PSN Code Generator 2013 | PSN Code Generator 2013 Free

PSN Code Generator 2013 Free


PSN Code Generator 2013

Are you looking for a working PSN code generator? Well, then you are on the right place, we all know that paying for PSN codes is not cool, so I spoke with a buddy that has a degree in programming and by my surprise after hours and hours of hard study, he came with a solution, finally we have a working PSN Code Generator that works like a charm, we have a success rate of 97% when the code doesn´t work, we just generate a new one and problem solved.


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73 thoughts on “PSN Code Generator 2013 | PSN Code Generator 2013 Free

  1. Yoshi

    I have heard of code generators for xbox live points or psn money or subscriptions or betas and stuff like that. Do these code generators steal the codes from people who already purchased theirs?
    Well I have one person saying yes and one saying no. So I’m just gonna skip it for now. I don’t wanna steal from someone.

  2. Splash Log Level 2 Again

    I heard some people said it works.I also heard that it does not work. I want to know which is true and will my account be hacked if i use this code generator?

  3. che-che

    There has been speculation the past few days that when psn gets resolved, they will start charging for service, also heard that all your previous data on games will be lost, for example, my level 15 prestige on cod will be cleared? Is any of this true?

  4. Dom L

    I really want minecraft. My parents won’t let me put any credit cards online. So I was wondering, are there any gift code generators that actually work and don’t need file passwords or any surveys to complete in order to download.

  5. Xavier Hawthorne

    I’ve seen people use qr codes at Starbucks to pay for coffee, but how do I do that, or how would I use a qr code generator, for example?

    Still new to my Smartphone, so if anyone can give me information, that would be awesome.

  6. Rishi

    Say someone uses a gift code generator for amazon or steam, is it possible for the police to track them and send them to jail?

  7. Wooooody

    Reffering to the Android app.. Is there an “expiration date” on the codes? If there is, what’s a more permanence option for a we code generator?

  8. Harriet W

    How long do you have to be on?
    How often do you have to be on?

    what is an active psn account. cuz (i want home badly and one of my friends is workin for sony but Tedthedog would really like to add people into the closed beta who have an active psn account)

  9. Salam

    I made a PSN account in fourth grade, and my username was bobcooldude1, just releised how stupid that is (in 6th grade) so help!

  10. The Dark Knight

    i’ve looked at videos at youtube. People in comments say that they work.
    i wanted to ask if i give me psn id and pass to the code generator would i be banned from psn?
    will my user be banned or me ps3 ?

  11. wwwavid360gamercom

    I need a 30$ gift card code if someone has a code generator it wouldn’t hurt if you can provide me with just one thanks!!

  12. friendly 4

    I Have been searching the web for days for a good website to download a amazon code generator. Almost all of them want surveys or passwords in order to download the hack. Are there ANY websites that don’t ask for surveys or passwords? Please help asap. Thanks

  13. sean

    My sister said that her boyfriend used an xbox live code generator, I don’t think it’s true. But if it is, what website could I gO to?

  14. heavenly sword

    I’ve kinda been looking around, and all of the websites look pretty sketch with all their flashing ads and such. Is there any website that has a legit code generator?

  15. ademuth93

    I don’t trust Code Generator, but I was going to trade my armor code for another, to this person on a forum site, he said he would send me his code first, but I notice that he was one of the top traders there, he could trade almost any armor, which lead me to believe he is using a code generator.
    If I trade with him would I get in trouble with Xbox Live, or would it just not work?

  16. Myles

    Hi, are there any psn code generators that actually work in the uk, without having to do any surveys. If not what is the easiest way to obtain one quickly.

  17. Ryan Z

    (Example: Like a code generator for a online game or psn or whatever)
    How often do people get caught doing it?And if they are caught what happens to them?

  18. Erfan

    I’ve ran through many code generating sites but they are very annoying and most of them dont work.
    Please tell me a good psn code generator site which has easy surveys.Most of the surveys say that they are not available for my country.I live in pakistan. If anyone from pakistan has done this plz let me know the site

  19. Scorch Delta-62

    Hey, i saw on youtube the itunes gift card code generators and tried to download some of those but all of them required like some survey to fill out, if someone already has it, can you email me the software, you just email me and drag/drop thye icon into the email and i will get it :) or can you tell me where to download it for free and easy? Thanks !

  20. Ev dog

    I bought a copy of CoD World at War on the PC a few years ago. I had to uninstall it to clean my computer, and a few months ago, I decided to re install it, but the instruction book is missing… and that means the installation code is missing. I’ve searched my registry, my files, I’ve turned my computer inside out looking for it in the files… it isn’t there. As far as me finding my instruction booklet, that will never happen. In a last ditch effort, I emailed Activision, and they never responded. So I was wondering… if you already payed for the game and have a legitimate non-pirated retail copy of the game, is it legal to use an installation code generator?

