IMVU Credit Generator 2013

IMVU Credit Generator 2013

IMVU Credit Generator 2013

We are proud to present IMVU Credit Generator which just left the beta stages today and has been released to the public for the first time!

IMVU Credit Generator is a piece of software that generates credits for you to use on IMVU. Right now we have a limit set so you can only generate a maximum of 10,000 credits a day, but we may change that in the future. It requires no installation, no password, and best of all its, although donations are still appreciated :).

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117 thoughts on “IMVU Credit Generator 2013

  1. Anny

    Cause i have seen on the youtube videos i have looked at of the hacks people are saying yep works good for me! but im not 100% sure ? helpppp :)!?

  2. nothin_nyce1

    I really need credits and I don’t know if it’s safe or not….If you have used one at all can you send me a link??

  3. uberfailz

    Does anyone know how to install, IMVU Credits Generator 2013 on the computer?? I mean before you actually use it? Is there some type of folder u need so that you will be a able to use it?? If there’s anyone who knows, the info would be appreciated!! Thank You!

  4. tefa_96

    I’m trying to find any musician anywhere who has taken beta blockers for stage fright who has had medical problems and side effects. Please contact me!
    I’m not going to take beta blockers, I’m looking for musos who have taken them for long term and have had medical problems!

  5. shahedC

    Im getting Blue Screen of Deaths randomly when using Windows 7 because of a file named: symevent.sys

    I find out that the file is a Symentec file (A Virus Protection Company)

    Please dont type (Windows 7 is in the Beta Stages) Please dont, I’m sick of hearing that, lol.

    So please, Do any of you know why this is happening And how can I fix it?
    I bought this software from the real company.

  6. Moore, Ron

    The Betal cells are the factory for prodution of the harmone insulin which permits the absorption of sugar in the cells. If the immune systems attacks the Beta cells, resulting in degeneration in production of insulin, why not we analyse the factors influencing the immune system to attack the Beta cells. If these are known and if the relevent factors can be regulated will it lead to production of required levels of Insulin to regulate sugar levels in the body. Probabaly the requirement can even go backward of the immune system to find a solution.

  7. everydayGuitarist

    Hi, I am performing in front of record executives tomorrow night and I need an over the counter beta blocker for stage fright……. any recommendations? Thanks!

  8. lcollier93sbcglobalnet

    I have xsplit, and I want to live stream a game (ESO) in it’s beta stage, but it has NDA (So I can’t make video’s or show people). So, is there a way I can do a private live stream so I can just show a few friends without others joining?
    Even doing like twitch with a password would work.

  9. Mistry

    It’s has arrived. Windows Media Player 11 although still in the Beta stage is available for download. I want to know your opinions on it. Is it worth the download? How do you think it fares against iTunes?

  10. Ryan Dunn

    Lockerz is a sit that is super legit I already one a psp go an ipod touch and xbox 360 it is easy to earn pointZ because they are in beta stage.

  11. Larry R

    I have seen videos on youtube of people playing the beta of it. But never figured out how to install it. Please do a step by step guide. Best answer 10 points :]

  12. lcollier93sbcglobalnet

    Person with hypertension (eg. BP of 170/110 persistently elevated) and close to end stage chronic renal disease (say eGFR of <15). Waiting for dialysis. Meanwhile, what class (or combination of classes) of antihypertensive is/are safest to use?


  13. stealspartansbcglobalnet

    The google pack is still beta stage but is it possible that they will release full security suites or office suites.

  14. stingerms

    I wanted to use it to block ads on youtube, not sure if it will work though. But anyway, the instruction video on youtube said to use the beta version but I searched on google chrome and there was no beta version. What would the difference be between that and the normal version?
    Also which adblock is the best?

    Adblock, adblock plus, adblock pro? They all seem to be free.

  15. johnkaiser 22

    There are many people who have been giving really nice replies or asking nice questions. I want to be able to converse with them directly. Is there a way? If its still in Beta stage, can we give suggestions to Yahoo to add this?
    Tell me how to suggest too. 😛

  16. Courtney

    i have 2 questions.what does i in ipod mean.this “i” is used in many things like iShare,etc

    second question,what does beta means,like we have websites which are still in beta stage.

  17. TommyKay

    As part of my quest to learn creation of websites I have turned my attention onto Social Networking websites and I want to create one myself as a project to practice, and add to my portfolio! I’m still quiet noobish when it comes to making sites, I have managed to do a few things with JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, CSS, but have never used SQL nor PHP, but I imagine that wouldn’t be THAT complicated.

