Hay Day Hack 2013

Hay Day Hack 2013 Features:
— Generate Unlimited Diamonds
— Generate Unlimited Coins
— No Jailbreak Required
— Anti Ban System
— Multi Platform Support
With several features inside the Hay Day hacker, within minute you will have the ability to get all the coins and diamonds within minutes, with little to no work! We’ve made our cheats so accessible that you won’t even need to be jailbroken to use the cheats for Hay Day. It doesn’t stop! After the diamonds and coins are added onto your account, you do not need to worry about receiving suspensions or bans thanks to our ban prevention system. Lastly, our Hay Day cheats are multi platform so you’ll be able to use it on any device, anywhere!
If you’re ready to get started with the Hay Day hacker, continue reading! We’ll get you started to how to Hay Day fast for all the coins and diamonds you want within a couple minutes! To get started, go ahead and the Hay Day from here. You will need to complete a fast. This way, we can keep our cheats and keep them away from getting patched! After you have the downloaded, simply open the cheats up and you will be prompted with a screen like above.

Once you see the program open, enter either your GameCenter username or iTunes email. Either will work with theHay Day hacker. After you have entered the username, select the coins and diamonds buttons and click the Let It Rain! button. Within a minute, depending on the server speed, the resources will be added to your Hay Day account. This is the fastest way to get the coins and diamonds added to your account so you’ll have the best farm in Hay Day in no time! Also, our cheats are 100% undetectable so you won’t need to worry about getting a ban!

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6 thoughts on “Hay Day Hack 2013

  1. Jeracoo L

    on iphone app games if i connect to facebook is there any charge on billing? i play hay day games on iphone sometimes i connect to facebook.

  2. nothin_nyce1

    Lookin for cheat to get money and Diamond free and no dang survey to do just a link for the dl to get it

  3. whites are not the only racists

    I try to be objective, but all the evidence I see and hear points to global warming being a source of power for politicians and an economic hay day for it’s defenders. For every fact its supporters give, there are scientists that can refute them. I’m very skeptical as the climate has been cycling warmer and colder since man has tracked it. Lately, the name “global warming” has been replaced with “climate change”. The climate also varies from decade to decade in some given areas. So is the new name to gain wider acceptance?

  4. Mathew

    He’s 2 years old now but I have only had him for about 2 months. I know that he should have an unlimited supply of timothy hay each day and 1/4 cup of pellets but im confused on how much fruits and veggies to give to him daily. Can anyone please help me out so I know my piggy is getting the right diet that he needs to stay healthy and happy?

  5. arronwrath

    Is there anyway to play the game hay day without Internet? It’s annoying because I can only play at home where I have Internet.

  6. soccermaster1

    I am in the UK!! So please use pounds or kg! I don’t understand cups lol

    I have a mammoth donkey Jenny in the UK and she struggles to maintain condition. I keep her up to date wormed ect everyone I ask in the UK says feed her straw and that’s it but she isn’t a small donkey she is a mammoth and requires waaay more than a normal donkey so I’ve been giving her hay only and am now toying with a horse conditioner to bring her up a bit. We go hacking for miles so she is in work. I’ve been feeding a hay amount if 7kg because she is a little bony and feeding by the height guidelines (horse) she is 14.2 HH but I know this is too much for a donkey so would like to know how much a mammoth donkey needs a day to eat.
    How much hay a day?
    How much feed a day?

    (She has 3 days on grazing a 4 days on hard standing to keep her feet out of the wet and to stop too much grass intake)


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