League of Legends Maphack

League of Legends Maphack

This should be 100% undetected, played with it a couple of days ago for 2 hours, and just now for a bit. however, use at own risk)
What this basically does is exceed the maximum zoom out/in values that are default in the game. This is helpful for those who want to keep an eye out on some other lanes on the map as well as their own lane. This will enable you to be able to zoom out further then what the client allows you.

1) Load the “LoLhack.exe” before going into a game.
2) Enter a game and when LeagueOfLegends.exe is detected it will auto patch it so you can finally maphack and zoom out to your hearts contempt.

Note: When you finish with a game, it will return back to searching for LeagueOfLegends.exe so you dont need to re open the “LoLhack.exe” file everytime you play a game.

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