Papa Pear Saga Hack 2013

Papa Pear Saga Hack 2013

Papa Pear Saga comes courtesy of King, the designers of the enormously popular Candy Crush Saga, and the current kings (heh heh) of Facebook gaming. Like Candy Crush Saga, Papa Pear Saga’s concept skirts closely—too closely, some might argue—to a hit game idea that’s already been done. Whereas Candy Crush Saga is a take on PopCap’s Bejeweled, Papa Pear Saga adapts Peggle, another casual classic by PopCap. However,Papa Pear Saga makes a few key adjustments to the formula, and it’s these adjustments that save the title from being damned as a mere imitator.
How To Use Papa Pear Saga HACK:
1. Connect your iOS or Android device to computer using USB. (Papa Pear Saga Hack must be installed and running with Internet connection.).
2. Run [Papa Pear Saga HACK]
3. Login
4. Complete items you want to generate! (Choose and turn on from the Hack Tool Features)
5. Press [GENERATE] button to start adding the items to your game app.
6. Enjoy!
Name: Papa Pear Saga Hack 2013
Version: 1.8 (2013)
Price: Free for Limited Time
Operating system: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8/NT, Mac OS X and Linux

Download Papa Pear Saga Hack 2013

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103 thoughts on “Papa Pear Saga Hack 2013

  1. white man

    I’m playing Candy Crush Saga and finished level 20. That’s the place where you have to ask your friends for tickets. I sent requests to some of my friends, but now I only have two tickets and I need three, but nobody else is helping me even though I know they log in and play. So my question is, will it work if I ask my friends who don’t play CCS for tickets? As in, will they get the notification?

  2. mr flibble

    My android keeps freezing and shutting off each time I play Candy Crush Saga. Is it bad for the phone? Will it affect any of the things I have stored on the phone? And why does this keep happening?

  3. llb443

    Is it possible to hack the game candy crush saga? their boosters are so expensive to my budget, I want to hack it for free, can you provide me with some free hacking tool? please the working tool, thanks!
    P/s: I found the site that give the tool for hacking Candy Crush Saga Boosters, at Did you try it? is it working?

  4. JimT

    I’m currently playing a game called Candy Crush Saga which was easy until I got to Level 38. I was stuck on Level 38 for about a week now and I’ve tried and tried and tried but I don’t seem to be getting anywhere. Please tell me how to complete Level 38. The only thing I can think of is trying for ages.

  5. Spider Pc

    When I ran out of lives on Candy Crush Saga they offered me to go to an ad page to get a life. They sent me to a page where the site gives free samples but I forgot to add the page to my bookmarks. Can you help me please find what that websites called?

  6. Jeff

    Hi, I need to delete all my progress of Candy Crush Saga on Facebook, but I don’t know how.

    I’ve tried to delete the app from it’s own Facebook page, but it doesn’t work at all, cause’ when I play it again, the progress is just the same.

    What can I do? Is there a way to delete the progress?

    Thank you!

  7. mendhak

    I have been searching for a hack for the Candy Crush Saga iOS from the past 5 days. I have tried many hacks but all of them are outdated or they do not support the latest version.

    Is there any hack available for the latest version of Candy Crush Saga iOS game?

  8. lucasg615

    I have and iPhone 4S and I recently downloaded candy crush saga and it won’t let me connect to my Facebook. It says to check settings on my device but there is nothing about it under settings. Help!!

  9. morbiusdog

    I’m playing Candy Crush Saga and I can’t get into the next world. I just beat level 35 and can’t get to 36 I don’t know how to get into the next level because it says “unlock more levels” how do I get to the next level?

  10. clntvrrt

    I don’t mean block the person but make it so nobody can send me notifications from candy crush. It’s so annoying. Everytime I go on fb I have Atleast 2 notifications saying somebody sent me a request for candy crush saga. I don’t have my candy crush app connected to my fb. You know how you can sign on to Facebook through your candy crush app and see what level all of your friends are on? I don’t have that on.

