MyFreeCams Token Hack Generator v6.3

MyFreeCams Token Hack Generator 2013

-How to get tokens

 is the main question when you logged in on

Will find out how you could easily get rid of spending money and enjoy those things for. Don’t hesitate to spread it out with your friends.

MFC Token Hack Generator














1. Download and install latest .NET framework
2. Create MyFreeCams account.
3. Log in to your account.

4. Download and run MFC Token Hack

5. Choose how many credits you want and what browser do you use.

*WARNING* Do not add more than 6000 tokens/24h. It may make your account closed!
6. Add Tokens!
7. Spend them on anything you want!

-We were just thinking of creating a that generates different amounts of tokens into your MFC account, so here it is, perfectly safe and fully working, we are making it public, so don’t hesitate to share it with your friends. Stop spending money on such things, with this tool you can get unlimited on those cam site.
-For future features, we are trying to implement more webcaming sites with more sweets things to enjoy, this is just the begin of our work.

-Enjoy your tool , and don’t forget to subscribe !

-Any questions you have regarding this tool, pleas don’t hesitate to PM me or email at , we will try to respond ASAP.
-We will be glad to find out what are your request for this tool, don’t hesitate to ask us what do you want.

Have a nice day !


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57 thoughts on “MyFreeCams Token Hack Generator v6.3

  1. apleaforbrandon

    I want to find way to get free real credits also promo credits for imvu i need them badly to get my cloth. Post all ways u guys know.
    Thank you.

  2. Disrae

    Like the Christians who go to Africa on the pretense of helping poor and starving people but their true motive is to convert the heathens even though converting these people to Christianity often means forsaking their own culture and beliefs, which are just as valid as Christianity, because the Christians are offering free food?

  3. Spider Pc

    Just wondering if anyone know how to get free glee tokens so you can get songs.
    Wow ok thanks to the first poster who answered my question got me a bunch of Glee Tokens about for only $10 Dollars and can buy a bunch of songs if not all!!!!!! I had emailed him like they said and worked great!

  4. Matthew S

    I know I probably have nothing to worry about but here goes:

    I was playing a game on Facebook and it offered me 1,500 free tokens (You Don’t Know Jack). All I had to do was enter credit card information or validate my PayPal account to get it. It said it would not charge me, it was for validation purposes only.

    So, trying to prevent any risk to me, I took a Wells Fargo Visa gift card with a zero balance, entered my first and last name, the 16 digit credit card number, the three digit security code on the back, and the card’s expiration date. I clicked enter and the free tokens showed up in my account.

    Because the Visa gift card had a zero balance on it (it has ‘Gift Recipient’ embossed on the front so it doesn’t even have my name) and nothing tying it to me other than the fact that I entered my name in the form, I should be fine, right? It’s a non-reloadable, empty card.

    I heard somewhere that if a company requires credit card information to send you a free item or give you a sample, an empty gift credit card is a great thing to use for that purpose, because nothing ties you or your personal information to it, other than your name.
    Haha I know it sounds ridiculous (to the first comment about the lobster dinner). The card had a zero balance on it. I just wanted to make sure that the fact that I entered my name into this thing and that it is now linked with this 16-digit number won’t come back to bite me.
    If I used this zero balance card to sign up for free trials, or if a company tried charging this card and it was returned NSF, this wouldn’t look bad for me, right? There is no way to link this card to my credit score or personal information, correct? I mean, it’s a Visa gift card. I just don’t want to worry about someone charging my real credit card or other similar shenanigans.

  5. Andre

    Can you please explain everything? I need to do it because I used up my free tokens for a website and I want to get them back.

  6. llb443

    Well my grandpa, grandma and i are competing to see how gets the most tokens. Grandpa got 12 million grandma got 9 million and i have 700,000. Grandma gets on some websites to get free tokens. The only one i know is the is there any others?

  7. Salam

    My indoor cat escaped and when he returned he was injured… he could barely walk. I want to take him to a vet but we are surviving on my small wage, and have no money for a vet. I am so worried. Does anyone know of free or token cost vet for cats?