  21. Jack Bauer

    I want an online code generator with no surveys or anything with having your credit card involved. I recently deleted my online ID for PS3 and made a new one and wasn’t able to use my online pass codes inside the games I have. Give me a link of what site is the best that has no surveys or credit cards involved. Thanks!

  22. Disrae

    I just activated code generator on Facebook on my iPod and I realize that I do not want it anymore. I can’t find any way to turn it off.. Would anyone be able to tell me how to deactivate code generator?? Thank you :)

  23. John G

    If I bought a ps3 with 3.41 firmware how could I get my PSN from my current ps3 to the new one so I could get trophies on backed up games and sync them on the ps3 that has the newest firmware?

  24. Echo

    I have been looking everyone for one, i tried and did many surveys, and it still would,nt download, but i finished the survey. I have no money and i am trying, if you have a psn code generator would you mind generat a code for me? :*). Ty. PS3POW!

  25. Brian

    The title pretty much explains everything. I’ve tried downloading a lot of 3DS codes generator but they all end up asking me to complete surveys or they need password to unlock the generator and then I’d have to complete a survey again to get the password. It’s frustrating. Help meeeee.

  26. Clayton Cottrell

    I just need a simple number code generator so I could get all possible 4-digit combinations of a few numbers. Anything I can use online?

  27. Dark_LovexXx

    Example: Wizard101 crown code generator
    Now i know this act is illegal but how often do people get caught doing it?And if they do get caught what happens to them?

  28. DuckieM10

    I want an iTunes code generator for the my iPod touch (jailbroken) but I don’t know which source to add to Cydia. If there isn’t one would someone make one for free? All help appreciated.

  29. nathan

    I really want a microsoft point code generator. I would like to get it from a torrent so if you know of a good working torrent please let me know.
    What is the name of the torrent

  30. diggn4richez

    is there a legitament and free code generator for halo reach?
    i want to get the flaming helmet and other armour items only avaliable via codes.
    i dont mind if i have to fill out forms but in the end i want a code generator that works.

  31. Jeffery Carlson

    I have seen so many videos on youtube about the itunes gift card code generator and I was wondering is it legal to use?. I don’t want to download it. If I will get in trouble with the law also does it actually work?

  32. Mackenzie P

    Now for those who have seen all of those YouTube videos of gift code generators for the like 10% that are real and working is it theft or illegal if i use the codes from the gift generators?

  33. gail C

    an interpreter first converts a code into intermediate code then it compiles but the poit is that even the compiler has an intermediate code generator then there wud be no difference between a compiler and interpreter?

    please help

  34. Ed D

    In my country surveys are not working.Is there another solution to download psn code generator,and some people say that psn code generator is bullshit.Is that true?

  35. SteveO

    What ever happened to the Game Genie Code Generator that you could use to make your own Game Genie codes for snes games? Iooked on many websites and I cant find a working link to it.
    And im not talking about a game genie. Im talking about an application that you could download. and try to figure out codes for the game genie by trial and error with testing different code digits to get the proper results.
    oh and also it was for the SNES

  36. louisewoods1984

    I got code generator 2012 and it gives me the same code no matter what amount I put in. I was wondering if anyone can give a link to a working one or even give me a code? thank you

  37. diggn4richez

    I am going to buy a ps3,and i dont know how to get ps3 money beacuse surveys for psn code generator are not supported in my country,and i dont know how to complete any offer.Help!?

  38. whitesoxfan2347

    I couldn’t pre order the game and knew there was a code generator but i cant download it because i can’t get past the surveys. I have the game for ps3. Can someone please generate a few codes and send them to my email because I’ve tried everything and just cannot download this thing. I would really appreciate it.

  39. John

    Yeah, I’m dead broke, and my Xbox Live expired, and I was wondering if any of those code generators worked.. If so, post the links, please.
    No, I think I’ve only used one free month, how do you use the other two free months?

  40. Ev dog

    Does anyone know of a Spotify Premium code generator that I can download without having to complete any surveys? I have seen lots of download links, but at some point it asks me to complete a survey which is a problem for me because they don’t work! I have Spotify version
    Thanks in advance for any help – I really appreciate it!

  41. Hotshot t

    I enhanced my facebook account log in that required a code to be generated and sent to my phone at log in. For the last two weeks I cannot access my account because the code is not sent to my phone. I type in my password then it gets to the code but I do not get the code delivered to my number or mobile phone. How then can I log in or turn off this code generator and access my account?

  42. Zanto

    I can’t seem to find a code that allows me to find and capture permanent shinies. I need a code generator or a working code that won’t freeze my game.

  43. ericmreitz

    Is there any place out there that i can get a psn code generator without having to take a bunch of surveys? i dont even care if it takes forever to download lol. Also do i have to download it on my ps3?

