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Hay Day Hacker

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With several features inside the Hay Day hacker, within minute you will have the ability to get all the coins and diamonds within minutes, with little to no work! We’ve made our cheats so accessible that you won’t even need to be jailbroken to use the cheats for Hay Day. It doesn’t stop! After the diamonds and coins are added onto your account, you do not need to worry about receiving suspensions or bans thanks to our ban prevention system. Lastly, our Hay Day cheats are multi platform so you’ll be able to use it on any device, anywhere!


If you’re ready to get started with the Hay Day hacker, continue reading! We’ll get you started to how to Hay Day fast for all the coins and diamonds you want within a couple minutes! To get started, go ahead and the Hay Day from here. You will need to complete a fast. This way, we can keep our cheats and keep them away from getting patched! After you have the downloaded, simply open the cheats up and you will be prompted with a screen like above.


Once you see the program open, enter either your GameCenter username or iTunes email. Either will work with the Hay Day hacker. After you have entered the username, select the coins and diamonds buttons and click the Let It Rain! button. Within a minute, depending on the server speed, the resources will be added to your Hay Day account. This is the fastest way to get the coins and diamonds added to your account so you’ll have the best farm in Hay Day in no time! Also, our cheats are 100% undetectable so you won’t need to worry about getting a ban!

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11 thoughts on “Hay Day Hacker

  1. hank baseballs

    I know she has some issues but I also know they don’t update the various horse’s pages often so she could have progressed by now. Please judge her confirmation and anything else you can tell from the page and pictures. Also could someone describe exactly what prednisolone is? She just caught my eye and I was wondering what you all thought. Oh, and I am 13 years old, about 5′ 6” and have been riding for about 5 years. (I copy and pasted this from the horse rescue’s website)

    Barn Name: Mattie

    Breed: TB/Clyde
    Height: 17hh
    Age: 10 y/o
    Gender: Mare
    Colour: Bay with Blaze, and 2 Left Stockings

    Health: Heaves – (Also she needs more than just hay to keep her weight on (ie. pellets, pasture, supplement for her heaves, etc)
    Lameness: None

    Vices: None
    Personality: Smart, friendly, talented, quick learner, slightly skittish in new situations but easily adjustable.

    History/Training: Trained in basic flatwork (w/t/c in a frame, leg yield, shoulder in, etc.) Jumping trainining up to 3ft course. Has schooled x-country up to Entry level., shown pre-entry level.

    Future/Suitability: Hacking, Pleasure, Light Riding

    Additional Info: Currently on prednisolone, could be weaned off it, or if she stays on it can be a suitable show horse.

    the first 3 are of Mattie in her previous home, the last 1 is of her at a schooling show, and the ones in between are of her first ride at the horse rescue.

    NO rude comments please!
    Thanks for your opinions so far! I am not great at judging conformation so if you could that would be very helpful. :)
    Oh, and I am around 5′ 6”-5′ 7” and I think I am still growing and I rode (and loved) a 16.3hh horse before so her height shouldn’t really be a problem.
    I am not really looking to compete but I think it might be fun to go to a schooling show once in a while. Also, I love jumping but since they said she would mostly be good for light riding do you think she could handle it? (It wouldn’t have to be very high, not more than around 2″, maybe 3″) Her not being a jumper wouldn’t really be a deal breaker, just something to consider.
    Also, how do you think she would be bareback??? Thanks, everyone! :)

  2. Jason M

    my horse normally just has grass and when stabled hay. but ive started doing a lot more work on her about 1 hours+ per day but she has a day off. ive started jumping her too.i would say she does medium work but she is a good doer. although since she is doing a lot of work i would like to add some feed to her diet to give her the vitamins and things she needs. help please

  3. MentallyCryppled

    im looking to get a cobby type horse for hacking.
    i know somebody with a field i could rent with stables.
    i have found a horse that will be turned out in the day and stabled at night. he requires one type of hard feed twice a day and hay at night (grass during the day). he will be hacked out for 30mins then either do flat work or jumping exercises for another 30mins each day to keep him fit.
    So, i was wondering what daily routine i could use/plan at what times? Also, how much roughly would it cost for up keep for the basics (feed, shoes?, etc) NOT including rugs, tack etc

  4. sakyue1993

    I got a android samsung dart back in october and today it just randomly turned off and it wouldn’t turn back on so I had to take out the battery and put it back in. When I turned it on it just said “Downloading” it’s been on the screen for 10mins now and this is the first time it’s done that and it only froze on my once a few weeks ago and I’ve never dropped it. Is it just samsung being samsung or do I need to buy an entirely new phone??

  5. Boo Cookie

    My mare is a welsh x
    13 years old

    In her previous home she was used as a happy hacker mainly, a couple of times a week maybe.. Since i’ve had her which is about 6 weeks, I haven’t ridden her much! I got on her soon after I got her, with no one else there really, and she got excited and started going way to fast without being asked (either that or I was gripping her to stay on as she was getting faster!)
    I haven’t really ridden much since then apart from a lesson and a couple of lunges with other people.. i’m a complete beginner so i’m taking it slow. I’m continuing lessons and starting lunging 2 or 3 evenings a week but as of the last few weeks, she’s not been doing much!

    Anyway she’s not fed breakfast, turned out at around 6:30am, brought in between 4pm and 6pm each day where she has her hay net in her stable.. so she starts eating that whilst I make her feed which I normally put in 2 small handfuls of chaff and a handful of pony nuts and a chopped carrot, occasionally add half an apple in too..

    I was going to start feeding her breakfast as every other horse on the yard eats breakfast but where she isn’t being worked much right now she really doesn’t need anymore energy?! Is this correct? Anyway I just want to know if she’s TOO chubby! we’re fast approaching winter, and I know it’s good to be round when the cold winter is coming up but i’m worrying! I’m also looking for a sharer so she’s being ridden regularly (i’ve advertised for 2-3 days a week) so this should keep her more fit, but should I worry? If she is on the ‘too fat’ side, then what can I do to help her lose a bit which hopefully she will start dropping off a tiny bit during winter anyway.. besides riding more (which will come in time when I start hacking!)



  6. airdogspace2

    Basically, I’m involved in a film project with some friends in Bristol (United Kingdom) – it’s the story of six survivors in the zombie apocaylpse when it hits Bristol.

    My character is the tech of the group – she work for the government as a hacker, but other than that, she’s come out of school with mediocre grades, little ambition and a rather pessimistic attitude – and she spends all day playing shoot-em-up video games.

    I’ve got the character and the costume almost finished, except for one important aspect – what weapon/s should my character have?

    I have no ideas what so ever!! So, suggestions please! And preferably suggest multiple things – though bare in mind that the series is set in Bristol, UK, which means you can’t get your hands on guns of any kind very easily or legally.

    Additionally, it needs to be a weapon I can acquire and carry legally around Bristol – SO NO GUNS DAMMIT. Also I have doubts about the chainsaw either.

    I’m from England, remember?

  7. forahobby

    So, my boyfriend and I were talking to some friends who play Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 with us. They told us that they never play against level 70 tenth prestige players because they knew someone who had their stats lowered back to 0 and they had negative xp points because they killed the level 70. I couldn’t find anything on the online forums but wanted to ask here….has anyone heard of this or experienced this?


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