New Hack Skype Password

New Hack Skype Password

New Hack Skype Password v1.33.7– This is a simple way to Skype Passwords with a Skype v 1.33.7 Hack Program doing the work. It has several very important features.

You can use MD5 Hash generator. There is also Public Proxy option available, which means you don’t need to passwords with your IP. Your IP will stay hidden!

Skype blocker will make things easier to crack. And last and MOST important thing is “Generate New Password” option which allows you to make completly new password for account you want to/crack.
If you want this then – New Hack Skype Password v1.33.7


1.Download program New Hack Skype Password
2.Run program New Hack Skype Password
3. Enter the username of the skype you want to
4. Click the button on the right
5. Copy the generated password
6. Enjoy

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56 thoughts on “New Hack Skype Password

  1. henryshensbcglobalnet

    Hello ! okay so i wanna ask is there any possible way to hack a skype password ?I tried many programs but all it happened was getting my PC full with viruses .
    So does anyone know something about hacking ..maybe could explain to me ? thanks

  2. Ryan Z

    I just got a ‘password token’ meaning its a link to reset my password. But I didn’t request for it to be reset? Does that mean someone else was trying to get into my account?

  3. Clayton Cottrell

    I want to transfer files thru remote desktop connection? Would anyone give the procedure on how to setup a desktop connection. Thank you very much.

  4. Noe R

    I’ve shut it down ad taken the battery out.
    Basically he could see me when I was on Skype to a friend and he could control my computer.
    @dude, how do I do that?

  5. lcollier93sbcglobalnet

    Please help to change password or to report it and close this account and open up a new one Thanks.

  6. Jerosh Nagulachandran

    I need to hack it but i need to get the password not to create a new one… If someone got the method please help, i’ve been looking around but i can’t find anything helpful…

  7. Orbit

    it happened to my friend he got locked out of Skype and he tried to sign in again but it said an incorrect username/password combination. He had to change his password to log in again. Does that mean somebody hacked his account?

  8. white man

    Skype keeps on sending this link with a virus on it and it sends this message to ALL my contacts. I’ve tried changing my password and signing out and back into Skype but it keeps on sending the same link every hour. I use Skype for school work but it’s just so annoying that it sends the link to all my friends over and over and over. I would just like another solution to this because this has gone out of hand.

  9. Cliffy N

    My cellphone rings every 15 minutes when they try to regain access to my yahoo, how can I make it STOP? I changed my password and added the signature but this has been going on for 2 days now.

  10. Kristian

    i want to learn how to be great with computers, stuff like hacking, programming, making software, making viruses, virus removal, overall hacking etc, how can i learn this, any good books on the subject

  11. JimT

    I was on skype and I said “Lamb of God” but some guy changed it so I said “Lamb of God Sux0rz” How did they do that?

  12. Joey 01

    I got into a fight with someone i dont know on this virtual world game called smeet
    He was asking for my skype and i told him i wouldnt give it to him then he said he was going to hack my computer and my stuff and post it on on the internet

    Now i don’t know what to do im really scared of what he might do

    i really need help!

  13. Ed D

    I would like to know its functions.. whether it can protects our files but is it also can be used to hacks other peoples privacy like the chats in yahoo messenger and Skype .. if so, how do the ones who are being hacked can take any measure to stop all the hacking to continue… N to save themselves not to be hacked anymore. Is changing their password enough?

  14. Muzahid

    Since Skype cannot be hacked so you were only left with one option which is to use Skype because all the other websites can be hacked.

    Except Skype- It is hackproof.
    Note- If they were able to go to every site you could but they cannot stalk you on Skype because Skype is hackproof.

  15. Gundown64

    So I’m a novice hacker (script kiddie) and know the bare minimum of hacking yet hacking still interests me. I was wondering if you could give me some tips/advice on where to start and some useful websites I could use to learn some more.also if you could tell me what I should know…(like scripting languages, backdoors, firewalls…etc) also, it would be useful if you could mention what programs to use and explain things like OS, and boxes.thanks.

