Ice Age Village Hack Unlimited Coins + Acorn

Ice Age Village Hack

Hack the game and enjoy playing for. Earn Unlimited Cash, Acorns, Stars, and Faster XP Level up.
Hack Features:
> Ice Age Cash – Unlimited
> Ice Age Instant Acorns
> Stars Adder
> XP Level Up Controls
> Auto Update (Anti-Ban Support)
> No Jailbreak

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21 thoughts on “Ice Age Village Hack Unlimited Coins + Acorn

  1. Kaylla

    It seems like its just me but is it just right wing wackos that think the media is hiding the acorn story. I’ve seem it on every channel in the news lately so I don’t know how the media is hiding anything?

  2. zigg3ns

    ACORN is a group whose main purpose is to commit election fraud to get Democrats elected.

    If ACORN did the things they do to support Republican candidates, the Dems would be shouting for their blood. But they are (as always) willing to overlook anything illegal that any group supporting Democrats does.

  3. sakyue1993

    Is there any laws against giving lots of money to a political type group like there are for canidates. My grandfather left me 37 million and i want to give 10% to acorn to help register voters. How can I do this.

  4. Sir fliesalot

    Im making an acorn jar for fertility, but im worried about bugs and larvae. I picked up some acorns by my house and i discarded the ones with holes, but im still worried.

    I heard of baking them but that would destroy the seed, kinda defeating the whole fertility thing haha!

    Right now i’ve got them in a bowl covered in salt. Would this help? What else would you recommend?

  5. Larry R

    How long will the fraudulent criminal actions of ACORN be covered up? This administration is nothing but criminal activity in itself. Tax cheat Geitner. Anita Dunn. Nancy Pelosi and her boyfriend Reid. Anita Moncrief has released records and helped expose ACORN fraud that the Democrats have tried to sweep under the rug so no one will “notice”. It’s like everything else that they do. Yet their followers think nothing of it, because liberals think they are above the law.
    When will impeachment proceedings begin?

  6. Jonny

    ACORN is now scared and all its leftist supporters are a bunch of racist cowards making excuses for their frivolous lawsuit. I’d like to see ACORN sued when this case gets laughed out of court!
    If those kids were breaking the law, what does that make ACORN for promoting tax evasion and child prostitution? Anyone else would have been jailed! But we all know Democrats don’t pay taxes and get away with everything.

  7. Lachlan

    I am planning to make my first squash soup and I purchased something called Green Acorn. I hope this is okay for soup because it is hard as a rock.

  8. Mak Sultan

    Does the acorn have to go through a germination stage, like in a climate with specific temparture, light, humidity? Trying to replant a forest one step at a time!


    I have completed my Acorn certificate and will be going to see the loan officer for Citi. But wanted some advice and any feedback to make my transaction smooth.

  10. TommyKay

    According to the videos they have basically uncovered that Acorn are a bunch of crooks. Isn’t Acorn who Obama was the community organizer for?
    Actually lawgirl it was happening in many states. You would have to not be very smart if you didn’t make any connection to it. It would be one thing if it were only a couple of people in one state but, it was a number of offices in a number of states.

  11. johnkaiser 22

    I bought a Kurt Kinetic Road Machine and am trying to adjust the leg where I’d need to remove the acorn nut/bolt. I have a clamp for the bolt, and a wrench for the nut, but when I try to turn it the entire nut and bolt turns and it doesn’t get loosened. Please help.

  12. Sir fliesalot

    ACORN – phony registrations under ridiculous names which never had the potential to translate into votes.

    DIEBOLD/GOP voter suppression – flipped/stopped over a million votes in the last election

    No matter who you support, fair elections are necessary to have a democracy. Please do your research.

  13. Echo

    I heard they have SEIU and ACORN orgs all over the world… So how many people total is Obama giving all the wealth too? Acorn has 400,000 to 500.000 members in America- how many internationally?

  14. JimT

    why did the republicans wanted acorn out of the picture and they has helped a lot of poor and middle class people over the years and the tea party just demonized people and obama just to let the repubs take control of the house not to mention their racist signs but it’s ok with the repubs.

  15. Gamer959

    I find it odd that Obama makes snap judgment on wall street and police that do their job but ignores all the events surrounding Acorn crimes. Is it because they put him in office or just another case of racism. Our tax dollars should not go to Acorn but congress is ignoring crimes like Rangel’s tax evasion and Acorn advising people how to cheat the government.

  16. gail C

    Right before the FBI arrived to investigate ACORN’s doings- 3 THREE of their computers mysteriously vanished- what are they HIDING? Who will go to PRISON?

  17. stephen m

    They want to give ACORN members the same or even better pay and medical benefits as Americas military receives. Why is this?

  18. veemodz

    This was a sting and the “prostitute” claimed she wanted to start a child prostitution brothel yet ACORN was still very happy to help and even happier to make her a new paying member.

  19. Jonny

    Most people are glad to find out corrupt forces and get rid of it, but Acorn wants to sue the girl who uncovered the crime! That’s a sure sign of a corrupt Acorn business!

  20. Cliffy N

    ACORN is obviously getting a cold shoulder from their good buddies in the goverment. How long before they become the organization “formally known as” (in small print of course) and get right back in our pockets?

  21. therundown2k3

    1. Public dollars being used to promote one single ideology. 2. The corrupt promotion of that one single ideology (with public dollars), by using voter fraud, ballet tampering and disinformation. 3. Executive and legislative use of ACORN, which is being done indirectly through others, and is not traceable back to the white house or persons in congress.


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