7 thoughts on “Lineage 2 Cheats

  1. Jeffery Carlson

    i want a auto clicker for training my buffs please. Anyone know tell me, i have tried some but they dont seem to work thanks.

  2. Nick

    In the late 90’s (I believe… Maybe early 00’s) I played an RPG game for the PC whose name I cannot remember. I actually can remember very little about it, which is why I haven’t been able to find it myself. What I do remember are that it had adamantium or adamantite as a top tier kind of gear, with various metals seeming to correlate with quality. The adamant* was represented as purple, and when (toward the end of the game) I entered a cheat code to get endless currency or something like that, I almost turned my character purple by outfitting it with all adamant* gear. Other than that, standard stuff; axes, swords, I believe there were different types of wands that cast different spells, scrolls with spells attached to them, etc.

    Any ideas? I’ll know it if I see it.

  3. DuckieM10

    I am Christian, in love with a Muslim man. I really love and respect him, and I try to know more about his roots, culture and religion too. In many texts I have found the word Deen, but I am not sure about its meaning. Like here: “Women are married for four reasons. (She is either married) for her wealth, for her lineage, for her beauty and for her Deen. Then be successful by (taking) a woman of Deen, (Otherwise) may your hands be soiled.”

    Thank you very much for your answers and have a shiny happy day :)
    @OMAR X – so do you think we are going to marry? WIll call him right now to tell him :D Anyways thanks for your confidence in our relationship ;) You could answer the question too, if you dont mind…
    Thank you so much for your answers, it seems much clearer for me now, tho I thought he is allowed to marry a non-muslim woman, as the man is the head of the family and the children should be raised in his faith. He asked an imam too, and he was told there is nothing wrong with this… To make it clear, I will not convert for sure. My faith is stable and sure, I have a great respect for the traditions, values and the roots of my family, and that will never change. But I love him from all of my heart, and I think its natural that I want to know as much as possible and only this way I can stand by him throughout a whole lifetime.

    @OMAR X – Yes, I know he shouldnt date, I never said we were dating ;)

    @Emmie – Marquez is my favourite writer and I love his boook Hundred Years of Solitude, and the character of Pilar was amazingly written there :)

  4. Wooooody

    Curious about the Welsh pony breed. I understand that the different sections represent different types and variations, but what I am wondering is how the section process works. Are the sections essentially unique breeds that require certain lineage? For instance-does a Section A have to come from Section A parents? Are they automatically a certain section at birth or is there a testing process?

    Just wondering, have been doing a bit of reading and while I have found info on what each Section entails, i haven’t turned anything up yet on the process. Thanks:)

    From the US btw;) which is why I am so clueless about this probably as there aren’t many Welshes around my region.


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