Pou Hack 2013

Pou Hack 2013

Hello everybody, I want to show you a the game called Pou, I think all of you heard about it.
It is prettier and easier to play with this which can be downloaded from this website. You will have a lot of advantages and a unique satisfaction. You will be in the group of the best players in a really short time so do not wait and this trusted.
Definitely, the best players of Pou searched for a and found this one, used it and now they are the best.

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3 thoughts on “Pou Hack 2013

  1. Moore, Ron

    “Ai Gamisou! Ase mas issihous mori malakismeni!!!! Pane apo eki pou eirthes ilithia!!! Mia mera otan tha katalavis tha einai arga!!!!!”

    From a quick Google I can tell it’s not particularly nice, but I’d like to know what it says. Thanks!

  2. Patrick

    A rocket weighs 6000 pounds when it is resting on the launch pad. The engines burn fuel at the rate of 20 pounds per second.(a) Write a linear function W(t) expressing rocket weight as a function of time t in seconds. (b) At what time into the launch will the rocket weigh 40% of its original weight?


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