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red crucible 2 cheats hack tool

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58 thoughts on “Red Crucible 2 Cheats Hack Tool

  1. Mark

    My boyfriend of 2 years cheated on me. I broke up with him after he told me, but I’m alternating between forgiving him and getting back together, and saying no and moving on.

    Long story short, what I’m wondering is if relationships can really be fixed after someone has cheated.

    Has anyone on here forgiven a cheat, and made it work? How do you go about it?

    This is only theoretical for me at the moment, because I haven’t made my mind up.

  2. Jon P

    I want to succeed at life in Sims 2. Cheats anyone? Please not motherlode or boolprop testingcheatsenabled true or moveobjects on.

  3. Denali

    I have a really ugly sim and i want to change the face what is the cheat? i want a easy cheat to type in on the sims 2 cheat box not a confusing one.

  4. Nathan B

    Can some one please write me a poem of one of these themes from the crucibles: Guilt vs. innocence, justice, jealousy, lies and deceit, personal reputation, compassion and forgiveness, good vs. evil. Doesn’t have to rhyme and needs 10 or more facts from the story in it.

  5. Matthew S

    1. Tell you S/he likes you when they really doesn’t.

    2. Cheat on you

    3. Fake Orgasm.

    4. Break up with you by text/IM.

    5. Tell you they hate you once your done dating

    6. Tell you he likes his other girlfriends more than they liked you.

    7. Never Talk to you

    8. Like other people when you are dating.

    9. Flirt With other girls/guys.

  6. Cpt Excelsior

    Does anyone know any guitar hero 2 for playstation 2 cheat codes? I know some people who do but they won`t say what they are or where they got them from. so does anyone here know any i could use?

  7. Gabriel Kenney

    Where I can get some good Dota 2 Cheats? I’ve been looking all over the net for Dota 2 cheats, but most of them were for the beta that finished a couple months ago.

    I’m sick and tired of getting owned all the time in Dota 2. Is there any way I could easily go from a noob feeder to an expert triple killer in a couple hours? It’d be really cool if there was a cheat or mod that would help me level up like crazy really quickly. I didn’t choose a good hero so levelling up is hard for me. It just really bothers me because people were booing me off their teams and telling me how much I suck. I know that, so is there any way to step up my game? Some good Dota 2 cheats or even a dota 2 hack would be great. Thanks

  8. mike s

    In what two ways are Arthur Miller and his character John Proctor from the Crucible alike? How was Arthur Miller’s life in the 1950’s similar to John Proctor’s in the 1690’s?

  9. Alun J

    Hawthorne wrote the Scarlet Letter and Miller wrote The Crucible. I have to compare and contrast how they interpreted the Puritan society. Didn’t they both have a hatred of Puritans? Can someone give me a few ideas? thanks :)

  10. gail C

    I know there are cheats out there, but what cheats on Mercenaries actually work?
    What cheats actually work on xbox360 Mercenaries2?

  11. Xedo

    Hi, I have to write a critical lens essay and support it with books like this. For instance, The Crucible alludes to the Red Scare and McCarthyism in the 50s, Are any other books like this?

    I can’t think of any other books like it, and it’s driving me crazy. Thank you. the quote I have to support is “history repeats itself, that’s one of the things wrong with history”.

    I don’t need explanations, just book titles+authors. I’ll research everything myself.

  12. Sir fliesalot

    I know the question makes no sense, but i would like to know a how the Crucible (the book) is different from the real story of the salem witch trials, besides the obvious age changes (Abigail older, John Proctor younger). Thanks!
    Oh also I would like a few main similarities because im doing a compare and contrast essay. thanks!

  13. Con Orpe

    I have Bit-Defender installed and advanced System Optimizer and Tune-up Utilities which clean my computer up. It runs so fast with opening programs surfing the web and there’s no viruses and all but i was recently trying Facebook games and i can play them all on high detail and on full screen(3D Games – Offensive Combat, Combat Extreme, Red Crucible 2 . As soon as i add shadows or anti aliasing or add distance view my game just lags ridiculously. I played GTA SA on very high detail and it worked great, i decided to install gta 4 graphics to it and enb series as well as gta 4 cars now it lags like crazy. What I’m trying to say in a simpler way is i know my computer is fine but why can’t i play a game on its full settings and what needs to be improved below.

    My System Specs:
    Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit (6.1, Build 7601)
    Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40GHz (8 CPUs), ~3.4GHz
    Memory(RAM): 8192MB

    Graphics Card information:
    Name: ATI Radeon HD 5400 Series
    Manufacture: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
    Chip Type: ATI Display Adaptor (0x68E1)
    DAC Type: Internal DAC (400MHz)
    Approx. Total Memory: 745MB
    Current Display Mode: 1440×900 (32bit) (60Hz)
    Monitor: Generic PnP Monitor

    DirectX Features
    Driect X: 11
    DirectDraw Acceleration: Enabled
    Direct Acceleration: Enabled
    AGP Texture Acceleration: Enabled

    Please tell me what you would recommend upgrading.
    P.S Thank you for your time.

