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We received lots of e-mails and we were asked to build a working tool for Goodgame Empire online game. So as we promised, we developed Goodgame Empire Hack v3.21 for you guys! Now you’ll be able to generate unlimited amounts of Coins and Rubies for! Cool!

The game comes from the creators of Goodgame Mafia and Goodgame Farmer. A medieval-styled online-based war game by genre, Goodgame Empire offers a unique gaming experience due to its complexity. It’s not an easy task to to take on the entire kingdom. Your main objectives are constructing, building and fighting. You are reqarded with various amounts of Coins and Rubies on the way, but the earning process is kinda slow and takes a lot of time. The game developers offer you the chance to buy the desired amounts of premium content with real money currency, but we strongly hope you take the smarter road and use Goodgame Empire Hack v3.21 for !


Great! Goodgame Empire Hack can generate any amounts of Coins and Rubies for your account in a matter of minutes! All you need to do in order to enjoy this great tool  is get the files from one of the mirrors provided on the bottom of the page, unzip and run Goodgame Empire Hack v3.21.exe.

Enter your user ID, select the desired amounts of Rubies and Coins and other cheat features from the top menu, then click on the blue Hack button. Wait for about five minutes then login and check your in-game ballance. Wow! Goodgame Empire Hack works!

Goodgame Empire Hack Tool is safe to use !

Guaranteed! Goodgame Empire Hack is and also safe to use due to its unique protection features, so don’t need to worry about safety when using our professional hacks. Plus, with the use of the unique auto-update feature will get uptated with the latest working cheat codes for Coins and Rubies everytime you’ll run the software. That means no matter if the game developers release additional patches in the future, Goodgame Empire Hack will still have a high rate of success! Cool.

So why let others take the lead? Act now! Goodgame Empire Hack !!


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61 thoughts on “Goodgame Empire Hack

  1. Krazy Bob

    Neither of these cheat codes work for me. I type familyFunds in the right way( familyFunds Lastname Amount). Same with freerealestate. And I did type in testingcheatsenabled true before I entered the town too. Does anyone know why they won’t work?

  2. Cupcakerum

    How do I enter cheat codes in burnout paradise for ps3? I what the codes are, I just cant figure out how to enter them.

  3. Noe R

    I have a Game Boy Advance SP and I’ve been playing Pokemon Sapphire. I know that there’s cheat codes, and I’ve looked everywhere for the answer to this question. I know you can enter the codes on an emulator but how would you enter them on the ACTUAL game system? If, it’s even possible. Thanks!

  4. Death Knight

    I have tried several cheat codes from various places and none of them work. Where can I find some codes that will work?

  5. Brody S

    How do I get the cheat code bar to come up? When I hit Ctrl Alt C – the screen pops away and I get my ATI settings pop-up. I entered cheat codes when I first got the game, but now I cannot.
    In reply – How about you answer the question and not tell me what to do? :)

  6. everydayGuitarist

    The cheat codes are: samhines86 and rxh7nigh and it says to enter them on the “title screen” but I can’t find where to enter them.

  7. stephen m

    I REALLY need cheat codes in the game insaniquarium cause I have almost finished the game but I am getting sick of the same old thing! PLease help me! The most and best cheat codes get 10 points!

  8. nmlpc

    What CHEAT codes in Sims 2 University which will enable the user to control the character’s aspiration meter?
    The cheat code that would apply in all expansion packs.
    or any cheat codes?

  9. PillowMan1234

    I’ve been trying to find cheat codes for resident evil on game cube for years. It’s the one where Jill and Chris are at the Manson. Can anyone help please? All I see is “hints” that aren’t very useful.

  10. kerrin marz

    I have searched every cheat codes site that I could think of and I’ve tried google, so if you know of any then you could either tell me the cheat and what it does or you could give me the site.
    I meant Blue Dragon in the question.

  11. The Beatles

    When I try to put in the cheat code on My Sims Kingdom in the pause mode like it tells me to nothing happens what do I need to do to get the items for the cheat codes.

  12. Picean

    Does anyone know how to input the cheat codes for Pokemon Sapphire to get all pokemon in Nintendo DS.

    I have the cheat codes from code junkies, but I am having trouble with inputting them into my action replay.

    I have the codes already, I just need to know how to input the information.

    I appreciate the help, Thanks.

    (Note: Please answer only if you have information in this matter). And no comments like this isn’t good for the game.

    Thanks again.