    So here where you come in, can anyone help me find some nice, easy, for noob tutorials on how to make a SN website similar to Facebook?

    List of things that I’d like to learn:
    • How to make log in & sign up
    • Make it so people have their own designated page (or more: albums, more info, etc) where they can put in there info, upload pictures and post stuff that people can like, comment, etc
    • Some basic Chat system
    • Main ‘Wall’ page where you see what others posted, liked and what-not.
    • Main bar on top (which I actually probably can manage myself), but I will probably not be able to create a notification system (posts on your wall, likes, etc)
    • ‘Friend’ system with subgroups like family, close friends and/or custom group.

    Is there anything I’m missing? Please say so!

    I know most or all of these can be find with few strokes of a keyboard and a click of a mouse on Google, but I seem to never be able to find anything for my level of understanding and skill, I also have a budget of absolute 0 green dollars so I’m not able to buy anything, but I think the only expense is time.

    Thank you for anyone who helps me in advance!

    NOTE: I’m NOT trying to create or planning to create anything that is intended to be super popular or something I can make butt loads of money from! This is just a weekend project I want to work on that is probably never pass the beta stage!

  18. Wooooody

    I would like to try out some of the software that is in the beta testing stage. I do not want to sign up as a beta tester. I want to simply download the software and try it. I am currently using Panda Cloud AntiVirus and BitDefender Anti-Phishing Tool. Any other programs that you would suggest?

  19. Xbox360king

    I’m sure I came across a site (I believe it was in beta stage) that went through generating images. I’ve come across one paid one, but I’d really rather not pay!

  20. Mackenzie P

    If I purchase WarZ now (while it’s in alpha or beta stage) will i get the full game when it’s released or will I have to buy it again?

  21. Balla

    8 was in it’s Beta stage…. have the glitches been taken care of?

    I just noticed “Get IE8 now!” is on my Yahoo toolbar. I didn’t place it there, and when I checked my toolbar setting, “Get IE8 now!” isn’t even something listed there. I didn’t select it. Again, something Yahoo did on their own.

    How do I get rid of that IE8 on my toolbar?

  22. xLittle21Yaox

    Also those are with invitations. Do you always have to launch it as alpha and beta? What is your opinion and why? Why they don’t just launch it to the general public, and make the changes (solve mistakes) on the go?

  23. rashest_hippo

    I have really bad stage fright (performance anxiety) and I have a solo voice recital coming up next weekend. My doctor won’t prescribe me Propranolol because:
    1) I’m underage (I’m 15)
    2) She thinks it won’t help that much
    3) The side effects.

    How can I get a doctor to prescribe me some?

  24. Ramblin Spirit

    I audition and am on stage a lot…im capable of doing well but my anxiety takes me back A LOT. i babble when i speak and dont do nearly as well as i would calm…
    what are some natural remedies or pills I can take right before going on stage or an auditon?

  25. Travoiz

    Hi, i’ve made a web browsing application in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and made it as a Web-Form, it is now in the beta stage and i would like to release it to my testers, how do i publish the document without giving away the actual “.cs” file?


  26. Andrew S

    I have windows 7 beta on my laptop and i want to dual install ubuntu on it. All i could find was how to install windows 7 on ubuntu not ubuntu on 7.

  27. Rassling Fundamentals

    Right now I have vista. I am planning on downloading the windows 7 beta. What will happen when that beta expires??? I am expecting it to go right back to vista.

    What happens? If it doesnt go back to vista, then what am I supposed to do. Vista came preinstalled on this computer, so I dont have the disk.

  28. evangldbrg

    Unknowinly I updated the graphics drivers for my laptop with the Mobility Radeon HD 4650 with the drivers for a Radeon 4600 Series(assuming the desktop series) and it worked without a hitch.

    I was wondering is this bad? Because apparently since I have Win7 the updates for my card are in beta stage or something, at least this is what the ATI site said. I followed the directions and went to Sony site and there are no updates available.

  29. Sonny

    I know that when minecraft finishes the beta stage, I’ll get the full game for free, but does that only apply to the computer, or will I also get the xbox version?

  30. happyha31

    In return, they’d get access to this free site which is an online scheduling and networking tool. I am deliberately not mentioning the site because I don’t want to be accused of advertising. I’ve tried to offer it to members of bar associations and other professional organizations but they all want us to buy ads and we are not at that stage. We are looking for a member base to let us know what improvements we can make.
    Thank you. It is not specifically for lawyers, we are just trying to reach out to professional organizations because we feel like this could be a useful professional networking and scheduling tool. It happened to be designed by a lawyer for his own needs and he would now like to offer it to the public.