  16. The Beatles

    I went on Skype today, and I’m curious if someone would be able to view the conversation haha. never thought about it before. there’s no password for my internet. Well I know it’s possible, but what are the chances?

  17. floydian8717

    like where do people obtain all their tools that they use on MW2? do you have to spend money on these programs when you find them to buy? where do i get hacking programs for video games?

  18. Patrick

    One of my friends got their skype hacked by someone, and the person who hacked them had sent me a file. I, stupidly, accepted it not knowing what it was. It turned out it was a RAT. All they wanted i hope was my youtube channel (I know its stupid but they actually took it from me) and i dont know if i still have it. Knowing that someone can control my laptop whenever they want creeps me out. Someone please help me.

  19. Eric

    Okay now I know if someone turns off your skype your internet can get turned off, and I also want to prevent my emails from being hacked. How can I protect my emails, my internet being turned off. I was on some game and some nerdy sad hacker decided they were going to hack me so I need to protect my computer.

  20. cardskid22

    I want to know that is any other person can watch me or hear me (without my permission) during my video or voice call from Yahoo or Skype, Even the site / Messenger maintenance person(s) even a single person in the World. This is very important question but i didn’t got a single question relating to the privacy policy of the Yahoo & skype Messenger… Please give me suitable answer..

  21. Thomas A

    Okay, so I am kind of in a desperate situation…. My cousin, has all of a sudden decided to like put ParentControls on my *personaL* computer!!! But she is very stubborn and refuses to help me regain my files and access to other things. Is there a way to get into my account and its files, like Skype, and websites and stuff, without knowing the password? ThanXx

  22. RichT

    I have a cell phone with Verizon Wireless. Is it possible to load a pre-recorded outgoing voicemail greeting on it (from an MP3)?

  23. balinderk2000

    I was wondering if you could be hacked if the hacker had your skype. I’ve heard that skype gives IP adresses. I need to know because someone needs to skype with me, and they may have hacked a friend. Just wondering if it at all possible.

  24. Seth

    he said he got my skype password thru his email…don’t know how it happen… but he logged in my skype and change the password, he nearly gonna sell it but I scolded him and i got back. i logged in with the password he change now it’s my chance not to let him hack, but howww??!?!!?! how can i make a password that no one can hack?!?! my friend is a hacker -__-”

  25. Marlon P

    I just wonder if ones can hack the jailbroken iphone? Especially, the skype video conversation or your conversation on your phone. Is it possible to do so?

  26. joevsyou

    I want to download Skype for my computer; because I wish to talk with my friends, but I am not an admin on my computer. (It’s an HP Desktop, w/ Mozilla Firefox, if that helps anything.) I have no idea on how to crack the code for admin, and there is some sort of block on any kind of hacking site. How in the world do I get my Skype, without having to be an admin?

    Help, please?

  27. PIE BOY

    Help! My parents are planning on turning off the internet after 11 pm since they say that I stay up too late. I’ve only been doing that to keep in touch with my boyfriend via skype (he’s overseas right now). I can’t tell them that though since they don’t want me dating until after college.

    Is there anything I can do to still get on the internet after they turn everything off? Please help!

  28. Keaton

    everytime i make a post on yahoo he posts it into a private message on skype and he will always know that it is somehow me and i do not know how he is doing it and i would like to have it avoidable in the future, so how do i stop this/?

  29. clntvrrt

    Well, my friend had the hacking program… i’m afraid that my friend will hack me… i have “blog user” my friend who has the program… so is that working? Please help me, i beg!

  30. Kaylla

    Alright well i usually skype on my moms computer because my computer hub is messed up so how do i find out the password into my moms computer can I hack it or something? its the login password when you turn on the computer

  31. Marshal

    there is lot of videos on you tube for hacking skype password, but really none of them works, they give errors …. please can you give me a real and useful way to hack skype password, i am not gonna do something bad with it but i really need it.

  32. evangldbrg

    Alrighty, so I pissed someone off, and he decided to be a little b*tch about it and hack my Skype account. He changed EVERYTHING. He changed my email, my password, EVERYTHING. What can I do to take it back? Thanks.

