Nadirim Cheats

Nadirim Cheats

Nadirim is a-to-play multiplayer browser game that utilizes exciting 1001 Middle Eastern Nights tale as a major aspect of its storyline. Battle immense ocean serpents, acquire treasures, and recover universe. Finish exciting missions solo or with the assistance of partners. Duel players to confirm your name to be in the history books following legends of the past.

Finally , the long waited new Nadirim has been released . This doesn’t require any hacking skills from you, just this and click a few buttons ! This features are just incredible.

Tutorial How to Use: 

1. Log in to your account and go to Nadirim application
2. Download and Run the Nadirim –  hack tool
3. Enter stats amount you wanted to add
4. Click Start and wait until finish hacking
5. Refresh your browser and viola you will see the results

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6 thoughts on “Nadirim Cheats

  1. supernerd567

    I want to know some good, free, browser games. Really, I like to play games dealing with vampires and zombies. I already play Envy already and I tried Reign of Blood, butI didn’t really like it. If you know of any good ones that deal with eithr zombies, vampires, or basically just like one based on the end f world or something, then please tell me and even give a lik if you have one. Thanks in advance!

  2. Christopher J

    My friend told me about a browser game I was familiar with. Neither of us can remembe the title, just that you played from a baby until you died. I remember one of the ways (to die) being that you took candy offered to you by a stranger, they kidnapped you, and then they killed you.

    I wish i had more information, but I don’t. Can anyone help me find this game? A link to it would be nicest, although just the title is fine, too.

  3. Phillip123

    Im at work and im incredibly bored. I don’t have the permissions to install anything which means i cant download games, and i cant install flash player for normal browser games.
    Is there ANY website out there that i can play random games on that will make the day go faster?

  4. Oilers

    I want it to be a web browser game like RUNESCAPE!!! , i don’t want to have to download it, so please give me some good suggestions.


    I just want a good browser game where you can do this.
    No its not. A game where you can kill people, rob banks and other evil stuff >:)
    p.s im not a bad guy its just i want to play these,really im a good guy
    A mafia game. The best one.


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