  31. Harriet W

    I installed this program called Wubi which is the same thing as installing Ubuntu but it does everything for you. Unfortunately, it didn’t work, seeing as it’s still in its beta stages. Anyways, how do I install it myself? I really need a step by step guide, if anyone can help me, I’d really appreciate it.

  32. ouch

    I was recently prescribed 25mg Atenenolol by my doctor because my resting pulse was unusually high and would not go down, even while I was trying to sleep. Also my blood pressure was borderline first stage hypertension.

    I only take half a tablet (12.5mg) but I’ve heard any dosage can cause dependency and withdrawal symptoms.

    Will occassional use or use for only a short time cause dependency? I’m pretty worried because I’ve heard withdrawal symptoms can be very severe.


  33. vanvark83

    I know this a little bit like asking how long is a piece of string – but on average, how long would it take for developers test the beta version of an FPS like Far Cry 3?

  34. Benihana

    So, I change the water and put a air tube in there. But, he doesn’t seem to get better. He doesn’t move around a lot. It looks like he’s sleeping and when he hits the air tube he seems in a second to wake up. And I checked in my beta book and there no disease for that.
    So, I change the water and put a air tube, add salt, and magnesium in there. But, he doesn’t seem to get better. He doesn’t move around a lot. It looks like he’s sleeping and when he hits the air tube he seems in a second to wake up. And I checked in my beta book and there no disease for that.

  35. The Beatles

    I want to be a professional singer but I have really bad stage fright. Did anyone hear about a good medication for this situation?

  36. Random

    the firefox on my mac when i check says its running as 64 bit and it has been doing that since much earlier versions long ago. Yet 64 bit of firefox in windows is still in beta or alpha stage.
    Yes I am aware of waterfox and palemoon both having 64 bit versions but they arent the main mozilla Firefox project. Those two projects ads even more wonder to their issues.

  37. Brian

    I was a beta tester of the following game Minecraft back in July of 2011.(I still play it today) When I purchased it in it’s beta stage it was 25% of of the full price. My brother insisted a new game for us to alpha/beta test called WAY. I find it sorta of fun to play. So, does anyone know any good new games in alpha/beta stages that I can test?

  38. Jeremy Xargor is my gamertag

    I have been meaning to buy minecraft because all of my friends are on it. If I buy during the beta stage (which is now) will i get future versions for free?

  39. mavis24

    I did mine during the Beta stage and with the wand I had: phoenix core and reasonable supple and with the Sorting Hat, I had a hat stall between Gryffindor and Slytherin (I was eventually put into Gryffindor but I wanted to go to Slytherin) any I want to know if there is another website to redo it, just to see if in the year that has passed, if I anything would’ve changed. And pls don’t say create a new pottermore account

  40. slipknot0129

    I need beta blockers for stage frieght , i already take klonopin but it doesnt help with stage frieght and i heard beta blockers do . Will my family doctor perscibe them if i just ask for them ?

  41. stephen m

    DotA HoN has released and is in open beta stage what I am asking is that does it need a beta key to play or the beta key is only used for closed beta?

  42. addmeonxbox360myuserisfallior

    If I buy Minecraft the way it is now will I get the updates for free or have to wait until the full game is released?

    Also, does anyone know when Minecraft will actually be out of the Beta stage and be finished?

  43. The Inc

    I’ve been jumping back into Minecraft after not playing for a while, and I want to make a hardcore map that I go all the way to the end and beat both bosses. I have been trying to make a world I like or find a good seed I like but with little success. I’m looking for something that looks like the game used to back in its early beta stages. Like I want grasslands with big mountains, cliffs, overhangs, caves, and those kind of land features in immediate proximity to the spawn point. What else is nearby I don’t care. I just want a grassland/forest with the classic look and feel to it and the surrounding area can be anything else.

    Anybody know a seed like this?

  44. xiM Clutch

    arite you know how theres beta stages and alpha stages, what are these. how much work has to be done for it to be classified as a beta or alpha? Is there more stages?

  45. ibjammin44

    My friends on the club penguin forums always say stuff about them and they wear party hats? What do they mean by beta? And what do they do?

  46. Christopher J

    My classified ads section is in the beta stage right now, so don’t expect it to work. I am just trying to get an opinion of layout.
    OK, I will look into that but I bought this program that has templates and I don’t want to spend any more money. I tried some free linux designers, but I didn’t like them.