  33. veemodz

    This is hypothetical.
    I hacked a friends email account through Social Engineering. I changed his password for his email and Skype to something inappropriate.
    He then blocked me and deactivated EVERYTHING.
    Will i be punished in any way? I was also behind a proxy.
    I am in Australia
    That was hypothetical.

  34. Myles

    I got a request on skype from this strange guy and he gave me a call. Knowing by the way he was saying nasty stuff I hung up. He then started to give me abuse in messages so I got very annoyed with him saying stuff which is best I don’t say on here. Then I removed him from contacts and my computer began to go funny. First he made me call another friend I have on skype who wondered why I was trying to call them then hanging up and then he made my computer screen flash on and off all the time. After that he was saying keep on and I’ll hack the s*** out of you. Knowing what was going on I then switched my electric off for 20 minutes. He had gone by the time I came back.

    I would like to what to do about this in case he does coming back for more hacking.

    Is there any suggestions?

  35. Jack Bauer

    I saw this once on SSBM, someone used some kind of hacking program to switch the animations up, so for instances Link was standing and attacking like Roy. I was wondering if there’s anyway to do this with WoW.

  36. steve

    Yesterday my skype was working just fine until today. It says it doesn’t recognize my skype name and password so I tried sending an email so I can fix it. Now apparently my email that I use for skype isn’t working either. Does anyone else have problems with this? If you know how to fix this please answer thanks!

  37. sakyue1993

    Some random person just popped into my Skype contacts with no requests and I have never heard of this person. I questioned the person and she was just as confused as I was so I have no clue what’s going on. Anyone got an idea because I’m stumped as to how this is possible, is it a scam or is my security at stake?
    Thanks to Chris I asked the person in question and it was some one I already knew, he just changed his name.

  38. Mackenzie P

    im looking for someone to get a skype password for me? any websites or skilled people out there that can help. I have my reason!

  39. nathan

    Recently this skid hacker hacked my computer via a JDB RAT and gained access to the full system. 3 days ago he hacked my Twitter and changed the email and password. He posted tweets on my account to 45k people spreading his virus. I also just noticed he attempted hacking my Paypal account by changing the password but was unable to change the email or transfer funds because of security measures on my account. Like an idiot, he posted his YouTube video from my account trying to get more views on his “fake programs” that obviously contain viruses. He had his name and pictures on his account and skype. I used a Skype Resolver and traced his IP. I later found his Twitter which confirmed his location along with the Skype IP. I researched him found and eventually found his profile on a forum called He hacks many websites and defaces them with his logo (AspectRatio) He has a botnet which included my computer before I did a system restore. I am unsure of the size but I do know it is over 40 infected computers. I contacted the FBI Cyber Crime department and they said they are launching a criminal investigation on him. He also admitted to trying to hack his ISP via SQL injection. I would like to know, how long in prison and/or fine is he going to get for all this?
    Some extra details are he is between 17 and 19 and lives in Kentucky and I doubt he had any prior convictions.

  40. Joey 01

    Long story short, this crazy chick wanted to break up our marriage and has been trying to do so for 6 months. She got angry with him when she tried to make passes at him and he told her to leave us alone. He has made it clear that he doesn’t want her. Well, he is out of the country right now and we communicate via facebook daily. Somehow, someone kept logging onto his account and blocking me from communicating with him, therefore I had to keep coming up with facebook accounts just to speak with him. Well, he changed his email and password and that hasn’t helped because it kept happening. I told him yesterday to just leave that facebook account alone and start a new page. He did that and had no issues, then 10 minutes after I spoke with him today and he tells me that he will be online at a certain time later, he is logged in again. The message that I sent him was seen and then next thing you know, he disappeared from my friends list. I clicked on his name, and I was blocked. He just made this new facebook and created a new email for it and everything yet this keeps happening. How is this possible? How can I report it ? I know that it’s this crazy chick. It’s like she is stalking him and me. What do we do? I am tired of this!
    By the way, I am his wife. It wouldn’t make sense for him to create a new facebook page, just to log back in and block me again. He has to be crazy if he did that. The strange thing is that this girl is online. She posts stuff on her wall, then logs on to his account and starts this mess again.

