PayPal Money Adder Hack 2013 v4.0 [March 2013 update]

PayPal Money Adder

PayPal is a global e-commerce business allowing payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet. Online money transfers serve as electronic alternatives to paying with traditional paper methods, such as checks and money orders.

What is PayPal Money Adder 2013?

>PayPal Money Adder 2013 is a program for adding money to any PayPal account. This program is and always will be for our visitors. We recommend you to create new PayPal account while using this tool. It’s simple to create new PayPal account, don’t place your current PayPal account at risk. It’s always possible that your PayPal account will get banned after using PayPal Money Adder 2013. We recommend you to use Proxy or VPN too so you don’t get noticed. By downloading this program, you agree that you won’t report us if your PayPal account get banned. We recommend you to use the money instantly after you add them to your PayPal account. Using this program, I’ve purchased a lot of online things like iTunes Gift Cards, World of Warcraft game time cards, subscriptions to a lot of sites and more.

Steps until running the software:

1) Download PayPal Money Hack 2013 from the link below:

Download FREE1 Village Life Hack 2013

Click This Button To Start Download From Primary Server

how t odownload Village Life Hack 2013

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2) Extract it to your desktop and open the exe file.

3) Write your PayPal e-mail adress and login (use a fake account if you don’t trust us).

4) Select the amount to generate and the currency .

5) Click the ADD button and than refresh your PayPal page, and see the magic.


*Make sure you PayPal is Unverified. Why? Because PayPal will limit this account after few hours

*Make sure you spent the money fast. Buy anything you want.

PayPal Secure 100%

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101 thoughts on “PayPal Money Adder Hack 2013 v4.0 [March 2013 update]

  1. Andre

    I accidentally deleted the e-mail button from my AOL toolbar, and I found this thing that lets you add buttons to your Toolbar, but it’s not working. So, how can I fix this?

  2. Xbox Gamer

    When you rearrange and add buttons to your toolbar, there is the option that says “Your Own Button 1” and “Your Own Button 2”. How in the heck do you make your own buttons? I really need two buttons of my own website choice on my toolbar.

  3. Hannah

    Hey everybody,
    I need to add help buttons to an excel file…
    Basically, I want to have a user read through a list of information on Excel and if they have trouble understanding, I want them to be able to click on a help button and then have a help file pop up with an explanation of what to do.
    Please help!!!

  4. Michael

    I did it before by pressing the little add button at the top right corner but for some reason its not there anymore and when it is it disappears before i can click it! so how do i add contacts?

  5. Kaylla

    i have a few songs already but when i do the add button it says to type in one so i type in profile playlist and it doesn’t work! helllp!

  6. Mark M

    I need small but funky msg, blk and add buttons for myspace but all the ones ive tried dont work. Does anybody have any that actually do work?

  7. skychi99

    Okay so, I was trying to add my friend on facebook and theres no add button. All it says it “Jessica only shares some profile information with everyone. ” So I dont know how to add her. Then theres a button that says share profile and block/report person. So yeah /:

  8. mr flibble

    I had made a paypal account from paypal site giving only my home address and e-mail address.But they are not telling clearly how to credit money to that account and withdraw from that account.Will anyone explain all those procedures in PayPal system simple terms please.I dont have a credit card or neither want to take one.

  9. Franklin Bluth

    I want to add a button which would allow a user to send the said excel document (entire workbook). Also, can I have it sent to more than one person?


  10. Johnky J

    Let’s say you’re selling things on ebay and all transactions go through paypal. So if someone buys one of my stuff and the money goes to paypal, how do I get that money?

    Also, I heard that paypal is good in terms of if you don’t recieve your item, you won’t be charged. How does that work? Do they put the money back into your credit card or something?

  11. PillowMan1234

    There doesn’t appear to be an add button on mobile uploads even though all of these were taken from my mobile phone?