  14. Dr Hank

    I am a 23 Year old male. My weight is 114pds with a 2-4%body fat. I play tennis on Mondays and Wednesdays plus run almost 2.5 miles everyday including those days. Also I do push ups and sit ups (about 200) each day also. I don’t eat any fat and also have a 50g maximum carb intake daily. I struggle every day because even though I know I excersised alot I still eat my 6 meals but they are always either fat free or organic. On weekends I’m usually eager to go out and eat at restaurants but I only give myself Sundays for that. Could I have 2 cheat days? Also, I love to go out and drink with friends, could I do that too and still have a lower body fat and at least be below 120 pounds?

  15. Keaton

    Ok i got the sims 2 cheat for my psp and now im stuck on the part where im in dead tree talking to Rick Wong and answering his stupid questions which is really hard and i don’t know the answer to them so plz help.

  16. Jason

    I’m a second year student in a teacher training college and preparing for exams.I need help in attempting this essay question in ‘The Crucible’ by arthur Miller.

  17. heavenly sword

    I was wondering if there is a sims 2 cheat that allows you to create as many people as you want in a family for sims 2 (PC or Mac game)

  18. Noe R

    Something that I can compare to the intolerance, hysteria, reputation, empowerment issues in the Crucible. I already compared it to Terrorism/Patriot Act for my project, so now I’m fresh out of ideas for the essay. Any help?

  19. Dark_LovexXx

    How does Arthur Miller’s play written to satirize “The Red Scare” and how is the play still relevant in America today? Any opinions would be much appreciated!

  20. Beavis

    What major themes or conflicts represent American themes or conflicts? In what ways do the larger symbols and metaphors transcend any one group’s identity?

    I really need this as soon as possible thank you so much!

  21. sean

    I just got sims 2 pets and I was wondering, are their more cheats even for sims 2 pets than plain sims 2? I know all the sims 2 cheats but are there any for sims 2 PETS?

  22. mrankinmatt

    My sims 2 cheats box doesn’t come up, and its driving me insane I have no idea how to sort it! I did it a few years ago but since then my HP laptop has been refreshed! Its a HP laptop (not sure of the model) and a few years old. When I press the ctrl+shift+c the cheat box doesn’t come up! How do I sort this! Please help me! What do I do!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  23. United

    hi i am wondering how you make a successful business on the sims 2 without cheating!!! please help. All the other ones i have had they just fail!

  24. Gamer959

    Dont tell me granite grip, already have that, i have a primarliy dragon dec, 80% of the cards have flying, and wanted something along the lines of blanchwood armor, scythe of the wretched, helm, shield, and sword of kaldra thats a red enchanment. Also looking for a red version of vitalizing wind or overrun.

  25. MentallyCryppled

    I have modern warfare 2 and want 2 do the elevator glitch on skidrow, derail, and sub base. Don’t worry i will do it offline cause i do not glitch on xbox live(yes i have an xbox). What buttons do i have to hit and what does the controller layout have to be. Besides this is patched on live 2 so i cant even do it 2 cheat.

  26. mike s

    People tell me to open the Sims 2 PC Cheat Window I need to press ctrl+shift+c at the same time, but when I do that it takes a picture. I’ve made sure I’m pressing the 3 buttons at the EXACT same time, but it still takes pictures! Can Anybody help me?

  27. Bryan J

    Here’s a list I came up with. Do you think I OMITTED any, or that I include some that are not commonly required?

    1. To Kill a Mockingbird
    2. Of Mice and Men
    3. The Catcher in the Rye
    4. Animal Farm
    5. Lord of the Flies
    6. The Great Gatsby
    7. A Farewell to Arms
    8. The Scarlet Letter
    9. Nineteen Eighty-Four (1984)
    10. Romeo and Juliet
    11. The Crucible
    12. Brave New World
    13. The Grapes of Wrath
    14. The Old Man and the Sea
    15. Red Badge of Courage

  28. David

    I have to write a persuasive essay on why people should read the Crucible. I want to put that one is that it is considered a classic, but i don’t know why! Please help!

  29. alberto s

    One of the most prominent themes in the crucible is the importance of a good name. Analyze what a good name means to several characters, using specific examples to support your conclusions.

    I have to do this on my exam tomorrow and it would be really helpful if anyone could help me.
    Thank you so much. You don’t know how much this means to me.

  30. mendhak

    I have to write an in class essay on the themes of the crucible and on how it relates to those days and today. Or does anyone know a good website where I could find this information out? Any help would do.

  31. Thomas A

    I know they don’t sell gameshark version 4 anymore but I have lego star wars 2 so can I use old lego star wars 2 cheat codes on version 5?

