Google Play Store Hack


Google Play Store Hack

If you have an Android phone, thanks tothis application, you can from the Store Play to your phone all the applications, even those paid without paying anything!

Google Play Store Hack – HOW IT WORKS

Download and unrar Google play store
Write your email
Select Game/Aplication
Press button ‘Download’
Enjoy with your FREE Games/Aplications with Google play store

Download  – Google Play Store Hack :

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88 thoughts on “Google Play Store Hack

  1. mavis24

    So I was messing around the Google Play store on my PC, looking at random apps. I used to have a Verizon Pantech Marauder phone, which I lost and no longer have. I tried clicking on the “Install” button for one of the apps, and it asked me if I wanted to install the app on my Marauder, which was expected. But I noticed that there was a drop-down menu, so I clicked it and *surprise!* there is a T-Mobile GT-I9100 phone in the list? Wait, what? I never had that phone before! I don’t even use T-Mobile! I have never even heard of the phone model! Exactly why is my account linked to an unauthorized phone? I am absolutely certain that I was not hacked. None of my Google settings have been changed and nothing has apparently been stolen or anything. Also, I frequently change my password. So how did this phone get there?
    No everybody I know uses Verizon or at&t.

  2. The Dark Knight

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and I am using go SMS pro because most of my friends have the iPhone, so how do I get iOS 6 emojis like they do?

  3. Taylor G

    my friend hacked the google play store by something and would not tell me… i went to his home and could download every thing paid for free!!! is there any app or something like cheat engine to do this?

  4. RuMKilleR

    With today’s technology…

    -About the size of the Wii
    -Free Online
    -Fully Customizable
    -Easy to use interface (Like Apple products)

    Those are some of mine. I will post the rest when I choose Best Answer.

  5. Cupcakerum

    I have bought music from itunes for my ipod will it work if I use the same songs to download on my Sandisk Sansa too? Just wondering ? Or do I need another mp3 music program for that?

  6. Lia-lu-li

    Like most people I am a smart phone owner. However this owner isn’t all that smart when it comes to her phone!! Since switching over to phablets (phone/tablet) I have tried my best to learn about them. Which magazine, Focus Mag, I even joined the Note 2 Online Community to learn about my new phone. I had a sony smart phone to start with and it wasn’t all that fancy so I didn’t take the time to learn about it. But since upgrading I am in unknown territory big time. There are 2 things I am hoping to find out so any help would be great fully received

    1) when you go onto Google Play Store or the Samsung App Shop and you download an app, why do apps ask for permissions such as modify/delete SD Card, Read Messages, Monitor Phone Calls, View Location, View Contacts etc. Why do these people need to read my messages or monitor phone calls? Or delete my pictures? I dont download apps that aren’t well known ever since my email account was hacked. Can anyone shed some light please?

    2) I own the Samsung Galaxy Note II and know my way around it quite well. However there is one thing I am stuck on….. I cant change the message tone on it :( I can change the ring tone to my fave songs etc and my notifications but I cant change the message. I downloaded a ring tone picker then I downloaded a Mrs Browns Boys Ring tone app. I managed to change it but now I can remove it “/ so again, if anyone can she some light on this one…….

    Thanks in advance for any help given
    Lou xx

  7. Bryant B

    Well, I’m thinking of making a new email address (hotmail), but adding every email address one by one is too tedious so I was wondering if there was anyway I could just transfer the contacts off my current email to my new one. Thanks.

  8. Kaden

    I get bored at night and i would love to know of a good site that plays free online survillence camers. Like the ones in train stations or stores.
    Thanks, :)
    nothing kinky!!! i found and it’s pretty cool, what i mean is like Survillence cams

  9. Xbox Gamer

    People have to login to google before they can view the calendar on my blog. How do i make it available to anyone, regardless if they have an account or not.

  10. Taylor G

    I am looking to email 8000 users on a daily basis, emailing them about every 2-3 days by deleting old users and importing new ones. I am looking for a good email marketing solution that would send emails to my users’ inbox and not mark them spam. I am looking for softwares only, or a good and cheap site thanks.

  11. Sriram R

    I have two main email addresses. One for normal stuff and another more professional one. I usually am signed in to the normal one and have to sign out then sign in to the other one, check my email, and then sign out and sign back in to the first one. It’s really annoying. How can I receive notifications on the normal email for new emails on the other one?