  12. Kristian

    I just got my Droid and I have been using the iPhone 3GS and I’m trying to add contacts and it says to hit the menu button then hit accounts. I only have the add, wallpaper, search, notifications and settings buttons. I’ve tried using the add button but that didnt have contacts anywhere. If anyone knows what I’m doing wrong or the next step I’d appreciate it. Thanks!

  13. Balla

    I want to add this person on myspace but they dont have an add button on their profile.
    Their profile isnt private so it dosent have a contact box their.
    Help NEEDED!

    Is there another way to add them?

  14. jag43216

    I have a business website and I’d like to know how to add a button for when people want to purchase an item, this one button opens an order form/contact email/etc. I’ve seen it on other websites, but I’m unable to find out how it is done. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  15. nyyankees1123

    I am trying to add music to my myspace profile. I search for the song I want, and then click one of the results. When I go into the page that has the song on it, there is only an add button to add it to my play list. I want it on my profile page so when people go to my page the song will start playing.. does anyone know how I can get it from my play list to my page??

  16. Marshal

    Okay, so I know how to do the contact buttons for the Pictures, Message and Comment, but, I really confused on the ADD button.
    Seeing as you can’t add yourself as a friend, how do you get the URL for that?
    I’ve tried adding someone else, copying that URL and changing the Friend ID. That didn’t seem to work.

    Please, please, help me (:

    Thanks in advance, Kirsty.

  17. forahobby

    I am a writer on Hubpages as well as blogging in my free time. I have been trying to add the “add button” that will send your article/blog to over 100 bookmarking sites, but I dunno. I have tried and tried but could not figure it out, Help PLEASE

  18. josh12rox

    I’ve been trying to add one, but it wont work. I get to the pager where it says “add” and “allow this application to…” but when I click on the add button at the bottom, nothing happens. It just refreshes the same page. What am I doing wrong?

  19. thinkthought

    Recently I added some friends to my facebook profile. I hid them from my newsfeed and wallpost, but I cannot hide them from the edit friends menu. When I clicked recently added button, it shows all friends that I have added them recently. Anyone knows how to hide them or to remove them without deleting them from my friend list? Or perhaps anyone knows when facebook remove those list?

    Thanks for the help guys

  20. Brody S

    It’s a platform game and I want to add the button after the character is dead? I only know the actionscript for a basic button.

  21. Smashing Pumpkins

    I was just wondering how you add buttons on windows movie maker like how people make videos and they add play button in the title screen ?

  22. Kaden

    I see an add button, but I don’t see a delete button if you want to drop a city from your locations on your My Yahoo Weather Choices.
    Someone said to go to Options. There is no Options Choice on the page where you list your weather locations you wish to get reports on. I am talking about a personal computer, not a lap top or texting to my phone. Under “Options” there is nothing that pertains to My Yahoo Weather choices.

  23. Tyler H

    Hi. I am new to paypal and i was wondering if someone wanted to send me a payment through paypal would I have to do anything, like upgrading my paypal account or paying a percentage of the price etc. Also is paypal total secure? If I gave someone the necessary information to send me money, could he do anything with that except for sending me money? Thanks for your replies!!!
    ok i don’t see anything about paypal on that page. Could you please give me a direct url that is relevant to my question?

  24. whites are not the only racists

    I don’t want more people to add me on Facebook. How do i close the add button?
    I have seen other profiles where the add button is missing.
    I have looked everywhere on the Privacy Settings, or Account Settings, and i cant see any help there.
    Can someone please help me?…or tell me how can i contact Facebook?
    Thank you.

  25. Gabriel Kenney

    How do you Hide View all Comments button on myspace but Keep the Add comment button. Any one know a code for it?

  26. x_blind_x_gamer_x

    i have developed the form using dataform wizard. i have dragged an access table to the datagridview. it works well. when i restart the program whatever records i have added using the add button in the bindingNavigator is not there. how can i make the changes in the table permanent?