  11. jdubdoubleu7704

    Background of problem:
    While playing King’s Candy Crush Saga, I wondered if getting a colorbomb is more difficult than a wrapped candy, or I just felt that way. Both the colorbomb and the wrapped candy needed 5 candies. I need numerical evidence, comparison of probabilities of getting a colorbomb and wrapped candy. I’ve searched online for the solution, but maybe no one had conducted such study yet.

    To calculate the ratio of probability of obtaining a colorbomb, the probability of obtaining a wrapped candy and the probability of obtaining a striped candy (why not) in 1 move in a finite 2-dimensional candy universe of 6 colors.

    The simplest way I can think of now is to generate all permutations of a 6-color candy universe, then count how many of those permutations can produce a colorbomb/wrapped/striped candy. In a boundless universe, definitely the probability is 1, therefore first I’ll limit the universe to 9×9. In this 9×9 universe, there are 1,072,139,461,476,102,327,188,594,863,736,626,789,369,714,638,009,610,458,844,102,656 (>1×10^63) permutations of the 6 colors of candy.

    Finally, the question:
    Out of those permutations, how can I calculate how many can generate a colorbomb/wrapped/striped candy (regardless of number) without any moves? Using the same method, I would like to calculate how many of those permutations can obtain colorbomb/wrapped/striped candy in 1 move.

    Then, calculating the ratio is more straightforward. But then I would like to observe the ratio function as the universe expands to boundless. When the universe is boundless, I would expect the ratio to be 1, as the probability of getting a colorbomb or wrapped candy or striped candy should be 1.

  12. Motordom

    i have extra life messages which i haven’t used when i log into candy crush. how many can i store up? .and can you store up multiple extra lives from the same person?

  13. JackReynolds

    My computer refuses to let me download any game sites with Candy Crush saga free games but it will let me download Free Ride games. How can I get Candy Crush Saga without going to They will onlyletyou play for 4:00 minutes and I don’t want to play other people any way.

  14. Ramblin Spirit

    I have a kindle fire and d/l Candy Crush from a 3rd party site, since Amazon doesn’t have this game, so it isn’t connected to google play, and I don’t have Facebook. I made it to level 34 now, but I just can’t seem to get over this darn level! Do I need boosters?

  15. Brody S

    Games like candy crush saga, bejeweled, Games where you move a piece to get 3 things in a row.
    i know itspuzzle games, but like EXACTLY what type!

  16. PoohBearPenguin

    When playing candy crush saga and you get blinking candies are those hints? Should you always follow those hints?

  17. Death Knight

    It’s simple to purchase but there’s some problem restricting my purchase. I have two apple accounts and downloaded candy crush saga with my free account. I recently changed to my account (other country) the one with iTunes card credits (the one I’m using now). It says that I should download the app with my account but I can’t because when I go to the App Store it prompts me to open stead of downloading the app again.

    What should I do?

  18. Paul M

    I have an Android tablet (Chinese-made) running Ice Cream Sandwich and each time I play on Candy Crush Saga and open up a level, the blocks where the jelly and sweets appear turn black – like they’ve been corrupted. The sweets are fine – I can see them without any issues – but the background and other parts of the level are just empty. Is it my tablet that’s the problem or Candy Crush itself? All the other apps I have are working perfectly and CCS runs without a hitch on my ZTE Kis (running Gingerbread).
    The game was downloaded from the Play Store and I’ve tried installing and reinstalling it. Nothing has worked so far – not even restoring the tablet to factory settings.

  19. Ev dog

    I am looking for a working cheat tool or a hack for the Candy Crush Saga iOS version. There are some hacks available on the internet but they are for the old versions.

    Please tell me from where I can get the latest working hack for this game.

  20. Kaylla

    I’m on level 49 and i barely just started like 2 weeks ago and I accidentally push the lollipop button and I used it and once I figured out what it was and I used it one more time on another level which saved me but I’m wondering how to get them back with out buying them. My sister uses the lollipops and the very next day she has lollipop again and she doesn’t even buy them and she says ” I don’t even know how I get them? And I know she doesn’t use my parents credit card cause we only have one in the house and my dad hides it. So if anyone knows how to get them without buying them let me know. And please don’t tell me to hack the game!