  13. Splash Log Level 2 Again

    My little brother is playing that G-force game on the ps2 and he has already had me look up the cheat codes for it and now he wants to know how to enter them. Apparently it won’t just let him.

  14. Larry R

    I see all these sites with these long lists of cheat codes, but none of them tell you how to actually enter the code. They just say type it during the game and Ive done that but it doesn’t work. I know on the Sims you always had to type some key combo first. And before anyone goes on a long rant about playing fair, I just want to give myself a health boost during a rough game. So the only answers I want is how to actually enter the codes during a flash game.

  15. hank baseballs

    Its on my brothers Christmas list, and that is pretty much the only item on it. He did specify that gameshark does make a cheat codes book, that is not what he wants, he wants a disc. I remember seeing them in stores for the PS2. I have not seen anything like this for the PS3.
    If so where might I find it (ie what store)?

    Thanks for your time and any assistance.

  16. Mike

    I like playing the game right, and getting all the trophies, but are cheat codes worth it? Would it be to easy? And also how do i do all the crazy wrestling moves on people on ps3?

  17. Hannah

    I opened the cell phone in the game and typed in the cheat code but nothing confirmed, the cheat codes didn’t work, I have another question can you use cheat codes at the beginning of the game? Another question do you have to buy your own cell phone in the game to enter cheat codes? Can you use your cousin’s cell phone in the game to enter cheat codes? Your cousin in the game gives you a used cell phone in the game. How many missions do you have to beat to be able to enter cheat codes?

  18. Jose B

    I wanted to look them up but Im stuck at work and all the good websites are restricted. Also does anyone know if there are any cheat codes available for Marvel Ultimate Alliance(the first one) on XBOX 360 and Call of Duty World at War on 360? My boyfriends stuck in the house sick and thought maybe that would help him out. Thank in advance!

  19. Lia-lu-li

    Someone said “Who uses Cheat Codes these days” and that got me thinking, besides for Saints Row 2 and GTA4, I don’t recall many games with actual Cheat Codes for it anymore O.o Perhaps there are Action Replay disks, but other than that, are there input cheatcodes in games these days?

  20. Lachlan

    I am trying to put in some cheat codes for wwe smackdown vs raw 2008 on ps2 and I have the cheat codes down on paper that i printed off on internet, but it’s not working. How do I know if I m doing it right. Like what happens when I put in the right code

  21. JackReynolds

    I’m not looking for cheat codes, I want to know how to find them. Lots of you people out there can find them, so can somebody please help me?

  22. ademuth93

    The customer support is rediculous in this game and im not enjoying it very much the updates are buggy and this game is just an epic fail in my opinion. Im looking for a game similar to it, in which you own a castle and have to defend/attack/gain resources etc.. If you could post any that you know it would be greatly appreciated

  23. stealspartansbcglobalnet

    Building house game like u buy soldier or tank to defend your base or to destroy the other player base. Games like age of empire or earth empire or red alert or impossible creature.
    please tell me every building game strategy that u know, it a PC game by the way.

  24. Sophia C

    I bought the sims 3 this weekend for the pc and unable to use the cheat codes. I can bring up the menu with shift+ctrl+c but when i enter the code is says it not a known code. Has anyone else had this problem?
    I figured out the kaching code but the motherloade code won’t work am i spelling it wrong?

  25. white man

    My sons have psps,ps3,and a wii. They want cheat codes but everytime I try to look up cheat codes and I go to a site it doesn’t show the codes. Is there really a site that will give you the cheat codes? Or a easy to follow cheat site? Please help. Thanks to all answers.

  26. nmlpc

    On my Xbox 360, I can’t figure out how to enter the cheat codes. When i open the PDA and try to enter some,it won’t enable the the cheat codes. Someone please help me.

  27. forahobby

    I want to make cheat codes for my games, like the text files you convert to .gct and then launch using gecko. Anyone know some guides?

  28. rashest_hippo

    I want to know how to enter cheat codes on Tremulous. It says i enter them in the console, but I don’t know how to get to it. How do I get to the console where I enter the codes? If you can answer this, what are some good codes to enter?

  29. Tyler H

    Hi there,

    I was wondering, how do people originally discover cheat codes for games? For instance a weapons cheat in Grand Theft Auto games

    I’m aware that developers for some games make cheats visible, through in-game newspapers and posters.

