1. Download HACK with our link.
2. Unzip the file.
3. Run HACK.
4. You must be logged in to the game!
4. Click GENERATE.
5. Done! Now just play ;)


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7 thoughts on “Royal Story HACK [DOWNLOAD] FACEBOOK

  1. mal_functiongeo

    Because some game raters bag on games that don’t even deserve to be bagged on, so I need to know a game rater that’s true to what they say.

  2. liza

    After you finish the game you can click on armor games. Then if you continue the game it brings you to a supposedly unbeatable level 31. I’m stumped please help.

  3. diggn4richez

    Hello people.

    I want to ask you where i can get legit and working Royal Story cheats, i want to add unlimited amount of Rubies and Coins to my account. Please if you know where i can get this software share that with me.

    I hope somebody will help me i love this game, but i want to be better than my friends.

  4. skillz

    I just enjoy playing a game with a train in some point of the game cuz it’s a lot of fun to screw around. I was just curious what are some good games that have a train in them (like Saints Row or GTA or something like that). Also, what game system is it on?

  5. Alina Elliott

    i am playing game royal story on facebook where i need coins and rubies. does anybody know from where i can download its hack tool or cheats without any survey . because i tried a lot but the websites ask for survey or any downloads. when i complete that, there comes nothing . plz if anybody know plz tell me from where i can download it for free. i am from Pakistan .

  6. soccermaster1

    I am looking for a Latin/South American Spanish word (not a Spanish word from Spain) specifically a Mexican word or a Chilean word if possible for the game of tag. Or if not exactly the game tag, a common chasing and running game that children play that requires no equipment. If the game you answer is not actually tag but another common running game, please give me a description of how the game is played. Thank you.


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