  21. David

    I want to transfer all my apps from my ipod 4th generation to a mini ipod, so that i can sell my ipod 4th generation. Or when i put in my Itune account information i would get the transfer of apps immediately? Also, how would i remove all my personal information from my ipod 4th generation, so that it would be back to factory settings? Second problem, i cannot download Candy Crush Saga to my Windows Vista computer. When i tried to download from Google Play, i get your device is not compatible on my screen. But i know someone who has a Window Vista operating system, and they have Candy Crush Saga on their computer.

  22. Anny

    So my mom loves candy crush saga but her phone turns off and goes back to the menu?? Why does this happen?? Please help! ^_^ ~Edith~

  23. Random

    I’ve been stuck on this one level for over 2 weeks and It’s driving me insane, all my other friends are way up into the 100’s and I can’t get past 38. Any tips?


    candy crush saga whilst driving. He has also flipped me off and told me that I won’t get into heaven after the incident.

    What should I do? The staff all seem to look at this as a big joke.

  25. encyclopath

    I have the Samsung Galaxy S3, and every three hours or so I notice it downloaded apps without my consent unto the homescreen. These apps are very… shady? I suppose? They have names like “Living Social” and “FREE APS!” and “Candy Crush Saga” but everytime I go to the Android store and search their names, usually nothing shows up or, if something DOES show up, the store claims I never downloaded it.

    How can I stop this? It uses up an awful lot of my data plan.
    I don’t want to DOWNLOAD these games, I don’t want them showing up on my phone anymore. I just clicked on one of them and it led me to a site called Handango?

  26. toysruslover

    I keep seeing someone’s Candy Crush update on Facebook when they complete a level on the TOP RIGHT status updates. But it completely disappears after a few minutes.

    For example, I see: (Name here) completed Level 8 in Candy Crush Saga.

    Then 2-3 minutes later, I see it completely gone.

    Does this mean that the person manually deleted it or could it be something else?

  27. stealspartansbcglobalnet

    When I ask a friend for help in unlocking levels in candy crush saga what does my friend have to do? Is
    it just a ok help button to click on or are my friends required to pay or some other marketing junk? I dont want to spam them with stuff either.

  28. MAK & CHEESE

    I know that this can happen if you use Windows, but does this happen for Android devices as well? I ask this because there have been a handful of times when an ad has redirected me to something else. The first time it happened on my phone, but it’s happened on my tablet every other time.

    I remember getting redirected to the Play Store through a banner ad for the game “Candy Crush Saga”. It kept asking me to buy the game. This happened for several days, until I cleared my cookies and I have never seen it since.

    I also remember getting redirected to a fake version of the Play Store after viewing a website that had articles on religious topics. It wanted me to download a fake porn app. I exited the browser, deleted my cookies, and I have never experienced the same problem since.

    Today I was looking at a health forum and I got redirected to a porn site once the ads loaded and a fake pop-up tried to get me to run or install a fake virus scanner. I went back to the page I was trying to view and it was full of ads for fake antiviruses, porn, and adult dating sites. I left the page and went back to Google and nothing unusual has happened since.

    Are any of these incidents something I should worry about or am I okay?

  29. Alun J

    Every time I click a link on Facebook on my iPod touch it takes me to the AppStore to candy crush saga it’s annoying why does it do that?

  30. sam N

    I have the Samsung Galaxy S4, so I downloaded the Candy Crush Saga game from the Android market. I can connect it to Facebook so I have the same data on both games.

    Well, I want to deactivate my Facebook for a few weeks, but I was wondering if I can still play Candy Crush on my phone so that when I reactive my account, all the progress will be there, or will it not allow it?


  31. Sriram R

    I truly like playing Candy Crush Saga but you typically have to spend real money in later levels to get anywhere. Was wondering how to play the Candy Crush Saga game more efficiently?

  32. Bryan J

    My son is having a birthday in a couple of weeks, and he is desperate to have an iPod like a lot of his friends.

    I thought about a tablet but I know he’ll want to take it to school so would like something smaller – I don’t want a cellphone however.