  47. Random

    Okay I know that Dota 2 is currently in its beta stage, but when will it be officially released? And will it be free? And will you need a Steam account to play it? Because I haven’t got steam. I’m a huge fan of DoTA, Heroes of Newerth and League of Legends, I’ve been playing these games for 3 years. So I can’t wait to start playing Dota 2.

    Please help me out! Dates and links will help!

  48. Heath

    I’m wanting to get into a career doing lighting and/or stage work for a touring concert. What education would i need and where would i find job openings for touring concerts?

  49. Balla

    I haven’t been able to figure that out. Every time I log into my IMVU, I try to set my own picture but it’s still the biggest mystery to me.

    A in-depth response would be greatly appreciated xD.

  50. everydayGuitarist

    All right, I havn’t been on IMVU for forever, and I don’t remember how to do anything. When you take a screenshot of your avatar, the background is blank. I’ve been seeing so many people with screenshot backgrounds that are totally wild! How do I add a background of my own? Do I have to buy a background? Do I need photoshop to put the background?

  51. shahedC

    Aperrantly my father deleted IMVU fully off my computer but i want to re-intall it but when i try to intall it it says DONE and it doesn’t appear on my computer PLEASE HELP!

  52. callofduty5123412

    I want to insert my music player on my imvu homepage and i have no idea how, also how do you make your messages on your homepage appear in a scroll thankksss

  53. Andrew S

    I know that I have to purchase my name and register as an IMVU developer with them and download the IMVU previewer, but how do I become a legitimate developer? Do I have to buy a specific program? Do IMVU developers buy specific programs or do they just use paint? And what else would I need?

  54. steve

    what is best and fastest way to get imvu credits, real one or promo and can get them as many times as i want ? plsz plz plz help me i need them fast anything to earn them just not to buy.

  55. crzyinluv

    Looking for a Legit 2012 IMVU credit generator that dosen’t require a password or has a survey before you download it.

  56. John

    Sometimes when Im browsing around IMVU i’ll see people who are sitting down but aren’t in the regular sitting down motion or whatever. Usually, theyre doing some kind of pose that changes like putting their hands up or something while i’m sitting here just well, sitting here if that makes any sense. Is it just an action you buy or what? If so, someone please point me in the direction of it.

  57. Caltel T

    I really want to know how to do my pictures for imvu to use as my default picture. Please tell me what the site or program is!

  58. Andres C

    I’ve been playing around with IMVU, but I don’t want to buy any credits. My account is older (made before they started giving newbies really nice starter packs), and I only have gift credits in a small amount on it. Are there any super-cheap newbie type things on the market?

  59. zaclo

    Guys please be helpful I wanna know if you dont know it then don’t answer. I seen a few people naked on IMVU with no AP (access Pass) Can you help I’ve been trying to find ways. BE specific don’t just hacks or stuff like that PLEASE help?

  60. Peter

    I just downloaded imvu, and Im not sure how I start chatting with people? I thought there was a ” Chat now ” button last time I played?

  61. lcollier93sbcglobalnet

    I just logged into imvu and noticed when I tried to go to my friends home page a window popped up showing what badges they earned. These new badges are next to my avatar picture as well and I was wondering what they are.

  62. supernerd567

    I just installed the newest version of imvu, and all the things in my inventory are missing. When I looked through the catalog when I cross the things that were in my inventory it still says “you own this item”. This happened to me before and I know about going to the imvu inventory web page the older version and just refreshing the items and they all appeared back in my inventory last time this happened but now it when I do this nothing happens. Its very frustrating. If anyone knows how to solve this issue please response to my question. Thanks have a nice day!

  63. Willie

    I have seen people advertising imvu credits for sale for half the price that imvu sells them for. They ask for paypal as the way to pay. I was just wondering how safe it was to purchase from the resellers. Has anyone had any experience with this?

  64. Erfan

    I’m editing my IMVU profile and I can’t seem to find any codes that will center 2 panels next to each other.
    I don’t want my entire page centered, just a couple of panels. I cantered my About Me panel and want to center 2 panels underneath it and combine them together almost. If they can’t be combined that’s fine but I would like a code for the others. I’ve seen people with similar things. Any code suggestions?

  65. Ryan Dunn

    I downloaded the Mac version of IMVU, and my computer fits the qualifications, but it wont open! How can I get it to work? Can anyone help me? I click on it and I press open, but nothing happens! Please help, thank you!