  12. Sahil

    When I get an email from a friend it comes with loads of email addresses he’s forwarded it to. When I wish myself to forward it, I’d like to remove these addresses. Is this possible ?

  13. Vultre9

    So I have downloaded and installed the homebrew channel, and i have put the weight app on my SD card which works fine. But how do you play downloaded wii games? I have a game i got off kickass ‘Harvest moon’ and its a wbfs file, i put it into a folder on my SD card. But in homebrew the only thing coming up is the weight app. Im new to all this and dont understand all the technical terms so if you could please help me in a kind of ‘homebrew for dummies’ way it would be much appreciated!

  14. Jonathan

    I did the system update last night and when my phone turned back on some of my apps were deleted and the google play store so I can’t just download the apps again and I also can’t open up gmail.

    Can anyone tell me what to do to fix this?
    Thank You

  15. United

    I have a Galaxy s2 Android 4.1.2 … On Twitter I can see some emojis and they appear black(I think because the font I have). Btw its T-Mobile

  16. Lasagna delivery guy

    Thing is i just downloaded it for free as a kind of trial thing. I only wanted to see what the fuss was about. Anyways, I downloaded it and wanted to run it, and I was logging in and then it said my account was locked and that i needed to secure it because is hacking is common bla bla blaaaa so yeah i wanted to secure it and there were three steps and one step required an authenticator? The rest was doable but just that step and I wanted to know if i could have a secure account without all this? I just wanted to see what WOW is like, so much hassle D:

  17. sakyue1993

    I need to email a website but whenever I click the link my computer tries to take me through microsoft outlook to set up an email account. How do I change my system to automatically use my normal form of email?

  18. Dom L

    For my birthday I got a ton of great dvds that I’ve wanted forever… sadly, they are region 2 dvds. (There was no way they could be found in Region 1, we looked EVERYWHERE.) Unfortunately my dvd player doesn’t have any region free hacks. Everyone has been telling me how easy it is to just buy some cheap dvd player and turn it region free. Well, I can’t find any!!
    Does anyone know where I can find a reasonably cheap (under $70) dvd player that has region free hacks available?


    P.S. If someone can show me a link to where I can buy one online that would be great, but I don’t mind trekking to get it. (I live in Ottawa, so it has to be a Canadian store if it’s not available online.)

  19. PoohBearPenguin

    I have “Getjar” right now, but it doesn’t have some of the apps that i want so i want to change my app downloader. I’ve tried searching the obvious (like android market, or download android market, or install Android market) but none of them worked.

  20. DuckieM10

    I have the Samsung galaxy s3 and I can’t see emojis. Is there an app to make them show up? Or would I need to jailbreak my phone? I have no idea how to jailbreak a phone soo I really hope there’s an app!!

  21. borabora5524

    i want a apple tv to watch videos from my laptop on my tv, but many of them are flash files.
    the apple tv only uses bought ones from itunes and needs a broadband internet (which will cost extra money). is there anything similar (that wont require itunes and a internet connection)?
    i have a apple macbook and samsung HD tv..

  22. Boo Cookie

    I have a bussiness and i handed some s3’s out to my top workers but now im worried tey are taking advantage of this grant.
    Plz help is sincerely appreciated

  23. Sahil

    I changed my yahoo email address & I have been using one for 12 years now & have lots of folders I want to keep. Is there a way to keep those email folders?

  24. rndmaktn

    I just switched from an iPhone to the HTC One and I love my new phone and Android, I didn’t have to hack or jailbreak to get quick toggles and stuff that you need to jailbreak an iphone to get.

    Only one thing I miss… when you double tap the home button on iPhone you can change music from any app any time, on my HTC One you can only do it from the Notification drawer…

    Is there a way to bring up music controls anywhere? or maybe even the Notification Drawer anywhere because the music controls are there?


  25. LN13

    So Google is now telling China that it will abide by the censorship laws? Has it given up on its recent stand against censoring its content?

  26. therundown2k3

    Now, I’m not talking about those ads that play for 30 seconds that occasionally gives you a “skip ad” option, I’m talking about those random vids and audios that play during a youtube video somewhere lower on the page. Its producing a lot of extra audio and it conflicts with the youtube video’s audio and its freaking annoying. Seriously! Who the hell thought it was a good idea? Who ever came up with the idea needs to have their b**** stapled to the f***ing ceiling!
    Sorry, just had to vent. But yeah, if anyone knows what I’m talking about and knows a way to block those, any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  27. che-che

    I have bought yesterday PSP 2006 version 4.01. Need help for playing games. I am unable to downgrade. What are the possibilities and way to play games widout UMD. Also where i can find .PBP games which can be stored in memory card and played in PSP. Also want to kow how to activate WMA without internet access.