    I don’t know if an iPod touch is the way to go as he likes all the games from the google store (which I don’T believe are available from apple – minecraft, temple run, candy crush saga, 4 pics 1 word etc. I’d also like him to have access to the net, capability to watch shows and/or movies etc.

    I did a little online research and found the Galaxy Player which sounded great, but now it appears to have been discontinued!

    Can anyone suggest a gadget that would cover all of these bases, which would come in around $200??

    Thanks in advance!

  33. Yoshi

    I have an iPhone 4s and I want to download some really good games. I already have fruit ninja, temple run, subway surf, talking tom, angry birds and candy crush saga. Please suggest me any other good games :)

  34. hank baseballs

    Is there a strategy or is it just pure luck?

    I’ve heard about the whole “crush the bottom frst and the top will crush itself.” I’ve used this strategy for over a week and the top never crushes itself.


  35. Salam

    I connected to my pc and looked for a folder to copy but I found noting for candy crush. I and forced to reset my tablet and really don’t want to lose my progress and really really don’t want to connect to facebook. Please help!

  36. Jonathan

    I have been searching the web for a jelly bean the color and shape of the game Candy Crush Saga. I have only found one place to buy them at 9.00 a bead. Was wondering where to buy them bulk or cheaper for one bead.

  37. Disrae

    I have a samsung tablet at home and wanted to know whats bejewelled like and candy crush Saga like ? are they addictive or just rubbish?

  38. Christopher J

    For example, Candy Crush Saga, which is an insanely popular game has just 2890 ratings! Why so few when probably millions of people play it?

  39. Clayton Cottrell

    This might be a stupid question, but I’m wondering if it looks like I’m online on Facebook when I’m playing candy crush saga?

  40. Jermaine J

    I’ve received multiple lives yet when I loose a life the number goes down to 4 and the 30 min timer starts like normal.

  41. Nathan B

    im looking to download it free,not just a trial but full free version of candy crush saga,ive looked and cant find :-( thank if you can help:-)

  42. Nick

    From where I can download ultimate MOD for android game Candy Crush Saga?? I have heard that it contains unlimited lives, all levels unlocked, extended time period during levels and a lot more. Please help.

  43. Splash Log Level 2 Again

    I’m am thinking on buying a HP all-in-one PC. The computer comes with intel integrated HD graphics card. What is that graphics card are meant for? I am not a PC gamer I watch a lot of videos on YouTube and I am on facebook a lot. If I were to play a game it would be Candy Crush Saga. That’s it. Is this a good graphics card for me?

  44. jdubdoubleu7704

    hi, just curious about this. Games and other kind of app is an increasing industry especially for mobile. Now a lot of games like Temple RUN, Candy Crush Saga have in-game virtual money purchases like you can buy LIFE on Candy Crush Saga via FB credit or IOS. According to the website i found “KING” which is the publisher/dev of Candy Crush Saga earns $$200+ million/year from in-app purchases. So the big question is do they pay taxes according to that sale?? (let’s say 10% income tax) so that would be $$ 20 millionssss tax payment?? that’s a lot!!!
    Hope you understand my point, thanks!

  45. Cliffy N

    I like fun apps. Like super fun! I like some like candy crush saga, fruit ninja, bakery story and those other stories. So can u make a list? Free apps too thanks

  46. morbiusdog

    I am NOT a bad girl at school but i am in 4th yr and in one of my classes we move seats every 2 months or so. I was in the middle of the class but now she has put me at the desk right next to her. I do talk a bit and she did catch me copying work and doing other homework and always gets upset cause i have chewing gum. Also i didnt do work and my tests results got alot worse and i play candy crush in class but im not bad or mean or anything. I asked her when we would move seats next and said i hated being at the front, she said its cause she needs to be able to make sure im working and i think shes pretty set on me being at the front but we moved seats again and she didnt move me and said my behaviour didnt get better.
    I dont think im much worse than other people, it means alot to me where i sit, how can i convince her to move me seats without being geeky and all that? please dont pick me up on spelling, i really dont care.