  66. Austin

    I recently bought songs from the IMVU music store catalog, and at one point i found them. But now for some reason, i cannot locate them. & when i do, How do i somehow transfer” them to my “bling” in imvu 3D chat. I want to play them while i am chatting? Can i do that? Someone please help me out. ^^

  67. Jeremy Xargor is my gamertag

    I mean I know it is a beta, but it is REALLY boring. I mean there is practically no clothes to chose from. And having to buy clothing with real money. That is stupid. Why would I waste my money on virtual clothing?
    Are things going to be like this on the real editon? Please give me any details that you have!

  68. Denali

    I want to learn or get a free software where i can make animated banners to show of my products/work on imvu. I look @ other imvu product designers and they all have sum sort of banner/code on their homepage. Can someone please give me the links to any sites that tell you how to do this and that have any sort of tutorials that i can watch. Thanks.

  69. Alina Elliott

    Like when I go on imvu and I click download imvu, my laptop just doesnt show it and I want to install it but I dont know how to do it. Please help!!

  70. Motordom

    So I was trying to take those surveys on imvu to earn credits but theyre tricky and I honestly could care less about the survey I only want the credits. Can any one give me an easy survey to do to get some? Or any way I mite get credits for that matter?

  71. Superman

    I just started making things on imvu but it has all been just derivable stuff I want to be able to make my OWN things. But I havent found a site that I can make meshes for imvu… Any suggestions will help! Thanks.

  72. Elijah luv

    Is Imvu 3D Chat compatible with a Sylviana SYNET7WIC Smartbook? If so will it show up on a smartbook as it would on a desktop computer and or a laptop? Or will it show up like it would on a android, iphone, and or tablet? I’m asking now before I spend money on buying the smartbook. Somebody please help.

  73. Terrence

    On IMVU you can buy poses, and when you click on one it stays in that position. But ive seen other people that make them go from pose to pose every few seconds without clicking on anything.
    How do i do that?

  74. Franklin Bluth

    I want to find way to get free real credits also promo credits for imvu i need them badly to get my cloth. Post all ways u guys know.
    Thank you.

  75. morbiusdog

    I have a simple idea to create a room on IMVU and then invite people or put a link from my website to it. A virtual chat room for my website visitors. Is this possible with IMVU? Being new, It seems really complicated and I am very computer literate for the most part. Anyone know how I could pull off this simple task? Thanks in advance.

  76. dubmecrazy3

    So bascially im asking how much room does the imvu installer take up on my computer. Becuase i would really like to download it, but my parents hate me downloading and installing. Anyone know?? Easy 10 points! :) xD

    Thank You!

  77. Con Orpe

    Somehow my imvu changed to chinese.. well the part where all my friends are. I can’t read it I need to change it back please help!

  78. zigg3ns

    Hi all i am starting to make clothes on imvu now, but when making new products i can’t pose for the new item without it being submitted and already in my inventory. So how do i go about changing the item inventory pic for a second time? Ive changed the catologue icon image but it doesnt change the inventory pic. When i mean inventory pic i mean the icon buyers and myself see when they are looking to put or take off the item in there inventory.

    Any help much apreciated.

  79. Roflcopter

    I have gimp now and I have been working on imvu pictures. I need some new good hair/skin editing tutorials.. and I have seen already most of the one’s on you tube. So please help me out.

  80. Zack Faria

    IMVU Program is a Chat/IM program in case your unfamiliar, anyhow whenever someone says something in a room it blinks the window/start menu entry. It’s extremely annoying “Feature” of alot of chat programs such as AIM and Yahoo but you can disable them easily.

    Does anybody know of a way in windows to make program unable to do that? OR a way to modify IMVU client so it cannot?

  81. Bryan J

    Okay so, I deleted my IMVU and I also deleted the toolbar at the top, but what I realized is I still have the IMVU search engine. I have set my homepage to Google, but whenever I search on a different tab it comes up with the IMVU search bar. Can somebody help?? Thanks! :) xx
    Oh yes, I also want the new search engine to be Google.

  82. Flash Funk

    I’ve been with IMVU for 2 years now and i have no credits whatsoever. I wish there was an easy way to get credits with out all the spam and junkmail.

  83. David

    Is there a certain website,because IMVU isn’t accepting my phone carrier and i really want to pay for my credits with my phone.

  84. jordenkotor

    I downloaded the Generator (IMVU Credits Generator 2013) and amazingly…it works (Yay -.-‘) It doesn’t ask for IMVU Password or Avatar name (Unless i’m messing something), No Trojans, Viruses or Malware/Hackers

    Yes, good and all…
    But there weren’t any instructions on how to use it! It generates 12 numeric and alphabetic letters into a sort of Code.

