Rumble Fighter Cheats

Rumble Fighter Cheats

Rumble Fighter Carat Hack v0.3
-Easy to use.
-No Cheat Engine required. (Much Faster + No Bugs)! (View old Cheat Engine method.)

Exp doesent change.. it ONLY gives alot of carats! Carat working 100% as of March 7, 2013

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  1. stingerms

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    I think they might have come from my habit of sunflower seeds – I buy them in large bags. And since a few eeks these bugs starting to appear in my kitchen and they look exactly like sunfloweer seed shells!
    They are not sunflower beatles.
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  2. Cupcakerum

    i have two horses and one area of my backyard has a bunch of bugs and bees that really become annoying. i dont care if the grass is killed i would just like it if the bugs would be gone. does anybody know of an effective way to kill them without harming my horses?

  3. Michael K

    Money In The Bank Match:
    Evan Bourne vs Mr. Kennedy vs CM Punk vs Shelton Benjamin vs Gregory Helms vs The Brian Kendrick

    Rey Mysterio vs Mike Knox:
    After attacking Mysterio week after week, and probably in the Elimination Chamber. It doesn’t take alot of brains to see this match at Wrestlemania. Although it may be a dark match.

    Trish Stratus vs Natalya
    WWE has been nearly begging Trish to have another match at this years Wrestlemania. And even though she could have rather faced Beth Phoenix (which would make more sense and I’ll be getting too after) I myself think Natalya is a possible opponent for her. Trish even said her black and pink wrestling attire and Canada aren’t just a coincidence. Out of respect for her and the Hart family, this match could happen.

    Beth Phoenix vs Rosa Mendez:
    This is turning into the old storyline a few years back. The psycho fan (Mickie James) and her idol (Trish Stratus). And it really doesn’t take alot of thought to figure that out.
    On RAW last Monday, Jerry said that Santino only got one piece of Fan mail? Was it. Something like that. Could it be Rosa Mendez? A few months back there were hints of Santino cheating on Beth, with the cell phone thing if you remember that short segment. Could that be Rosa Mendez also?
    Santino cheats on Beth, Rosa becomes his new girlfriend and Beth Phoenix faces Rosa Mendez at Wrestlemania for some sort of ‘revenge’

    Jeff Hardy vs Matt Hardy:
    We all know this match, or something related to it will happen. Does it really need an explanation?

    Steve Austin vs Chris Jericho:
    A week ago I wouldn’t have said this could happen. But it looks as if Mickey Rourke has backed out of his Wrestlemania match, so where does that leave Jericho? Steve Austin, as far as I know still doesn’t have an opponent for Wrestlemania either.
    Even though Chris may have verbally ripped Flair to shreds last Monday, the chances of those two facing off is highly unlikely. It would completely ruin last years Shawn vs Flair match, with a Batista and Jericho storyline feeding off that outcome.

    Triple H vs Kozlov:
    With all these big matches coming together this year, where does it leave Hunter? This guy craves the spotlight, which pisses people off from time to time. I see him trying to make ‘history’ again and ending Kozlov’s undefeated streak. (if you can even still call it undefeated)

    Shawn Michaels vs The Undertaker:
    The match that I’ve been dreaming about since forever. This match will completely blow the roof off of the arena.
    Currently, Undertaker is feudless. Shawn Michael’s feud with JBL is coming to end at No Way Out. With Undertaker coming to raw for the night next week, I think we may see more then an Orton vs Undertaker match, and that WWE may start planting the seeds for Wrestlemania between these two.
    My choice already for match of the year.

    Tommy Dreamer vs Jack Swagger(c):
    I overheard that Dreamer is threatening to walk away if WWE doesn’t make him ECW champion anytime soon. I don’t know if thats true, but it does make sense. Because he does deserve miles more respect then he’s getting. Since Jack Swagger was just a test to see how he’ll do, I see WWE ‘taking’ Dreamers threat to Wrestlemania.