  28. Praveen

    I have a Nook HD and I want to get my Amazon and Google Play Stores on it to get my Android Apps and I heard you can install Apks but the it blocks it because it is not from their app store.

    So how do I bypass this block to install Apks on my Nook HD?

  29. Eric

    I want to download iso games to psp but can.t cause it needs to be downgraded. Its a slim, version 3.73 2001. How far do I have to downgrade to be able to play iso games and what sites can help me w/out pandora battery.

  30. Sophia C

    My cellphone rings every 15 minutes when they try to regain access to my yahoo, how can I make it STOP? I changed my password and added the signature but this has been going on for 2 days now.

  31. white man

    Im pretty sure i want to get a mac and i just need to finish off convincing my parents but can i get some information [ good points about a mac] So please tell and list anything that can convince parents even if the price is high and also it would be good if some info could relate to school too im starting freshman year so yeah but anyways thanks for all your help :] <3

  32. tjpimpin

    I just learned about this whole custom ROM stuff and I want to install modaco, onto my rooted nexus 7. I’ve been searching around but I can’t find a good guide. Can anyone help me out? How do you do it?

    And do you have to have your boot loader unlocked?
    Do you have you make a backup? I’m trying to save space. What will happen if I don’t make a backup? Will I not be able to return to the stock os or something?

  33. United

    I need my email signature to show up at the bottom of every email sent from my iphone. Problem is, it doesnt display this it only says sent from my iphone.

  34. PolishPokeyPimp

    Hello everybody
    I hve an android phone and instagram and ive been wanting to use/post emojis lik on bio. I looked everywher on google play store and I cant find anythin so help is very much appreciated. Help me plzz!!!

  35. Nathan B

    I have 3 yahoo emails and on two of the yahoo emails I do not receive emails every day. But when it comes, I want to know it came. I want every email, coming to one of these 2 email addresses, to be automaticaly redirected to the 3rd yahoo email I use mostly. I want to avoid opening all 3 emails few times per day.

  36. supernerd567

    I’ve noticed in my search for a decent android tablet that some droids including phones do not come with google play on them. U have to hack them to download it!! Why is this?!?

  37. Picean

    How do you add google adsense text links to your youtube video page? I understand the google video units are just attached to the video itself, but how can you add the actual google text links to the page also?

  38. JackReynolds

    I am searching for an offline hack n slash game for my android phone. can any one help me? the game should be free and available on Google playstore ( previous android market) too. my android OS is 2.3.6 . plz don’t suggest out side of play store. thanx

  39. Ramblin Spirit

    Are there people who are having success by using email harvesting softwares for email marketing? I want to buy an email spider but they are very expensive. So I want to be sure of their effectiveness before I buy. Also advise me on which email harvesting software is best to buy.

  40. Jermaine J

    I’m interested in every field of cyber security, penetration testing and hacking in general.

    I know the basic stuff like, DDOS, phishing, batch file viruses, john the ripper, hacking wifi, aircrack – backtrack hacking , metasploit, nessus, nmap, brutus, – Stuff like these.

    Where can I find more hacking tutorials ?

    I need them for my android app… So that I can learn myself, as well as teach others.

    The link is below if you’d like to check it out :-)

    Thank you !

  41. PIE BOY

    Due to unavoidable reasons, I have to share my laptop, desktop and other storage devices with friends and family. Owing to it, I feel helpless because there are things that I want to keep with myself entirely. Could be pics, texts, notes or anything as vague as possible. I guess I have no other option, but to keep things in my e-mail. Will that solve my problem? Any suggestions?

  42. Brody S

    I am creating a web sites that user can login and play my game with a littler fees, because user personal data are going to be store in a web hosting provider server so I want to make sure my web sites will not be hack by any body, how to protect my sites from being hack?

  43. BRUTE

    What were the very first email programs available for the general public? Are any of those email programs now defunct or almost non-existent?

