Runes of Magic Cheats

Runes of Magic Cheats

Runes of magic is a feature rich MMORPG that uses a graphic style very similar to WoW’s. The familiar interface and animations help new players and MMO veterans adjust to the world of Taborea. The game supports both individual player housing and guild controlled castles located in separate instances. But what really sets Runes of Magic apart is the dual-classing system whereby characters can pick a second class at level 10. With a total of eight classes and two races (Human, Elf) to chose from, players can create truly unique characters.

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  1. Joey 01

    After the 2011 freetrade/wildy update…
    What are good ways to make money… Fair Or Not Fair Idc…

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    If you’re not going to answer my question and give me bs about how i should skill not cheat etc then safe yourself some typing because I’m going to ignore it =D

  2. Rkmc

    hi me an my brother play runes of magic, we are looking for runes of magic hacks and cheats. plz be free and no viruses. thx

  3. musicistabest

    the runescape webiste says no cheats but theres got to be some cheats. i dont want hints, tips, none of that. i want cheats!!! plz help!!!

  4. Roar me R

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    – Surcio


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