    Edge(c) vs Christian:
    Another “Brother” vs “Brother” match, this time for the title.
    I’m not sure how this will all come together, but honestly I didn’t know where else to put Christian.

    Randy Orton vs John Cena(c):
    It almost looks as if WWE has changed positions. And that Randy has become WWE’s new golden boy. Randy is getting tons, TONS of momentum, and has been the main character of raw for many weeks now. Where as John Cena barely gets 10 minutes of air time. Anyway, Randy won the rumble, going to wrestlemania to face the champ. I’m nearly certain Cena isn’t losing the belt at No Way Out either.

    Tell me what you think.
    HAH, I just noticed I may have put to many matches.
    Rourke Basically backed out because he’s focusing more on his acting career, instead of wrestling or anything of that sort. Here’s the source.

  4. norrin_shadowwolf

    I have lady bugs invading my house. They are on the ceiling around the air ducts. How can I get rid of them safety? I have kids and pets so I don’t want to use any harsh chemicles.

  5. Stevalicious

    The new 3D console with the first reasonably sized, easy to use analog stick on a portable console, rumble for the first time portable and motion controls made by a real game company; this is what the 3DS is bringing to gaming.This console is going to be huge with a great launch lineup. Kid Icarus, Ocarina Of Time and Lylat Wars(Starfox 64) in 3D and 128-Bit, Metal Gear Solid 3 and Splinter Cell Chaos Theory remade in 3D, Resident Evil Revelations, Mario Kart 3D, Paper Mario 3D, Super Street Fighter 4:3D Edition, Nintendogs+Cats, Dead Or Alive 3D and Sims 3 in 3D. It’s almost like a dream how good the lineup is. Every game being released for it has a high potential to be good (Except for Martha Stewart. That’s going to suck. If there’s shovelware Nintendo could do without, it’s cooking games and the horrible Carnival Games series as well)

    Zelda Skyward Sword
    It may have been delayed to 2011, but that’s all the better because that means that it will more likely be perfect as Eiji Aounuma is trying to make it. Wiimotion Plus will make the masterpiece series even better. I don’t think Ocarina Of Time could even stand the wrath of this new Zelda game. This is the game I’m most looking forward to.

    I have an N64 with the original Goldeneye. I still love that game. Multiplayer is really frantic and fun. The single player gameplay is also a lot of fun. The cheats are very amusing on top of that. I cncan’tait to see this remake with the Daniel Craig Bond taking the lead role. It’s what a lot of gamers have been waiting for.

    Zelda: Ocarina Of Time 3D
    I mentioned this earlier. The greatest game ever gets a 3D facelift and has its problems fixed. A new generation can experience the magic. I really want to see how it gets pulled off in 3D with a touch screen and motion accelerometer. This and Lylat Wars are the best possible remake choices that I’m REALLY looking forward to!!

    I only went for Nintendo because Kinect and Sony showing off the 3D and motion controls we saw 5 years ago and calling it revolutionary weren’t really anything special. I also don’t care for Halo or Gears Of War.

    So who did you think owned E3? What were your thoughts on things? Tell me!

  6. PoohBearPenguin

    uhmm….. well i see a lot of videos on youtube and every were else so i just wanna make sure is it a scam

  7. Chester

    I know some of you mood killer people are out their so only reply to this question if your gonna give me a tutorial or other way to do it, don’t answer saying don’t do it just play fair. and the treasure chest thing does not work.

  8. shahedC

    My friend was playing the ps3 in walmart and in 1 minute it froze!
    he was playing nba ’07 and he was shooting a jump shot and it started to jump around then it showed the mascot slam dunking the ball…then it froze.Was this a bug or a cheat sort of thing?

    Also what games are there exclusively for the Ps3 and the 360?
    I know for the 360: Gears of War and Halo 3 but what about the Ps3?

  9. Ryan Dunn

    I mean John Cena has accomplished everything in WWE except The Undertaker’s WrestleMania streak. The wrestlers will always talk about the streak. Undertaker’s the greatest Kayfabe wrestler all time for defeating the greats like the former world champions. The Today Fans had already know that, The Streak is more prestige than all the titles. It would help the wrestlers legacy.