    Perhaps someone could shed some light on this for me :)

    Thanks all,


  30. white man

    I want to be able to pick which genes my sims inherit, but i cant find any cheat codes for it. For example, Right now I have a couple. The father has brown eyes and brown hair.And the mother has red hair and light blue eyes. I want the child to have red hairand brown eyes, but no matter how many times they have a child the child gets all of the dominant traits. :[ Anyone have some answers?

  31. fattiemanny

    Are there any cheats for Gaia online? Is there an easy way to earn gold on Gaia? I heard there was a Gaia online cheat club where you can earn gold real fast. Anyone know any information on cheat codes?

  32. Chester

    I have multiple cheat codes for PS2, but can’t figure out how to help my son enter them. Where is the menu to enter the cheats? Any help is appreciated.

  33. ibjammin44

    I have a list of cheat codes for the ps3 for grand theft auto, do i have to be online to use those? They say to enter them into the cell phone, but it wont let me? Any suggestions?

  34. Muzahid

    I know some cheat codes but I am not sure how to use them.I would prefer not have to buy something to use them.To anyone who can help thanks.

  35. NC Baller

    I’m more interested in the single player games, as in why you would want to cheat at it. I understand the people who use cheat codes at multiplayer games ( dont think that its right ) but I understand why they do it.
    ok, for the record I have used cheat codes ( for a game called wizardry on an apple 2E, yall really old gamers will know what Im talking about). and I agree with using them in the single player mode to get past something you have tried to beat more than 50 times ( that can get dishearting). But using them in multiplayer should be a no-go. Thanks for yalls input.

  36. Xbox Gamer

    Example, digimon world 3. If it has any cheat codes in the ps, can it be used too in the psp version of the game.

  37. Ryan Z

    I don’t know the combination of buttons on the controller to push to be able to input cheat codes for the game. I have found lots of cheat codes for the game, but not how to enter them.

  38. Jesse

    I was wondering because my friend got all of the stages done and not to make fun of her, but she isn’t very good. I beat my friend every time and it turns out that she has everything on her game done. Are there any cheat codes?

  39. Austin

    I got some cheat codes from the internet and when I tried to use them the emulator says the format is wrong. Can you tell me how and give me some good cheat codes I can use.

  40. Phillip123

    How do you enter cheat codes on the wii? Ive been wanting to try some, espeically on the legend of zelda: wind waker, for game cube. HOW?

  41. Yoshi

    My little sister recently bought dogz pack and catz clan. She looked up some cheat codes online, and apparently 2 of the words for cheat codes are f*ckul Sh*tul
    It really does unlock things. It’s an E rated game? And now my sister who is about 8 1/2 is walking around the house saying F*ck and Sh*t. Can they do that? I checked, it really does unlock things, and it is an e rated game.

  42. Xedo

    i am a part of an alliance in goodgame empire called the odsidian order and and my classmate sgt pepper and his dad the soundman and back to back they keep switching leaders first soundman then sgt pepper how do they do it i want to be the new leader for my own nefiarias purposes

  43. Moore, Ron

    I won’t mention the exact names, but these are products that go into a slot on the game, then give the user cheat codes for games….I’ve heard they can damage the games, but have also heard that this is not true…..Thanks for the answers!

  44. Ray D

    Hi im 15 almost 16 and this is ligit my life. I am doing the k12 homeschool and i get up at 8 and start school at 10 and end about 3. The rest of the day all i do is sit watch youtube or play goodgame empire online. I do this everyday. I am not a social person. I need somebody to tell me the things that i half to do or should do like learn how to do basic mechanics to a car or how to do laundry. I dont know shit. I havnt had a great life or been socialy accepted so i looked to be independent and tv as entertainment. Its all i do now and their are things i need to know how to do but i dont know them sl please tell me.

  45. gail C

    Is their a free online game like farmville or castleville that does not require you to use your friends or purchase ridiculous fake money?

  46. blarg blarg

    I’m looking for a popular fantasy kingdom building browser-based game that’s like Rule the Sky with resource management. Combat is fine. NO Runescape or Sim City. Hopefully something much more simpler that works good on android browsers (not app.) +10 Points for honest answers and summary. Thanks!

  47. Heath

    2 days ago when I was using my Facebook a tab suddenly popped up(it was a game called GoodgameEmpire). I closed it and it kept popping up in a new tab.I scanned my PC for viruses and nothing found.Now I am on my laptop and the site keeps popping up.Does my Facebook account have problems?I see this happens only after I’m using my Facebook account(both on my PC and laptop).
    @Virtual Reality

    I don’t have that app.That’s what i meant.I have never accessed that app or visit their page and I always get those pop-ups!


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