  27. Elijah luv

    Opera’s customize toolbar function adds buttons, but doesn’t let me delete them. I have also tried holding the command key and dragging out of the toolbar. I am using the Mac version 9.64. Thanks!
    Thanks Winner, but being on a Mac, there’s no right-click. Sometimes, you can hold the button down for five seconds, but that’s not working here. Appreciate the effort, though.

  28. Stevalicious

    Hi, I want to add share button on my facebook itself. I have buddyshop application in my facebook page. Under each product I want to add share button. Pls help me ..
    Example visit “KathyGriffin” feacebook page

  29. Random

    How do I add a theme song to my myspace profile, because the add button I pressed to get my song, won’t work? Plus, how can I answer your questions to earn more points?

  30. Mr SoLo DoLo

    Please help, i’m confused because on this girl’s page there isn’t a place i click to add her as a friend. It will show the button for a split second but then it will go to a different page of hers i guess? And it doesn’t have an “add” button there so yeah.. Please help? 10 points best answer! [:
    Umm whats a view lite button?

  31. krow147

    When I go on facebook from any computer (pc) (laptop) a friend has no add friend button. When I go on facebook app on my itouch a button is there, does this mean it only will add through the itouch?

  32. Jonathan

    I have recently made a blog on blogger. I want to add buttons from the other blogs that I follow but I have noticed that a lot of other blogs say “grab my button” with the image above/below it but there is no text box where you can copy/paste the code. How do I grab the button? and why are they not providing codes?

  33. Con Orpe

    I knitted a baby vest that did not call for any buttons, it was supposed to be a pullover. But the neckline is very tight, and I am not sure it will go over a baby’s head, even after blocking! Is there any way to add buttons to one of the shoulders without unravelling?
    Should’ve mentioned that its already all sowed up. Its a completed knitted vest and I already sowed the shoulder seams shut before I realized how tiny it was! oops!

  34. toast

    How do I add someone as a friend on Facebook but there is No Add button, No message button and No poke button. All is private except for 2 photos. I don’t want to hack them, I want them to know that I want them as a friend. I don’t know any information about them since about 40 years ago. I have tried to message a couple of their friends, but no responce. Oh well………

  35. Muzahid

    Has this ever happened to you?
    I haven’t even clicked on the add button on their profile and bam, they are added. How does that happen? I haven’t even used the friend finder! ¬¬

  36. Elijah luv

    Has Yahoo come up with a way to add buttons(like Google has done) to the toolbar? I would like to add a few and to delete others.

  37. Pacman

    Every time I try to add a song to my Myspace profile and click the “add” button, it just restarts the song. I never had this problem with the old music player, but I just can’t add a new song to my profile. =/ Is anyone else having this problem? And if so, how can I go about fixing it?

  38. Beavis

    I signed in with Facebook on family feud and friends on my iPhone but I don’t know how to add friends. I’ll click on the add button but some friends aren’t there, help?

  39. dealy

    Hello all!
    This new myspace is pretty crap I hate it heaps wish it would go back to normal.
    Anyway, and I have found this song I want to add to my profile.
    But when I press the add button on the song after I’ve looked it up, the song doesn’t appear or play when I check my profile.

  40. Kaden

    I think it happened after a thunder storm and maybe it got surged. But the added heat button it beeps when you press it like it did before just like the rest of them do. But the light doesn’t come on. The steam button is non responsive. The light doesn’t work on it nor does anything happen when you press it. Oh also, before when you selected the deep clean cycle (but i don’t even use that cycle) the steam light came on and could not be shut off.

    I hope someone can help me!

  41. mrankinmatt

    My friends said they can’t add me cause there’s no add button on there. Soo if you actually know how please tell me.

