Pool Live Tour HACK TOOL

Pool Live Tour HACK TOOL

Welcome to Pool Live Tour HACK TOOL!

The Pool you can play with your Facebook friends! Join the thousands of people already playing this popular multi-player billiard game.

Play with your friends and other online opponents from around the world.

Collect trophies for your best pool shots!

Instruction :

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1. Download the file
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2. Run the cheat
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3. Choose features you want to add!
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4. Click Start and wait until finish hacking
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5. Refresh your browser and then you will see the results 

Pool Live Tour HACK TOOL

Advantages :

* Easy to USE

* DO NOT crash the game like other hacks – you can run it without any error!

* Rated Number #1 Pool Live Tour [HACK TOOLs] at FaceBook Sociaty !!!

* 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed  

* User Friendly

* UNDETECTABLE – nobody would know that you have a cheat 

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14 thoughts on “Pool Live Tour HACK TOOL

  1. Roflcopter

    I like to play billiard (specially 9 balls) but I am not as good as I would like to be. Here where I live there is not courses of billiard where I could do, so the only thing I could do is seraching on internet.
    Do you know any web site where I can find billiard lessons for free? Also, what is your favorite web site to play billiard for free?
    I need to improve!…
    Good bless!

  2. Sophia C

    i play pokerth and i’m looking for something similar to that for billiards and dominoes, does anyone know any, i’m on linux ubuntu.

  3. Elijah luv

    I play in APA league one night a week. During a game I shot the 9-ball to a pocket. The ball did not initially go in but teetered off the edge of the table over the pocket. I left the table and the other player came up. He hadn’t addressed the cue ball yet but as he was chalking up his cue the 9-ball fell in. Would this count for me or is the ball somehow replaced on the table?

  4. Ryan Dunn

    When i was younger at my summer camp there used to be a game room. In the room there was this pool-like game that included pool sticks and a felt covered table except smaller. On the table there were these little pole like structures maybe 5 of 6 of them and then there was 2 holes on either end. From what i can remember the poles were red and white and so were the balls. What the game is actually like may very from this. The balls and poles may not be red and white but thats what i remember from it and there may have been more than those two holes.

  5. Brody S

    Has there ever been a game of 9-ball where a player has won all the games in a row without letting the opponent shoot at all? Or any other pocket billiard game? (Excluding “sudden death” games like snooker’s pot black.)

  6. che-che

    I love the game, but I live in a small town and I’ve been unsuccessful at finding a teacher.
    Dr Pepper –

    Many phenominal players have had coaches to teach them mechanics and such. That doesn’t exactly make them ‘posers’. Like any other task, learning pool is better when you have a mentor who can give you valuable tips and help you correct your errors before they become habit.

  7. callofduty5123412

    I have seen a lot of regular pool games, but I have never seen any artistic pool games. Anybody know of any?

  8. shahrukh

    I’m starting to get into pool and decided to buy my own cue. I like the European taper on snooker cues more then the pro tapers on American pool cues, but I’m not sure if it’s okay for me to use a snooker cue for eight ball. I know it’s allowed, but I heard the wood can split easily and tips will have to be replaced very often when playing American billiards with a snooker cue. Can anyone confirm this?

  9. Lasagna delivery guy

    hi, I would like to play billiards on japan yahoo games. Do you know how to get a jap yahoo idea to do this? thank you

  10. addmeonxbox360myuserisfallior

    Many billiard/pool games allow the person to only shoot with the white ball. Some allow the player to shoot with any of the balls. What is this called?

  11. kass9191

    I think hanging out with friends, partying, playing billiards / other games, and stuff like that is great but I want some other ideas because I’m thinking of doing something fun this weekend with a few girls.

  12. Blake

    The game you play in bars where you have this table and a stick and you have to hit the balls into the holes. I don’t know how to play it so how do you play pool?


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