  44. Coffee t

    I know that the question is hard to understand… the problem is my phone is stolen and I found out the name of the network of the SIM card (like Vodafone or T-mobile or so) that the thief is using because he obviously threw my SIM card but I can’t get his number to track him down.. I found that because I could access the Google play store because obviously he’s still using my Google account in the apps.
    so as far as I know Google can access the contacts on the phone and so can the apps. So can I hack my Google account that’s on the phone?? Can I get his contacts that are linked to my Google account? Can I get the number that’s using my Google account? I don’t know if you understand what I mean but I really hope anyone can help :(
    note: (it may help you understand) when I had my phone my Google play Installed the apps on: Vodafone HTC HTC ChaCha A810e
    now that it’s stolen I accessed Google play from my laptop it wanted to install apps to an Etisalat HTC HTC ChaCha A810e that’s what I know
    so Can I somehow find the number of the thief by hacking or something?
    Thank you in advance

  45. Courtney

    I mean only for arans and specifically god mode ,item vac ,and power leveler.
    For aran characters and specifically god mode, item vac, and power leveling. It just takes way to long to level up.

  46. Muzahid

    So I downloaded this app, Battery plus off google play. The app is great. It works like a charm for stashing my things and has great reviews but when I went into the files folder within the app (a folder that stores files youd like to hide) I found pictures of me that I didnt take, each one labeled BREAK IN ATTEMPT. Its as if someone keeps hacking into my camera and taking these pictures without my knowledge. Is it really someone in my camera or is it one of my apps that’s doing this creepy bogusness???

  47. isk8at818

    I asked this question once but it was removed so I am going to ask it again. I play a lot of skate 2 and I have a lot of cool trick and gross bails. I want a capture card that will get the job done but then again isn’t that expensive. I know nothing about them so I dont even know where to start. I would use it for other games as well but mainly skate. I would really appreciate the help :)

  48. Jeffery Carlson

    I have an s3 and dont have any cool apps. I have blackmart alpha but some apps that i install apear to be blocked by google. So just saying what cool tricks or hacks i could do on this phone???

  49. Arminator

    I created folders from saving certain email pictures sent to me by friends/family. I now would like to get rid of that email address as I have created a new email address. How do I move the items in those folders to a new email address? Can I also get rid of the old email address? Thank you for your help.

  50. JackReynolds

    NOTE: No “BUY THE GAME” answer.

    Already have the game but my disc is scratched. Can’t play the hell out of it. <– FOLLOWED This guide but it seems I can't play SKYWARD SWORD though I can play my backup TWILIGHT PRINCESS.

    MORE INFO: I have the RED Wii and is 4.3U when I bought it.

    10 points to those who can answer correctly.

  51. Jason M

    I recently created a new email account with Yahoo, so now I have 2 email addresses. Is there a way to get emails that are sent to my old address forwarded to my new one? If this is possible, please let me know how. It would be greatly appreciated.

  52. Le Pwner

    I’m a 13 year old who barely has any money, so I’m not always able to pay for apps that I want on the Google Play store.

    I found a website that would allow me to download it for free, but I can’t help feeling that by downloading a paid app for free, I am ripping off the developer of the app. I don’t want to use the website if I’m stealing someone’s hard work, but I don’t have the resorces to pay for an app that costs more than $1. What should I do?
    I have and android (samsung galaxy s4)

  53. Sergio

    So, I have an android app on “Hacking tutorials”.

    Right now, I have an ugly little skull icon and I’ve received a lot of requests to change it.
    To what should I change it to?

    What comes in your mind when you hear of any of the following terms:
    “Online Security”
    …and so on.

    What image pops in your head when you hear these words?
    I need something that can be put in an image to clearly show that the app is about hacking.
    (I don’t want to use the anonymous hackers mask image, since my app is about using hacking for ethical purposes only…)

    Any input at all will be appreciated!

    Anyways, here’s the link to my app if you’d like to check it out :-)

  54. Melanie

    Just tell me the exact name. I can’t afford to buy games and movies on UMD’s now and then but can afford downloading them.Plzzzzzz help.

  55. Agent 47

    I’m going to sometimes star doing LP’s but I don’t have a good game to play and I’ve seen people play smw2+3 the essence star and I like it but when I typed it in on amazon it didn’t come up so I don’t know how to get it can you help me?

  56. colingrillo

    I have a YAHOO email account. I get inappropriate emails from certain senders. How can I block all emails from these senders? These people only send forwarded emails and many are adult content that I don’t want to get. Thanks in advance for your efforts to help.