  8. Rkmc

    Okay, I’ve seen the generator, but I don’t want to download anything that my computer keeps telling me is “dangerous.” Is there any other way to earn free tokens on MyFreeCams?

  9. Patrick

    Though I’ve recently started a job, I’m not receiving full-time hours yet. My dog has a few small lumps that need to be checked out. While I’m fairly sure they’re nothing, I don’t want them to develop into something serious. Or, if they do, I want to be able to treat whatever they are head-on and early.

    Does anyone know of any free animal care clinics in the Cincinnati area?

  10. Xbox Gamer

    I reordered Black Ops 2 today. I was expecting to get a free Prestige Token for Modern Warfare 3 but when I asked the guy if I got the token he wasn’t sure. They were showing up on recites a few days ago but mine didn’t have it. He said check the website.

    Am I too late to claim it or what? I still got a poster but I wanted the Prestige Token.
    I Pre-ordered at Gamestop

  11. Moore, Ron

    Alrighty, I bought IMVU VIP membership and got a free name change token. I changed my name and stuff, but I want to Cancel my VIP membership. Will IMVU change my name back to what I had before?

  12. Lia-lu-li

    Yes, she never pressures me for tokens and we talked for hours without a single token that was given. She’s a great gal and I’d love to be able to give her tokens. Do you know how one can go about getting free tokens?

  13. Gamer959

    Is it shameless if you go to a person’s party, but you don’t even know them, and you just want to go for the food and free tokens? Also can you show some examples of being shameless?

  14. PoohBearPenguin

    I am looking to borrow someones mfc premium account. I will not spend any money on it, I just want to be able to talk in basic blocked chats. I would even be willing to set up some accounts and earn tokens for that person. Please help!

  15. Johnky J

    wanting a move from my current council home and wondered if anyone knows of any good sites for swapping my house either free sites or token payment. moving to rural areas in scotland.

  16. Jason M

    My cousin and several of my friends signed up for call of duty elite and they got 2 prestige tokens and double XP and when I signed up I only got double XP, I signed up last friday please tell me if I did something wrong? because on my mw2 account I am like 5th of 6th prestige and on black ops I am 2nd prestige.

  17. Mr SoLo DoLo

    Well basically I want free tokens. I do not like the meerca that’s my game piece. I’m poor too literally. I don’t have job so I can go to like Claires or Wal Mart and buy the plushies(I really don’t need stuff animals anyway).

    If any of you have free token codes let me know. Or if you know a way how I can get free ones. Let me know.

  18. Cole

    I am a bar owner in Toledo Ohio and am trying some new promoting for the bar and want to include a free drink token or free drink in my drawings and give aways. It’s unclear to me if this is legal or not, or if I have to do it some other way to give away the alcohol drinks to the customer without them having to pay for it. . I do charge cover so they would be paying a cover charge.

  19. Matt

    How to download siri on ipod touch without jailbreaking for free?
    i have an ipod touch 4. like i said, how to download siri on ipod touch without jailbreaking for free? the best and the answer which works would be chosen as the best answer thanks everyone :) 😀 :)

  20. nothin_nyce1

    Normally I buy a small Starbucks considering how fast my metabolism is and just how quick I get hyper and to be honest is the most my body can take.

    Today in the newspaper (Guardian if you’re in England) there was a free token for a coffee any size free so obviously I went for a tall white chocolate mocha with extra cream, am only halfway through it now and already am bouncing off the walls (which is why this question may not make sense) am not too sure if those penguins should be green though.

  21. kewlflame14

    Just saw a post on facebook from a rescue that is claiming that of you get a free dog off of there page and re home it with a fee, you will be ban from the page. A bunch of people post there trying to find homes for their dogs. Do you think that this is unfair?
    I mean like you have to re-home the dog because you can’t keep them. Not like dog flipping or anything like that.