  32. Random

    I was just wondering some amazingly awesome Sims 2 cheats?
    I personally would like to know how to get rid of the blur when they’re naked!

  33. therundown2k3

    Because we made an experiment… heating some copper powder in a crucible… and instead of becoming liquid, it just changed colour from red to dark brown with kind of red spots…
    i’d be grateful if you could be helping me! thanks!

  34. Thomas Lopez

    I like books similar to these.

    The Red Queen
    The Forever Queen
    The Irish Princess
    The Royal Diaries series

    Historic fictions are great and easy to read with you snuggle cozily at home with a cup of tea.

    List the title of historic books out there, please? Thanks.

  35. Con Orpe

    So for those of you who don’t know what the hell I’m talking about, Red Crucible 2 is a Fps Computer game in which a BLue and Red Team fight it out on battlefields with weapons of modern combat. No actual military names are used, they are just called red and blue. Blue members carry M4s and Red members carry AK47s. I’m guessing that BLue team is actually supposed to NATO (America, Britian, Germany) but I’m still a bit puzzled with Red team. Based on the overall equipment, I’d say countries in East Asia like Russia, China, or North Korea, but I could be wrong. Anybody have any idea? Thanks

  36. Mike

    What is the Sims 2 cheat(s) to have twins? I have tried a few different ones but they don’t seem to work for me, yet. Also, when do I type the cheat in? Thanks for helping!

  37. apleaforbrandon

    1. Why did they shut down the servers and is there any possible way of playing it online like in a different Country?
    2. Is there a cheat to have 3 partners instead of 2(cheats for game shark and code breaker that u can give)
    3.What is Nightmare mode and Infinity Mode.

  38. Goe122

    um yea, star wars battlefront 2 cheats. how to i get rapid fire. my friend said u have to download it. can someone give me a download website URL please!

  39. Coffee t

    Sounds strange but I know some basic Sims 2 cheats(mac). Such as “BoolProp testingCheatsEnabled true” and “help” which will bring up those cheats. Are there any other good cheats to know? What are they?


  40. Scorch Delta-62

    When I turn on my R4 and scroll down to the games I want, there are 2 buttons below the name. 1) Cheats [Y] and another one that says 2) Cheats. What does this mean?

  41. stingerms

    Does anyone know where I can get some good Dota 2 cheat commands and Dota 2 maphacks?

    I didn’t choose a good hero so levelling up is hard for me. I’m not enjoying the game as much as I used to since it’s becoming insanely hard to keep up with all the competitive players. So now I just want to play around with the private match feature and fiddle with some Dota 2 map hacks.

    It just really bothers me because people were booing me off their teams and telling me how much I suck. I know that, so is there any way to step up my game? Some good Dota 2 cheats or even a dota 2 hack would be great. Thanks

  42. Lasagna delivery guy

    I’m looking to download a Farmville 2 cheat tool that will help me expand my farm quickly, without having to spend a bladdy fortune on farmbucks and the like.

  43. sakyue1993

    I’m doing a project on the Blacklisted and Hollywood and the Red Scare and I need to connect them to The Crucible and what I have seems unfinished and I needed some more information.

    Anything will help.

  44. Nathan B

    My brother is 30 something dating a woman barely out of her teens. Their relationship has been a 3 year long on again off again emotional roller coaster ride. She went from barely liking him 2 being in love 2 cheating on him with his good friend (which he found out about) all within a year. They have fist fights at least twice a week and curse each other out like dogs. Maybe he overlooks all of her many flaws because the sex is good. But the girl is suicidal. She often talks about killing herself and writes funeral instruction notices 2 her friends and family at least once a month. So why does he keep on dealing with her?

  45. United

    I have Sims 2 Double Deluxe
    and its not letting me enter any codes.
    Arent you supossed to press ctrl+ shift+c
    At the Exact same time??
    I dont get it….
    The typing bar doesnt show up when I do it.. :[

    And also Whats some sims 2 cheat codes?

  46. mike s

    I realy love her she’s very pretty,sexy with a models body. I find it very hard 2 cheat on her she’s all I need. Most times when I approach her 2 make love is either she’s tired or she’s not in d mood, I spoke 2 her several times but there’s hardly any improvement and it realy upsets me. Most times when we have sex she left me incomplete what can I do?

  47. colingrillo

    I’m a new player and I bought the fat pack to get started and I like the way red white play but my friend I play against uses a green white deck that gets pretty beefy midgame and unstopable end game. He uses 4 holy days and one card that is an enchantment that makes all cards he controls flying with fear and a bunch of other stuff. Once he has that out he’s unstoppable to me. How do I build my deck to counter all this. Also he uses cards that revolve around bringing back his used holy days….

  48. Dr Hank

    I know that the whole accusing random people is a similarity and the time periods and people were different, but what else?


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