Odin Quest Cheats

Odin Quest Cheats

The 3rd server “Unicorn”of Odin Quest has been released recently in order to respond to players’ enthusiasm for this new game. It’s a new realm for players to explore.

Shrine Church, the new system of Odin Quest has been released as 3rd server launched. Shrine Church, a place where Gods gather, once filled with supreme honor, has been destroyed by the evilforce. Following many years, it was found by prehistorians of Medgate, the human progress of the revamped globe. However following they dropped in the relics, they found the aged supernatural occurrence had the never declined.

  • Requirements:
    – .NET Framework  2.0

    – Toggle Speedhack ON/OFF (Label Showing ON/OFF Status)
    – Never ending speedhack
    – Non DC (Never Disconnect)

    – Download, Run exe, select the client u want to use it on, then toggle ON/OFF

    – Download, Extract, Right Click exe and click run as administrator.., Run conquer, toggle speedhack ON/OFF


Odin Quest 2.0 Bot Features:

  • Easy and Simple UI
  • Advanced Waypoint System – Easily create paths for grinding, resource gathering, travel, and death
  • Fast and efficient gathering system
  • Smart AI with Antistuck, Auto Stuck Detection, Logout, Skipping looting upon full inventory
  • Blacklist NPCs
  • Full Background Mode – Browse the Web, play a a game, or watch a movie while you bot
  • Aggro Detection – Detects if you are attacked and handles adds
  • Automates repeatable coin quests
  • Auto Log Off in the case of a GM teleport
  • Automatically stop botting if being followed by players
  • Recovery System – Buff, Heal, Rest, Use Bandages & Potions
  • Compatible on Infinite Aion
  • Compatible on other Private Servers
  • Works with Every Class
    Odin Quest Multi-Hack Change Log 2.56
    – Bypass AutoPatch (Run Conquer.exe Directly)
    – Multi-Client
    – Removed Anti-Virus/Spyware scanner
    – Removed Chat Filter
    – Removed Chat Tips
    – Removed Website Popup

    Conquer 2.0 Manager.rar:
    – Launch Conquer directly (No Autopatch/play.exe)
    – Launch Conquer in the desired resolution

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23 thoughts on “Odin Quest Cheats

  1. Matthew

    I download the game, but I don’t know where to find serial code for aion to complete my account, please tell me how, by steps

  2. che-che

    I have a computer that can run it but it still has some lag here and there. I want to know if there is a computer at walmart i can buy or from somewhere else that can run aion smoothly with no lag or glitches.

  3. RuMKilleR

    I am in India. Is AION available for Indian players? Is there a way to pay for it without a cc? Where do I get AION online from? Please help.

  4. ericmreitz

    I am from India. I am waiting for Aion from very long. I need some help regarding which region copy should i have to pre-order. I am planning to buy the collectors edition (digital or Boxed). So please i need the details of the retailers who are selling for EU region if i have to play the EU regions release. many people from WOW in India suggested to play the EU region because of the latency issues with NA region in India.

    SO please help me, Thanks in Advance.

  5. Kaylla

    Every-time i run my aion client, no matter how many times i re-install it, i get the send/do not send error. I even try private servers and i get the same thing, any idea what to do?

  6. airdogspace2

    I want to get the beta for Aion the game. I cannot install it to my computer because it is not mine. When I WAS installing it to this computer, it worked fine. When I install it to my External Hard Drive, it says Please Insert Disk 1 now.

    What do I do? I wanna play Aion so bad :(

    If you know nothing of Aion, just answer the question best as possible so I can learn something and try new things. Thanks :)

  7. Picean

    Alright I really want to play Aion and I just found out the open beta starts for North America on Sunday Sept 6th. I have already downloaded and installed the open beta client. Do I have to buy an open beta key?? If so where is the best place to get it. I really just want to test the game out before I drop $50.00 on it.

  8. diggn4richez

    I have pre-ordered Aion and was just wondering if the regular retail edition will come with the first 30 days of gameplay.


  9. Marshal

    I have seen that they still sell the original Aion and the expansion, so what happends if i just buy the original game?

  10. jdubdoubleu7704

    If the characters i made right now were going to be deleted or kept as soon as the US version is released? i ordered online the collectors edition. Also is the current version that im playing now to this date 9/20/09 the the latest version of aion because i cant tell.

  11. kiltakblog

    Just a quick question for those people considering playing aion. do you play wow and why would you leave do you consider aion to be better or just something new till the next wow expansion? or have you tried aion and are planning on staying on wow and why?

  12. Brian

    It may sound like a stupid question but I really want to know. My boyfriend plays Aion and I am really interested in playing as well. However, he prefers the Asmodians and I prefer the Elyos. I just want to know if we will be able to play together… >.>

  13. Jonathan

    I can play WoW and Sims3 perfectly, no glitching or lag, or anything really. I play really smoothly. Does anyone know if it will be able to play Aion online?

  14. Jason

    Im thinking of buying a computer that can handle aion better than my current laptop. I want a desktop that wont lag at all when i play Aion. Any suggestions?

  15. Superman

    I want to download Aion onto my computer. I have an account and already installed the downloader etc. However it doesn’t show how much it is planning to download. (and i need to know that)

    So how much gigabytes am I looking at here?


  16. lcollier93sbcglobalnet

    Hi~ Guys, When I search online, I find hundreds of Aion Kina selling sites, thought this game just came out last November. I don’t know what’s should I attention.

  17. Krazy Bob

    On steam they have a game called Aion. For the people that have played it, is it worth playing and can a friend and I go through the game toghether?

  18. borabora5524

    Im going to get aion and download the game first on my friends computer because i don’t have one yet. Im wondering if i get a computer later if i can download aion again but on my computer.

  19. PIE BOY

    I have gotten a new computer and installed Aion but have lost my Aion ID and password. I don’t remember what my NC Soft master account log in is and do not have access to the email address I signed up with. I have the old hard drive I installed Aion on but can’t seem to locate the data files which may have my account info. Anyone have and ideas? Thanks!

  20. ScRSC

    I just wanted to get an idea of how long have you played Aion Online just to see if it’s a game that gets you really addicted and into it!

  21. davemc74656

    I am planning to buy Aion kinah. But I don’t know how to choose one. There are numerous kinah store. Could you please help me?


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