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Pocket Legends Review

Since Pocket Legends was released back at the iPad launch, Spacetime Studios has continued to reward players with awesome post-launch support. There are now dozens upon dozens of instances, PvP, a quest system, initiating areas for each race, and more. In this review update we’ll cover a few of the spotlights of recent developments in the world of Pocket Legends.

Questing is a vital element to any RPG, and Pocket Legends has after all added this in its newest “Adventure” update. The first part of this comes in the form of 3 different initiating zones, one for each race. These explore a few light backstory on the characters and introduce you to game mechanics. They’re in addition single player experiences, so you is not going to find other players inside with you.

Each of these ends with you taking a portal into the main town, which serves as a hub for pretty well everything. Here you’ll take on quests in the first 3 instance packs accesible in the game. These can be done with other players, which helps keep things moving rapidly. The developers are promising quests in other areas in future updates.

Grouping with other players just got a heck of a lot easier. going after in the footsteps of WoW’s random instance finder, you’ll be able to click a button and instantly be grouped with other players in the instance of your measure. If you’d like to select a group from a list, that option is yet available, but automatically jumping to the field where you require to quest and having others playing alongside you isn’t something we’d pass up.

Pocket Legends has also lately added player vs player fight. Entering a PvP match goes after the same basic system as grouping for an instance and pits you contrary players of the same level. The two types currently accesible are 3v3 and 6v6, both of which must be bought separately.

One misstep is how in-app pays money for are now handled. in place of each item having a dollar price, you’ll now require to buy them with an in-game currency called “platinum”. Platinum is purchased in bulk, much like the system Ngmoco has adopted for their a numerous games. On one hand, a few items will cost less than $.99 in argument, but it in addition adds an additional layer to making transactions that ends up getting into the way.

The UI and menus are even overly-complicated furthermore, especially when we refer to the store. There are tons of verify boxes, tabs, advanced choices, and more that can mess up players. Hopefully this will be one of the following items to be addressed in a future update. If Blizzard’s recent developments with WoW are any indication, players like simplification without sacrificing depth.

Despite these lingering issues, Pocket Legends is one step closer to that fully-fledged MMO we’ve been looking ahead to. We still are not convinced that it has reached should have status, but if you’re at all interested and still haven’t checked it out, we very recommend downloading it for.

14 thoughts on “Pocket Legends Hack V2.0

  1. vanvark83

    I remember watching yu-gi-oh, and in this one episode a duelist who used to be a preformer suffered an accident and left him all disfigured. that’s all i remember, so does anyone know his name and full backstory? i tried wikipedia but nothing came up.

  2. Nick

    In a fantasy-fiction story I’m writing, the antagonist’s backstory and motivation are important and I want to cover them somehow.

    In Harry Potter, JK Rowling used the Penseive to cover all the relevant backstory, and that worked pretty well.

    As good of an idea as I thought that was, I don’t want to copy that. How should I do it then? Write a prologue about the antagonist, then switch to the protagonists world in chapters?

  3. steve

    How do I go into a backstory between two characters without sounding like I’m giving a lecture? I want to sort of explain the relationship between two of my characters, but I don’t like want to give a history lesson and make it sound boring. I kinda want to explain what happened in the past, and then move on. Help?


    I guess the question is pretty self-explanatory, but here’s some backstory if anyone cares:

    A while back in high school, I joked that if everyone on Earth was an atom thick (a group of us was hanging out with this cool physics teacher after school, and we were talking about the effects of a black hole on a person), that we would all have to ‘come together’ to form the thickness of a human hair. Today, I suddenly remembered that, and now I’d like to know if I was totally off, or if I was actually close.
    over_the_moon_to_get_the_roon: Thanks, but I’m asking only about the thickness, not how many atoms are in the whole hair (and wouldn’t that vary a lot as a result of hair length?).

  5. nyyankees1123

    I’ve recently started writing, but I’m having trouble introducing the book’s backstory. Its a post-apocalyptic story, but about 75 years after, when the world has partly re-built.

    The story is about 5 kids and teens in a large futuristic city. After the world collapse, the world split into groups. One group is a has become very highly evolved(green building, high technology, many government services, large cities, “futuristic”). The other main group has devolved the other direction into chaos. It is mostly rural and small towns, very basic education/technology, and large military. They are often at war with the other much smaller groups. The kids are in the first group, and the story follows them after the second group tries to invade.

    I don’t know how to introduce the backstory. It needs to be fairly soon in the beginning, because the setting and the plot don’t make sense if you don’t understand where they are. However, I don’t want too much info overwhelming readers in the beginning.

  6. Matthew S

    Ok im a huge halo fan but i want to know what the Hayabusa Spartans Backstory is? like how did he com into existence. And what is his . thank you for helping me out people.

  7. ericmreitz

    I was going to write a story about a unique guy, start it off with him at his darkest, suspenseful moment and then go back to how it all began and tell his troublesome story, how he met a girl and then eventually get back to the dark moment the story began at and from there continue to add drama and finally end it with change/resolve.

    But I read somewhere that backstory is boring and old fashioned. I wanted to make the lead up to the pinnacle moment romantic in a new way and get the reader to understand the characters and care for them before the real drama begins.

    Should I avoid doing this and try to work out a new way of telling this couple’s history and past? I strongly believe my ideas and stories are new and unique, it’s not your typical girl meets boy story at all. I also know not to write all boring stuff, every day stuff. Should I still avoid it?

    Any advice will be greatly appreciated :)
    That’s what I thought, I really was stumped on other ways I could introduce the character’s lives and make the story come together to make sense when the drama unfolds. I plan on not giving everything away first and let more characteristics and moments of their past come to life as the story goes on. Thanks guys
    Lynn – get a life

  8. slipknot0129

    Can anyone please give my an example of backstory in the book To Kill a Mockingbird? Thanks so much and God bless! (: 10 its for best answer! I appreciate the help!

  9. toysruslover

    I want to start writing my book, but I don’t have the backstories of all the characters I am including yet. Should I start anyways? I do have a pretty good idea of where the story is going, or at least the scenes I want to start working on.

    I haven’t thought of all the antagonist characters yet, and some of my major characters are still lacking in backstory (though I do have their personalities down).
    It feels like there is always a reason to not start my book yet.
    I know the antagonists backstories, the why etc; it’s their group/underlings that I don’t have. The underlings are humunculi created by the main antagonist, so they don’t actually need some major backstory.

  10. Travoiz

    Backstory: My house has a prank was going on with a couple of our friends who live in a condo. We it’s currently our turn to get them back, and we’re currently out of ideas.

    We have access to their house, and we want to do something ridiculous and extreme, that doesnt involve property damage.


  11. Roar me R

    Backstory: It’s happened three times in my life including this time, but for some reason the other night I couldn’t get it up. Now, two days later, I am still pretty numb in my netherparts, almost as if it has no interest in feeling anything. The most frustrating part is that I know it is all in my head. I do my best to just get out of my head and not think about it, but when a day has gone by and I realize I haven’t been hard (and I’m a guy, so we’re turned on, what, every 7 seconds?) it reminds me and puts me back in this weird rut. Seriously, it’s very strange. I’m usually in very strong control of myself but this just takes over for some reason. After about a week, I am golden, so I’m not worried, but I’d rather not wait because it’s such a strange sensation.

    Do you have any suggestions for mental or physical exercises that might remind myself I do not have a decrepit penis? It’s one thing for me to say it to myself; I can be pretty stubborn. Any advice is welcomed.


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