, etc. This vehicle has 40 000 miles and goes for 22600. It is not certified.

    I should probably add that right now we live in cali and are often stuck in traffic, moving bumper to bumper on the highway. Come next year though we will be back in Michigan, where we don’t live in a city and rarely if ever have to wait in traffic. I used to think that a hybrid was only truly worth it if you lived in the middle of a busy city, but I admit to complete ignorance when it comes to cars.

    This is why I’d like to ask you more savvy car aficionados what you think? Which car is the better one, in your opinion??

  11. thexbox360player

    Found a 2001 Volvo V70 T5 with 91k miles. It is clean and seems to be well maintained and I didn’t notice anything unusual with the car when driving it. However I am hesitant to purchase it because I have no idea if this is a reliable car or not.

    Also assuming the 100k maintenance hasn’t been done, what probably needs to be repaired to make it safe and reliable?

  12. Xavier Hawthorne

    How long might it be till a car becomes historic and becomes vintage, and so starts to appreciate?

  13. Wooooody

    I have a 98 Acura Integra GSR in Supersonic blue that I bought in CA back in 2000 for $13,600. One of bearing went bad and the cars hasn’t been driven for almost two years. This car has only been driven one winter and has no rust. The body need some work to make perfect. This car was one of the first to have BMW Z3 real fenders and Supra tail lights. The door handles been shaved and the only way to get in the car is through a remote which I lost. The motor as 123xxx miles on it. I was told that it’s repairable at a machine shop. If the car was running I would ask $7000. Considering what one will have to pay to get a JDM motor replacement which goes about $2700, asking $2500 isn’t bad. Would a buyer see this as a great deal or plainly too much for a car that’s not running? I don’t have the money to fix it myself.


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