  42. Lasagna delivery guy

    Alarm Codes

    Alarm Codes

    Alarm Code:

    Alarm Description:


    // Otherwise we connect to our Database
    $connection = mysql_connect("localhost", "alarm", "") or die (mysql_error());

    mysql_select_db (alarm_codes);

    $find = $_POST['alarm'];
    echo $_POST['searching'];
    //This is only displayed if they have submitted the form
    if ($_POST['searching']=="")

    //If they did not enter an alarm we give them an error
    if ($find == ""){
    echo "You forgot to enter an alarm code ” ;

    // We preform a bit of filtering
    $find = strtoupper($find);
    $find = strip_tags($find);
    $find = trim ($find);
    //Now we search for our search term, in the field the user specified
    $sql = “select * from codes where codes like ‘%” . $find . “%’ “;
    $data = mysql_query($sql);

    echo (“Searched For: ” .$find . “n” );

    //And we display the results
    while($result = mysql_fetch_array( $data)) {
    echo ‘Result: ‘.$result;
    echo $result[‘codes’] . ” ” . $result[‘description’] .”” ;

    //This counts the number or results – and if there wasnt any it gives them a little message explaining that
    if ($anymatches==0)

    echo “Sorry, but we can not find an entry to match your query. Please add this alarmn”;

    //And we remind them what they searched for



    i need the add button to add alarm codes to the database and modify button to modify alarm codes already in the database

  43. Lachlan

    I don’t want a comment box or a decorative button, I just want the CODE (not the link to a website) for text that says “comment” that you can just click on. If possible, I want the code for a message and add button too. Anyone who gives me a code that works will get 10 points!

  44. Erin

    I know you got to a singer or rapper’s page and click add to profile,but i HAVE A PROFILE ON THERE AND EVERYTIME i CLICK THE aDD BUTTON,IT SAYS i HAVE TO HAVE A PROFILE TO ADD IT,WHICH i DO HAVE A PROFILE.

  45. Muzahid

    I want to add one girl as a friend on myspace but there is no add me button on her profile. Also there is no message me button and i can’t put comment on her profile because she is not my friend yet.
    Is there a way to send message to her or to find the add me button?

  46. kamikami

    Didn’t even know that Paypal takes anything. I know Ebay takes about 10 percent, and if Paypal takes a ridiculous amount then I’m about to cancel my sale because this is just a rip off. I know that both companies, more so Ebay is helping you sell something but Paypal should not get a large percent since there not the one’s hosting the sale but ebay is. I’m expecting Paypal to be something small maybe 2 or 3 percent at most.
    Thanks for that, still kind of pissy about it because that means 13 percent of my sale on my item is going to these companies. Kind of sickening, but I have no choice because listing on Craigslist is a hassle and I probably will make more money on Ebay in the end. Oh well, I just have to tough it up and realize that they are a business and they’re in it to make money too.

  47. Muzahid

    In my paypal account I keep a small amount of funds for the odd purchase off ebay etc. Recently though when i’ve paid for purchases the money has come direct from my bank account, completely ignoring the funds already in the paypal account which were more than enough to cover the small transaction. Now I’m left waiting endlessly for funds to clear

    Why are they doing this?

  48. Nick

    My paypal account was limited due to Pan problem,but now it is functional.I have been receiving monthly payments from a website but now my paypal balance is zero.How can I trace my unclaimed money?

  49. nothin_nyce1

    I want to receive the firm payment from the customer through Paypal and I need his side to pay for the Paypal comission, how can I do it? I click Request money, Paypal is giving me the option to receive Payment for Goods or for Services but it seems I have to pay Paypal fee myself anyway. Anyone knows?

  50. johnkaiser 22

    I rarely use eBay and Paypal, but I got a bunch of stuff that I want to sell. I vaguely remember goofing around with my Paypal account on the Premier membership but I want to make sure I have upgraded before I sell. Thanks in advance.

  51. Sonny

    Basically I used paypal to pay for some online services that weren’t carried out to my satisfaction. I’ve tried resolving the problem with the company via email but they can not offer any fair compensation at all. So is there a way I can get my money back if I used paypal?