  47. Victoria T

    I can use mt galaxy tab 2 for every thing with no problems until I play on candy crush it loads up to the game but as soonas I start playing it returns to the home screen for no reason can anybody tell me why this is my second tab to I sent the 1st one back for the same reason as I thought it was a problem with the tablet but it cant be as it is happening again with this one ?????????????

  48. Sir fliesalot

    I unfriended someone off of facebook, but every time I play pet rescue saga or candy crush I still see them and they can send me lives.

  49. Mistry

    I updated candy crush saga on iPhone it won’t load worked before doing this.please help if you can.

  50. The Beatles

    am not a person who pays for gamea i dont like puzzle simulation or rpg style games i need some suggestion from people because media over exagerate certain apps i dont need big games of
    1gb such as fifa 14 asphalt 7 six guns etc i need games less than a 100 mb which will be great i play games like stick tennis punch quest into the dead candy crush saga angry birds series fruit ninja temple run 2 subway surfers which most of us play i need some unique games which you enjoyed thank you

  51. white man

    Hi, I have the galaxy s3 and used to play candy crush a lot. I connected to Facebook and would play with my friends I recently slowed down on playing the game but when I updated the app I wanted to play again now whenever I try to connect to Facebook all it does it show the little round circle and go back to the start page, I try to connect three or four times and sometimes the app closes. Uninstalling and re-downloaing dont work either. Any tips or fixes? Am I the only person with this problem?? Thanks!

  52. Balla

    I am looking for a guide for candy crush saga that will show me how to be better than my friends at candy crush. My friends make fun of me and call me bad because i am stuck on a level and i would like to learn how to be better at the game so i can impress them and beat them at it once and for all! Does someone know a good candy crush saga guide that I can get? Please help.

  53. Maggie

    I would make a Facebook page for my cat or something, just so I can get lives on candy crush saga. Is that ok or is it against Facebook rules?

  54. Roflcopter

    Are the high scores in candy crush real or fake? It doesn’t make sense to me that one level I’m the top high score and the next I’m number 65 when I know 64 people didn’t do better than me!

    Some games fake high scores by slapping a face on a random number so u will buy power ups to beat that score.

  55. Arminator

    I know I share candy crush saga with public but I added that through facebook. Also if I have bing on my timeline can people see my search activity?

  56. Yoshi

    I had Candy Crush connected to my old Facebook account but decided to deactivate the Facebook. I’m on level 267… Anyways, I tried to make another Facebook account just for candy crush (for lives, tickets, etc.) but when I connected It to candy crush, it started me all over to level 1. The only way I could go back to level 267 was to reactivate the old Facebook but I ofcourse deactivated it again. Does anyone know if there’s a way to connect it to a new Facebook account without having to start all over from level 1? Thanks!

  57. supernerd567

    I am playing the game for hours and it is really amazing besides it turned out to be too difficult 😛
    So I am looking for some Candy Crush Saga Hack.
    Where can I find it ?

  58. Dark_LovexXx

    Hello guys
    The game is really addicting,
    I like to play it but after some time it starts to be difficult
    So I wonder if it is possible to hack lives in the candy crush saga ?
    Can you tell me if there are any working cheats ?

  59. Andre

    Is there any trick for getting free boosters in Candy Crush Saga app for iOS devices??? I have been stuck at level 103 and having some extra boosters will help me to finish the level.

  60. Splash Log Level 2 Again

    I want unlimited lives in the Candy Crush Saga Android game. I am tired of being getting failed over and over again… Is there any way to get unlimited lives in the Candy Crush Saga Android app?

  61. Taylor G

    Hello, I plays since a whole one already stay the Facebook Game “Candy Crush Saga ” and am already with level 174.
    Unfortunately, do not get on I now and despair slowly. Always what is missing at all. Mostly these are lives.
    Do you have an idea like me faster to new energy comes?