    I tried it on the IMVU Card Promo thing but it doesn’t work either

    What I don’t get is…how do I use it? Is it for pasting into something? What’s needed? Where does it go? How do I use this?

    Anyone Know? It would help

  85. Brendan O

    I was looking for some websites that are virtual i guess. I already know about meez.And i wanted to find a website like IMVU since i read it gives out viruses.

  86. Motordom

    Whenever i press “Derive From Product” or “Try On” on the IMVU website the products wont load onto the client. What can i do to fix this?

  87. addmeonxbox360myuserisfallior

    I can’t see my avatar or my room and my computer said something about a corrupt file, and i want to install the new imvu updates. Please help me!

  88. Disrae

    I wanted to make a new account, but one of my emails was already being used by an account I never get on. So I deleted my other account by entering my IMVU password. So I tried signing up with that email address and it still says that it’s being used. How long will it take for the account to officially delete?

  89. Xbox Gamer

    So, I was thinking about deleting my IMVU account for a couple of days, or something until I feel comfortable enough for coming back. Does anyone know how long I have to restore my account? I don’t want to contact customer service, or anything. And with that, can anyone give me the way to disable it for a little?

  90. MAK & CHEESE

    Enterplay recently released the official My Little Pony Card game. I am trying to find a copy of the official rules somewhere online as well as a visual spoiler of the cards in the set. This is made somewhat more difficult because of massive changes in the designs of cards between the beta stages and the official release. A link to either is highly appreciated.

  91. kass9191

    Please help! I want to get free IMVU Credits, since I’m not allowed to buy credits with a credit card anymore because last time my Dad bought IMVU Credits for me, he ended up getting money stolen from his credit card a week later (not from IMVU). I tried to tell him it wasn’t from IMVU but he says too bad. So I decided I’d use Credit Generators, but those never work for me. Either I have to do a survey that’s not available in my country, or I do the survey but it doesn’t work, or when it downloads it need a password, and none of those Winrar password breakers have helped. So I wanted to know if someone can PLEASE give me credits if you have a working generator! The ones where you just need to type in the account name, and then choose the amount of credits you want to generate. I’m begging you, please help me! >n< It's not fun without shopping. If someone is kind enough, please generate credits for me. Also, if you can add me on IMVU so whenever I need more credits, I can ask you? Also so I can show how thankful I am that you've helped me! PLEASE! Please help me… :( I'd greatly appreciate it. My account name is: StormyPanda. Please, please please, someone help me. And remember, only if you have the generators in which all you need to do is type in the username and then choose how much credits you want to generate, I do not want to give out my password. Please, help me! Thank you…
    Let it be a Generator that only requires the person's username, and the amount of credits you want to generate.

    My IMVU username: StormyPanda

    Also, please add me so I can ask you when I need more credits. Also, I would love to be friends with a person as kind enough to give me credits. Please, I'm begging. Thanks.

  92. Andres C

    I want some IMVU credits, but I dont want to waste my money on those cards from like target for $10 or $25 dollars…is there any other way I can get credits without paying for them?

  93. rndmaktn

    Like, in IMVU you can walk around, as is for Gaia. I was just wondering if there were any sites like these that you can do this on an iPod touch/iPhone? I know you need Adobe Flash or something to play most, but I saw one a few years ago that you could actually walk around and such on your iPod.

    If not, oh well :)


  94. Joanne Mefford

    Does anyone know how to install, IMVU Credits Generator 2013 on the computer?? I mean before you actually use it? Is there some type of folder u need so that you will be a able to use it?? If there’s anyone who knows, the info would be appreciated!! Thank You!

  95. Maricela Rothrock

    Does anyone know how to install, IMVU Credits Generator 2013 on the computer?? I mean before you actually use it? Is there some type of folder u need so that you will be a able to use it?? If there’s anyone who knows, the info would be appreciated!! Thank You!

  96. Heidi Cabrera

    I’m always on IMVU and I really can’t afford to buy credits right now but I’m really addicted to the game. Is there a website where I can get free credits for IMVU? I would prefer a 2013 online credit generator that really works to get credits free.

  97. Opal Morrill

    I use gimp and i don’t know how to make furries for imvu. And before any ones suggests googling it, i go to job corps and they block pretty much everything. If some one could give me any pointers, that would be great. Full tutorial would be even better. THANKS!!!!! :)


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