  52. Kaylla

    Our organization needs to setup a Paypal account to recieve donations from overseas. We’re not yet familiar with PayPal and so we need to know what requirements does it need for us to apply for an account. What type of account do we setup and how much do we pay for it…

  53. Chester

    I am a teenager and I just made a paypal account and I don’t have a bank account or a credit card. I have a website that gives free money and I have enough money to redeem it on paypal. I want to use paypal to buy things from ebay but to do that I have to verify my paypal account. Is their anyway to verify it without having a bank or credit card. I need it really badly please help me out.

  54. Joe M

    Example. Okay say i want to buy something that cost $15. My Paypal balance is $10 and I want to pay the rest on my credit card. Would Paypal automatically use up all of the paypal balance and then pay the rest with the card? HELP how do I combine the money?
    Ed Fox that does not answer my question and also i was paid by ebay to my paypal account.

  55. Xbox Gamer

    My friend is sharing a paypal account with me. He is planning to transfer his funds over to my account. I just want to know if there will be a fee involved. I will appreciate any help given. Thank you.
    The reason I am asking is because we need to add up the funds from both account to purchase a merchandise from England.

  56. Jack Bauer

    I bought something with my PayPal debit card but it still hasn’t appeared on my recent activity. Did the payment go through?

  57. Joe T

    OK so I’m a bit paranoid with linking my paypal to my bank account. So i only listed my credit card. So how doe payment work. Like say i go onto a website and order something when they charge the amount to my paypal does it automatically charge it to my credit card?

  58. Ramblin Spirit

    My little brother got on my paypal account and accidentally withdrawed 55$ into my paypal account while my bank account had only 20$. Now im 30$ in debt. How do I send money back into my bank. Also what happens if my bank account goes in debt I have a chase credit card.

  59. Myles

    I have this paypal account that I signed up for giving my PAN number, but now, in order to proceed they are asking for my credit card number and I dont have a credit card!
    Anyway, I would need paypal account in order to receive my payments, so is it possible to use it without credit card details?
    Please Help!

  60. Paul M

    I’m planning to sell some art on Deviantart, and I’ll be using Paypal.

    I don’t get the transaction part. Actually, I don’t get anything on how to use Paypal for receiving/giving money. Is there like a link I can give out for the buyer or something?
    I know /that/! But I don’t get how the buyer /finds/ my account to put the money in!

  61. unbleevable39

    How can you transfer paypal credit to another paypal account? What are the requirements and what is the process?

  62. Disrae

    How are fees charged by ebay and paypal for penny auctions?
    Ebay normally takes something like a 9% final value fee and I think paypal takes 3%-4% of whatever goes into your paypal account. How do they handle penny auctions? Do you get like 0.4 cents or how does that work?

  63. Boo Cookie

    My Paypal account has an “available” total that only includes Canadian currencies (I am Canadian). I have some US Dollars in there too but they aren’t available. How do I make them available to be transferred to my bank account (which I have set up)?

  64. MAK & CHEESE

    Created a new Paypal account last week and I transferred money to my bank account yesterday was just wondering how long will it take because some people say 2 days some say 2 hours. The Paypal account is unverified aswell I don’t know weather this makes a difference or not?

  65. cardskid22

    To verify the paypal account is necessary to link our credit card or our bank account.
    I added my bank account to paypal. They say that by doing so the paypal account is verified.
    But so far nothing has happened.

    Does anyone know how is the verification process? How long until the account is verified? The paypal will get in touch with me?

  66. nathan

    I have certain amount in my Paypal account and would like to withdraw it via bank.The amount is in USD and would like to withdraw the amount in INR via Bank.So just wanted to know that what will be the amount charge by paypal.

  67. x_blind_x_gamer_x

    I have a paypal account and the money is from people paying from ebay, and I want to move the money to my registered credit card on there. Is that possible?