  41. Keegan

    okay i don’t mean for xbox or skype apps but for facebook games such as farmville, tetris, backyard monsters etc… Since somebody hacked my account and messed up my farmville and backyard monsters i now want a password for my apps. I remember creating one before but removed it since i forget it and couldn’t play mousehunt for like 6 months. Now I can’t find that option.

  42. PIE BOY

    Recently I got into a big argument with a former friend of mine in a Skype group chat (long story short, i can’t avoid him on skype because I talk to my other friends in that group chat too). As a result, he hacked my Skype account and I couldn’t get it back until a mutual friend got it back for me. But for the future, if by any chance this happens again with any social network of mine (facebook, instagram, twitter, skype, etc.), I want to take action to higher levels, such as the police or FBI. So what I want to know is: who exactly do I contact and how in order to get justice brought to someone who hacks my accounts? (provided that I know who exactly it is who hacked me)
    Thanks for any help you can provide.

  43. Spider Pc

    Ok, im not looking for a real hack here. Im looking to make one. I already now how to make a hack program but i need the codes. Does anyone know where i can get codes?

  44. ScRSC

    A hacking program, so that I can change the pictures, or something. A link to a site would also be nice. I would also like instructions, because I’m new to the whole hacking thing.

  45. Larry R

    my acquaintances, my loved ones.

    This is going on for 1.5 year and my ex-boyfriend is a former Canadian government hacker and I believe he works as a consultant now. He has access to the most sophisticated government hacking programs and he has taught his criminal girlfriend how to hack.

    I have filed a report with the RCMP and the Ottawa Police several times, but I have begged that charges not be pressed yet.

    How many warnings wil it take for them to stop?

  46. Smashing Pumpkins

    If you know their username and password how can you see their old messages and stuff? I know that you can see the messages live, like the ones that happen right at the moment, but how do you see the older ones?

    Not trying to hack anyone. Just staying cautious.

  47. Shay H

    When she was in USA somebody make her Skype account, she does’nt know the email address, and the password, just signed her in in her ipad, we accidently logged out her skype account now that she is here in Philippines, and now we cannot log in to her account because we dont know the passwor and the email used in that account.

  48. Superman

    My sister thinks it’s impossible for someone to hack into her FaceBook, so I wanted to show her that it is possible. I already have links to various hacking programs but I wanna know if I would get into any legal trouble for downloading the software. Will I be able to legally hack her Facebook even if i do have her permission?

  49. Eric


    i hope someone can help me here, i have been very distrought for the last few days, i have not been able to access my gmail account. I have opened my gmail account in September 2012, since mid November 2012 i have not been able to log into that account, i did not have any personal information in it, no contacts, no mail was sent from it and no mail received, i named it something to the extent “user2012”, i only used this account to log into a few beauty channels and to watch youtube videos. I am assuming its people i know who hijacked it, since i also noticed someone is following me online – i suspect i was hacked through skype – i worked in a political environment a few years back and i treat this as “revenge” on the basis of some other stuff. I worry now they will maybe use my gmail to log into forums and post “touchy stuff” maybe even illegal – though i have nothing on that account that would link it to me – i guess if they did something illegal, my IP would show if authorities were called in – that gmail account would be linked to me – am i right? I am leaning towords reporting this to the police, i have already tried recovering my gmail through google help through a form, i provided the details when i opened the account, when i had last accessed it and the last password i had, i had no 2 step verification setup, i received from google a notification that they had received my gmail recovery data, but what do i do know – no further instructions or explanaition was given – the notification only said that they received my request? Is there a chance i could get my gmail back only on this basis???
    What should i do next, how do i prove to the police i really do not have access to it?

  50. clntvrrt

    My friends little brother thats about 12-14 years old, he was hacking this person account cause that person was picking on him online…bleh nerds.. anyway he actually did steal that persons account and I so surprised a small boy can actually hack an account, and its been years for me to find a hacking program (Idc about it anymore…sometimes..) anyway, how is this possible?


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