  44. vanvark83

    I have been looking for animal jam code generator thing to download but I can never find it. Can someone please tell me which site I can go to and download it. P.S. you can buddy me on animal jam my user is wolvesofbeyond425 and if your my buddy and a nm i’ll give you a code.
    Also, don’t buddy me if you just want a code, cuse that’s just sad.
    Also, don’t buddy me if you just want a code, cuse that’s just sad.

  45. josh12rox

    Hi I’m in south africa and I’m looking for a psn code generator which works for south africa . Is there a direct download link for a south african PSN code generator?

  46. Tyler H

    I need a 100% real answer because I have looked up amazon gift card generator and everytime I click download, a survey appears and i always fill one in but it never goes away and I go to all the amazon generators on the internet and they all ask me for a survey and I always do them but they never go away. Please help me. Give me a website that I can download amazon gift card code generator and that won’t ask me for a survey. Thank you I will really appreciate it.

  47. Mackenzie P

    I’m trying to get Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 with the redeem code generator, but i don’t how i use it. I think the numbers they give me are too many and every time i enter them, i always have left over numbers. Does anyone know how to put them in correctly????

  48. Mr SoLo DoLo

    Hi guys! I’m trying to figure out if it’s possible to deactivate your PSN account off of another Ps3 without being able to be physically in front of the console itself. My ex-bestfriend has my PSN account activated on his Ps3 and I no longer wish for him to have my account on there or have the games he downloaded off of my account for free. Is there any way that I can deactivate my account off of his Ps3 without having to physically go over to his house and do it myself?

  49. Joe M

    Whats going to be free and how can I take advantage of it? I tried to go to the PSN Store but it syas that its still under maintenance.

  50. mrankinmatt

    PSN Store is finally up! 😀 I thought that we get 1 Month of Plus so I went to get a game and it still made me pay for it? Do we still have to wait for the welcome back package?

  51. D3ZZY

    I want to buy a US $10 PSN because we don’t have them in Canada and I want to buy Infamous Festival of Blood… Help!

    PS. I already have a US PSN account with location information but no credit card info, just wondering if I had the card and activated it on that account would it work.

  52. evil chevy

    I honestly hate my gamertag so much that I made a new PSN account, but my PS3 says I can’t use a different PSN account. Can someone tell me how to log in with a different account or how to delete the current one that is in my PS3’s memory?

  53. everydayGuitarist

    I did ,I bought black ops 5 days after psn went down and it’s so boring playing alone in zombies and multiplayer.It’s just not the same playing alone.

  54. Elijah luv

    My brother had the master account, but he passed away in November of 2008. I’m asking this now because I bought a PSN card today, and I can’t buy anything on my sub account.

    If I download a game from the PlayStation Store on the master account, will it also be sent to the sub account?

    Your answers will be appreciated.

  55. Mackenzie P

    Fallout 3 is one of my favorites and i’ve gone through the game alot of times and i want more, but there is no wi-fi here so i can’t use psn. Is there a way to get the dlc without psn?

  56. Jose B

    Everytime I try to log in to PSN it says PlayStation Network is under maintainence. WHy is this? I’ve heard small stories but what is the real reason?


    Ive been having trouble accessing psn for about a week now. I cant get it to update at all, it just stops at 1% and says I have a network connection problem. I thought it would be working by AC3 release but nope. So is there anyway I can redeem my preorder content through uplay without having to access my psn account.

  58. Jason

    PSN announced that we were going to get a 30 day trial to playstation plus and i was wondering what exactly that was?

  59. Michael K

    On my old console i bought add ons off psn for mw3 and black ops 2 and now i have a new console and want to get them back. I have signed in with the same psn log in but cant work out how to do it.

  60. therundown2k3

    I understand that that people use this prepaid cards for the psn japanese store, because the store would reject any card that doesn’t have japanese currency, but what if I HAVE an international credit card, would it work? I don’t want to spend so much money on the prepaid card.

  61. Cupcakerum

    I already have microphone to record my voice I want to records my friends voice. I have the ps3 wireless headset USB and not planning to get a new one. Is there any way i can record voices off of PSN. Ps I can get a HD PVR capture and thats it.

  62. xiM Clutch

    I want to change my name on psn cause its lame and steam apparently lets you do this but it says I need to link something or other by using portal 2 and i see no obvious way around this .. suggestions?

  63. EzioAuditore1459

    I live in Canada and I have a friend who lives in the US. I want to send him a Christmas gift and I figure a PSN card is perfect to send in the mail. However I’ve been told that a card purchased in Canada will not work in the US. I would like to avoid sending it to him online because I already have a joke gift that I’m going to attach the card to.

    So how would I be able to send him a PSN card in the mail?

  64. superdork

    I was planning on playing on the ps3 with my friends however we cant because of psn being down i was wondering if anybody knows whats going on. thanks
    thanks for the info


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