  68. Armas

    I heard after you get like $500, paypal sends you tax papers? Is that true and is it after 500 or more that they will send you the tax papers. Thanks for your answers.

  69. Dana G

    I sold an item on ebay and the buyer paid with paypal right away, but I don’t see anything on paypal about it. I’m new to ebay and paypal. Does it take awhile for it to show up on my paypal account? If not, what’s wrong? Thanks!

  70. ademuth93

    I’ve paid for several eBay transactions with PayPal. The PayPal balance is zero so the credit will come out of my bank account. PayPal says that the transfer is completed but nothing has changed on my bank account. How long will this take?

  71. Agent 47

    How do I cancel a paypal transfer from my bank account to my paypal account?

    The transaction is still pending, and I need to cancel it, how would I go about doing that?

  72. Cole

    What is paypal’s insurance rejection rate? In other words, if am a merchant and I receive 100 orders a day from customers that paid via PayPal what average percentage will they deny from insuring against fraud?

  73. Scorch Delta-62

    How do I transfer my paypal balance to my prepaid debit card that is already registered with paypal or is it done automatically?

    Also, there is no bank account on my paypal and when i got a refund it automatically transferred it to my prepaid debit card.

  74. D3ZZY

    I want to shut off my paypal account, however i have money in my paypal balance, But I’ve already hit my monthly limit. If i do close my account what would happen to my paypal balance.

  75. Squall Leonhart

    I have 50 pounds in paypal balance and 0.00 pounds in available balance .
    Can i withdraw the paypal balance into my debit card. If not how do i send it from my paypal balance to available balance.

  76. white man

    I had made a paypal account from paypal site giving only my home address and e-mail address.But they are not telling clearly how to credit money to that account and withdraw from that account.Will anyone explain all those procedures in PayPal system in simple terms please.I dont have a credit card or neither want to take one.

  77. Rassling Fundamentals

    I got a paypal account and I have a simon giftcard. Can I transfer the money to my paypal account?

  78. jdubdoubleu7704

    I recently linked my paypal with my bank account and transferred around $200 to my bank account. My paypal currently has around $100 and I want to purchase something for $200 through paypal.

    Will it use the money in my bank account or my paypal balance?

  79. everythingisgonnabefine

    Ive never used paypal for recieving money before. How does it work when it comes to making transactions with customers over the internet that ive never met. I want my info to stay as confidential as possible Thanks!

  80. Michael C

    Paypal Reversed a payment i made but when i checked my bank account the money isn’t there, does it take a few days?

  81. Mike

    How do I set up PayPal with eBay and for people who don’t have PayPal and they have to buy from credit cards, how can I set up my account so that they can buy PayPal or credit card? Does eBay automatically do it?

  82. Joe M

    My bank and paypal are already linked together, how would i deposit my paypal money in my bank checking account?

  83. Derek

    If business partner of paypal using paypal’s web service in its website.If the web service is asking for username and password of its customer,how paypal can protect customers data from there Business partners?How soap transaction can take place between customers,paypal and its business patners?

  84. Jairo

    How can I change the PayPal account linked to my ebay sellers account? My buyer has submitted payment, but it went to an e-mail address that is not linked to any paypal account. I do have a paypal account, but don’t know how to verify my Ebay sellers account is linked to it.

  85. kevindiking67verizonnet

    I’m looking mainly to sell on ebay through paypal, but I don’t fully understand it. Do I need a personal or a premier paypal account? Will it link directly to my bank account?
    Any other tips/advice would also be appreciated.

  86. happyha31

    I add funds to my paypal account from my registered current UK account but it takes 7 – 9 working days. Is there any other way of getting funds into paypal without having to wait so long?

  87. brincks26

    I tried looking it up on paypal’s website, but couldn’t find anything. I want to send money to someone without a paypal account, but I need to know how difficult it is going to be for the other person to get the money.


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