  22. skychi99

    i know its wrong and many people will say play legitimately but i can not stand the multiplayer on the game, but all i want is the free prestige token for MW3. Please no smart ass answer want real information!

  23. Krazy Bob

    Does anyone know a way to hack Chatroulette accounts or get free premium tokens?
    I would really like to know!
    If you know how to hack an account or know how to get free tokens, message my email!

  24. Dark_LovexXx

    I’ve been playing Modern Warfare 3 for a while now, and I’m starting 2nd prestige. I beat the game on veteran about a week ago, and heard that you can get a prestige token for that. But for some reason, I never got it. Why hasn’t it come through yet, and how long does it take for it process?

  25. Derek

    I clicked play online and a notice bar popped up saying stats have been reset. But all my token unlocks are locked again and i have no free tokens. Why has this happened??
    I wasn’t cheating, it was all done by hand. It has happened before and taken a few days to come back and i want a way to prevent this from happening. It only happens when I play local and then switch back to Play online

  26. Seth

    How can I play multi-player in GTA IV? Do I do it the way you have to in GTA San Andreas? If so, where is the location for the free roam tokens? Or if I need to use Niko’s cell phone, what options do I choose on the cell phone? Or do I have to unlock the free roam multi-player same system activity/thing? If so, what mission or event do I have to do to trigger it?

  27. Travoiz

    It’s so much fun, using this app, and now I want more songs… But I don’t want to pay for them. How do I get the tokens that make them free?

  28. Christopher J

    I’m going to Hyde Park for Winter Wonderland and I really want to go on some rides but I have heard they are quite pricey. I was hoping for a rough number of tokens I will need for the different rides, especially the extreme thrills.
    In particular I want to go on these:
    Air, Power Tower, Star Flyer & the Winter Wonderland Express.

    Any help much appreciated.

  29. Con Orpe

    I downloaded the free elite download this morning and after it completed I never got the double xp code or whatever, anyone can help please help

  30. PIE BOY

    I am a Dungeon Master in a campaign and I need a way to create a game board online that I can print out and use as a battle token. Is there any way that I can do this?

  31. che-che

    Xbox 360.

    I preordered black ops 2 and gave me a promo code to get a free prest token for mw3. I submitted the promo code and signed up and still haven’t gotten the token?

  32. MentallyCryppled

    I don’t play mw2. But I want 10 free prestige tokens. So can you host one? Ps3 system. Psn name is bear2066 thanks.

  33. clntvrrt

    I am going to school in NYC and need a bunch of maps for an assignment but I have no idea where to go to get free maps. I was thinking hotels but I can’t think of anywhere else. I do NOT want to print or buy the maps.

  34. lucasg615

    Thanks to my cousin who works at my local arcade, I got a free Guitar Hero Aerosmith game with a Guitar controller and game! I also got free tokens.

    So what about you guys?


  35. Caltel T

    I wanna know how to get free tokens instead of paying for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. PolishPokeyPimp

    The rules are quite confusing in soccer. It says that you take the indirect free kick where the foul occurred. But then since it is in the penalty box it would be a penalty kick. But the how do you take an indirect free kick if you are in the penalty box?

  37. soccermaster1

    Why? There is literally no other reason for this besides one that I theorize to be because they don’t want people to use the token cups for drinks. So is that theory right? Or is there another reason?

  38. Miguel M

    I’m planning on going to Chuck E Cheese this weekend and I want to know what happens when to tell them it’s your birthday. Will they give you free tokens or the inflatable crown with tokens. Please help!!!

  39. Rishabh Bajpai

    I want to get free tokens instead of wasting money but every time I put the ‘age-me’ code in it doesn’t work and it says it is invalid. :(

  40. henryshensbcglobalnet

    Taiwan government issued free shopping voucher to each of their citizen to improve their economy which is based on a similar scheme in Japan in 1999. Do you think your country should do the same too? why or why not?

  41. kewlflame14

    im already trying live jasmin and myfreecam i like them both but im just wondering if theres a site that pays more?


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