  62. white man

    Hello, I plays since a whole one already stay the Facebook Game “Candy Crush Saga ” and am already with level 174.
    Unfortunately, do not get on I now and swivelledy. Always what is missing at all. Mostly these are lives.
    Do you have an idea like me faster to new energy comes?Hello, I plays since a whole one already stay the Facebook Game “Candy Crush Saga ” and am already with level 174.
    Unfortunately, do not get on I nodecisivelyir slowly. Always what is missing at all. Mostly these are lives.
    Do you have an idea like me faster to new energy comes?

  63. nathan

    Hello, I plays since a whole one already stay the Facebook Game “Candy Crush Saga ” and am already with level 174.
    Unfortunately, do not get on I now and despair slowly. Always what is missing at all. Mostly these are lives.
    Do you have an idea like me faster to new energy comes?

  64. TommyKay

    Is there any way or trick to get unlimited lives in Candy Crush Saga Android?? I am sure there will be a cheat tool or a cheat code to get unlimited lives in Candy Crush Saga.

    Please help me out..

  65. unbleevable39

    I can’t seem to find any answer to my question so I have come here. Is there any way to get free boosters in the Candy Crush Saga iOS app? I don’t want to spend money for buying them.. If you any way to get the boosters for free then please help me out.

  66. skillz

    i dethroned someone on candy crush saga i wanted to share on facebook but there was a problem i lost the page is there a way to get it back up i have tried internet history on google chrome but it just says candy crush and reloads candy crush on facebook maybe there is a software that will give a more detailed internet history help please :)

  67. Pacman

    I have been on Candy Crush Saga level 275 for weeks and am ready to stop playing Candy Crush for good. Is there a way to bypass this level and move on to level 276? I’m sure I’m not the only person that is going to quit playing if the makers of Candy Crush don’t change this level somehow. Thank you

  68. TommyKay

    I have android 4.0.I have lot of apps installed still 100 MB is left in my storage.Initially candy crush saga would be a smooth game but now its hanging a lot.Its a 50 MB game.Other games like temple run 2 and subway surfer runs very smoothly.
    Why only candy crush saga hangs?After one game of it my phone returns back to home screen automatically without pressing the quit button!

  69. floydian8717

    Playing candy crusher saga on nokia lumia 920 level 21 – Clear all special jellies in 25moves.
    I am confused… Which are the special jellies? It just has all the normal jellies on the screen..
    Simple i know, but i am confused lol :-(

  70. Mistry

    How I can get more lives and boosters in Candy Crush Saga Android app?? I am looking for some tips and tricks to get unlimited boosters + lives.

  71. nmlpc

    I am a newbie to Candy Crush and my iPad. I have completed level 35 several times and want to move to the next saga. I bought the next level from the in app store (I know there are ways to get it for free…but I don’t know them either.) and it charged me $0.99, but the app did not download. When I go to buy it again it says “you have already purchased this item, but it has not been downloaded.” Where do I go to download it and how do I get it to download? I see blogs where other people had the same issue, but no answers. Thanks!

  72. evangldbrg

    I am a newbie to Candy Crush and my iPad. I have completed level 35 several times and want to move to the next saga. I bought the next level from the in app store (I know there are ways to get it for free…but I don’t know them either.) and it charged me $0.99, but the app did not download. When I go to buy it again it says “you have already purchased this item, but it has not been downloaded.” Where do I go to download it and how do I get it to download? I see blogs where other people had the same issue, but no answers. Thanks!

  73. Picean

    I just made a facebook page 4 days ago and I’m still learning how it works. One of my friends on FB just Invited me to play Candy Crush Saga. What happens when you accept it?

  74. thexbox360player

    Can you pleasee help me to find working candy crush saga hack?
    There must be some in game glitch which allows to add score or moves,
    My friends are using it but I cannot find it ;/

  75. superdork

    I play Candy Crush Saga without connect it to FB
    its already more than 100 level.

    How to save it?

    If now I connect to FB, will my game progress loss?
    I have never play Candy Crush Saga on FB, so if I connect it now, do I have to play start from level 1 again?!

    If you have experience(s), please tell me.
    Thank You!

