LEAKED Pokemon X and Y 3DS Rom


At last the most awaited game of 2013 is out.It’s Pokemon X and Y. We don’t have words to describe how awesome this game is. We have played it once just to check how it is and if there is any bug, but its as addictive as opium. We can’t resist ourselves from playing it again and again.

The best thing we liked about this game is the new 3d style battle system and amazing graphics. Also the pokemon in 3d look beautiful. You can play this game in 3ds .

Yes, no joking. Its true, we are providing leaked version of Pokemon X and Y rom. We want everyone to have play this awesome game and don’t wait till its officially release in October. We can’t guarantee how many day we can have the links up as gamefreak and other pokemon officials will take down our blog and link as soon as they find it, so hurry.



Download Leaked Pokemon X and Y 3DS Rom

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7 thoughts on “LEAKED Pokemon X and Y 3DS Rom

  1. Muzahid

    Personally, I don’t think it’s legit, as it’s still in development, unless it’s an extremely early, unfinished version. Or a well done fan version. Because if it’s still 3 months away, they couldn’t be finished.

    But everywhere I look, people are advertising “Pokemon X and Y leaked rom”. They all say to download from too many websites, which makes it sound like a scam, drawing in on the popularity.

    Also, whenever you see people mention that there is a “leaked rom”, there’s no mention of any new pokemon, new areas, new TM’s, no starter evolutions, no anything. Literally, the only information is that it is “leaked”, and also anything else that has already been shown to the public, such as Fairy type.

    I haven’t clicked the links myself to download it, and I don’t plan to.

    What do you think?
    Find it hilarious though how so many “people” seem to say things like “Wow”, “OMG it works!”, etc.
    As if that would draw us in -_-

  2. gail C

    I realise they are 3D I mean the frame style.

    You may not like them and that’s fine but I just want to know what the frame style is called. Thanks.
    Why is spam so hard to avoid here?

  3. clntvrrt

    How do u change your 3d dock (on mac) to have no reflection, but without making it the ugly 2d? Or how do u make the 2d dock invisible?

  4. NC Baller

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  5. fattiemanny

    I am framing something and i want to create a 3D effect similar to mounting a picture. How can i do this?
    Its a frame for a CD and cover…like when the album goes gold…hope you know what i mean

  6. xiM Clutch

    I’m a full-time graphic designer in the IT industry. I’ve had to recently become familiar with 3D Max. I’m not very good at it and want to improve. I could see myself perhaps working in the video game industry.

    Any suggestions on the skills I should work on to improve my concept art or 3D software skills? Any good books you’d suggest?

  7. Tyler H

    Just curious, the tribal tattoo is all black, not quite a full sleeve and is already there, which I like, and I found another tattoo that I would like just as well and is very colorful, but haven’t gotten it done yet, not sure if they will “go” or not. In the end I know it’s my body, my decision. Can you do two different style of tattoos? Just curious to any other thoughts.


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