  57. Lucas H

    I live in Ireland and the DVDs I can play on my Samsung player are DVDs from Ireland or the UK (don’t know which region they are) but I was to it was possible to make my player multi-region by a man from an electrical store but he said he is not allowed to give out the information I need. Please help!!!

  58. Derek

    I’ve heard that wiiware games may be played via the homebrew channel… but I’m unsure as to how the whole setup works.

  59. Gage

    I use my email for Facebook using Mozilla Firefox. I dont like my email being shown after I log off. It has like a list of emails that show when I click on the log in box. Is there a way to delete all of those emails so there will be none there? Cuz theres random letters in the box too so I want to know if I can stop the emails and random letters.

  60. Gabriel Kenney

    I just brought it and I dnt have the Android market Job, google play store or anything.. I can’t play youtube or I can’t seem to download flash player to even try and play i said its brand new and i wanna make it a full android so can somebody please help me with this..

  61. morbiusdog

    Wen I type in my email address in google, there are links leading to it. I don’t want people to search my email using google. Can I block search engines from searching my email or not?

  62. Con Orpe

    All emails from my website contact address are directed to my yahoo account. Is it possible for me to compose and reply to emails from my yahoo account using my website email address?


  63. Ray D

    I use GoDaddy’s WorkSpace online. I need to download all my emails and all emails stored in folders.
    I also would love to find an email client that works like WorkSpace – any suggestions?
    I need to download all the ‘saved’ emails. I need them, if I could find away to download the information I wouldn’t need the client.

  64. Erfan

    My email was changed – I am trying to send a mass email to my contacts and Yahoo won’t let me because it thinks I am spam! So frustrating – already spent an hour on this!

  65. Keaton

    I use Gmail for my business email and would like to send emails to multiple recipients but for their protection hide the emails. I’ve seen this done on several other emails and want to know how to do it in Gmail. Thanks.

  66. Jon P

    Looking to build an opt in email list for my business and I’ve been looking at different sites offering to build an email list. Which is the best between Aweber,GetResponse or Mailchimp or any other email marketing company? Looking to expand my business and I need advice on which company to go with!

  67. dealy

    I am creating a new email address, and I would like any emails sent to my old account to be automatically sent to this new account. How can I do this?

  68. ScRSC

    I have 1300+ business email contacts and want to send a mass email so that the can not see other contacts email address.

  69. ademuth93

    I have to check a client email that I supposedly received right now, but I am at home and not at work and it is urgent. I tried adding and configuring my work email on my home laptop, but it isn’t showing the emails that I already had on my email. What do I do? Other than email I don’t have the clients contact information so I can only use email. Help

  70. Rishi

    I receive emails from a lot of places, and I don’t want to have to retype all those email accounts and call and tell them that I changed my email. What is a simple way to do that?

  71. Tyler H

    Sometimes I receive emails stating you are selected for big awards, sometimes it says if you read emails, Microsoft will pay USD 245 per email and so on. How do I know if these types of emails are fraud?

  72. Alex

    I once sent an email to a friend and I mis-typed their email address. Now whenever I try to send this person a message through gmail as I start to type the address it gives me a drop down of two email addresses, one of them being incorrect. Is there a way to clear the email addresses gmail remembers? Can I just delete selected ones?

  73. Derek

    I am sending emails, but notice my full name is appearing in brackets before the email address. I do not want my name to be seen.

  74. johnkaiser 22

    I sometiems send one email to a group of other emails and wondered if there is a way that I can hide the group members email address from teh other group members for security purposes? By the way I use Hotmail

    Thank you

  75. addmeonxbox360myuserisfallior

    Every time I either write an email or reply/forward an email I automatically get an email coming to my phone showing me the email I just sent. So I now have two of the same email in my inbox. This also messes up my calender if the email has a calender or Facebook event in it.
    Any help would be appreciated.

  76. Zack Faria

    I downloaded it and let it finish downloading in app stuff when I first opened it. I have android 4.2 and I have half a billion gold and over 700 million cash stuff and I know I didn’t pay for any of it because I don’t have a credit card or gift card on the Google play store yet so what does this mean? And if somebody did pay for it they litterally would have spent HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS on all the gold and cash. What should I do? Help or why did this happen?

  77. SKATEskum

    I installed it & then i installed freedom but it didn’t work. So i deleted it . But it hacked my google play store. Whenever i open play store it says that i have no internet connection, but i have connection.


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