  76. sakyue1993

    I Hacked Candy Crush Saga And Farm Heroes Saga To Give Me Unlimited Moves, After A Bunch Of Levels Of Hacking And Winning Easily, I Decided To Not Hack Moving Forward. So, Will I Get Banned?
    A lot Of People Has Also Hacked These Games As Well, One Person Told Me He Was Hacking The Game For Quit A Few Months. And Still Didn’t Get Banned. So Do You Think I Will Get Banned?

  77. Willie

    Hi I have 9 extra lives in inbox today when I close the game and open again everything gone.
    Is there a bug in the candy crush saga?
    I only play this on my iPad.

    Can anyone tell me what issue is that?

  78. D3ZZY

    I’m up to level 350 on Candy Crush Saga for Facebook, and I just found out today about the Dreamworld that’s supposed to have been released about a month ago. I *would* like to play that after I complete what there currently is of the main game, but I don’t have it and haven’t been able to find any definitive answers on how to unlock it.

    Does anyone know for sure how to unlock the Dreamworld in that game?

  79. kass9191

    My iPod is second hand and won’t update to iOS 5,6 or 7. It is currently at iOS 3 or 4. I can’t seem to get apps like iBooks or new released ones. I have been to loads of jail broken iPod websites but none of them work . Please help what r some fun game apps???? I’m a 15 year old girl so apps like music, things like candy crush saga, Toca hair salon and temple run. Thanks for the help!!!!

  80. Rishabh Bajpai

    Hello! I spent hours and hours on searching for Candy Crush Saga hack tool and cheats but without success! Can anyone help me about this? Thank you all, I’m looking forward to reading all the answers!

  81. Harriet W

    I have a nokia windows phone but i tried to search it on games app it show videos and and a bootleg version of it called candy crusher saga so is it any way i can download candy crush saga on my phone?

  82. Mistry

    I’m looking for ones where you can play the same “save” on android and pc. Some examples are Buddy Rush and Candy Crush Saga. You can play them on android the pick up where you left off on pc.

  83. tefa_96

    Have you ever played Candy Crush Saga? Well, I have and I ran out of lives but I wanted more so I set my clock two hours ahead but now my iMessage is messed up so I turned my iMessage off but when I turned it on it still doesn’t work.

    Someone please help. I hate this!

  84. NC Baller

    I have a brand new iPhone 5c, and I’m trying to go on the internet via one of my apps, but it keeps re-directing me to the App store to buy Candy Crush Saga. The internet works fine if I go on Safari, but it doesn’t work if I use it on this app (Recipe Box). How can I fix that?

  85. thexbox360player

    I play this game from one year now, on level 350 i play more than 2 months. Now on 421 for more than three weeks. When say it is finished, i can’t do one last move.
    Do you feel the same ?

  86. D3ZZY

    If I connect it to Facebook and save it will I still be able to play Candy crush offline when not home?
    And will it resume at the level that you are in?

  87. Flash Funk

    I know what the Hand Switch is supposed to do – it lets you change places and move one candy to another candy’s place.
    But I can’ get it to work.
    I have tried double-clicking the hand once i placed it over the candy I want to move….I have tried attempting to slide one candy to the place I want to move it to, I have even tried right-clicking, which of course does nothing.
    So, if anyone can tell me how to make the crazy thing actually do the switching, I would really appreciate it!
    Waiting patiently on Level 136 for your answers.

    Thanks in advance. Happy New Year!

  88. whitesoxfan2347

    Any ideas for the video game with the most daily active users during the month of December 2013?

    So pretty much the average amount of daily users over the past month.

    I’d have to go with the Facebook games like Candy Crush Saga and Farmville 2. I know LoL has a lot of players and so does CoD but I don’t think they have the amount of players a popular Facebook game has. Also what about offline games like Windows Solitaire. That might have lots of daily players.

  89. Lucas H

    It requires less strategy and tactics than pacman and practically erodes peoples souls. It’s a pile of simplistic rubbish designed to make money having spent hardly anything on development. There are no rewards or achievements that mean something. Most people who play better games don’t play candy crush. I just don’t find it interesting, it’s repetitive and requires hardly any skill.
    Wow “It’s addicting” such an amazing answer, I’m sure i know why people play such a piece of crap now.


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