    John Cena’s the current best kayfabe wrestler. He’s the top dog in the wrestling business. He’s the only Biggest Threat for Undertaker undefeated streak. This match is going be absolute classic. It would been better idea to be in specialty match like I Quit match or Submission match over just single match. It’s going be most unpredictable match in pro wresting history.

    We can look at John Cena accomplishments as the 14 time champion, 4 time tag team champion, Former United states champion, Money in the bank winner and winning the royal rumble twice. He’d defeated everyone like The Rock, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Batista, Randy Orton, Brock Lesnar, Cm Punk and much more. It actually the clean finish.

    My question is Would you considered John Cena as the greatest Kayfabe wrestler all time if, He’s ended the undefeated streak?

    BQ Which one is the right choose for Undertaker retirement? Survivor Series or WrestleMania?

  10. Wooooody

    1st Belfast Brawl
    Finlay vs Vladimir Kozlov

    2nd Money In The Bank
    Zack Rider vs Tyson Kidd vs Christian vs The Miz vs Cody Rhodes vs Kofi Kingston vs Jack Swagger vs MVP vs Matt Hardy vs Evan Bourne

    3rd Intercontinental Championship
    Dolph Ziggler (c) vs Ezekiel Jackson

    4th No Disqualification
    Drew McIntyre vs Kane

    5th ECW Championship (Steel Cage)
    Shelton Benjamin (c) vs William Reagal

    6th Undisputed Tag Team Championship
    Chris Jericho & Big Show (c) vs CM Punk & Festus

    7th I Quit
    Randy Orton vs Ted DiBiase Jr

    8th Divas Unification Championship
    Melina (Divas Champion) vs Michelle McCool (Women’s Champion)

    9th World Heavyweight Champion
    Batista (c) vs John Morrison (Royal Rumble Winner)

    10th RAW vs Smackdown! Brand Supremacy
    John Cena vs Undertaker

    Main Event WWE Championship
    Triple H (c) vs Shawn Michaels

    Please rate the card!! Best opinion will win 10 points!!

  11. Benihana

    Im trying to do this zombie mode bot on rumble fighter, and if i use speed hack, ill be getting exp/carat a lot faster. But when i tick enable speedhack in cheat engine (v5.5) it just makes my game freeze. So how can i get it to work? Thanks a lot.

  12. Vultre9

    to get more fame?

    Don King maybe one of the worst human beings on this planet but we still can’t deny that he’s promoted most of the biggest boxing names like Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield, JCC, Gerald McClellan and Larry Holmes and greatest fights like the Thrilla In Manila, Rumble In The Jungle or other big fights.

  13. Sir fliesalot

    I brought my plant pot in from outside a few weeks ago and I’m getting lil white bugs and flying bugs in them the flying bugs r flying everywhere in my house and I have put soap and viniger mixed together in their today and it said online to water the plant after u do that and I watered the plant and I don’t think its going to work so any more helpful tips on what I can use in my plants soil to kill plant bugs

  14. Tyler H

    Was he without a doubt the one heavyweight champion that sticks in your mind when you think of the all time greatest heavyweight champion? All respect given to Rocky Marciano who I think would have given Ali a helluva battle and probably gone the distance but when you think of the best in skills and ring savvy with all the intangibles required who do you think of when you say the best of all time?

    There are no wrong answers. I want to hear your opinions. Thank you all for your answers.

    Peaceful and Respectful answers are really appreciated.
    Whoever you are son like I said there are no wrong answers and if it takes you saying it 3 times then that’s all right with me. Thanks everyone else for your answers.
    Whoever he was he disappeared! What happened?
    jrooker30 : I respect your answer dude but you gotta stop smoking the crack! Tyson was a decent fighter and overrated I think but beating Ali? Frazier, Foreman, Marciano, Joe Louis and a host of other fighters would have beaten him because they weren’t afraid to fight the hype that he would bring to the ring. I think your wrong.


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