iTunes Gift Card Generator


iTunes Gift Card Generator and Giveaway

Music is one of the most downloaded thing along with movies and games . Downloading music via torrents and other sites is first of all not legal and the quality of the music and videos downloaded is usually poor quality compared to music downloaded from iTunes . Prepaid iTunes Gift Cards can be bought online from the Apple store or in the local retail shops and malls , but buying a lots of these codes can be quite costly after some time . But you have come to the right place because here at we feature some of the most popular gift cards online giveaways including a Free iTunes Gift Card Codes , Free xbox live codes and Free psn codes .

The Sponsored Free iTunes Gift Card Coupons are purchased by our sponsors to reward our active members with itunes codes via our Premium Giveaways and our iTunes Gift Card Generator.

What is Free iTunes Gift Card Generator

After three successful Giveaways of the Free iTunes Gift Cards we decided to make the codes available for all our visitors and members , even those who cant join our Premium Giveaways on Facebook and Twitter. So we came up with the iTunes Gift Card Generator or simply iTunes Generator . This simple tool is searching our servers for available iTunes gift card codes that we dedicate every day for this purpose . All the codes are bought by our sponsors and can be redeemed at official iTunes website .

Instructions for using iTunes Gift Card Generator

  1. Download the archive with 

    iTunes Gift Card Generator


  2. Run The Program and check which codes do you want to search for
  3. Update the database (its updated every day with new iTunes Gift Cards)
  4. After The Update is complete Get your code
  5. Redeem At official iTunes Website
  6. Join The Premium Giveaway and get even more Free iTunes Gift Cards

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35 thoughts on “iTunes Gift Card Generator

  1. timq3dimensionscom

    I’ve seen a TON of videos on youtube about it but I think there’s a virus in the software so i haven’t downloaded any yet and if there isn’t one,is there a place that gives them away for free?

  2. balinderk2000

    Hey, i saw on youtube the itunes gift card code generators and tried to download some of those but all of them required like some survey to fill out, if someone already has it, can you email me the software, you just email me and drag/drop thye icon into the email and i will get it :) or can you tell me where to download it for free and easy? Thanks !

  3. mavis24

    Hello all!
    I lost phone and now i have some crap one but i need to listen to music anyway. Is there any way to get free itunes gift card codes? Any generator?
    Thanks a lot!

  4. Flash Funk

    Hey, is there a way to get itunes gift card generator that works in 2012? I have checked few generators but havent found any working yet.

  5. Gabriel Kenney

    I have seen so many videos on youtube about the itunes gift card code generator and I was wondering is it legal to use?. does it actually work?

  6. Hotshot t

    I have I Itunes library with roughly 11.5 gb on it. About 80% of the music is from CDS, 15% from a disk drive, and 5% from the itunes store. How do I go about moving it from one itunes account to another(same computer just different accounts). I do have a large external storage drive if that is needed.I’m on a windows vista.

  7. Terrence

    my friend was saying that he heard something about a itunes gift card generator and i was wondering if there is card generators, how they work, and where u get it because it doesnt make much sense to me

  8. xiM Clutch

    I want a free itunes card, and i keep coming across itunes gift card generators. Please tell me if they’re legal

  9. EzioAuditore1459

    I want one to generate codes when I need them. How ever I always have to do surveys and I never end up getting them. I want a generator that WORKS.

    If you could also give me a website that gives free codes that would help

    All in all I want something that gives free iTunes gift card codes with out surveys or subscriptions

  10. shahedC

    i was hoping someone in the world wide web would have an itunes gift card that they aren’t going to use and that i could maybe have. or, maybe someone knows of a itunes code generator that i wouldnt have to download. thanks.
    i know nobody (most likely) will, but it’s worth a try.

  11. Random

    everytime i download a itunes gift card generator it has a password and they give me a link to download the password but in surveys they show no surveys availible for your country

  12. Kobe

    uuh can some give me a iTunes gift card Code and a link to a iTunes Gift card generater that does not hav any viruses…Thanks

  13. Mak Sultan

    I have a jailbroken ipod touch 3rd gen and I want to know if there is any way to get free itunes songs etc using a jailbroken itouch, iphone or the computer. Dont bother posting any bullshit gift card generators because as far as i can see they are all viruses. Just looking for a cydia/icy/rock app or a reliable windows program. Can anyone help??

  14. Oilers

    This is a video with a link to where you can download the generator.
    I want to know if it is safe for your computer, if it really works, and if it is legal. I would prefer if i got multiple answers because I’m not sure how many people have this on their computer. Please let me know if it is safe, and if it really works.

  15. mmminja

    I Would Really Like To Know The Password For The Itunes Gift Card Generator.All Of The Files That I Download All Have Passwords And I Take The Surveys But The Dont Unlock.Please I Need The Password. Thnx!!

  16. Michael

    I have seen so many videos on youtube about the itunes gift card code generator and I was wondering is it legal to use?. I don’t want to download it. If I will get in trouble with the law also does it actually work?

  17. supernerd567

    ok so i have a mac osx 10.5.8 (yes old i know) but i was wondering because all i see is PC. Is there a itunes gift card code generator for the mac? I cant seem to find one. Oh and if there are some please don’t put ones that you have to do surveys to get everything for it (i don’t have the time for that junk). So yeah anyone know of one or some?

  18. Jamal

    i downloaded the itunes gift card generator but i need the password to unlock it and I don’t want to do any of the offers.

  19. Melanie

    I am looking for a way to get free music straight from itunes. I will not use torrents like Limewire, etc. which tend to be thriving with viruses, and the same goes for free music websites. I need a way to get songs of my choice free straight from itunes. Like a serial generator, patch, trick, etc. Thanks in advance!

  20. Jesse

    So, recently I downloaded the itunes gift code generator and it has this thing for a password which I don’t know. If you have it and it works, pleaseeee tell me te password. It would be GREATLY appreciated. :)

  21. Mistry

    Even better would be iTunes gift card codes sent to my EMAIL only, please. I wouldn’t like to give any personal information, except for name and email. I also do not want any ridicuolous surveys to “unlock” the content. Is there something? Thanks! :) I will greatly appreciate your answers!
    ok let me revise. don’t just say no. i know there is, i wanna know WHAT it is. thanks

  22. PoohBearPenguin

    I FINALLY got an itunes gift card from itunes generator, and it said to take a quick survey so it could tell i wasnt a robo, and whenever i hit a survey no matter what it takes me to facebook. what should i do?

  23. Random

    does anyone know a website where can download a itunes gift card generator without the surveys or anything? Or if anyone has an extra gift card or has no use for one id really like one or if you have a itunes gift code generator and you’d be generous enough to send me a code id really appreciate it i just got an ipad and i would really like to buy apps and music
    Whoever can help willdefinitelyy get picked Best Answer! Thank You Guys!

  24. Sir fliesalot

    My computer crashed and I lost hundreds of dollars worth of stuff. Could someone please give me an unused code or if they have a code generator, create one for me. please! I am desperate!

  25. Keegan

    I have been looking for Itunes gift card generators for a LONGG time and so far I have found none that work…. If you find any can you give me a link??

  26. Mak Sultan

    I have an iPhone 3gs an I want to get some apps without paying. Is there away to get them without jailbreaking. Or is there an itunes gift card generator for mac?

  27. Lucas H

    i want a gift card generator but i just keep getting scams, one that you just download and you have it no surveys no virus, anyone know of one?


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